Produced by: Dann Huff
  1. Insomnia
  2. Prince Of Darkness
  3. Enter The Arena
  4. Crush `Em
  5. Breadline
  6. The Doctor Is Calling
  7. IŽll Be There
  8. Wanderlust
  9. Ecstasy
  10. Seven
  11. Time (I & II)
Well the band have never really stood still and the name says it all, so you have been warned!
But realistically the guys have recorded an album that is experimental, somewhat risky in places, heavy, modern and overall, really pretty solid.
Like the TNT album reviewed previously, Megadeth fans will need an open mind to further appreciate what the guys are doing here.
Any old hard core fans that were lost from the last few albums will not return because of this, but Cryptic Writings found a new audience and went on to sell the highest amount of any previous album. I suspect this may do the same.
The band range from the heavily altered modern opening track and the likes of Crush Em, to more traditional Megadeth style head bangers like plus Ecstasy. There are also some surprisingly straight forward rock songs like Breadline and I'll Be There
A few mellower and darker moments pop up towards the end of the album in a set of a few songs that are as diverse as they are original.
From the ear of an impartial listening and one who owns no Megadeth albums, this sounds pretty solid. I would recommend that fans of Cryptic Writings buy this without question, but for older fans - buy with a degree of caution.
This continues the band's bold push into new territory and their policy of not repeating themselves, rather than returning to their roots.
An interesting release.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most Megadeth fans, especially fans of Cryptic Writings - fans of the heavier side of hard rock.

15/04/04: Gerard Young -
Rating: 85
I like the albums "Killing is my business... And business is good"(90%) "Peace Sells... But who's buying?"(89%) "so far so good... so what?" (95%) "Rust in peace" (93%) "Countdown to extinction" (85%) "Youthanasia" (93%) "Hidden Treasures"(97% wow!) "Cryptic writings"(87%) "This Album ( Risk )" (90%).......
my top 5 megadeth songs:
1.Wake up dead
2.In my darkest hour
4.Secret Place
5. Crush 'em / 99 ways to die.

20/10/02: Ignacio -
Rating: 75

I liked very much Cryptic (90), Hidden Treasures (90)& Youthanasia (85)... This record is not bad, has some few tunes memorables (Insomnia, Crush'em, Ecstasy) but i really have to tell that i love Trust, Almost honest, Angry Again, A tout le monde, Blood of Heroes, She-Wolf, FFF, A secret place better. IT is a risky record, but not bad... :-)

29/05/02: wdiv -
Rating: 85
This album has been universally panned by critics & fans, but I don't think it deserves it. Sure it doesn't have the speed or edge of the previous albums, but Dave tries out some new sounds & puts together a bunch of decent cuts. Worth picking up, for sure.

04/09/00: Matthew Smith -
Rating: 87
I think this album has been unfairly criticised, it includes some absolutely smoking riffs and needs to be listened to properly. Insomnia is a song in the traditional Megadeth vein and is a stronger opener than Mustaine and co have produced for many years, Prince of Darkness is also cool but the highlight on the disk for me is Wanderlust, this song ranks in my top 20 songs of all time, with a fabulous chorus and riff you just have to hear it, the "time" pieces at the end are also fab, Risk in indeed an overlooked gem.

14/08/00: gabriel ngo -
Rating: 70
i really had to give this disc a few spins, but overall i like it. being a huge megadeth fan from pretty much the beginning, i admit that this album lacks much of what i love about megadeth - complex time and key changes, awesome guitar solos by both marty and dave, and the many musical riff-theme changes in a megadeth song. however, i see this as a success on what the band wanted to do (and what many fans seem to miss) and that's do some experimentation. 'prince of darkness' is awesome! vintage megadeth! 'i'll be there, 'ecstasy,'and 'wanderlust' are interesting and catchy(despite the fact that many parts reminded me of led zep ala 'coda' or fleetwood mac). the final verdict is that the album, although lacking in musical depth, is enjoyable nonetheless.

07/12/99: Sauli Impola -
Rating: 65
As a fan since "Peace Sells", this album leaves me with mixed feelings.
It seems that Mustaine & Co. want to branch out and write songs with
more commercial top forty-potential. Well, sometimes it works and
sometimes it doesn't. "Breadline" is just awful. This track sounds
like Bryan Adams! I couldn't believe it when I first heard it. What
the hell was Mustaine thinking when he wrote it? Even though the
rest of the album is pretty commercial too, this song sounds out of
place on a Megadeth album. "The doctor is calling" and "Seven" sound
like filler material also: lazy mid-tempo rock-orientated material
that lack the energy and exitement that shines through from early
Megadeth albums up till "Youthanasia". But wait! All is not lost.
"Insomnia" and "Prince of darkness" are interesting, heavy stuff with
orchestra and industrial sounds, while "I'll be there" and "Ecstacy"
are the most interesting of the soft material because of some great,
melancholy vocal melodies. The highlight of Risk are the two "Time"
tracks. Mustaine has really hit the bullseye with this one. From moody
acoustic stuff to heavy riffing, these tracks have it all. Excellent
lyrics too, I love 'em! They should write more stuff like this, instead
of sticking to the four-minute verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus
pop format.

27/11/99: J. Mark (RAT) Britton -
Rating: 80
Not being a huge Megadeth fan, though owning almost all of their CD's, I found myself enjoying every song on it. Yes they are doing just as
Metallica has done and slowed it down and proved to the public they know how to play. I think this album is the 3rd and 4th side of "Youth".
It still has the heavy catchy riffs from the past, but includes the new mature attack of some great players. If you liked "Youthanasia", you'll really
enjoy this one.Lo

25/11/99: Philip G. -
Rating: 30
After listening to this Cd and reading band interviews, I am thoroughly convinced that Dave & Co are lost. The attempt on this CD is to merely follow suit to Metallica and branch out. There is no problem with doing so, but you have to have STRONG material. I myself, saw nothing wrong or predictable with their CDs prior to Risk. My only complaint was the horrible production on Cryptic, and the weakness on about 50 percent of the songs. I knew these guys lost their credibility with the departure of Nick Menza, and the disrespect shown towards legend producer Max Norman. If you know Max, and what he has done in the past, you know he doesn't put out crap. I was totally happy with Youthanasia songwise and the production. Their was a lot of hope for them and the direction their sound was going. I have seen change, which was good, now I see change which is bad. It's not too late... just get back Max and stop screwing around with these throw away demo songs.3

21/11/99: Rob Hake -
Rating: 65
When I bought this album, I was hoping that Megadeth would return to the sound of the Countdown To Extinction and Youthanasia albums. But, unfortunately, they seem to keep progressing on from the Cryptic Writings style. The most bitter disappointment has to be Crush 'Em, which is a blatent attempt to create a "We Will Rock You" or "We Are The Champions" type song that will be played at every sporting event for the next 20 years. The lyrics and vocals are quite inferior to the brilliant Youthanasia album, and while the band proves that they can still wail with the best of them, this album simply does not offer the diversity of some of the previous albums.
If you like Cryptic Writings, you will like this one. If you, like myself, weren't thrilled with Cryptic Writings, you probably won't be impressed with this one either.

03/11/99: Andrew Patterson -
Rating: 85
I have to say I was quite looking forward to this release after viewing the video for 'Crush Em' on VH1. I like this album alot, and compared to 'Cryptic Writings' it shows that Dave and the boys have matured better with Dan Huff at the helm. Best cuts are 'Insomnia', 'Crush Em' (cool driving song!!), 'I'll Be There', and 'Prince of Darkness'- with its cool lyrics. However I have one criticism and that is Dave really does sing like 'Daffy Duck'! If you enjoy Megadeth from 'Countdown to Extinction' onwards, then you should buy this. If you are an olderan

24/10/99: Eric Kaye -
Rating: 50

I was not expecting much before I listened to this cd. This comes from the mediocre lead single "Crush 'Em" and Dave Mustaine's comments on trying to become a big rock legend by going into a straight commercial direction. While I liked the somewhat mainstream "Cryptic Writings", this album just does not have the variety of that album. The lone highlight of this album is "Insomnia" which has a somewhat industrial feel to it. "Crush 'Em" is catchy but cheesy, but sounds good compared to the rest of the album. Once track seven, the decent "I'll Be There" ends the rest of the album is just garbage. If you have not listened to Megadeth in the past, this album may appeal to you, but longtime fans of Megadeth will be in for a disapotm