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Escape Music ESM-074
Produced by: Mechanix

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Tour De Force, Firehouse
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Nobody's Hero
  2. Justice
  3. Night Of The Dance
  4. Mr. Invisible
  5. Battle Dance
  6. Another Night
  7. Half Past Midnight
  8. Mercy
  9. Love-n-Lies
  10. Can't Let Go
  11. What's It To You
  12. Steel Rain

Mechanix are are band out of Arizona USA. The guys have been around for sometime, previously being called NVS.
This album is a repackaged, remastered version of an Independently released self titled release from 1991.
Back with a new name and a new attitude, I hope these guys will keep the Arizona rock flame burning for some time to come.
This is American hard rock in the vein of Tour De Force and Fortune, featuring a lead vocalist (John D' Angelo), who has quite a range and isn't afraid to let rip. At times he reminds me a little of Tony Harnell and Raine's David Lindland. Maybe it's that higher pitch vocal delivery and maybe there's even a little heavier Firehouse in there...
There are keyboard parts intertwined into the music, but the majority of this album is very much dominated by a hard heavy guitar sound.
Tracks like No Justice and Night Of The Dancer really are traditional in your face American hard rock. Not the LA variety, but the more cosmopolitan.
Another Night and Can't Let Go is the band's big lighter in the air ballads.
The production is ok, a little raw around the edges, but the remastering has sharpened things up for sure.
BOTTOM LINE: A solid and riff filled straight up American hard rock album that offers a glimpse of classic era, hair filled, club hard rock. A new album from these guys could do some good business, so investigate this and with any luck, there will be more to come.
ESSENTIAL FOR: 80's American hard rock fans.

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