Track Listing
· Feel
· Disease (3)
· Bright Lights
· Unwell (2)
· Cold
· All I Need
· Hand Me Down
· Could I Be You
· Downfall (1)
· Soul
· You're So Real
· The Difference

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
· Tabitha's Secret (4)
· Matchbox 20 (3)
· Mad Season (2)
· More Than YouThink You Are (1)

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· Produced By: Matt Serletic
· Running Time: 50.09 · Genre: Rock
· Release Date: Out Now · Released: WORLD
· WebLink: MB20 · LabelLink: Atlantic

After several years running this site and three albums from Matchbox Twenty, finally a review of the band that are among the top selling modern rock bands in the world.
Why no review until now? Probably because the band didn't really need any publicity I could give them, but more so as I never gave them a lot of time.
Why has that changed? Well, I always found the band a little bland - especially vocalist Rob Thomas. But their last album started to get my attention due to some strong singles and I looked forward to checking this album out.
I am pleased to say that I like it a great deal.
In fact, it rank it as easily their best effort yet, more cohesive than ever and more diverse than ever.
That's the real beauty about tis album - singer Rob has really delivered a fine performance here, with more variety in his vocal expression and tone than ever before.
The song writing has also picked up another notch - just as Mad Season did from the debut. These guys know how to write a catchy song and even more importantly - a radio friendly hit song.
The album is also more musically adventurous. It's partly made up with examples from their debut (Unwell, Cold), a tip of the hat towards Rob's smash debut with Santana (Disease - co-written with Mick Jagger) and part Mad Season.
The album also moves into new territory, none more so than on the monster anthem Downfall, going from rock anthem to pop-soul and back again. The inclusion of a vocal orchestra is breathtaking.
In fact, Downfall is one of the best songs of 2002, without question.
The album is simply 12 hit singles waiting to happen.
Style wise it's not heavy as such, maintaining a balance between uptempo rock and acoustic driven mid-tempo pop.
But take a close listen and it's easy to see the album is more guitar driven and although immaculately produced, is pretty organic.
You don't have to be into nu-breed or modern rock to appreciate how good this is. This is a straight up pop/rock album.

The Bottom Line
If you are like me and haven't yet paid Matchbox Twenty their dues, now is the time.
As far as straight up pop rock albums go - you don't get them any better than this. The increased diversity and the sheer strength of the songs are more than enough to bring more news fans into this band's grasp.
If you are already an established fan, you may have a different preference for best album - but as far as I see it - this is class all the way and their best effort yet.

Line Up
· Rob Thomas: Vocals
· Kyle Cook: Guitar
· Adam Gaynor: Guitar
· Paul Doucette: Drums
· Brian Yale: Bass

Additional Ratings

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26/09/04: WardyS3 -
Rating: 65
And would have been 75% if it had a few more rockers like opening track Feel.

My 4 year old daughter begs me to play this in the car and can pretty well sing along to all the radio hits. SERIOUSLY!!!!!
So this album has inadvertantly grown on me to the point not only can I tolerate it, I can enjoy it to.

Feel! More songs like this please boys!!!!!

28/07/04: Naiad -
Rating: 100
It makes me happy in here, happy in here.. there's no other bands out there, cuz they make me happy in here!

22/02/04: jackson -
Rating: 50
I totally agree about everything freddy de keyzer said.

24/09/03: Juan Pablo Serra -
Rating: 95
Of course there ain't no keys, you Freddy. We're not in the damn 80's! How can anybody complain about an album without keys... when, the truth is that actually there are PLENTY of keys?! Just listen to "Bright Lights" and "Downfall". And, thanks God this album has no connections with such boring bands as Journey, Chicago or Toto. But I think Matchbox Twenty has reached a point in wich they really play a kind of adult rock, adult pop-rock, i mean, this is not music for kids, every song has a lot of developement, and, hell, you only have to see them live to know what i'm talking about, they're melodic, they have songs to play in stadiums, they play with piano, acoustic&electric guitars, they're good musicians and know how to deal with the audience... just like Journey, Chicago or Toto.

Truly a great album.

14/09/03: Paul B -
Rating: 95
Fantastic! This band need to be seen live! The UK doesn't get enough of them. The first album rocks, the 2nd appeals to the masses. The 3rd is a pleasant combination of the first two. Buy it now!! and buy the others too. Unwell is a chirpy number with a great video. Disease is somewhat darker but nice and rocky. I've seen these guys 3 times in the UK and they always get better!

16/01/03: Logan -
Rating: 95
A little bland? I don't think so. There as core as a band could get. I have nothing but good things to say about this band. I wish there were more bands like this today besides the Goo Goo's but I don't own every cd they have but I do own every Matchbox cd. I won't hesitate to see them perform live because they are incredible live. And Rob Thomas is a killer singer and song writer. Most of the bands today aren't special and are certainly bland. And if there were more people that liked the music I liked, the music industry would be so much better.

07/01/03: Russ -
Rating: 95
This band gets better and better. Having been impressed by the first two cd's I had high hopes of the third and it doesn't disappoint. Highlight for me has to be the brilliant 'Soul'.

29/12/02: Dave -
Rating: 85
really good album, I like it better than mad Season but not as much as the 1st release. They have grown alot as a band and as musicians, but I still like the rock of the 1st release:) Worth the purchase!!

28/12/02: Dave Watkins -
Rating: 92
Over here in the UK, our charts are currently at an all time low. Full of boybands, teenybopper heart-throbs and dance music; it is hell for real music lovers.
I have liked M20 for a while now and saw them supporting Bon Jovi. They were great then and I have waited for a new album for ages. They have only managed a lowly position in our charts and that says it all really.
M20 are way too good for the UK [ along with most bands on the site ]. I have only just got the CD for Xmas and heard it just the once....but already I can tell what an awesome album it is. Downfall is AMAZING but every song is great. I would tell anyone that likes M20 from before to buy it and anyone who likes top class rock/pop also.
Freddy doesn't know what he is missing! Sadly, the vast majority of the UK population don't know either!!

15/12/02: Samp -
Rating: 85
This is a very good album, but it has some boting songs.
I guess mad season itīs better.
PS: Downfall will break your heart!

12/12/02: Figge -
Rating: 85
Pretty good stuff from the Matchbox 20 guys. Not a great album, but a few highlights and also some songs that you just skip over after a few listenings. DOWNFALL is superb...really great song!!

I must say also, this Freddie De Keyzer guy is pretty amusing. Keep reviewing....please!

11/12/02: Bman2112 -
Rating: 95
I have been looking forward to this album for a while now. I had previously downloaded 30 second samples and loved each one. When i finally heard all songs in all their glory iwas stunned. This is a great great album. Better than anything they've done before, so if you like M20, then you'll love this. The opening song Feel is actually a bit average, but following!!. Get ready for the song "Bright Lights" - a sure fire hit. Best album of the year? - probably second, behind Rush's Vapor Trails. But in terms of straight ahead rock - this is what it's all about. LOVE IT!!!! - well done them boys!!

09/12/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 50
Well, I'll be very short about this one. This is the kind of so called modern rock that I really hate ! Sorry, but this is not my cup of tea at all.
No connections of all with classy AOR, and no keys at all. So, you can easily understand why I don't like releases like this. For me this is one ear in, out the other.
Not recommended at all, if you like real class music. But maybe you have another opinion, like Andrew, which I try but can't understand at all !!!

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