Track Listing
· Spirit Never Die (1)
· Enlighten Me (3)
· Kind Hearted Light (2)
· Crystal Night
· Soulburn
· Heroes
· Sail On
· Into The Light
· Crawling From Hell
· Bleeding Eyes
· When Love Comes Close

(*) Best Tracks

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Jorn Lande - Worldchanger
AFM / Marquee
· Produced By: Roland Grapow
· Running Time: 51.00 · Genre: Melodic Metal
· Release Date: Out Now · Released: EU
· WebLink: Masterplan · LabelLink: AFM

Masterplan are a European group, who's major draw cards are vocalist extraordinaire Jorn Lande, and guitarist Roland Grapow. Together these guys have made a stunning hard rock record, which should be of no surprise to dedicated fans of the pair.
Lande really can do no wrong, with some fine albums already to his name. Add Masterplan's debut to those lists.
This is essentially a European hard rock / melodic metal release, with a power rhythm section in play, including plenty of those double kick drum beats. Grapow's guitar sound is ear shattering, with some monster heavy riffs that John Sykes would be proud of.
But it's Jorn Lande that makes this essential in my mind. His vocals are to hard rock what Steve Perry's are to AOR. Seemingly effortlessly powerful, yet melodic in every sense, adding a more accessible melodic touch to a record that is otherwise all metal.
With any other vocalist and this would be a very good record - add Lande's power, melodic edge and range and it instantly becomes great.
Just sample the opening trilogy of songs. Spirit Never Die is a frantically paced, double kick drum rocker, but with the addition of a great chorus, Lande's vocals and some well placed keyboard support, the song almost sounds commercial! Metallica would be proud to release such a song.
The European single Enlighten Me is another sure fire winner, with more swirling keyboards underneath a hard edged riff and some dark brooding vocals. The chorus is another winner, opening the song up for fans of a more melodic style.
Kind Hearted Light is different in that the verse is lighter, with the chorus going metal. Still, those vocals, some cleaver song writing and a great hook make it another instant winner.
Elsewhere on the album we get more power house heavy metal tracks (Crystal Night, Sail On, Crawling From Hell), a few darker more brooding numbers (Soulburn, Bleeding Eyes), a huge metal ballad (Into The Light) and even a lighter somewhat radio friendly tune or two (Heroes, When Love Comes Close).
So what is Masterplan? It's heavier than Millenium, but has the same power, it's less progressive than Ark, yet has the same intelligence and is comparable to Lande's powerful Worldchanger solo record, but is more consistent in it's delivery. It's a winner.

The Bottom Line
All hail Jorn Lande. A very likeable record that grows to be a metal classic and overall, one of the most consistent records of it's style that I have heard in ages.

Line Up
· Jorn Lande: Vocals
· Roland Grapow: Guitar
· Axel Mackenrott: Keyboards
· Uli Kusch: Drums
· Jan-S. Eckert: Bass

Additional Ratings

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14/08/05: J.C.O. -
Rating: 88
Good album. Great musical compositions, impressive musicianship but weak lyrics. Standout tracks include: Spirit Never Die, Kind Hearted Light, Sail On, Crystal Night, Enlighten Me & Heroes.

25/09/04: WardyS3 -
Rating: 85
Can't believe I haven't commented on this brilliant album.
Takes the best of Helloween and turns the whole thing up a few dozen levels. Way better than most Euro bands doing this kinda thing. And Jorn is the voice of voices at present!

The second half of the album does stumble and becomes a tad cheesy here and there, but not enough to spoil the enjoyment the album brings. Classic stuff and I have Andrew to thank for putting me onto this one! Have since grabed the Ark album Burn The Sun which is more prog than Masterplan but very very cool also.

Buy this!

07/08/04: madu -
Rating: 97
Incomparable!The best album in present century.

Rating: 10

30/09/03: Wardy -
Rating: 86
Indeed this is a fantastic album. Some of the songs and their lyrics are a little cheesy but for the most part the songs rock along well, and boy oh boy that voice! Couple of average tracks, a bucket load of brilliant tracks, I think Andrew has summed this one up quite nicely. Well done!

01/09/03: Jason -
Rating: 100
Simply put. The best album of the year. Thank you.

31/08/03: Edu poser -
Rating: 100

23/08/03: Hanuk Baac - temporarily unavailable
Rating: 75
Damnit, Enlighten Me was replaced by a boring mid-tempo song in Asia territory, was it a contractual problem or record label's decision? I just don't get it. There have been many examples of releasing different versions for each continent and it's understandable because people have different taste, preference and attitude, but this time the label decided to exclude by far the best song of the album in the Asian version. Hey, the core songs should be kept, period!

31/07/03: Ole Bach -
Rating: 95
I will one of the best albums this year for me, very melodic but still a heavy record and fantasic musicians.And i have this year seen them live two times here in Copenhagen and on Sweden Rock, just fantastic.O.B.

25/04/03: Björn -
Rating: 95
At the first listening the only song that I found great was "Enlighning me" but since I'm Jorn Lande fan. I gave it some time to sink in,, and I found Soulburn, Bleeding Eyes and Into The Light are great songs with extra ordinary vocals (as always with Jorn Lande). This is the best release heavy rock album in a long time as far as I'm concerned.

04/04/03: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 8
Good hardrock, but nothing sensational at all. Varied, subtle and heavy at times. Good one, but far from classic stuff !

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 87
I must admit that many of these Euro/prog (whatever you want to call them) bands start sounding the same to me. However, this really stands out. The songwriting is top-notch and the musicianship is great. In fact, this is better than any post-Kiske Helloween album released. If "The Dark Ride" didn't do it for you, pick this up and be happy.

07/03/03: Roar Kleven -
Rating: 90
A tad bit sceptical after hearing the Cds "Enlighten me" (which quite frankly didn't convince me) because I felt that the band was neither straight Heavy Metal, nor Helloweenclones (Typically German Metal)and that fact confused me somewhat...
Anyway after giving the album a few spins it's needless to say that this is pure Masterclass! IMO the songs from the single are the weakest tracks here (but they grew on me), while the heaviest by far the best. You've got some Helloween-ish moments here also in songs like Spirit never die and Heroes! Instant favourites are Soulburn, Crystal night and Bleeding eyes which stylewise resembles Jorn's Worldchanger album! Jorn is a magical vocal-GOD!

25/02/03: Canyon Carver -
Rating: 95
If only the world knew what they're missing! Jorn is a godsend to hard rock and heavy metal music. Wherever he performs, Jorn takes the cake.
I hope that he keeps jumping from band to band like a butterfly, pollinating around and ensuring the survival of our favorite musical style.
I can't wait to head what Ark will come up with next, assuming that Jorn will rejoin them.

25/02/03: Dr Nick -
Rating: 80
I've been following Jorn for a while, ever since he toured (briefly) with Yngwie. And I love some of his stuff, especially Ark (Burn The Sun is one of my favourite CD's this millenium).

For me, Masterplan is a slight backwards step. I miss the diversity and virtuosity of Ark.
The style is straightforward power metal, on the whole, and yes, they do it very well.
But part of the joy of Ark was the way they changed things around, tried something different, and basically had a blast.

Also, Roland Grapow is a good guitarist, but not quite in the same league as Tore Ostby, who could probably match Yngwie note for note and be original too.
The bass + keys are solid, but not earthshattering. The drummer is excellent, no question, perhaps the closest this band gets to the talent in Ark.
Actually Jorn's vocals are probably the best thing on the CD, which says a lot for his ability to write a memorable melody and lyric, and deliver it to a high standard regardless of the setting.

There are certainly some very good songs here, and I know I'll enjoy this album - but Ark (Burn the Sun) will remain my favourite.

23/02/03: Rich -
Rating: 95
What ever project Jorn is envolved in , believe me, it's always very good.Masterplan rocks!

17/02/03: looksthatkill -
Rating: 100
This is the BEST album so far! worth every penny, man can anyone find fault with this one...I think not! totally brilliant, US rockers take note, you could learn a thing or two from this guy.

11/02/03: Figge -
Rating: 89
First I'd like to say that this is a great Metal record, but I was a little disappointed actually. I'm a great fan of Jorn Lande's voice, in my opinion the best Hard Rock/Metal vocalist around these days, and I expected this to be extremely good. It wasn't!!! There are somé elements I don't like and some songs are very average. The production is good, not great, I'm not very happy with the drums for example....sound a little too standard Power Metal. Jorn "kicked" his own band, quit ARK and is now comitted to Masteplan full time....that's too bad. Both "Worldchanger" and "Burn The Sun" was better than the Masterplan cd. 50% of the CD is great, the other half is very average in my opinion. Another sad thing is that the bonustrack on the "Enlighten Me" single "Through Thick and Thin" isn't on the European release. Great song!

09/02/03: frytz -
Rating: 99
What a great album! Great Songs! Awesome sound! Awesome singer and Roland's not really trying to impersonate Yngwie this time around...pretty cool stuff!!! Just bought the single and the version of Black Dog (Led Zep) is just mindblowing especially the vocals!!!! IT ROCKS

08/02/03: Thanos -
Rating: 95
Excellent band!!!
Excellenta album!!!
Masterplan are here to stay!!!
This is the way that Heavy Metal should be played!!!
Check ou more on the METAL ABYSS webzine ( they voted as the best album of the month!!!!

08/02/03: Benjamin Niebla II -
Rating: 100
I manage the San Diego, California, USA internationally acclaimed power metal band "CAGE" and had
not been able to take out CAGE's upcoming new cd 'DARKER THAN BLACK" from my cd player, until I got
the promo cd for MASTERPLAN.

This is the kind of cd that all metal fans expect to get when they spend their hard earned cash. Powerful,
majestic, classy, rocking and breathtaking can all describe this album.

This cd is a combination of HELLOWEEN and WHITESNAKE, vocalist Jorn Lande takes Coverdale's singing
style to another plateau as his voice is stronger and sings more aggressive. Yes, John Sykes would be very
proud of Roland Grapow's blistering guitar playing. Dont forget that the drummer is Uli Kusch (former
HELLOWEEN) and the bass player is Jan S. Eckert (Former IRON SAVIOR).

Do yourself a favor and buy this album, trust me you will NOT regret it.

Check out CAGE 's official website at:

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