17/06/06: Alejandro -
Rating: 0
Marcie: I´m from Argentina. You have a legion of fans here, and we are waiting for you!
You are the best singer of all times without a shadow of a doubt!!
Long Way from Love is the best AOR album ever!!!

10/06/06: ken -
Rating: 0
Marcie, all i can say is WOW, i have been a fan of your voice since the first time i heard it, i can't wait for the next release, i own everything your wonderful voice is on and want more, you are my drug of choice...thanx

26/04/06: Pilar -
Rating: 0
Hey... I just wanted to let everyone know that the Unruly Child Basement Demos DVD is now available on Marcie Free's website...

I just bought it!! it's great, you can't miss this!

03/04/06: Alex -
Rating: 0
Hello Marcie and fans!
I have listened the song "Wish that I was there" but I can't find it in no any album of Marcie! Can anybody help me telling me in what album is this wonderful song?
Thank you so much

26/01/06: Roxxy Heart -
Rating: 0
never say die marcie free!! say iy again ...long life to rock'n i feel so good ......never betray rock´n roll!! get it

08/12/05: Vinnie Baek from KOREA -
Rating: 0

You're the best vocalist I've ever heard.
I'm still missing you.
Hope that you're gonna make the good record again for me and all the fans of yours.
"Someday you'll come running"

wishes and well
Vinnie Baek

04/12/05: duane -
Rating: 0
you got to release another record please! you are the best aor singer ever.the signal cd was the most awesome cd i ever heard,you voice is awesome

13/10/05: FILO -
Rating: 0
Thank you Marcie for your music and voice.....
I still wait a new album from you.
Please come back to sing,we all need your music.

05/08/05: Richard Bell -
Rating: 0
You have guts, girl. It's also true that you have the pipes to match those guts...this isn't a biology lesson! I have admired you as an artist from waaaaayyy back and I respect your life choices completely. And as for ugly, you really haven't seen Kim Macauliffe from GirlSchool have you? Please put on your best rock chick outfit and come over to Blighty to see us. You mean so much to your fans who find your voice intoxicating and awe inspiring. Please, please, Marcie. I am holding my breath until you do...hurry now, I'm losing conscious.........

24/07/05: Marcie -
Rating: 0
Dear Everyone!
Once again a friend reminded me of this board, and I came back and am astonished by your loving, loyal, steadfast support. As some of you may know I recently made available to you all via my website: a DVD which shows me live at the Ritz Club in Manchester England when I performed at the first God's of AOR concert tour back in 1993. Someone had bootlegged it and was selling it on the internet. I wanted to put a stop to their illegal selfish means. This is why I made it available to you now. To hopefully put those type of individuals out of business. As some of you may have read on Andrew's site Bruce Mee claims to have the original masters of the film taken that night. I have to state for the record... that they had no legal authority to film my show that night and I wish to have those masters turned over to me. I leave that ball in your court Bruce. But until and if ever he does, at least you loving fans will have this DVD even with the low quality and the time codes at the bottom. I apologize for it having to be this way. But for now it's better than nothing at all. At least I hope you will agree.

Love to you all,

04/07/05: jerry -
Rating: 0
Hello Marcie,

Thank you so much for the new DVD i buy it on the web site !
merci beaucoup pour ce nouveau DVD je l'ai acheté sur ton site web, je l'attend avec impatience.

See you soon.

03/07/05: Marcie -
Rating: 0
My dear friends,
Thank you all for your love. I love you too.


15/05/05: AOR mania from KOREA -
Rating: 0
I'm very fortunate enough to know you and your great music... You're my hero!
And... you know what? we're still loving you, and missing you!

Stay well, best wishes! for you and your fan in the whole world... (like me!)

10/04/05: Dorothea -
Rating: 0
What else could I add to these comments? Just wanted to say: Marcie, YOU'RE A GIFTED PERSON, for your voice and talent and for the feelings you've got. You are just the best!.

29/03/05: paco -
Rating: 0
hi marcie salutes from spain you are the best voice o aor music and your albums are the soundtrack of my life fos the first time thanks marcie back to the music and wake up you little fool.

18/01/05: Cris -
Rating: 0
Hey Marcie...
I didn't know about this tribute page. Anyway, I just want to tell you that I love every single song you've sung during these years. With King Kobra, Unruly Child, Signal... everything you sing sounds just PERFECT!
Take care of yourself. Kisses,


17/01/05: Chris -
Rating: 0
Marcie, you're the best!!! I'm really waiting for your triumphant return now that the AOR/Hard Rock scene in growing. A Long Way From Love Part 2 will be a dream como true! That will make me extremely happy, and I know that many others feel the same. I'm a fan of you since the King Kobra days. Marcie, please come back!!!!! I beg you!!!!

14/01/05: Guido -
Rating: 0
Hi from Italy!
thanks for inspiration and singing "Overnight Sensation" (my all times fav song!)
you are definetely one of the greatest singer in the world!
I hope to your hear another King Kobra/Signal album in the future!
Glad and honoured if you would sign my guestbook!
Check it out!

Best and long live aor!

14/01/05: Gino -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcy,

I 'm from belgium and I always found you one of the greatest singers ever !!!!
Even now when I listen to your music I still think that no singer has the same powerfull voice you have....

It 's been a While since you brought out new stuff....... please think about it !!!

For the time being I 'll still enjoy the beautifull songs you made solo or with Signal or Unrully Child.....

greets from belgium !!!

Respect to you man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13/01/05: Marcie Free -
Rating: 0
My dearest friends from around the world,
I am so deeply touched by all of your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for my music over my short lived career. If I could just muster up the words to thank you enough I surely would. If there was one thing that I would want you to know it is that I am happy and at peace with myself. Which after over forty years of not being happy and at peace with one's self, it makes all the difference to me. Looking back now at all of my musical accomplishments, it all seems like a dream. I wonder where in God's heaven I came from and how on his great green earth I ever survived long enough to give to you the voice he gave to me. I am thankful to God for allowing me to have the pleasure of leasing it for my lifetime. May God bless you all. And may peace and healthful living become common place amongst all of the villages on this earth.

Your humble servant,
Marcie Free

04/11/04: jorge -
Rating: 0

Pienso que es una injustica que un artista como tu no esté triunfando de una manera espectacular... Eres sin duda la mejor voz del AOR que ha pisado un escenario y tus canciones siempre me acompañaran donde vaya. No te olvidamos y esperaremos lo que haga falta para que te decidas a grabar de nuevo



03/11/04: Jayglam -
Rating: 0
Hi marcie, Just wanted to say you are one of the greatest singers of have ever heard. You would be nunber one just ahead of Mike Matjevic and Tony Harnell. Thanks so much for all the great songs growing up, first cd of yours purchased was Ready to strike in the mid 80's and I have everything released since, I never had the privilidge of seeing you play Live, as I Live in Australia. I hope the world will hear you beautiful voice once again sometime. You are the best. Jayglam from Australia.

11/10/04: Phoenix -
Rating: 0
Dear Marcie,
I'm a woman from Madrid (Spain) and here, Heavy Metal music is again on the road, lots of bands from the 80's are coming here to play as they've done before. I'm so sad to realize that I won't be able to listen to your voice on the stage as I'm listening to singers of the size of Dio, Dickinson even Jeff Scott Soto or Joey Lynn Turner. I was really ashtonished when a friend told me everything about your "change" but I do really know is for good. Good luck, best wishes. You're great

30/08/04: Ricardo Maciel -
Rating: 0
Marcie, We love you.You are the best.

25/08/04: Herry Baweh -
Rating: 0
Hi Mark,
I'm Herry from Indonesia. As one of my heroes, your music has a
great contribution to my sanity in this shitty world. Every mi-
nutes of my life is filled with music, and one of those is your
incredible creations. You also left your marks of influences on
my own musical creation. Keep on making good music. God bless U.

18/07/04: JUAN -
Rating: 0
MARK: I'm right now listening to "dream on" from KK's Thrill of a Lifetime. All I can get is memories from high school, and all my precious moments of my teenager days. As the song says: "... then you can be anyone", just be yourself, feel proud for all the souls you've have inspired in the world (that come together as one in this forum). Please be sure that one of the most powerful and charismatic voices in rock won't be never forgotten! Every time I crank up the car stereo, your melodies inspire me over and over again. I wish that you come back and rock the wild crew of Puerto Rico!

06/06/04: Drock -
Rating: 0

I found it very inspiring that you wrote these things. It takes great courage to admit how different one can be. I think however one should be happy with the choices people have made and I hope you are happy with who you are. I still think about you when i put on Ready to Strike, and i hear pound for pound one of the best metal/rock albums ever. I think that my favortie song is--all of them, they all kick butt. I can't wait to hear more of that voicethat rocks the world. Go get em and remember never say die-iron eagle!

Marcie for life!

03/06/04: Daniel -
Rating: 0
Dear Mark/Marcie

I am still in shock because I found out that you are now a woman who works in a bank firm! It is interesting because when i think of you, iusually think of the blonde haired dude who belted out someof the best vocals in metal history. I remeber when i bought your first album "Ready to Strike", it did not leave my truntable for over a month!!!! It is truly a classic album. I am in shock beacuse i have a friend who likes King Kobra and he recently told me that you are now Marcie Free. Well i guess one can't stay the same forever. So i guess i am hear to say thank you for giving the world some great vocals and melodies. Out of all the bands that came out in the eighties, Kobra is one of my favs.

Take care and in the words of one of your great songs:
Never Say Die,
Daniel-Kobrahead for life

01/06/04: Kevin & Siti -
Rating: 0
Hello Mark,
I thank God for giving to us a talent like you. Your melodic voice is so rich and emotional, and your lyrics are so full of passion and so beautifully written. And listening to the melodies, its like walking into a dream which I wish I never have to wake up from. Simple, yet so enchanting. Plus, YOU ROCK!!! Thank God, and thank you!!!

I hope you will keep making music, just for the love for music itself. And if you need anymore reason than that, you know you have tonnes of fans waiting with bated breath, just to hear you sing!

God Bless You!
Kevin & Siti from Singapore

13/05/04: Bojan Marsicanin -
Rating: 0
Ur music made big impresion on me, and changed me in a way, thank you.

06/03/02: Silvio Gazquez -
Rating: 0
I am a fan from Argentina. I am a very accurate guitar player, and I think you are the best singer in the planet. My dream is to make a AOR group just to get the vibe you got on all your records. We are waiting for your comeback. I would like to receive an answer from you. We think you must listen to our demo. We are sure you will like it very much.
Our personal thinking is that you should be back and be famous with maybe a more commercial thing so all the world could hear your beautiful and powerful voice.
We are very anxious to know what is your vocal range. We have studied your records and think that you reach a F with your full voice, but we would like to have more details about it.
Ok, goodbye , Marcie!!!

25/01/02: karabalis antonis -
Rating: 0

09/01/02: IOANNIS D. -
Rating: 0
What Can I Say About You MARK????
With The Song "Who Cries Now"I Won A Tough Car Race With My Car,And Belive Me....You Won It!!Every Song You Have Made Is So Powerful & Your Voice Has So Much Energy!!!!
So Please DO SOMTHING...........WE MISS YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14/12/01: Hans Mikael Ødegaard -
Rating: 0
To one of the world's greatest vocalist!
I hope and pray that you will release a new album someday. your god-given voice is the perfect cure for a somtimes broken-hearted man..Everytime I hear the wonderful "the last time" I think about my girlfriend, and it feels good...:)
take care!! wish you all the best! please come back!!

16/11/01: djkris2fur -
Rating: 0
you are one of the best singers out there,i loved king kobra's ready to strike....come to south florida when you can!!!
take care...djkris2fur

05/11/01: marco -
Rating: 0

14/07/01: FILIPPO -
Rating: 0

16/06/01: Tony López -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie!
I love your voice.
Please, come back!!!
I love very much the Signal album, the Unruly Child debut and the superb Long Way from love.
Best wishes from Spain.

15/05/01: Andy -
Rating: 0
Hello out there, I've added 25 Free Songs and 8 KK Demos to my collection. Is anybody interested to trade something?

12/05/01: Stephan -
Rating: 0
To all Marcie Free fans,
I just missed 2 MP3 demos on Marcie's website... These tracks are "Wish That I Was There" and "One More Second Chance"
Can anybody help me by sending me these 2 tracks via e-mail ?

18/04/01: Pedro -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie!!!

I want you back, Marcie. Sing again. You have a lot of fans in Spain that want you to come back to make us happy. Your albums are part of my life, they are the Soundtrack of my life.

Please, never say goodbye.

Cheers, Pedro.

08/04/01: David -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie & friends,

Your voice brings me enormous feelings, you are very kind with the fans, you.... you are great! :-)
A second coming will be great, and with the Randall's family and Diana on it... twice fantastic, Long way from love too (2)
We love you
David (FFoL)

02/04/01: Gurol -
Rating: 0

Thanks God! Cause God gave a gift all of AOR fans.This gift is Mark Free.I didn't hear such incredible melodies,incredible ballads and incredible a voice at all.The best AOR album of all the times:LONG WAY FROM LOVE. When I listen this album,I'm going to another world.Thanks Mark! I'm waiting your new AOR album soon.Cause all of AOR fans need your music.

23/03/01: Enrico -
Rating: 0
Your voice is simply the best in AOR, and your music tells a lot about your wonderful soul. I just hope that you will find all that you wish in life...and that you come back to music! I need more...any chance to see an official Cd release containing all the unreleased songs ? Bye.

13/03/01: Christian Rupay -
Rating: 0

I guess that there's nothing left to say about Marcie Free. And of course, everyone of us, who listen to melodic hard rock and AOR, will love to see Marcie back to what she knows best; behind a microphone putting a spellbound on us with her majestic voice.
I remember once I read in this site an interview from Gary Hughes where he was saying that he have some written material that will suit perfectly for a female voice... I guess you people already know what I'm trying to mean.
But whatever, if you Marcie are reading this. My best regards for you. You're a wonderful human being.

02/03/01: Giampiero Novello -
Rating: 0
I'll never forget your solo album and Signal masterpiece...great music and a greater singer!!! I need more FREE music!!!! GO ON MARCIE!!!!

26/12/00: Robert van Boven -
Rating: 0
I want to thank you for the great music. I hope to hear from you soon. I recently got the signal live album and it is very good.

19/11/00: RICK -
Rating: 0
hi marcie, forget what some people may think about know you are well respected by all your fans,including myself!
your music has been an inspiration to us all and we all wont ever forget the words of passion which have been written in your songs. all the best for the future...rick

07/11/00: Simon -
Rating: 0
Marcie, I was doing the filming at the UK and Paris Gods shows a few years back - you were brilliant - just to say thanks for some fantastic music and great memories - peace. Simon

28/10/00: Dan Friml -
Rating: 0
Hey fans,
visit the UNRULY CHILD discussion page and write your comments,
messages and questions, all you wanna know about this great band,
Marcie Free and other members...
Go to:
Thanks and take care,

06/10/00: Matias Devit -
Rating: 0
Hi,Marcie. I´m Matias Devit,a big fan from Buenos Aires,Argentina.
I just wanna say that my favourite AOR album of all times is "Long way from love". I still can´t believe such melodies, sweet vocals,incredible arrangements...
And "Loud n´clear"...also with those majestic songs... I hear "Arms of a stranger" I can´t stop singing all the day!
We think that you MUST return,Marcie,and (maybe this is dificcult),but we wish to see you here in Argentina. It would be great! I know there are a lot of fans down here.
So,let me just say thanks for your music.

21/09/00: JADAEL -
Rating: 0
Since you've been gone, i spent my life in dreaming your return...No one can understand what your songs mean to me, but i am are the one that makes AOR the music of heaven....please let us heard this sound again.
Best wishes

30/08/00: geoff -
Rating: 0
hi marcie
just read comments from your tribute page,nice to
know people care about you.I to wish you every success in the future in whatever you do.takes guts to do
what you did.believe it or not I am a big aor fan but
have not heard any of your music,I will putting this
to right by buying some of your cds starting with signalloud and clear, which have heard is a classic cant wait
to hear it.look forward to hearing your voice hope it
gives me as much pleasure as it has to your fans.
anyway all the best

27/07/00: Billy Yelvington -
Rating: 0
Marcie- Everyone has a reason that they were put on this planet, I believe yours was to stir and move the hearts of millions with your voice. Youve done it before you can do it again!!!!!!! Love and Strength, BILLY

13/07/00: Marcelo -
Rating: 0
Hi, Marcie
I got the new SIGNAL live in my house, thanks for your Signature. I love your voice and your music. Please come back!!. Your fans salute you!!
MARCELO The Big Fan From Argentina

12/07/00: Magnus -
Rating: 0
I think you have the best voice in the world,and I think you should use it a little more often...Me and ny friend bought Signal live a few days ago...We are dying to hear some more from you..So keep up the good work....Best wishes...Magnus with friends!

09/07/00: ALessandro -
Rating: 0
Marcie, I still remember so clearly what I felt the first I heard your voice... I had no choise but hear and say...WOW!!!! Who the hell is this singer....
I was listening to the first Unruly Child album...I was 17... I found my way in R'n'R music thanks to your great, full of passion, immense voice... thank you for being just who u r... Keep on rockin'.... Your great...from the deep of my soul......

24/06/00: Greg -
Rating: 0
Marcie, Your voice is incredible and filled with emotion. Listening to your music gives me chills. You have a talent that does not go unnoticed. I can't stand the way radio has abandoned melodic rock here in Connecticut and most of U.S. So many fans of your music are out there waiting for more from you. SO GIVE IT TO US! Take Care- Greg from Connecticut.

23/06/00: Roger - circusofpower@hotmail
Rating: 0



08/06/00: Per Erik Jansen -
Rating: 0
I got the Signal "Live" CD yesterday. When I was listening to it, I thought "Why are they no more?". It was played as good and tight as it can be. The only thing about the CD was that it heard like it was taken from an old tape, cause the sound was going in waves. But this is truly one of the few recordings that was available and good enough for an official release. This live album is collectable item since it's only 500 ex made. So hurry up and buy it at

09/05/00: Andy Caldwell -
Rating: 0
I just recieved the LIVE SIGNAL cd last week, and it's amazing. I didn't even realize that Signal toured... I
wish I had been there. The CD is the NEXT BEST THING!!
As for your loneliness, I understand. But this web-site
proves that you are surrounded by loved ones, and that
whatever you choose to do with YOUR life, is encouraged.
My wife & son has always loved your music, and we always
will. It's as if your part of the family. Take care, and
I hope to hear from you soon.
Love & God Bless,

02/05/00: Marcie -
Rating: 0
Hey you all I have been pretty busy working on the Signal Live CD. It's available now on my website: I only printed up 500 copies. When those are gone there will be no more. I have decided I will autograph every one of them for all my fans out there. So, better hurry they're going fast.


05/03/00: MF webmaster -
Rating: 0
Well although I doubt a Signal reunion will happen, the closest possibility is the NEW CD that will be released March 16th 2000.
SIGNAL - LIVE!!! So, pick up your copy and sign up on our mailing list so your can get the latest updates to the site, communicate with other Marcie/Mark fans and get notices of all the future releases! And there WILL be lots of them.


02/03/00: michael -
Rating: 0
Still waiting for a SIGNAL reunion......c-mon Mark....


14/02/00: Devrim -
Rating: 0
Hello Mark!
Everybody knows it,but I have to say it one more time..
You're the best AOR artist on this planet!
Greetings from the Turkish AOR/WESTCOAST fan family..

02/02/00: Ahmet ( from Istanbul) - a
Rating: 0
Still listening to your great voice with neverending pleasure.No matter what happens,we will always support you and wish you well.
Take care and God bless.

31/01/00: tom c -
Rating: 0
make 2000 the best year of aor with anew album.make it a year for all to hear your brilliant voice again,ALL!!!

29/01/00: Edward P. Hynes -
Rating: 0
Marcie, Screw!! All the bullshit.......Come back and KICK-SOME-@SS !!!!!........JERZEE BOY

14/12/99: BJØRN -
Rating: 0
You are one of the best! Shine on!
Best wishes from Norway!

03/12/99: Morten -
Rating: 0
Hi guys,

Check out Marcie's cool new web site at!

Thank's for sharing, Marcie.

- Morten

03/12/99: Marcie Free -
Rating: 0
Oh my God! Someone just told me about this page dedicated to me. I didn't even know it existed. I am so blown away at your heart felt comments and letter to me. I am sitting here balling like a baby. Please come visit me on my new website and leave me a message on my message board so we can communicate directly.

Marcie Free

03/11/99: Herzel Fernandes -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie !!!
I just want to tell you that you're one of the best voices that I've ever heard. Your songs are incredible melodics and amazing.
I can't stop listening them...and I really hope that you can suprise us with a new stuff soon.
Thank you for all.
Keep Rocking.....
Herzel Fernandes from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil f

25/10/99: rob -
Rating: 0
my question is, how can somebody with a voice this great just sit down and do nothing about it-you have simply one of the best, if not the best voice in the aor world. give us more, marcie-u r gifted with a truly great voice that brings out good feelings in people-dont let that go to waste-u have too many people who r dying for some new stuff-give it 2 em!

13/10/99: Luis Garcia - Friend\'s
Rating: 0
Marcie Free:
This one's a "Beg you please" Message.

In some moments of your life you've been questioned yourself:
"God, why me?" for your transexual condition, right?
Never questioned:"God, why me?, for the gift of your voice?power? feeling?

I discovered you when i was 15 (now i'm 30). I remember the 1st. King Kobra's album,
and I remember me working in a Hotel singing your melodies inside me head wishing to
finish the work for play the record at home (once again!).
Since that day I celebrate every single thing you sing (background vocals too).
Your songs are part of my life (Signal, K.Kobra, Unruly Child, Solo albums, Black Roses,...)
Hear you sing makes my life much better to live, please don't give up and help us to find our
Some people need you to come back, I don't care if it's with K.Kobra or solo career,
but plea,

03/10/99: Reginaldo Rod. from Brazil. -
Rating: 0
Dear Mark/Marcie Free.
Here's Reginaldo Rod . from Brazil finally writing now directly to you...

I'm 28 years old and I am your old and great fan ! I live in Brazil and finally today is a day of glory to me , this wonderful "Mark Free Tribute" page is so good to be able to contact you Ok ?!! Just wanted to let you know that I live , I breath , I dream Mark/Marcie Free in all moment of my life , simply day and night !!!
Be sure that your voice is simply the best in the WorldAOR scene and your music and your great talent is simply amazing.
Please , please , please , Back sing , return to music business for all your fans this planet. We love you.
You is always a bombastic and brilliant singer and songwriter. It is simply sublime.
You is always my great passion and are always alive in my veins, in my my soul !!! I love only you.
I have here in Brazil all your fabulous Albuns/CD's since King Kobra to Signal and Unruly Child. I have too Mark Free - Long Way From Love and Marcie Free - Tormented CD's in my collection. Thanks a million for all your wonderful/brilliant songs ! I want to thank God for your existence. The "Loud And Clear" and "Long Way From Love" is one of my favorite albums of all time with incredible energy , great melodies and impact.
I hope you will stay in touch with me too.

Best wishes from Marcie/Mark Free fans in Brazil and all rest from South America too.
Glod bless you and all your dear family my dear Mark/Marcie Free..

Please come back Marcie Free !

CAMPO GRANDE/M.S. CEP.: 79.002-970,
FAX: + 55 67 787 8808.

01/10/99: Marco Spaeth -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie!
Good you're back!! Stay rocking!
Bye, Marco

30/09/99: Ramón Grife -
Rating: 0
your great voice, the way to sing, your great melodies, these are
the most important things for me, for anybody who loves your music.
Please, sing again!!!

30/09/99: Javier -
Rating: 0
Hi, Marcie !! I know that the things had changed these last years, but i hope that you are as happy as We are when we hear your great voice and musical works. Keep going, all the best
Javier from Argentina.-

28/09/99: Mats -
Rating: 0
Marcie !

Thanks for all the great music that has your input to it , I think we all hope to hear some more from you when the time is right.
I admire your talent but most of all that you have been true to yourself and done what YOU think is right.
Take care...and greetings from a fan in Sweden.

28/09/99: Randy -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie, As I am writing this message I am listening to your LWFL cd because one of your cds is always in my player. The only thing I can say is you are honestly the greatest rock voice in history. I love rock music & was a singer as well in the early 80's (never got my break) but you are the only person I ever want to listen to. I guess if I had to choose a favorite album it would be Unruly Child. Your voice was just so amazingly powerful and passionate on that album that it gives me chills every time listen to it (3times a day). I would love to see you come back to music but if it never happens I understand. I will always treasure your recordings of which I own all of. Thank you for the wonderful music & God Bless You all of your life, Randy

28/09/99: Toni H. -
Rating: 0
Hello Marcie, you're the best singer of rock, please sing again.

28/09/99: Michael Huber -
Rating: 0
Please come back Marcie !

28/09/99: Dave -
Rating: 0
Thanks for the music!!! Signal especially, was truly awesome! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

27/09/99: Doug -
Rating: 0
Marcie -

I can't tell you what a positive impact your music has had on my life. I get tremendous enjoyment from listening to Signal and Unruly Child. I think that you have an incredibly powerful and wonderful voice, and you really know how to communicate an amazing amount of passion in your singing. Thanks so much for all the great music. I hope that you know how much your fans appreciate what you have done for them! Thanks again and best wishes to you!!


27/09/99: Bruce -
Rating: 0
It's great to see this page up. If we can't get any more Marcie Free albums in the immediate future, at least we can hear what she's up to.

I tried to send an email to the cabernetsauvignon address, but it didn't go through. Anyone else have this problem?


27/09/99: Pablo Vitantonio -
Rating: 0
Your voice is fantastic Marcie, please, let me tell you that here in Argentina, there are a lot of fans of your work!!
It´ll be great if you still in touch with us via Internet, and maybe with a new album!!!

27/09/99: Kenneth from Singapore -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie,
just dropping a line to say hello. I'd like you to know that you are simply the best rock vocalist in my mind. I grew up listening to
your Signal, Unruly Child and your solo stuff. Til today, my all time favourite rock ballard has still gotta be "Could This Be Love" from your
Signal days. In a way, that has been my anthem for years now. I guessed I can relate to your loneliness and worries in life. Hang in there.
You'll be okay. Everybody has a true love and soul mate out there. We'll find it someday. I believe that truely.
So before I sign off, Marcie/Mark are truely the greatest. Take care.

(P/S Is there any possible way I can still get hold of a copy of Signal "Loud & Clear" CD? I've tried in vain for years. Marcie, can you
help? I stay in SIngapore and that's somewhere in South East Asi)

26/09/99: Dag H Moldskred -
Rating: 0
Hi Mark

Great that youre back. Hope u decide to make records again. U have been one of the greatest personsin melodic rock and i am sure u have a lot more to offer. Though i cant understand what u did, i wish u the best .Signal and king kobra thrill of a lifetime is great albums , and i hope u make a new album in that direction , there are many people waiting for that.

best dag

26/09/99: Marcie Free -
Rating: 0
To all of you who have left these wonderful messages for me, words alone simply cannot express how much I appreciate your feelings for me, and your patronage to what used to be "my life's ambition". I am humbled and honored to have you in my life. Thank you all so very much. I am new to being on the internet and was taken by suprise to learn there are still so many of you out there! I am amazed at your ferverent pusuit at trying to reach me. I would have thought I had become simply an old memory by now. But apparently I have not. At least to most of you. By now some of you have probably seen my elementary effort at creating a web page. I decided to create it after readng Mike Walsh's "Offical King Kobra Web Site" last week and realizing that I could create a way of allowing us to communicate with one another. I appologize for not doing it sooner. I know it looks a little corny, but it was the best I could do with what limited knowledge of my new Web Tv's page builder system. Mike Walsh has helped me a great deal and with time it will grow and mutate throughout the years I imagine. As far as my life is concerned, I am very happy in my new life, but at times it is desparately lonely. I lost my true soul mate when it became obvious that I was the way I am and there was simply no changing it. That being my wonderful wife Laurie. You see, even though I cannot survive without living my life as a woman, I never lost my desires or attraction for being coupled with another woman. So I guess that makes me a lesbian now in some manner of speaking. The problem is I don't fit in with most the groups of gay womens organizations, and quite frankly do not really feel comfortable being there. I guess it's because I don't associate myself with being gay. Anyway I am not that attractive of a woman, and it is hard to find anyone that is or would be into what I am. Bottom line = loneliness.
But slowly I am making my peace with all of that. When I said on my web page that answers to these and other questions would be made known in time, I mean exactly that. I have plans to write a book someday and in it I will reveal everything. But, in the mean time I would love to hear from you! Please come visit me often at Marcie's World at: and my brand new very own Message Board called Marcie's Messages at:
I promise I will stay in closer touch from now on.
Love to you l,

26/09/99: Neil Lambert -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie
It is so good to be able to contact you. I was saddened to think that after the last record company went bust that it would be the last we would hear from the mighty Mark /Marcie Free. It's good to know that you are still out there.
Well where do I start? My favorite CD must be the Signal one. This is ultimate Melodic / Hard Rock heaven at its best. Arms of a Stanger is THE AOR anthem of all time in my mind. Also Does it Feel like Love is so massive and in your face. Liar is oh so perfect, so tight and well crafted. Could This be Love is THE ultimate AOR ballad (who needs Journey?) I love the lyric " a storm that rages thru' the night..." I mean. Just picture the scene. The beautiful Wake Up you Little Fool makes me feel sad when I hear it. Is it about the termoil you were going through?!?! I suppose it is about life being too short to have to accept second best...whatever it was about it still strikes a chord with me. Oh and I cannot forget the ultimate mid-tempo track on the CD You Won't See Me Cry...It's better than life itself!!!
The Unruly CD was the first time I heard your excellent vocals properly. Tracks like On The Rise and Who Cries Now are what Friday nights were made for...And of course the excellent Thrill of a Lifetime CD and your classic solo CD...I could go on all night. My favorite tracks off your solo CD Stranger Among Us and Keep on Coming Back fo More and of course the beautiful title track...I paid £30 for Thrill of a Lifetime on Japanease import just on the strength of the 5 K review it got in Kerrang! magazine back in the mid eighties and for the anthem Never Say Die.
All I'm trying to say is that you have been a huge influence on me and every AOR fan in the world and it would be so sad to see that untouchable talent wasted. So we look forward to hearing your trademark vocals again real soon...So good luck and best wishes for the future- I hope you are happy!!!...NEIL LAMBERT...Stoke on Trent...England.U

26/09/99: Freddy -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie,
It takes a very brave person to make those decisions that you've made in your life.
It probably hasn't made your life any easier, but I admire you for having the guts to take that step anyway.
I regret, though, that you have decided not to record any albums anymore, because you really DO have one of the greatest voices ever in rock history!
So all I can say is: thanks for your legacy of fantastic songs, and I hope you will stay in touch with us, even if you should decide never to sing again!

All the best!
-- Fred

26/09/99: George -
Rating: 0
Couldn't agree more with what everyone else has said. Good music and good musicians know no boundaries, whether it's age, gender, colour, creed.. whatever. Thanks very much for the memories, for singing on some of my all time favourite songs (Signal's 'This Love This Time' for instance). I hope that someday you can come back into the rock scene and reclaim what is rightfully yours (No#1 vocalist), as well as respect among your peers and fans. If it is literally 'Goodbye To The Good Times' then thanks for everything. God bless.

George - 'HEART OF THE ROCK' Wsi

26/09/99: Edwin -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie,

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your music and your voice. "Long Way From Love" is one of my favorite albums of all time. I have most of what you did (except Signal... damn!)and I love all of it. Thanks for those many hours of wonderful music!

Take care & (hopefully) CUL8R

26/09/99: Jack -
Rating: 0
Hello Marcie!

People on this site's board have been wondering over and over what had happened to you! It's great to hear you're doing fine and are carrying on quite well. Despite the difficult changes you've made in your life, we don't question your decisions, and our admiration for your talent has remained constant.

If anything, I'd like you to realize that your music is still alive and appreciated. You should take pride in the fact that there are tons of us who have your CDs in our collections, and that to this day we enjoy listening to Unruly Child or Signal or any of the other CDs with your huge vocals on them. I still put those discs into my car's CD changer and sing along (very poorly, I might add!), feeling that tingly sensation a really good song gives you and enjoying every bit of it.

Whether you return to music or not is a very personal decision and as much as I'd like to see you back, you should do what feels right. I do hope you could find some fulfillment in returning to music in the future - you have our support.

Cheers Marcie, you're a class actJa

25/09/99: Max -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie,Signal,Unruly child,L.W.F-L album,greats moments of music,your voice is simply the best in the worldAOR scene.
You gift us greats album with feeling and passion,thank'you....
I respect your decision to abandon the music business you're a great artist,but,it's more important your happyness as person,then I wish you a life full of satisfaction and happyness,ALLTHE BEST!!!!!
Massimiliano from Ity

25/09/99: Neil - neilpage@compuserve
Rating: 0
Hi Mark,

Glad to hear you're Ok , don't worry mate we all have our demons to deal with (I'm 39 years old, 4 kids, mortgage, crummy job etc etc) but its the music that helps us get through... more often than not your brilliant music.....

25/09/99: Tommy -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie and all of your fans!
If you talk about great rock-voices Marcies must be one of the best ever.
I hope you have found peace in your life and that people leave you the room and space that you need.
I must tell you that all the records that you have been involved in means the world too me.
You touch deep in too my heart now and forever on.
If you find the strength too continue please do, if not you are still one of my true heroes.
Best wishes, Tommy.

25/09/99: Tor Talle -
Rating: 0
Hello Marcie
You are really one of the greatest singers ever. I`m a guitarplayer/songwriter from Norway and i will release my first cd in November 99.
My biggest dream would be that you could sing one song on my cd. There will be ten instrumentalsongs and six vocalsongs on my cd.
If this is something you would like to do, send me a mail and i will give some more information about me and my cd project.
check out my homepage:

best wishes
Tor Talle - Norway

25/09/99: Larry Schultz -
Rating: 0
Return to the music that we the fans love .......and you the artists can deliver.

25/09/99: Luigi -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie,
Along with every other melodic rock fan, we commend you on your fantastic achievements. Your voice is truly one of the greatest ever and we can only hope that you may consider putting it to some new tunes. Best wishes from Marcie/Mark Free fans in New Zealand.

Luigi and Damon

25/09/99: Mike Walsh -
Rating: 0
I'm simply amazed to see all these great Mark/Marcie Free and King Kobra fans. I think that she has an wonderful talent, and it has completely moved me. Check out The Official King Kobra Web Site at

25/09/99: Cheryl Ann Battista -
Rating: 0
A friend of mine turned me onto your voice a few months ago and I was just blown away. I hope that you realize soon what a gift
you have and return to music and enjoy it as much as we enjoy
hearing you...take care of yourself and rock on...Cheryl Ann

25/09/99: michael slusky -
Rating: 0
Thanks, for speaking and opening a web page. I have truly missed you in the rock world. I heard King Kobra-Thrill of a Lifetime and have been hooked on your music every since. I have searched high and low to find anything that has your voice on it. I too, hope you are happy and at peace. Take care, and I hope to hear some new music from Marcie Free in the future.

25/09/99: mike wolfer -
Rating: 0
mark/marcie-i am your biggest fan-i own every cd you've ever recorded-the unruly child/signal/king kobra and your solo album has to be 4 of my favorite cds and i own over 1000 cds-your music and your voice is simply amazing and you have literally inspired and influenced me musically-i am a singer/songwriter and you are my favorite vocalist-i mean i can't tell you how often i listen your music-all the time and i think you have one of the most if not the most amazing voice i have ever heard-your music has and will always be an influence and inpiration on me-thank you for your music and i beg you to get back into the music field again and give me and all of your many fans the gift of some new material-please!!!!!!!-thanks so much for your contribution to the music world.
your #1 fan

25/09/99: Fred -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie,

It's good to "hear" from you, though it's not on a CD... Even if you'll never be back again as a singer, I will always treasure the albums you've worked on and will look back gracefully at the time you *were* around in the music industry.
All the best in your future life.

Take care,


25/09/99: Todd -
Rating: 0
From the first time I heard your voice, I've been a fan. While I've never had the opportunity to see you perform live, I've always marvelled at your recorded work, from King Kobra and Unruly Child on to the solo albums and your appearance with Bobby Kimball. If you choose not to continue in any way in the music business, please know how your talent has affected us. You will be (and already are) missed! Lord knows you've shown more strength of character than a lot of people. And of course, you need to do what makes you happy. While I hope we haven't seen the last of Marcie Free, whenever I play your recordings of King Kobra's Tough Guys, Unruly Child's Who Cries Now or Paradise from Black Roses I'll toast the legacy you've left us so far. Best to you and yours, a fan and ie

25/09/99: La Dweller -
Rating: 0
I hope you've found all the happiness in the world in your new life away from music. I still remember putting on the first King Kobra record for the first time back when and hearing you literally blow doors on 'Ready To Strike' and 'Hunger' - I was totally blown away by the music and your voice especially! Definitely an album that's stood the test of time. I was also lucky enough to catch you live with both Unruly Child and Twelfe Pound Sledge at the ole FM and Palomino, respectively, before you dropped out of sight. Anyway, thanks for the music - if nothing else we'll always have those records to remember you by. ac

25/09/99: David Kilzer -
Rating: 0

I just wanted to say that there are many fans that don't care how fat and old you are or what your gender is. We just love your music and the joy that you brought us over the years. We wish you would put out more music because that is the gift that God gave you. You have been blessed with one of the strongest voices in the world and everyone misses it!

25/09/99: Gabor -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie,

I am the editor of Strutter Magazine, magazine/website from Holland based on AOR and I must really say that your voice has always been THE VOICE OF REAL AOR MUSIC. I wish you could return to the scene and make AOR like you did with SIGNAL and on your solo-album 'Long way from love'. These two albums belong to the best AOR ever brought us. Everytime I hear your songs, I know that AOR had it's best time when you sang on it. I really hope you may return on the scene in the future someday and wish you good luck with the things you're doing right now. Now it's up to the real AOR fans to stand up and shout for Marcie to make a come back into the AOR scene.

25/09/99: Bjorn Johnsen -
Rating: 0
Thank's Marcie/Mark for all the great stuff you have done in the musicbusiness. People out there who are the diehardfans
of what you did in King Kobra, Signal, Unruly Child and your soloprojects will always stay behind you of whatever you will do.
You are very missed as a brilliant singer and songwriter. All the best of luck with what you do know and take care
of yourself and your animals.

All the best from Norway

25/09/99: Kieran -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie, Just a quick note to thank you for the fantastic music you gave us.Every day I listen to it I hear something new.Please do reconsider a comeback , you have a legion of devoted fans all of whom are patiently waiting for the day you will once again prove that you are THE voice of rock.Until then.......take care..........Kieran

25/09/99: Big Dog -
Rating: 0

Thanks for all of the great songs that gave to us. Your singing is simply sublime. I as a selfish fan want you to return to the biz, but I as person understand if you can not make that trip.

I wish you all of the best in your private life.

take care,
Brian West
(aka Big Dog)

Rating: 0

25/09/99: Kris -
Rating: 0
Mark: Where do I start? Vocally you are just one of the Greats! Your Unruly Child CD has so many great memories attached to it for it only being out 7yrs that it holds a 'Very Special' place with me. 'To Be Your Everything', 'When Love Is Gone', 'Is It Over'....ALL Classics! Signal and your phenomenal solo CD are all testaments to your talent. I do hope whenever you read these lists of posts that you take it to heart how much you are missed. Your music is so much more than background noise or something trivial. It touches the soul and I hope you sing again and share the magic. Take care and I hope I hear you soon!!
All the bt.

25/09/99: Chris D. -
Rating: 0
Thank you for many years of great music! There's been no one since your departure from the scene who could do what you did with the same power and grace. Perhaps someday you will see fit to officially releasing some of the tracks that sit in your archives (solo, Signal outtakes, etc.)? Regardless, enjoy wherever life's road takes you! Thanks again!
All the Best,

Chris D.

25/09/99: Ann -
Rating: 0
Hi Marcie,

Your fans are getting older and fatter too, so don't worry about that! Thanks for your web site, hope you are well and happy.
Please consider at least doing some recording - you are sadly missed.

Best wishes

25/09/99: paul -
Rating: 0
Ready to Strike and Thrill of a lifetime are classics in my book. Looking back there were only a few bands that stood out above the
crowd. I can still put these albums on, crack open a cold beer and listen with a rocking smile on my face.
The signal album is fantastic as well......Unruly is pretty damn good.............I can't stop........what about your solo record.
Long way from love is a great song.....obviously fantastic vocals.

thanks Mark......

24/09/99: Dave -
Rating: 0

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your music. Everrything from King Kobra, Signal, Solo stuff, and
especially Unruly Child. I think that "Devil Knows Your Name" and "Falling" are such strong songs and
have incredible energy. Thanks to you and Bruce for such an awesome band.

Take care,

Dave in IL.

24/09/99: Silk and Steel Magazine -
Rating: 0
Hello Marcie,
I hop if you read all those comments you'll consider taking a (even if it's temporary) return to music business , because for
many many people you are THE voice of rock . I just had a chat with your ex label mate David Michael Phillips from King Kobra
which are just ready to return and he told me it would definately not the same without you. I second this 100% and hope that someday we'll
hear your amazing voice again !!! Thanks for all the good music and the good times !!!!

Kai (SIlk and Steel)
PS : Thanks Andrew for putting up this site for comments

24/09/99: Andrew -
Rating: 0
May I be the first to say what an impact your songs and your vocals have had upon my music loving days.
There is hardly a week goes by without me resorting to either your great solo album, Unruly Child, King Kobra or Signal albums for a fix.
I am also fortunate enough to have a top quality cassette of some songs that have not yet been released.
"Your Wild Days" does it for me every time.

I hope that you have found peace and hope that one day you will let me (and this site) give something back to you for all the great songs.

You are one of the GREAT vocalists in rock.

Best wishes,
Andrew - ....

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