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Produced by: Lillian Axe
  1. Death Valley Daze
  2. Do It
  3. Twilight In Hell
  4. For Crying Out Loud
  5. The Last Time
  6. Calm Before The Storm
  7. Pulling The Rats Out
  8. When It Rains
  9. Daddy Long Legs
  10. Blood On The Moon
  11. Kill Me Again
  12. Become A Monster
Another set of unreleased demo's and album outtakes. This time it's Lillian Axe raiding the vaults of their more recent records to produce this album of tunes that might precede a new release.
Lillian Axe solid a couple of million albums without really breaking into the A League, but even after their demise, to this day, hold a strong legion of fans.
And that is who this collection of tunes is going to appeal to.
From the opener Death Valley Daze, the distinct sound that is Lillian Axe is back in play again. A crunching heavy guitar into, not to un-similar in sound to Eddie Van Halen and then those vocals! Heavy, rasping, forceful. The band recorded these tracks between their last couple of albums and I have to say that any fan of the Axe will surly get into these.
Fields Of Yesterday is quite a rocking collection of tunes.
Tracks like the moody Do It, the real heavy The Last Time and the big ballad of the record When It Rains are all solid hard rock.
There is also a few less inspiring tunes, For Crying Out Loud doesn't do much and the production is below par, plus the way to fast Calm Before The Storm are examples.
I am not convinced that this album will create Lillian Axe fans, rather appeal to their already solid fan base.
But like I said, the songs are strong, so if you have only heard of these guys and like big hard crunching hard rock, USA style, then have a listen. Demo's or outtakes aside, this is pretty solid.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most Lillian Axe fans. Collectors of the Z Records catalogue.
DISCOGRAPHY:Lillian Axe . Love + War . Poetic Justice . Psycho - schizophrenia . Fields Of Yesterday

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