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Produced By: Liberty & Justice

Running Time: 65.51

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 84%
Sound: 84%
American Christian rockers Liberty & Justice or more precisely, the man behind the name; Justin Murr returned from exile in 2004 with an album that had moments of greatness, but too many other parts that just didn't work.
The inclusion of several rap based lead vocals were the worst offenders among some modern hard rock influences.
Justin has learnt from those mistakes and the new album is better in every department.
The songwriting is stronger and the production is certainly of a higher quality and more consistent.
While the face of the band, Justin co-writes some of the music and provides some of the bass. The rest of the instrumentation and all lead vocals are provided by a long list of special guests.
It is this that leads the album to appear a little disjointed. Its predecessor suffered the same problem.
The album features some great songs but is enormously varied from industrial to metal to AOR to acoustic it still lacks a common bond to help it move from start to finish without too many bumps.
The rap elements have been dispensed with, but the album still features some modern elements that some won't take to. Thankfully though, there are still some great melodies and lead vocal performances to bridge the gap between modern and traditional hard rock.
What works within the album
The aggressive opening modern rocker Kings Of Hollywood, with its semi-industrial vibe, has a thumping rhythm section and guitar riff, plus a forceful lead vocal from Ez Gomer of Jet Circus.
The very melodic and commercial Stage Of Grace features AOR favourite Russell Arcara who delivers another fine vocal. The track does sound a little out of place, but works.
Jamie Rowe never disappoints and his acoustic ballad also impresses.
Leif Garrett is one of the surprise guests of the album, His track if this is possible is an acoustic driven metal track which changes pace two or three times. It may not be the best track of the album, but it is certainly original.
The aggressive Starbreaker style hard rock Flinch featuring Tony Harnell is certainly a winner...there was never going to be much doubt there!
Mark Slaughter and Pete Loran (of Trixter) make an interesting pair and their track rocks with a good punch.
Always Tomorrow features a nice melodic vocal from Ted Poley, but is a little thin production wise.
What really doesn't work
Surprisingly the Sebastian Bach fronted Another Nail sees him deliver a vocal that doesn't sound anything like his usual fare.
Grenade features Dale & Tony Thompson of Bride and is more or less just noisy metal and does my head in. Following on from a pure AOR track and an acoustic ballad, it seems lost at sea.
Oni Logan sounds great, but his song Show Me The Way lacks a decent hook.
And why, oh why can't Stephen Pearcy record anything remotely melodic anymore? What is his fascination with industrial noise? Killer Grin is another track avoid unless you enjoyed Pearcy's last solo album.
Helping supply the music is Tommy Denander (of course), Tim Gaines, Mike Layne, Jamie Rowe, Sayit, Stephen DeAcutis, Mikkey Dee and more.
The Bottom Line
A much better and more consistent album than Welcome To The Revolution, this one features better performances and a much improved sound. It is still a little too varied and somewhat disjointed for every track to please every listener, but the highlights definitely outweigh the low points. Perhaps about 4 or 5 tracks too long. Ditch the ones I suggested didn't hold up on quality and you would get a modern hard rock album with little to complain about.
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Christian Hard Rock
Liberty & Justice - Welcome To The Revolution
Track Listing
Kings of Hollywood *
Another Nail
State of Grace
Malice in Wonderland *
Show Me the Way
Sight Unseen
Up That Hill
Flinch *
Thy Will Be Done
Killer Grin
If The World Could Be Mine
Always Tomorrow *
Hope & Pray / Ballad of King David
Make Believe
--*Best Tracks

12/05/06: Splash -
Rating: 53
The Good, The Bad & The Somewhat Ugly... This album has a severe production problem. The songs are nearly muddy to the point of Sabbath's Born Again disaster. Sight Unseen has Leif Garrett on vocals a honestly isn't horrible! He's actually got a decent voice for this song atleast. The only track on this album that just pisses me off is Sebastian's Another Nail. This song could be freaking amazing. It gets killed by the thin drums and hollow guitar sound. Bas sounds great and I can't wait for his next album of new material. The best hard/metal singer of this generation. "Up That Hill" is horrible. It's completely terrible on every level. "Surreal" is stupid period. Nobody cares about this crap! Did I mention CRAP? "Flinch" is another misstep into territory left to bands that do this psuedo grunge meets nu-breed junk. If Tony Harnell is going in this direction now since leaving TNT he's going straight to the crapper. "Thy Will Be Done" the mighty (stupid) Jani Lane track. This doesn't even sound like Warrants ex-frontman. Albeit one of the best songs on this album. Jani please smarten up dude! "Killer Grin" is maybe the best vocal I've heard from Stephen Pearcy in 10 years. Still a poor overall production on a quality song. Mike Lee is totally screwed over by the extra awful production on his track. When the chorus hits he's totally lost in the mix. The bass guitar is way to up front in the mix and its worbles the textures of the song. Not to mention the drums are painfully tiny unless its the kick then it's over powering. Maybe if this was mastered better...I dunno. I am very disappointed that some very good music and vocal talent was ruined by terrible sound mixing.

08/05/06: Bad -
Rating: 88
Great CD!

01/05/06: killy -
Rating: 50
this one is as bad as the first one. uninspired songwriting and a bad production. and btw where is harry hess?

21/04/06: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 75
This one is O.K., but IMO not as strong as the previous one.
Some tracks rock indeed, but others are rather boring.
All in all, decent release, but not earthshaking !

07/04/06: Brian -
Rating: 91
Great rocks! I love Flinch,Thy Will Be Done,and Killer Grin. BTW I do not agree with what Andrew said about Killer Grin
it sounds like a Ratt song.

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