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ZAIN Records ZACB-1031
Produced by: Moreno & Muscat

Released: OUT NOW /
Relatives: LA Guns, Faster Pussycat
GENRE: Sleaze Rock

  1. Over The Edge
  2. Little Dove
  3. Long Time Dead
  4. Rock N Roll Hootchy Koo
  5. How Long Can You Go
  6. Sex Action
  7. Access Denied
  8. My Number
  9. I Don't Think So
  10. Trust God

The prospect of members of my two favourite sleaze rock bands LA Guns and Faster Pussycat getting together to record songs would have once seen me doing cartwheels down the road in joy of such a thought.
But in recent years, the sorrowful output of LA Guns and their off shoot side/solo projects has left a really bad taste in my mouth. Add to that the demise of Faster Pussycat and I was really left wondering what this album could bring.
The Liberators is comprised of LA Guns vocalist Phil Lewis, plus Pussycat members Brett Muscat and Eric Stacy, joined by John Juster, Adam Kury and David Moreno.
The guys have recorded a few originals written together and predictably covered a few of each band's better known numbers. there's LA Guns tracks Over The Edge, Long Time Dead & Sex Action plus Pussycat number Little Dove.
Unfortunately for the fans that bough this album, the songs are only thrown together and the record sounds like it was recorded live in the studio is one take.
That mightn't be bad thing for these songs, but believe me the band do them no justice at all and the production is sad to say the least.
Their new version of Long Time Dead in almost cabaret style is truly bad. And the new songs are merely a shade of the members former glory days.
BOTTOM LINE: The mix and sound production is well below par and I have to wonder if this isn't another example of a cheapskate Japanese label throwing a few dollars at a few musicians that in this case would probably do anything for a dollar.
Even for sleaze rock fans this release is well worth avoiding. Another slight against the once previously mighty legacy of two great bands.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Only the true 'must have everything' die-hard LA Guns & faster Pussycat fans.

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