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Frontiers / Now & Then FRCD 116
Produced by: Last Tribe

Released: April 22 / Website
Relatives: Iron Maiden, Impellitteri
GENRE: Melodic Metal

  1. The Gathering (Intro)
  2. Witch Dance
  3. Messenger
  4. Bring Out The Brave
  5. Wash Your Sins Away
  6. Behind Your Eyes
  7. Wake Up The World
  8. Man Of Peace
  9. The Eternal Curse
  10. Agadir (Instrumental)
  11. Dreamer

Last Tribe bust onto the scene last year with a cool album of European hard rock with a twist that included some earthy rock elements, all delivered with a heavy progressive edge mixed with a more commercial and stripped back melodic rock sound.
I compared the guys to Dream Theater meets Vaughn, with a little Iron Maiden mixed in.
All in all, they were an interesting band!
Back now with album number two and there is no let up in quality. The songs are as strong as ever, if not stronger and vocalist Rickard Bengtsson still impresses me.
In fact the songs are stronger, but gone are the more diverse blends of style - replaced with a more straight ahead melodic metal sound. But by no means does straight ahead mean plain.
These songs have a lot of style, class and energy and for metal heads, this comes recommended.
Fans of shredders with melody like Impellitteri might also find some enjoyable tunes on this album.
The Iron Maiden influence is still there, as is the supersonic double kick drum action. It's starts on the first track and ends on the last, giving the listening one hell of a ride and giving the album a huge rhythm section.
On Wake Up The World, the award for biggest melodic rock anthem chorus during double kick drum onslaught goes to these guys. The song is a monster!
And that's the best thing about this album, the production is crisp and intense, the mix even and above all, despite it being rather hard rocking, the melodies within the songs have plenty of room to breathe.
BOTTOM LINE: A more straight forward release over the debut album, but not in any way less exciting or musically interesting. Just closer to a regular European heavy rock sound, with the songs and the melodies within left to keep the listener interested. And believe me, they do that in fine style. And if played loud enough, it will make your ears bleed.
ESSENTIAL FOR: European hard rock and melodic metal fans, all fans of the band's debut.

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