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Axe Killer 3057242
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Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Themselves
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Face Down
  2. Sex Action
  3. One More Reason
  4. Kiss My Love Goodbye
  5. Bitch Is Back
  6. Time
  7. Long Time Dead
  8. Over The Edge
  9. Never Enough
  10. Nothing Better To Do
  11. Electric Gypsy
  12. The Ballad Of Jane
  13. Rip And Tear

Thank God! Finally something nice to say about a band I previously worshiped. Finally a release worthy of standing alongside their first set of releases! (Ending with Vicious Circle). Since then I have stacked their releases in another corner of my collection, hoping in vain that it really was not related to the legacy that should have ended long ago.
But here we are, maybe there is hope yet. A Nite On The Strip is a live release of the band recorded in LA last year. It was released in the Us via Deadline as Greatest Hits and Black Beauties. Except for one thing...that release sucked! The mix was terrible, the track listing completely crap and the cover bites.
This Axe Killer release sets it all right, with the track listing re-arranged to it's original form, leaving out a few track that sucked on the Deadline release and also no sign of any half-assed re-mixed bonus tracks. Thank God (again).
What this is, is everything I love about live records. Raw, dirty, heavy, obnoxious and 100% live LA Guns. Reformed and at their raw live best.
The guys sound great and rip through 13 of their biggest and best know tracks totally stripped back and in your face.
Another bonus is that no area of their career has been left on represented with several tracks from each album preformed.
And Axe Killer consistently high standard of packaging is in play again; this release comes in a full color slip case with a big photo filled booklet. Nice...
BOTTOM LINE: Not many LA Guns related releases have come recommended recently, but if you have any studio albums or better still all of them, then grab this album no matter what. And better still, if you own Black Beauties - sell it to pay for this.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All LA Guns fans and fans of great live records.
DISCOGRAPHY: LA Guns . Cocked And Loaded . Hollywood Vampires . Cuts . Vicious Circle . Shriking Violet . Greatest Hits & Black Beauties . A Nite On The Strip

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