Kip Winger From The Moon To The Sun Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Kip Winger

· Running Time: 61.09

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Pop Rock

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Songs: 87%
Sound: 94%
Kip Winger established his solo credibility with an astonishing debut album back in 1996.
Thisconversationseemslikeadream was a left turn from Winger the band, which turned a number of heads and saw a more mature and reflective Kip Winger writing from the depths of his personal emotions.
It established Kip's solo sound, which he carried into his second album Songs From The Ocean Floor. That album was a little harder to get into, but still, the emotion and the complex melodies carried within further added to Kip's solo reputation.
The proper third solo album (if you leave acoustic releases aside) sees Kip experimenting further with his sound, creating not just an album, but an artist statement that rivals an orchestral film score for its musical scope and complexities.
Kip's solo work is not for everyone and this album is unlikely to convert any skeptics, but for those fans of the first two albums, this is along the same lines. I would describe From The Moon To The Sun as more of a mood release – it doesn't lend itself to being perfect for playing on any occasion – rather it demands playing at certain times. I find this album to be the mellowest of the three to date, but it really does take you on a journey should the mood fit.
Opening the album are two of the finest pop/rock songs you'll ever hear. Every Story Told and Nothing are intense and dramatic songs wrapped in layers of acoustic guitars and orchestral effects. These are two of my favourite Kip Winger songs ever – they really hit the spot.
Things turn more towards the more traditional acoustic ballad with the emotional Where Will You Go and Pages And Pages, which is one of those film score style tracks.
Unfortunately some of the good work of the opening half is undone at track 5 with a grinding 5 minute plus instrumental that is dominated by strings and piano. Like the soundtrack for a black and white film noir from the 30s, I think this tune kills the flow of the album completely and I now skip it each time. I would have closed the album with it.
In Your Eyes Another Life starts to get things back on track, albeit slowly. The slowly sung track matches the ultra slow tempo of Pages and the instrumental Ghosts, before finally lifting a little with a moody and dramatic chorus melody.
Runaway and California are more likeable acoustic driven dark pop songs and get the album fully back on track.
What We Are is another left turn, a kind of psychedelic 70s pop tune, followed by the slightly left of center One Big Game, dominated by vocal effects.
Why is another gem…a long passionate and moody ballad with some great effects and melodies.
Reason To Believe is a stripped back and effects filled pop rocker that could easily be heavier with the addition of electric guitars.
The Bottom Line
Some of the album works to perfection, some of it challenges the listener to come along for the ride (which some will and some won't) and there are maybe 2 or 3 tracks that for me don't work as well as expected. Still, I think fans of Kip Winger's solo work will find this album another rewarding exercise, which could have been a little better without the instrumental.
You can't go past the debut for brilliance, but there are a few new classics here too.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Thisconversationseemslikeadream
· Songs From The Oceam Floor
· From The Moon To The Sun

Line Up:
Kip Winger w/ Rod Morgenstein and Ken Mary on drums, Andy Timmons and Rob Eberhard Young on guitar, Alan Pasqua on piano, Cenk Eroglu on songwriting, keyboards and guitars.
Essential For Fans Of:
· Kip Winger - Songs From The Ocean Floor
· Winger - IV
Track Listing
· Every Story Told *
· Nothing *
· Where Will You Go *
· Pages and Pages *
· Ghosts
· In Your Eyes Another Life
· Runaway *
· California
· What We Are
· One Big Game
· Why *
· Reason To Believe
· Monster (European Version - Bonus Track)

--*Best Tracks

09/07/08: SoMuchMusicSoLittleTime -
Rating: 84
This is the weakest album of the year so far for me. I thought I was in for a top-10 album after the first three songs. But then "Pages and Pages" & "Ghosts" come along and are simply unlistenable to me. To be honest, the next five after that do little to get the album back on track. "Why" is brilliant however, but I don't understand the extended instrumental outro which adds little to nothing. It'd be OK if there was a guitar solo or some ad-lib from Kip but they are not to be found and it drags. "Reason To Believe" is a decent track but I don't much like the Indian yodle that goes with it. I agree with another reviewer that much of this is good music for a nap. That being said, I do believe that "Nothing", "Where Will You Go", and "Why" (despite the ending) have a shot at being in my top 50 list for songs this year. Thus it is not a complete disaster but compared to the quality of what I've been hearing this year, this will not get much time in the player.

04/06/08: Scott -
Rating: 86
Massive Winger fan in all forms so always look forward to new material from him.

This CD is great...but more for 80% of the tracks than for 205 of the tracks. I agree with Andrews review here and the first few songs are total gold...pop/rock perfection. Kip's voice is excellent throughout and the production is amazing.

There are just a few tracks that I am not so keen on and like ANdrew feel that the orecestra piece is on the wrong CD or shoudl have been an end of CD bonus as it just doesn't sit well with the rest of the CD.

Still the first two songs are two of the best songs he has done ever...excellent.


26/05/08: Ross S. -
Rating: 90
I was all ready to write a negative review as most of the songs didn't really grab me after two listens. I'm glad I waited a week. I gave the album about three more listens, and the material started to reveal itself. Tuneful, well-played, and not cliched (like the recent Whitesnake album). I still don't like it as much as Winger IV, but it's still good stuff.

20/05/08: Phil Williams -
Rating: 90
At last, someone with the balls to deliver something different. Good melodies, cracking vocal capabilities to demonstrate just how versitle Kip is as both performer and songwriter. A rocker this is not, but moody, deep and full of emotion. Relax and give it time.

Best not mention track 5 !

18/05/08: Alanna -
Rating: 75
"Nothing" is amazing. Period. This may very well be the best song written in the past few years. The depth of emotion, Kip's heart wrenching - soul crushing vocal delivery, the levels of instrumentation supporting it all... it's just a fantastic song. One that cannot be recommended enough.
The rest of the album is hit and miss, it's a mood album, a journey through the colours of your soul.
Those looking for a melodic fix like 80s Winger will be disappointed but anyone that has enjoyed the past two Kip solo discs or Winger "IV" will feel right at home and appreciate the beauty here.

16/05/08: Wachen -
Rating: 95
It seems that some fans wants Kip and the guys to stay in 1988. I love ALL eras of the band and I actually think that "IV" is their best record, no ups and downs at all. Just great throughout. If a band can evolve and still be as great as that, we're talking musical geniuses.

Kip's solo album isn't for all, that is true. I think this is his best yet together with "This conversation seems like a dream". Soft, often acoustic things mixed with atmospheric synth stuff. If you liked his other solo albums, you won't be disappointed. I'm not for sure, Kip is one of the worlds best songwriter's of all time and he can't do no wrong.

14/05/08: René Mikkelsen -
Rating: 88
I was surprised by this. The latest Winger album didn't really work for me, though I tried with several listens. This is completely different, true, but it somehow works for me. Some beautifully crafted songs show that old Kip's still got it.

14/05/08: Almir -
Rating: 20
My God!
This must be the most boring cd I've ever heard in my melodic rock life.
A good advice to all: Don't listen to it while you're driving cause you may fall asleep. This is mix between new age and world music. There's absolutelly nothing interesting on this cd.
Andrew's review was the biggest surprise of this year to me so far.
I only rated 20 instead of "ZERO" because I'm big classic Winger fan. I said classic, not that "IV" crap.

14/05/08: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 0
I was looking forward to Kip Winger's solo CD because I miss Winger. Even though they just had a CD out a few months back. This is another soft release from Kip showing his sensitive side and brilliant song writing skills. Afterall, why would Kip release a solo disc if it sounded like his Winger material. This is a different sound from Winger the band but a great new CD from Kip Winger the solo artist.

13/05/08: Daniel Flores -
Rating: 8
Kip is really an unsung hero. This album may not be his best but it shows the versatility this mans song writing skills have. Sonically it sounds good, always putting the most effort on his vocals though...
If you like I was disappointed with last Winger effort, this is what u need as this record kills IV.
Get this record and complete your collection.


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