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Produced by: King Kobra
  1. Mean Street Machine
  2. Fool In The Rain
  3. Young Hearts Survive
  4. Your Loves A Sin
  5. #1
  6. Walls of Silence
  7. Lonley Nites
  8. Red Line
  9. Perfect Crime
  10. Overnite Love Affair
  11. Poor Boy (You Are My Life)
King Kobra is the brain child of drummer Carmine Appice and were around only long enough to release 3 albums. Two with the great Mark Free on vocals and then one with Johnny Edwards at the helm.
On The Lost Years, we get to hear the studio leftovers from those three album sessions.
I can see that entire albums remain unreleased, but as a general rule, if the song was omitted from the album, there is generally a good reason for it!
This is particularly applicable to The Lost Years. These tracks simply don't hold up and certainly haven't resisted the test of time.
The production is weak and the songs less than A Grade.
This collection of tunes comprises of both Mark Free vocals and Johhny Edwards. The majority are unfortunately those of Edwards, but when Free takes the lead, the quality clearly jumps a notch.
It also showcases the band in their more melodic mode - much better than when they are trying to be too heavy - on such tracks like Walls Of Silence and Red Line.
The 4 Mark Free tracks are pretty good - Fool In The Rain, Overnite Love Affair & Young Hearts Survive are good slices
of harder edged AOR, while Lonley Nites is a pretty smooth pop/AOR ballad. But they too have dated a lot. Nothing is as fresh here as the Thrill Of A Lifetime album.
There are a few good left over tracks. #1 is a particularly solid track with the vocals of Johnny Edwards in Foreigner mode and the opening track Mean Street Machine is as good as example of early 80's stadium rock.
King Kobra were a great band and everyone should own Thrill Of A Lifetime at least, the but it is plain to see they used the best tracks at the time.
Stick to the albums unless you are a die hard Mark Free & King Kobra fan. Stay tuned for a possible re-union.
ESSENTIAL FOR: King Kobra fans and Mark Free die-hards.
DISCOGRAPHY:Ready To Strike . Thrill Of A Lifetime . King Kobra III . The Lost Years

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