Khymera The Greatest Wonder Frontiers Records
Produced By: Daniele Liverani

Running Time: 54.40

Release Date: February 22


Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 92%
Sound: 93%
This is the album that finds Kymera truly defining their own place in the world. After credible debut featuring vocalist Steve Walsh problems soon appeared forcing a switch of vocalist.
The big surprise was the recruitment of Pink Cream 69 bassist and star producer Dennis Ward as vocalist. His raspy, yet sultry vocals suited the more straight ahead AOR direction of the New Promise album. That was another strong album, but it is The Greatest Wonder which I think nails the best style for these guys.
This third album sees the band, with Ward again out front, deliver the best group of songs to date, as well as defining their AOR sound that little bit further.
This is smoother, moodier and probably mellower than both previous albums and to my ears, the best of the three.
It is great to hear some classy AOR recorded in the way it deserves a big sound, great even mix and still powerful despite being fairly laid back in style.
The 90 second intro doesn't make a lot of sense to me in the context of the rest of the album, but after that point, things are sheer melodic bliss.
Keyboards swirl, guitars deliver riffs to carry the songs and the rhythm section in particular is really driving the beat behind the melodies.
I haven't heard an album like this for quite some time. Without being groundbreaking, it is refreshing to hear this brand of pure, moody European AOR done so well.
The album is very consistent and the strength of the songwriting makes it hard to single out particular tracks.
I don't think there is a huge variation in style or tempo within the album, but in this case the strength of the songs and the manner in which they are delivered means that is a positive. However, if I was to mention personal highlights the uptempo Borderline is really powerful European AOR and quite excellent.
Burn Out is dark and heavy during the chorus, giving it a real attitude; the slow and emotional Love Has Been And Gone highlights the more sentimental side of Ward's vocals; The Greatest Wonder has a little extra punch and a cool chorus; If I Can't Be has an almost Def Leppard layered vocal style that I like and Stay Forever has another instantly memorable chorus.
The Bottom Line
Simple, familiar, old-school European AOR, that is easy to enjoy at any time of the day or night. Well recorded and catchy songs are the strongest points of a very consistent and well put together package. Khymera may not offer any challenges, but it is a great example of the classic AOR style that this site was built upon.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
A New Promise
The Greatest Wonder

Line Up:
Dennis Ward: Vocals
Tommy Ermolli: Guitar
Dario Ciccioni: Drums
Daniele Liverani: Keyboards, Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Khymera - A New Promise
Euroepan AOR
Track Listing
Ablaze (intro)
Beautiful Life *
Borderline *
Burn Out
Since You Went Away
Love Has Been And Gone *
No Sacrifice
The Greatest Wonder *
Fight For Yesterday
If I Can't Be *
Love Will Find You
Stay Forever *
The Other Side

--*Best Tracks

13/10/08: Panagiotis -
Rating: 100
Another awesome release for this year..Are we in 1988 or what :)..Keep on hardrockin' in a melodic way people!!!

05/06/08: Zok -
Rating: 99
2008 is a great year so far in melodic rock. And Khymera is one of the reasons, amazing melodic rock record. A must buy.

01/06/08: gary -
Rating: 99
beautiful life makes this cd sparkle for me fantastic cd

17/05/08: Richard -
Rating: 100
Absolutely fantastic melodic rock aor! Songs are killer , production is first class along with great vocals makes this release one of the best for the year! 100

14/05/08: William -
Rating: 99
I am giving this such a high rating, because I have listened to this album the most out of all the music I have, which is a lot. I don't play every track, but I play about 10 of them constantly! It turned into the Def Leppard album I had hoped for this year. Best tracks are tough to pick since I really enjoyed the second half of the album, especially the songs (stay forever, and The other side) The other side has many musical parts, and contains a solo which is up there with a great Joe Satriani, or Eddie Van Halen solo! The solo is not very long, but if you add some volume to your car or home stereo will send chills up and down your spine! This album caught me by surprise, but Khymera delivered a album that deserves some praise!

14/05/08: Ton -
Rating: 95
Great stuff! Great AOR. I bought this one immediatly. It's all in the same vein (80's), but if it is so good, i don't give a damm to me. The emotional, little bit high pitched vocals (a female touch in there)are superb. I like this one.

04/04/08: RockMan -
Rating: 95
I absolutly love the work Dennis Ward does. All of the songs have wonderful arrangements, harmonies and that "crunch" that keeps it semi-heavy. I could listen to music like this forever. It's no secret that PC69 is such a fantastic band as well when musicians as talented as Ward, Readman and the gang get together.

04/04/08: Louie -
Rating: 85
One of the best melodic rock releases in a while. The vocals are fantastic and really do bring across the emotions within the lyrics. The music itself is very easy to listen to while being catchy and memorable at the same time. Highly Recommended.

04/04/08: Sava -
Rating: 82
Pretty good but I miss a couple of more upbeat and rockin' tunes!

04/04/08: Dag H Moldskred -
Rating: 96
This is an old school aor album ala Foreigner ,Spy etc .
Its VERY GOOD and the sound has also improved a lot compared to the first 2 cds. If you love those 80s aor records with lots of Keys you DIG this cd.
Dennis Ward IS GREAT a mystery why he did not sing onPC 69 when they lost their oroiginal vocalist.

03/04/08: Dave C -
Rating: 95
A stunning body of music with musicians on top of their game and a production as clear as the Carribean sea !!
Dennis Ward is amazing and his vocals suit this music perfectly.
My only criticism is that it does tend to fade a little towards the end of the album, but that may be just me - maybe I should start playing it from track 6 !!!!
Well done guys, great work !!!

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