Judas Priest Angel Of Retribution Sony Music
· Produced By: Roy Z

· Running Time: 51.58

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Heavy Metal

· Links: Judas Priest
Songs: 85%
Sound: 85%
I think Judas Priest has delivered a solid comeback album which will sit alongside past Rob Halford fronted releases comfortably, but have stopped short of delivering a metal classic.
I expect a great deal of variation within other reviews for this release. Some will hate the album at all and some love it. The majority so far seem to be enjoying it for what it is – an album we all knew would come, but weren't sure when.
Thankfully wise heads prevailed and the band saw what money they could be making on the tour circuit with Rob Halford back in the fold.
Things were worked out, a new deal put in place and an album to tour behind was conceived.
Expectations were high, as Rob was the last to deliver a metal classic with his Halford release Resurrection. And given the man behind that album (Roy Z) was on board here to produce, metal fans were hopeful.
I don't think too many will be disappointed, but the band certainly didn't deliver an all time classic. However, hype surrounding the re-union has driven this album to achieve the highest Billboard 200 chart debut for the band.
Angel Of Retribution is a good metal album that touches on the band's classic sound, while also updating things just enough (without being too much). It is great to hear Halford back in the line up and I think this album surpasses the two efforts with Tim Owens.
The album opens with Judas Rising, delivering the intensity fans craved. Deal With The Devil continues the pace before Revolution turns dark and slow.
Also of note is the very commercial Worth Fighting For and the excellent ballad Angel – I'll await feedback on these ones to see what long time fans think. I think both are pretty good tracks and offer something a little different.
Other noteable tracks for me are the classic sounding Wheels Of Fire and the double time rocker Demonizer.
The most reaction I have read surrounds the epic 10 minute NWOBHM track Loch Ness. It seems most have been left scratching their heads, but surely the band have to be taking the piss with this one? Spinal Tap perhaps? Take the concept lightly, whatever you do!
The Bottom Line
I'm not sure the production is as sharp as Roy's work with Halford as a solo artist. However, perhaps the sound here is everything the band requested, attempting to update their sound to a new era and a new market. I wouldn't have worried. It's great to see both Priest and Iron Maiden on the road in this day and age. Get Sabbath back into the studio (although unlikely) and classic metal fans will get the hat-trick they deserve.

Line Up
· Rob Halford: Vocals
· Glenn Tipton, K.K. Downing: Guitars
· Scott Travis: Drums
· Ian Hill: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Classic era Priest
· Iron Maiden
Track Listing
· Rising
· Deal With The Devil
· Revolution
· Worth Fighting For
· Demonizer
· Wheels Of Fire
· Angel
· Hellrider
· Eulogy
· Lochness
--*Best Tracks

07/08/05: Rich -
Rating: 90
Priest are as potent today as they ever were......Judas is Riiiiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15/06/05: Sweetdaddy Pimp -
Rating: 10
Judas is rising, yes it is , what a great way to come back .... I loved the albums with Ripper and I love the Iced Earth cd with him as well, but this is a great great album !

Rating: 90
10 Tracks, 9 good, 1 s%*t hence the mark of 90%. Tracks like Judas Rising and Deal With The Devil are classic Priest.Great to see the band reunited and firing, but I still didn,t mind Jugulator.

18/04/05: Lou -
Rating: 85
The Priest is back ! At 54 , Rob still has those pipes from
God . This comeback release from the boys is "Sad Wings...."
"Stained Class" , and "Painkiller" put into a blender then poured out ... "Angel of Retribution" . Has elements of old
school Priest as well as some quality modern "painkilleresque"
overtones . Dig the bonus DVD as well ! Makes me forget totally
the awful and horrendous "junkualtor" and "demolition" .

10/04/05: WardyS3 -
Rating: 76
Deliberately left this one for a while before reviewing hoping I might see the light as my first impression wasn't wow like I had hoped. Okay the album has grown on me somewhat but I'm still struggling to find what the fuss is about.

For an album I had high hopes for, well, I find this a tad boring. I don't want to get stuck on the old days as it's obvious from some of the comments already made here that comparing this to old school Priest won't win you over, so Angel of Retribution has to be taken on face value. Flickers of brilliance, the occasional memorable song but nothing too departed from the Ripper era. In fact that's my complaint, not much on this album is memorable, and I am having difficulty finding where some people claim Halfords screech is a warm return cause there really isn't enough of it. The songs don't race enough nor does the voice.

Still a reasonably good album way above a lot of the immitations out there. Highlights are the fantastic production we have come to expect from RoyZ, and the tracks Revolution daring to be different, Wheels of fire for its punch, and Worth fighting for, for being damn cool.

For fans of the band. I hate to criticise but I think these guys are so much better than this. Ahhh what the hell, I'm paying for the damn thing so it's gotta be good right?

09/04/05: Todd -
Rating: 90
Ok. Maybe I am not as plugged into the “metal” world as I used to be (I’m a prog geek), but I liked this album. Not many other bands from Priest’s time can still do this kind of stuff. I think the tunes are inspired. No, it isn’t “British Steel Part 2”, but I don’t want it to be. To me they will never outdo “Point Of Entry” or “Screaming…”, but so what? In spots it is better than things on “Turbo” or “Ram It Down” for sure. I think the songwriting is not half bad. And you have to understand that they have been apart for nearly 15 years!!! Give them time to get back in the groove. I like this album better than “Painkiller” for sure. For my money, Rob’s singing is stronger now than it was on that one. More in control and a little less screaming. The production is a bit muddy, but I don’t think a crisp record would fit them too well. I commend them for putting forth a good collection of tunes. If they would have edited the closer down and included another track, it would be one step closer to great. Disagree if you like…but I just wanted to add my two cents. Thanks from the USA!

07/04/05: Ray -
Rating: 93
Waited for so long,well worth the wait.This CD just rocks so good(apart from Nessy )I went to see them at Manchester Apollo recently ,they still deliver,but watching some middle-old age rockers perform in tight leather doesnt appeal anymore.Welcome back Mr Halford

30/03/05: Craig -
Rating: 90
The Priest is back! This CD leaves off were Painkiller left off. Yes it has been some time since Rob left to do his solo stuff, but this cd has so much feel of the Rob doing his Solo stuff and the Priest the best of both worlds brought together. Yes this cd has some weak points but this thing has some major teeth to it. The stand outs for me were 'Judas Rising" "Deal With The Devil" "Demonizer" and "Hellrider". For any Priest fan this is a must. Robs vocals are strong!!!!

29/03/05: Jamppa -
Rating: 75
in my opinion AOR is quite typical Priest album - from absolutely great Worth Fighting for to weak Angel. For me Screaming is the most even Judas Priest album (score 93) with no needless ballads. Anyway, it`s great to see REAL Priest back in heavy metal business.

29/03/05: Jake -
Rating: 90
Some of the comments above really made me scratch my head - this is classic JUDAS fuckin' PRIEST through and through although - understandibly - not quite reaching the greatness of landmark albums like 'Killing Machine', 'British Steel' or 'Screaming For Vengeance' (compared to the Maiden reunion album with Bruce, Priest have delivered far and away the better record though). Simply put, this is hands down the best JP release since DOTF (I know, that ain't saying much but still...) - a surprisingly dynamic, well rounded disc that touches on much of what made JP great 'Sad Wings' through 'Painkiller'. The opener 'Judas Rising' is an instant raging classic, 'Deal With The Devil' kicks all sorts of ass while mining similar territory as Halford's 'Made In Hell' lyrically, 'Revolution' recalls the mighty Zep (and Jane's Addiction's 'Mountain Song' riff...), 'Worth Fighting For' (dig the 'Point of Entry' vibe!) would've been a massive AOR radio smash in the 80's, 'Demonizer' and 'Hellrider' (somewhat generic chorus in the latter....) provide the artillery 'Painkiller' style, 'Wheels of Fire' flat out rocks, straight and to the point, and the wonderful 'Angel' is a great intimate moment where Rob really shines. As for 'Eulogy' / 'Loch Ness', yeah, the lyrics are hokey as hell (Priest are the kings of the heavy metal cliche..... DUH!) but I'll give the guys credit for trying something new here (Iommi would be proud...) because musically this track is excellent albeit a tad too long. Bottom line: This is (almost) everything any fan of classic Priest could've wanted and if you're hearing something other than classic Priest you need to get your ears examined! THE PRIEST IS FUCKING BACK! Buy and die!

23/03/05: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 90
As I have come to expect down tuned albums being released by my favourite bands,this was a pleasant surprise.This may not be the classic Priest album everyone was expecting and wants,but I think it's really good and there are some great moments which could make it become a classic Judas Priest album in time.I remember when I bought 'Jugulator' and I was literally heartbroken after waiting nearly seven years for what was only to be a carbon copy of any Korn/Fear Factory etc release.I took that album back to the shop because I didn't like it and that was the only time I have ever returned an album on the grounds of being bitterly disappointed.So when I heard that a new album was on the horizon I was a litle cautious to say the least.I am pleased to say 'Angel Of Retribution' has however exceeded my expectations and I would recomemnd that this album be purchased by anyone claiming to be a rocker.Personal favourites are 'Judas Rising','Deal with the Devil' and the ballad 'Angel'.First a fantastic release by the Scorpions and now Judas Priest,who next??

22/03/05: RL -
Rating: 60
Boring...not what I grew up on during the "Hell Bent For Leather" thru "Screaming For Vengeance" era. I like classic Priest...NOT the overkill of "Painkiller", etc...

Album is spotty at best.

21/03/05: John Elway -
Rating: 90
This is a really strong release that gets better with repeated listens. It's definitely a varied group of songs ranging from "Painkiller" type tunes ("Deal With the Devil") to ballads ("Angel" and "Eulogy". These have great atmosphere and are quite powerful. For what it's worth, I usually hate ballads, but these are strong.). The soloing is excellent, the vocals are great, and the percussion is very interesting (Check out the drumwork on "Judas Rising" and "Revolution".). I really like this record. I guess my only complaint is the closing "Loch Ness". For starters the lyrics on this track are horrific, even by their standards (What's next? A half hour epic about Wolfman?). Worse is the music: slow boring, and painfully long (13 and a half minutes!?). If this horrific piece were replaced by a couple of strong rockers, the cd would be an absolute cassic. As it stands, it's an extremely enjoyable return. Just eject the cd after track 9.

21/03/05: Afonso Sousa -
Rating: 80
The Priest is back!!!..but not aT the´s magic that Rob is singing again but the sound it´s not perfect...well Hellrider & Deal with the Devil blows away!!! but the album contains a large number of ballads and this puts the album a bit dissapoint...well..what i can say?..THE PRIEST IS BACK!!!

20/03/05: Rockhead -
Rating: 95
WOW. Enough said. It's going to be one of heavy rock's top 5 for 2005. Also, comeback album of the year hands down. JUDAS HAS RISEN!!

19/03/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 40
If it weren't Priest which return, nobody would take care or notice ! Uninspired and rather weak !
No, the Priest days are over !
I listen again to their best work as Stained Class, Sad Wings, British Steel, Screaming . . . etc.
That was Priest, not this act here !

19/03/05: ken ahl -
Rating: 90
Amen the metal gods are back!
This album rocks! Halford sounds like hes 20 again,and K.k. and Glen just shred.Scott travis is probably one of the best metal drummers going.10 points off for loch ness though,very cheesy.

19/03/05: Metal Mark -
Rating: 98
I must admit I wasn't sure I wanted Rob back in Priest. I mean, he's been kickin' ass solo since he got the Trent Reznor drivel outta his colon and I thought he was doing fabulous, as was Ripper Owens in Priest. Fans and critics alike slammed "Demolition," but I thought it was great. Hey, whadda I know, I'm just a 'damn Yank,' right!? Well frankly, "Angel Of Retribution" is the 'Comeback of The Year" thus far and could very well land in my Top 5 Fave Discs of '05. Halford is in fine form and the band is playing at the top of their game. "Angel Of Retribution" to me actually picks up where "Ram It Down" left off. Maybe that crossed w/Halford's "Resurrection." I really can't find anything bad to say about this piece of steel. It's pure metal (even the ballad..remember "Before The Dawn"?) My personal faves are 'Deal With The Devil," "Judas Rising," "Wheels Of Fire" & "Revolution." Pick this baby up and support metal!!!

19/03/05: Mike -
Rating: 93
I have never been a huges Judas priest fan, but they have done som awsome songs of course. But with this new record I think they have done one of their best records. I think maybe die hard fans not agree with me. But its not one bad song on Angel of retribution. Take Angel, what a beautiful ballad. Revolution is awsome and the cool hellrider and I can count them all up. This is a buy without any dobuts.

19/03/05: Scott -
Rating: 78
Good thing this CD is packaged with a DVD because the ten tracks are not good enough for the price payed. The Cd is average. The last two tracks are horrible! Basically, there are only 8 tracks worth listening to. It's just a mish-mash of tunes. One minute the song sounds like a retread from Painkiller..then another song is a retread from Ram It Down. This CD doesn't come close to Halford's solo Resurrection!! Overall, it's nice to have the band reunited and touring. Just don't expect this CD to knock your socks off.

19/03/05: Carl1 -
Rating: 75
I was expecting great things from this but it's a bit of a let down. There's nothing classic about it at all. The best track is by far Deal With The Devil and only because it sounds like a Malice song. regarding Loch Ness I must be in the minority as I think it's pretty good. Overall the album is good but not up with Sin After Sin, Stained Class or Killing Machine by a long way.

19/03/05: Kevin Vaudry -
Rating: 92
I am a long-time Priest fan and I had no expectations when I put this CD in for the first time. I have to say I am definitely impressed!

"Judas Rising" is a "blow-you-out-the-door" starter, and the Priest keeps it going through the enitre CD. You just can't beat tunes like "Deal with the Devil" and "Wheels of Fire."
Although it's a fairly commercial tune, I thing "Worth Fighting For" is still an excellent song, and "Angel" is more reminiscent of "Before the Dawn" from Hell Bent for Leather. Now that I've heard the song a few times, I do like it. Like everyone else, I'm not sure what to make of "Lochness," but it doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for the CD overall.

The classic Priest sound is there for all of us die-hards, and Halford's vocals are very strong indeed. I think all long-time Priest fans will be happy to spend the money! Angel of Retribution delivers!

18/03/05: brain pain - Script@SNIP.COM
Rating: 95

18/03/05: David B. - ace-75 erg0074
Rating: 70
This album is just fair.Sure its a metal album but its not great like British Steel or Turbo.It also lacks the energy or excitement of the last album with Ripper Owens.However the DVD is great.

18/03/05: Glenn Odin -
Rating: 92
I wasn't quite sure if Priest back with halford was a good idea since Rob's live performances had been hit and miss in recent years and to a degree on the Painkiller tour also. However, in the studio Rob delivers big time on this cd and sounds fantastic. The band seem to have gone back to more of a British Steel/Screaming For Vengence vibe with a little of the more recent stuff thrown in. Lochness reminds me a little of Cathedral Spires which was for me one of the highlights of teh Jugulator cd. I always thought Ripper Owens was a sensational vocalist in his own right and did a great job fronting Priest throughout the 90's but I gotta admit its great to hear the "classic" line-up back and delivering the goods!!

This is a very solid comeback and to pick favorite songs is not really an issue on an album this consistent. The dvd that accompanies the digi-book version is a fantastic bonus and already this album will almost certainly end up in my top 10 albums of the year! The Priest is back...metal is back!!!!!

18/03/05: TIM -
Rating: 91
I've been waiting for 15 or so years for this cd, and I'm very impressed!
"Deal With The Devil" is absolutely a speeding ticket waiting to happen. Judas Rising is a great opener for the cd. It is a classic Priest song with the Halford scream, you instantly know who it is!
I'm very unsure of Angel, I don't think it should have been on this cd. I don't want to hear ballads from the kings of metal. It is nothing like "Out in the Cold" or"Blood Red Skies". It is way too calm for my tastes. As for "Lochness" I'm really not sure about, it's just not what I want from the Priest.
Overall, it's the best $20.00 I've spent in a long time. The DVD that comes with it is also very good. BUY IT!

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