Journey Revelation WalMart (USA) /
Frontiers Records (Europe)
· Produced By: Kevin Shirley

· Running Time: 56.27 / 48.44

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock / AOR

· Links: Journey Frontiers
Music means so much to so many people and there is no denying that Journey's music invokes the passions of fans like few bands are capable of.
So any new release by an iconic band such as Journey is surely going to stir these passions once again. When that new release is the debut of yet another lead singer…add a little more emotion again.
In fact, I doubt any other release this year will invoke as much passion and emotion as this release.
I thought long and hard over what territory and issues this review should cover and decided that at the end of the day it should really just be a review of the music on hand and therefore only cover the music.
Sometimes one must completely close off any thought not directly related to the music in order to deliver an unbiased view point.
Journey's decision to hire Philippine frontman Arnel Pineda was not met with universal acceptance or praise. It was in fact, entwined in unfortunate controversy, but this band is not known for its smooth transitions between singers!
However, the decision has been made and Arnel seems like a very genuine guy with a warm and likable persona. And there is no doubt he can sing. One thing Journey does well every time is pick great singers to work with.
Many reviews are complicated. So many angles to discuss and sometimes there is a lot to digest. None more so than for Journey's newest Revelation, which not only drops a disc of new material at our feet, but also a second disc re-recording the band's classics.
Now things are complicated enough in Journeyland – just covering new material and a new singer, but the classics too? This is going to take a while…

The new material –
There was talk in 2006 of the band planning to first do an album of re-recorded hits before thinking of any new material. I am thankful that decision was axed as it is hard enough for any singer to withstand the ever present pressure of the Perry legacy.
The best foot forward is new material – let the new guy stand on his own feet and show the world what he is capable of.
Revelation mixes both those ideas. That's both good and bad or at least there are pro's and con's for the decision, but no one could argue that the Revelation package is not utterly sensational value.
Whether it is the WalMart package with 22 tracks and a new 2008 Live DVD or the European Frontiers Records release, which is missing the DVD, but adds an extra tasty new studio track – this is great value for fans.

Let's be honest here. The new material disc of the Revelation package needed to be good. Bloody good.
The band disappointed many with the disjointed Generations release; the Red 13 EP was under produced and it has been nearly 8 years since the release of the band's only other post-Perry release Arrival.
I'm pleased to say that Revelation is bloody good. No….bloody great!
I was completely open minded going into this. As stated – there are always issues with Journey – that's just the way it is, but they remain one of my favourite bands and Revelation doesn't disappoint.
In fact, it exceeds those expectations I was trying not to have and delivers big time.
A few points to make before delving into each track on the record.
First and most immediate is the production. Take a bow Kevin Shirley.
This is Kevin's best work with Journey, surpassing the ultra smooth Trial By Fire and the feel good ballad heavy AOR of Arrival.
As smooth as Arrival was, after several years of constant playback, after listening to Revelation for some time, I was surprised how it now feels as if Arrival lacked kick.
That's where our next accolade comes in.
Stand up Deen Castronovo. You sir, have delivered your best performance since Hardline's 1992 debut. Deen kicks it on this album like I have never heard him deliver for Journey. He is a valuable contributor to the harmony vocals with this band and on this album, but let's not forget his main role – drummer – and he really makes an impact here thanks to a masterful performance and I am guessing, some guidance from Kevin Shirley.
Ross Valory slots in there as he always does – with little fanfare, but alongside Deen really delivers the punchy rhythm that drives this album.
Jon Cain's piano sound is also the best I have heard for many years – mixing keyboards and piano and taking us back to the band's 80s sound without ever being dated.
Neal's shredding is beyond words at times and he really must be counted as one of the greatest guitarists ever.
Arnel – now where do I start with Arnel? If anything, this album proves to me that Arnel is his own man and is not just a Perry clone. Yes, he gives the band that Journey/Perry sound, but on the original material he really does stand on his own two feet and his voice shines through. His voice...not Steve Perry's.
Many have questioned Arnel's ability to deliver on the rockier Journey tracks. In a live arena perhaps that will still have to be proven over time, but on record, he really shines and delivers a performance with grit and with emotion.
Yes, he absolutely nails the ballads in a more Perry style tone, but I love the rock tracks where his voice is more natural and unique and has this raspy edge at times which I feel is an integral part of delivering the song's emotion.
Every singer has their own individual style. What creates that style is unique to each singer – their background, their upbringing, their nationality, their influences.
Not all people are going to like the style of a certain vocalist and I expect there will be some that don't like Arnel's own style. But for me – he works wonders here and after all those months of horrible YouTube videos – here he is – bigger than life and positively booming through the speakers. His voice sounds so much bigger on this record.

Track By Track:
As expected it is a soaring Neal Schon guitar riff which guides us into the new record. Immediately Deen's drum sound strikes you – something which really drives this record. Never Walk Away is a classic Journey AOR anthem. From the same handbook that brought you Be Good To Yourself, Higher Place and Never Too Late comes this uplifting rocker.
Arnel Pineda also places his stamp on the song from the opening bars. I can hear the Perry tone, but I'm instantly impressed that this is no clone and Arnel seems free to use his regular tone for the new material.
The chorus is one of those instantly likeable affairs and I love hearing the vocals stretched to the point of a raspy edge coming through. That is even more prevalent in verse two – where Arnel really sounds terrific to these ears.
The only thing I'd change here would be the level of the backing vocals through the chorus. They are there in classic Journey style, but noticeably muted compared to what they could have been. The mix of flailing guitar riffs and thick keyboard fills towards the end is perfect and the song wraps up with a nice closing thump.

There is a part of Journey's musical DNA that seems to require the injection of really sappy lyrics at designated points and Revelation is no different. After such a kick-ass opening, it's a shame that the brakes have to be jammed on immediately after. Like A Sunshower is actually a pretty decent song if you can get past the fruity lyrics – especially through the chorus.
This is a really soulful track and Arnel does his best Perry here. It seems to me that he saves his very best "Perry" for the ballads and the re-records, but is very capable of holding his own voice on the rockers. That fact may surprise some.
A drop in Schon riff and a classy solo makes the song even more memorable, but I do have a problem with its positioning within the album.
The last minute of the song is actually pretty old school Journey…a little less structured and somewhat free flowing.

The gritty string plucking Schon intro of Change For The Better got my attention from the very first listen and continues to impress. And just as Steve Augeri had the defining lyric of his tenure with the band on the opening line of Higher Place; this to me (through fate alone it seems) seems to be the lyric that defines Arnel's place in history. "Down low as far as I can go with no where left to turn…" through to the chorus hook "it's my life and a change for the better." Things sure are better for Mr. Pineda!
This song is for me what defines Journey as a great band. I love this and I love the vocal. Its one of my favorites from the new album, gritty and emotional in places, yet smooth and soaring in other places.
And the chorus delivers big time. Castronovo thumps his way through while Cain's keyboards fill the sound like it was 1983 all over again.
Schon's gritty riff all the while lies underneath the song giving it the menace it needs.
And to give Cain a keyboard solo before the bridge just sets this song up as classic 80s Journey, all the while retaining a contemporary feel thanks to Shirley's masterful production.
Neal Schon's extended guitar solo followed by a brief lull that builds to a bombastic close makes this song feel like a mini-concert and I can only hope that the band dares to roll this one out live this summer.

Thank God that track is followed by another rocker - Wildest Dream has one of the album's heaviest riffs and opens with a furious Deen Castronovo beat and another defining Schon riff. I love the verse and the song builds nicely. The chorus is a little simpler than I originally expected and it was sometime before I warmed fully to it. Still I feel that there could have been an opportunity here to fill in the chorus with a few more words or some bigger backing vocals. The lack of doesn't take any away from the song, but it could have perhaps added to it.
Listen carefully and you can really hear the raw edge of Arnel's vocals and Jonathan Cain is flat out pounding that piano, which reminds me of the way he attacks his instrument in Ask The Lonely. Love that…
Another big solo, that pounding piano and more manic Castronovo muscle help complete the song. This and Change For The Better is the heaviest I have heard from Journey since Frontiers.

I really questioned the need to re-do Faith In The Heartland for this record, but as Wildest Dream closes out and this song quickly builds, I can see why it has been included. It was the classic song from Generations and I see this not as a slight on Steve Augeri's great vocal, but perhaps a decision by the band that the sub-par production quality of Generations didn't do this song justice.
I wouldn't like to compare Arnel's vocal to that of Augeri's, but Arnel does do the song justice and his booming voice is as loud as ever here.
What really impresses me about this song is the adjustment in intent. Rather than it being an AOR anthem, as it was…this now sounds more deliberate and urgent and Deen Castronovo's drumming is simply stunning.
He rules this song and once it hits the 5 minute mark, he and Schon just take this baby over. The progressive drum fills and the understated guitar soloing in the background are joined by some more simple but effective piano parts, making this a real treat for the ears.

I can't recall the last time I thought to myself, 'we could actually use a ballad at this point' on a Journey record, but after nearly 15 minutes of pounding rock n roll, the classic piano ballad After All These Years is a welcomed break in the tempo.
Once again I find myself impressed by Castronovo's drumming, taking me back to thinking how he delivers live on some of the ballads. That power is what drives the song forward.
Arnel does his very best Perry vocal again, but not in a way that mimics the iconic singer. This is purely and simply – a classic sentimental Journey ballad that features one of those trademark Schon guitar melodies and hands in the air type chorus not unlike several songs before it.

More swirling keyboards, a driving beat and more classic Schon propel the tempo back into the red. Where Did I Lose Your Love is a moody rocker that is typical of the band in recent years, only better.
I love Arnel's voice here – very true to the Perry tone – and very smooth indeed for a rocker. His delivery and the mix of guitars and keyboards again takes me back to the Frontiers era. And to back that up – mid-song Neal infuses a riff that is classic Journey – that type of riff that just embeds itself in your brain like the solo in Send Her My Love.
And again we get treated to a bombastic drum solo to close the song. This album really does feel like a concert at times. I love the energy that emanates from the speakers.

I wasn't ready for another ballad, but What I Needed isn't a straight forward Journey ballad. It has a soulful edge that begins slowly and builds to quite a rocking and emotional chorus, completed with some more tasteful piano playing.
Again Arnel is driven to the edge with a powerful vocal that sounds like prime era Perry, calling on him to show soulful finesse and raw emotional power – check out the vocal following Neal's solo. Classic.

What It Takes To Win starts with an ominous moody edge and you just know something special is coming. Sure enough it does. And the power and passion of this song has remained with me since the first playback and is a favourite from the album (even though highlights are many). I read somewhere that Cain had to fight to have this song included – good thing he did, it would have been my second pick of all the songs lined up for inclusion.
Best part of the song besides the restrained, yet fast moving Schon riff, is Arnel's passionate raspy vocals. This is where he shines as his own man. The further he pushes it, the better he sounds. I'm absolutely blown away the guys even leave some feedback from Neal's guitar in the mix. Further proof of the live feel this set of songs has and how it does sound like a concert. Cain's piano again adds texture and rounds out the sound along with the thumping rhythm section (sorry to Ross for showing no love until now).
The guitar solo is fabulous and leads to another great melodic bridge that makes the song. Again – check out the emotion in the vocal and the thumping Castronovo drumming.

Time for another big power ballad and it is my humble opinion that Turn Down The World Tonight is the best of them all and possibly the best Journey ballad in the post-Perry era. This is a nice big, powerful piano lead ballad with a classic Journey vocal. If other songs belong to Neal, Arnel or Deen, this is Jon Cain's moment. Some beautiful piano drives this song and Neal's slow soloing towards the end, with the addition of some orchestration make this a monster ballad.

The first Journey instrumental in many years closes the US disc of new material. The Journey (Revelation) is a slow building showcase for Neal Schon.
And just as it should, it reminds of something from Neal's solo career, most immediately something off the brilliant Late Nite album.

The European only bonus track is Let It Take You Back, a reasonably laid back rocker that features a nice crunchy guitar riff and an Augeri-ish lead vocal.
An effects filled bridge leads to a chorus that doesn't lift the tempo at all – it just kind of slots in there. I could have used a more impactful chorus to be honest and the song, while a pleasing addition for die-hard fans, is probably the weakest track of the set, and its relegation to bonus track status is not a surprise.
So, good for die-hard fans and pleasing it isn't another ballad – but also not strong enough to lift the points rating any higher than the US release.

The Re-Records –
This is the interesting part I guess. The controversial part of this 2CD set and the part that will probably be debated more than the new material or anything else for that matter. The band's motivation for doing this is clear – get out from under the various strings and conditions that control their original songs.
They aren't the first to do it and certainly won't be the last. In fact, Kiss are doing the same right now.
This move allows the band to license these versions to various projects and it also allows the band to showcase their new singer and just how close to Steve Perry he can come.

A few facts before a few opinions.
Unlike the new material, which was 100% produced by Kevin Shirley, the re-records were produced by Kevin with Jonathan Cain & Neal Schon. Shirley told me that Jon and Neal did the basic track recording, with Cain helping to guide Arnel through the vocal process. Shirley came in after that and helped complete the process and adding his special touch.
The re-records have a slightly less polished feel to that of the original material. Let's face it – the band has been playing these songs for centuries now and all could probably do it in their sleep with little problem.
So this disc has a distinct 'live in the studio' feel.
The songs almost play themselves. They are well produced and played (as expected), but don't quite have the sonic punch of disc one.
I guess here the songs are being performed as like they originally were (in the 70s and 80s), whereas the new material has a more contemporary setting.

Arnel really does an amazing job with the vocals. He sings like a man possessed (with the spirit of Steve Perry as expected) and his booming voice lifts the songs.
His performance is really quite amazing and a contrast to the natural tone of his voice demonstrated on the original material.
That said – there are parts here I didn't appreciate as much and his voice occasionally doesn't quite flow over the lyrics like Perry's did. But how could anyone stack up fairly against one of the best vocalists that ever lived? Impossible…
This set of songs is very much a straight forward copy of the originals, with little deviation or additional new flair. That is a little disappointing…and for that reason I personally don't have a lot of time for these versions.
Now, that's not saying there is anything wrong with them either. They are all classic songs afterall and all of the above comments and the actual quality of the songs is all positive. What it comes down to is individual tastes and needs.
Personally I wouldn't be spending a lot of time with straight forward re-recorded hits no matter what singer. And for that matter – no matter what the band. I just don't see the point for die-hard fans.
This isn't a slight against Journey – just the general concept. I haven't had a lot of time for other artists doing the same thing either.
What I would have preferred is a disc of classic hits updated, or stripped back to acoustic or something just a little different. How about with a symphony orchestra? Now that would be cool… Then again, if that was done…the band wouldn't have these versions to license out.
Picks – Be Good To Yourself (nice solo Neal), Any Way You Want It, Stone In Love and of course the big ballads Faithfully and Open Arms.
And consider this – Be Good To Yourself is 22 years old and finally only now features the bass playing of Ross Valory.

I don't want to be too hard on these versions or this concept. Like I said, people will have their own take on this and they'll either take it or leave it.
Had this disc some out on its own I would have been less favorable with my overall views, but coupled with a live DVD and a set of 11 or 12 fantastic new songs, how could anyone really complain – especially at the price point being offered in the USA or the standard 2CD price for Europe.

The Bottom Line
Everyone has an opinion on Journey and I've found that most people feel the need to make their views known. Journey is just one of those bands!
This therefore is my opinion.
I haven't always agreed with the decisions made by the band, but it is hard to argue any point when you are holding a disc of this quality.
The new material is some of the best songs I have heard from the band in many years.
No, it doesn't break any new ground, but it does continue the classic spirit of Journey in the very best way possible.
Many fans don't want new ground – not from a band some 30 years old.
I think the guys have done the best possible job in delivering a set of songs that is true to their 80s sound, and with some magic desk-jockeying by Kevin Shirley, has delivered a contemporary sounding record that positively jumps thought the speaks with energy not heard since Escape and Frontiers.
I wasn't expecting such an energetic and engaging record – at least as far as the new material goes and I'm happy to admit this goes above and beyond my expectations.
As a stand alone release, I think the disc of new material might top Arrival, which was a real classic.

Now, the score…
The new material is as close to perfect as it gets. Considering the play-back it has received so far - it still sounds fresh and engaging each listen.
I'd rate Disc One - Songs 99% with Production a perfect 100.
The re-records are a little more difficult. All classic songs obviously, but the production is not as sharp. If I'm fair, I would have to say that they are done well, but at the same time won't be played that much at all. So Disc Two - Songs 90% and Production about the same.
Live DVD not yet reviewed, but 14 tracks from Vegas 2008 adds great value. Mix that all up with the emphasis on the new material and I'll give this package 97%....
Previously Reviewed
· Trial By Fire
· Arrival
· Red 13
· Generations
· Revelation

Line Up:
· Arnel Pineda: Vocals
· Neal Schon: Guitars
· Deen Castronovo: Drums
· Ross Valory: Bass
· Jonathan Cain: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Journey
Track Listing
· Never Walk Away *
· Like A Sunshower
· Change For The Better *
· Wildest Dream
· Faith In The Heartland *
· After All These Years *
· Where Did I Lose Your Love
· What I Needed
· What It Takes To Win *
· Turn Down The World Tonight *
· The Journey (Revelation)
· Let Me Take You Back (Europe Only)

· Only The Young *
· Don't Stop Believin'
· Wheel In The Sky
· Faithfully *
· Any Way You Want It
· Who's Crying Now
· Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
· Lights
· Open Arms
· Be Good To Yourself *
· Stone In Love

DVD (USA Only):
· Live In Concert February 2008

--*Best Tracks

23/02/10: Brad -
Rating: 99
When this came out in mid-2008, it was the most excited I'd been listening to a new melodic rock album by a classic band since Journey released "Arrival" with Steve Augeri as lead singer in 2001. At that time, I proclaimed "Arrival" the best Journey album since 1983's "Frontiers", which to me it was. Well, after yet another lead signer controversy, Journey has now put out another utterly brilliant album. "Revelation" now replaces "Arrival" as their best album start to finish since "Frontiers".

Where to begin with the accolades? I'll start with the obvious that so many others have mentioned--the value. 12 bucks for two full CDs of music plus a one-hour concert DVD? That in itself should draw in even the casual fan. For sure, the DVD is a fun concert to watch. The guys really seem to be enjoying themselves and are clearly thankful to still be around. The CD of re-recorded classics was something I was skeptical about like so many others, but that too sounds great. The recordings are very similar to the originals, with a bit more of a "live" feel on a few of them. I've listened to them to date much more than I thought I would. But that brings me to the true heart of this review--the new original material.

In a nutshell, the new material brings me right back to my youth. I was a teenager when I originally listened to and loved every track on "Escape" and "Frontiers". Now approaching middle age, I feel the same way listening to "Revelation". A song like the lead track "Never Walk Away" stands right up to "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Separate Ways" as a fist-pumping, uptempo leadoff anthem. "Like a Sunshower" is a bit schmaltzy but also brings strong reminders of that classic 1970s sound like on "Lights". "Wildest Dream" is as rocking as anything Journey has done since "Frontiers" and really allows GREAT new lead singer Arnel Pineda to prove he has his own sound as well. "After All These Years" to me sounds like a cross between "Faithfully" and "All the Way" (the latter from "Arrival"); for sure it is one of the strongest Journey ballads ever. "Where Did I Lose Your Love" and "What it Takes to Win" are vintage-sounding 1980s keyboard rock anthems--sounding like the best of '80s soundtrack anthems. "Turn Down the World Tonight" is like the rebirth of the criminally-underrated Journey ballad "Why Can't This Night Go on Forever" from "Raised on Radio"--an absolutely fantastic, sentimental, heartfelt ballad. "Change For the Better" and "What I Needed" are awesome uptempo anthems. Even the remake of "Faith in the Heartland", while seeming unnecessary, fits in great on the album; I loved the original on "Generations". And for sure, the closing instrumental track "The Journey (Revelation)" showcases Neal at his melodic best. Even with no vocals, this song fits right in with the rest of this melodic masterpiece and is a great way to end the album of new material.

Make no mistake about it: If you are a Journey fan of the 1980s and care more about actual music than the band's internal personnel issues and other record company politics, chances are you will love this album. I, for one, cannot get enough of it. Strongly recommended for any longtime fans of the band who don't have the ridiculous lead singer hangup.

10/03/09: downloadwizard -
Rating: 95
new fan for the band journey.. watched pineda's youtube videos and was blown away by how good he is.. love the new songs.. loved 'after all these years'.. keep on imagining it being played at anniversaries in the future.. great album.. thanks journey.. can't wait for the next one.. :D

10/02/09: bamboo -
Rating: 99
I haven't gotten the album yet, but the tracks I do have (in particular, 'Where Did I Lose Your Love'... I particularly like the guitar solo before the bridge) are definitely worth listening to. 'After All These Years' is tearjerking, to say the least, I wouldn't be surprised to hear it at weddings. Racial bias aside (believe me, half the singers here in the Philippines suck dick), I can say that Neal really knew what he was doing when he picked this guy to be Journey's new voice. With Arnel on board, they can be just as good, if not better than they were decades ago.

I think I speak for the whole country when I say we're proud of you, Arnel. Just keep rocking, we're all behind you no matter what happens. Can't wait for your concert next month... :D Live your dream, have fun, may you guys have many more albums together.

To all the haters... YES, Steve Perry is a legend, no doubt about that. Even Arnel admits it. But please, PLEASE, get over it already, get off his dick and love Journey for what it is. Okay? =) Otherwise... eat your hearts out. =))

'Whatever yaya, you're such a loser yaya'



07/02/09: Dave -
Rating: 90
Journey is my all-time favorite band and no band will ever touch what Journey was circa 1981. But I had grown tired of all the lineup changes and wasn't overly excited when this record was released. I didn't like what I heard about how JSS was treated and was ready not to like this record.
But this record is really good. Yes, Arnel is another Steve close, but I think he sounds better than Augeri because he has a bit more grit in his voice. The songs are very strong and unlike some of the recent records, it's not oversaturated with ballads.
There's a little bit of Infinity, a little bit of Frontiers and a little bit of a newer Journey sound. Neal and Jonathan can still write and they have stuck to what makes Journey who they are.
I still hold out hope that there will be a reunion one day, but this release is strong and rivals the first Augeri record as best post-Perry record.

04/12/08: Robert M Lisanti -
Rating: 100
An Instant "Classic"...nothing else to be said!

29/11/08: Doug -
Rating: 98
Journey is one my all time favorite bands. I was very upset to hear that they fired Jeff Scott Soto without even releasing any new product as Jeff is also one of my favorite singers. However, when I heard this new cd, it completely floored me. Yes Arnel sounds somewhat like Steve Perry (but is a fabulous vocalist in his own right), but what makes this cd so good is the songs. This is by far the best songs Schon and Cain have written since Frontiers! Where Did I Lose Your Love is right up there with Wheel In the Sky, Escape, and Seperate Ways. FANTASTIC cd!

21/10/08: Kostas -
Rating: 94
This is a great album. And "Where did I lose your love" is possibly the song of the year for me

14/10/08: Matt -
Rating: 0
I just listened to the 2 minute sample of the Place In My Heart remake (bonus track) with Arnel. Now THAT is the song that should have made the regular cd instead of Faith in the Heartland. PIMH is much more powerful, soulful vocal than FITH. Now I wish they would release a remake of I Will Remember.

07/10/08: Paul Melling -
Rating: 75
I have had time now to really take in this album and not express my views based on first impressions. Journey are one of my all time favourite bands and i was hoping that they would return again after the awful "Generations" and "Red 13" with a classic album,albeit with yet another new singer. I really wanted JSS to give Journey a new updated sound but that wasn´t to be.
Firstly,Arnel Pineda has a great voice,no doubt at all about that, but what he hasn´t got is any Journey history behind him or i suspect any great influence over how the band write and produce albums.
Consequently,what we have here on this album is very typical Journey (post Trial By Fire) with no chances taken at all which is a shame. It is a good album,but not great.
The two ballads "After all these years" and "Turn down the world" are pure Johnathan Cain..and pure magic. These songs would hold their own on any Journey album from any era with any singer.
They do rock as well,which is good to hear, but for me the album could have been just a little bit sharper. There is nothing here that hasn´t been done before many times by Journey and i had hoped that the modernising influence of JSS coupled with traditional Journey would have produced a fresher end product than this. Having said all this though,this music is infinitely better than that produced by some of the so-called modern rock bands that infect the charts these days.

Time will tell if Pineda can/is allowed to have any influence on the future Journey sound..i hope so in order to keep it interesting.

06/10/08: Peter -
Rating: 95
Finally a worthy follow up for Escape. Away with the mostly boaring and horrible albums like Trial by Fire, this is Journey back at it´s best.

Mr. Arnell does a perfect job here and Schon, Cain and company seem to have found back some of that dynamite where Escape came from.

Favourites after several listenings are Wildest Dream and Change for the Better.

04/10/08: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 30
Absolute Garbage!
I cannot believe that this band is doing a worse job at ripping off their former glory than half the other wannabe Journey clones. No soul! No substance! No good! Nothing even worth a second listen let alone a first. To top it off, they even add a disc of lifeless re-recorded classics that are laughable at best!
Should have hung up their boots after ARRIVAL. Each release since then has been a fucking Joke!

01/10/08: danimal -
Rating: 100
New album...perfect 100 % Journey found an ace with Arnel Pineda. 3 favorite new songs: Like A Sunshower, Wildest Dream, and After All These Years.
Re-Recorded Greatest Hits...again 100 %, awesome, fresh updates on old classics Journey bring new life and Arnel brings a fresh breath of air to Wheels in the Sky, Faithfully, and Lights.
The live DVD again a perfect showcase for the new guy who soars above and beyond the call of duty.

All in all, a terrific package. I know purists will scream he's no Steve Perry but man, Steve Perry is almost 60, and as much as I love Trial By Fire 13 years ago, he sounded gruff on that record. Get over it and move on, Arnel is the better voice for Journey than Steve Perry is in this day and age. Well done guys, strike while the iron is hot and get a new album released again next year!

06/09/08: bob g -
Rating: 90
certainly a fine effort. Pineda is world class, for the most part the songs are great. You gotta like a few ballads and all that. But overall, to get this record in 2008 and have classic Journey vibe is great. The value of this 3 CD set is unmatched. The new material is very good and the GH remakes are good also (if the sound is a bit compressed). You certainly won't be disappointed at all.

06/09/08: Maxx -
Rating: 70
It's a decent album, but i can hear the singers native drawl at times which is distracting. Journey messed up when the let JEFF SCOTT SOTO go, this album would have been 10 times better with him singing and contributing to the songwriting

05/09/08: peter -
Rating: 90
i really did not want to like this cd but i can not but love it i see where thet were going with a new singer who sounds as close to steve perry without it being the man himself. the bonus disc of old songs is that close that i almost forgot it wasnt steve perry singing any way i love the new songs and in this world i get the journey and a brilliant new cd by JSS bliss

20/08/08: lovely_girl -
Rating: 100
No comments of a new lead singer AP bec. he is a good man and amazing voice by his own powerful talents and great blis to the fants while his in the concert is very best and manley a rocker band.... WOOOW a big hands!
Well. please to the old fans SP please don't make any bad contraversal of AP just accept is a new few revives of the journey music sounds its because of fashion and rockers style. If you want to comparison between AP is a great voice and SP is a great voice but during the concert on stage he dosn't looks manly rockers because he loks like a gay while he sing but he dance gracefull sorry SP i watch all the YT vidue but I was a fan of youR voice 80s. Arnel Pineda he can sing well like original tuning of Mr. SP. And many of bands he can sing well of AP and also he can sing like survivors, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Air supply etc. so he can sing best. But if depends the journey recording what is the demands or strategy to create the voice that given to AP during recording ofcourse AP listen and follow what is the key notes.
So other people they don't like don't be comparison or arguing any bad even good...lets enjoy and listen. Maybe other people are jealous or it might be envy because they don't have lucky for journey just wait until in your time and God's well.
Arnel Pineda just called Gods well and bliss to the journey industry. Steve Perry was a lucky but he was quit and to old now and past. I think there are some reason why is the Gods plan of the industry it is so bliss again. Must proud of SP to AP because Arnel Pineda is one of fans of Steve Perry and now is a lead singer in journey. Some people are sleepy over the world to listen journey now is back and wake up to listening agian of journey revelations from Arnel Pineda as a vocalist singer today and tomorrow. Even myself i'm awaking now to listen journey and busy to watch new details updates in youtube. Steve Perry you are happy again and sports just only for industry Good luck Arnel Pineda and more power of success in jouney revelations also journeys band.

15/08/08: Matt -
Rating: 80
I have already chimed in twice about this cd, with varying results. But now that I have seen Journey live here in Houston, TX, where they opened with Never Walk Away and also played Change for the Better, After All These Years, and Wildest Dreams from Revelation, I am totally sold on Arnel. There are some reviews who say he has no feeling, but those people need to see him sing live. He is incredibly energetic and his live performance blows away what you hear on the remake cd. Especially "Faithfully". That is the most dreadful song on the remake cd, and I don't know what Schon/Cain were thinking with the cheesy keyboards and vocal effects which totally took away the raw passion of the vocal. But now I have heard Arnel sing the song live and it blew everyone away. I REALLY WISH they had waited to record the remake cd after Arnel had a chance to really get comfortable. And I hope they release another live dvd showing a more seasoned Arnel. Journey was fantastic live. I urge everyone to see them. If Arnel does not win you over then, then you are too hardened to be a music fan anyway.

08/08/08: manio -
Rating: 100
Come on people, be realistic! ACCEPT REALITY! Journey has comeback with a rock and roll! Enjoy the new album! You could not have wasted your time commenting if they are not that good!GO ON JOURNEY! MAKE MORE GOOD MUSIC FOR ALL THE GENERATIONS TO ENJOY! SO START YOUR CAR AND GO TO THE NEAREST WALMART TO BUY THE CD....

29/07/08: Stefan Grimbs -
Rating: 97
What a great package. Love the new songs. Best work of JOURNEY since many years. The new singer is good. What a good producer can make in the studio with good material. Thumbs UP for the band.

25/07/08: Dan MacDonald -
Rating: 95
Quite good actually ,their best overall since "Raised On Radio" ,liked last one but the material on this disc is definitely stonger .What a great buy for $11(3 discs) .Certainly will give downloaders something to think about ! Only disc not crazy about / re-recordings(his voice already has proved itself on DVD & new album )but thanks for the premium ! Stage presence not quite up to Mr.Augeri's but otherwise superb !

23/07/08: Park Hanuk -
Rating: 90
Finally got a CD in my mailbox a week ago and after non-stop listens since then, I can confirm that this is by far the best Journey album since the 80s. Trial By Fire was a great record but it was too mellow, Arrival was also a good album but it was even mellower, and Generations was average at best. Maybe the addition of Arnel Pineda who's an amazingly great and versatile vocalist really inspired Neal and Jonathan to write and perform like they have something to prove just like when they were starting? I may be wrong as a lot of songs were already written even before Arnel was discovered, but I really feel like they're playing with passion on this record. Needless to say songs are very strong, it's a joy to listen from start to finish. Arnel sounds more similar to Steve Perry on softer ones in After All These Years and Turn Down The World Tonight, while he shows he can rock his own way like he does on rockier ones in Never Walk Away, Change For The Better or Where Did I Lose Your Love. Revelation is a treat for long time fans like me, and will surely be in a lot of people's best of 2008 lists.

22/07/08: Harmony -
Rating: 93
great album and great value. as a new journey and rock fan it's a great compilation of the new and classic tracks. to add the classics is a plus for us new fans introduces us to why journey is a true icon in the industry. the dvd was very good, shows you arnel's a natural, very passionate of what he does and enjoys his new job most importantly it shows you that they are a band that is reborn. very talented musicians that transcends many generations. deen also shines with his singing and drumming. loved all the songs can't stop listening and watching. i agree with the rating. amazing how they achieved success in a short time and to get numerous positive reviews. already got my tickets..see you in canada.

21/07/08: JoePogi619 -
Rating: 98
Excellent! I really love the new materials except for "Wildest Dreams" It doesn't sound Journey to me. When I heard "After All these Years" prior to release of this album I thought it was the best, but after hearing all the songs, for me, it was only second to "Turn Down The World Tonight" what a masterpiece!! I also heard before "Never Walk Away" and it's a good rocker but "What It takes to Win" is better! The other new songs are also great! Regarding the re-record songs, Arnel did justice to those songs however those songs were so much identified with Steve Perry so comparison is inevitable! And that is the ghost that will always haunt Arnel. But in due times, Arnel will finally be free from the shadow of Steve Perry! If Journey will continue to make great new songs then Arnel will be on his own! he will make his own history! And Revelation is a good start! Good luck Journey! Keep up the good work!

17/07/08: Ryder -
Rating: 75
Am I the only one??? The CD with the new material is Bad English without John Waite and only Bad English with someone trying desperately to sound like Steve Perry but lacking the emotion. Songwriting is lacking Perry or Waites killer hook writing instincts. The remakes are well..........I have no idea...why not just listen to the originals. Why can't Journey stop trying to be something they were and turn the corner and move on...the new stuff is ok but why ... why not move on ... Never Walk Away cries for John Waite.........enough trying to sound like you use to....move on already...just one other questions...the DVD - why do you guys dress like old farts - Cain is in pressed trousers my my not even a lil rock and roller left - arent the retirement funds full yet? Or was there another divorce needing payments - Looks like a bunch of bankers got together and sound alot like Journey. Ok Im done...

11/07/08: Dwayne -
Rating: 85
If you get the 2 CD / 1 DVD package you have an amazing deal in your hands. Pay attention record companies!

The new singers voice is incredibly strong. The remakes of the classics is quite good. The new stuff is good, but I'm not completely hooked yet. May take a few listens. But worth the purchase for sure!

09/07/08: Zok -
Rating: 99
What a year for melodicrock, put Journey on that list too, they have done the best record since "Raised on Radio". Classic ballads and rock songs all over the record like "after all this years", "turn down the night" " where do i loose your love", " what it takes to win". A must buy.

09/07/08: Manny S. -
Rating: 100
What a great comeback. Journey songs still instill that tasteful melancholic feeling that you get with great melodies in the great writings of Schon and Cain and soulful tenor of the new front man Arnel P. Even though I've been a fan of Journey since 1978 as I grew up in the 'city by the bay' I still gave the CD a few weeks to settle in - since first impressions are always clouded by a certain level of bias based on one's experience and the band's history. So I listened and listened and as 90% of the posters have stated, this is a true "must buy". I like the now billboard contender - "After All These Years", "Change for the Better", "What I Needed", "Where Did I Loose Your Love", and I must say the rest of the songs on the CD are just as good. Compared to today's current crop of bands, I think nothing still comes close to Journey. Neal, you've truly found a great find in Arnel Pineda. Looking forward to your next CD (next year)!

09/07/08: Chris -
Rating: 40
Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player... sorry folks: this record is a complete bore! Perfectly arranged but bloodless. Without Steve they just plagiate themselves... "Never walk away" has been heard thousands of times and is a complete ripoff from "Be good to yourself". "The" tune on this CD reappears every third track and it ends in an uninspiring instrumental track... The new singer's not to blame, it's just: nobody sings Perry like Perry. And who comes in to give them a song a bit more memorable than the muzac you get here?

04/07/08: Andres -
Rating: 50
It's not about how high your voice can go. Is all about passion and the feeling and this is what Arnel lacks. This is not JRNY Neal Stop !! Please Stop !! misleading and taking advantage of people. Arnel is a Steve Perry Clone but without the feeling.

04/07/08: Mike Singe -
Rating: 100
So what if Arnel Pineda sounds like Steve Perry, he is a fantastic singer and I do hope that these guys will continue the Journey for many more years to come!

03/07/08: michael -
Rating: 100
Great album - best of 2008 so far! Excellent re-recorded greatest hits cd. Nice bonus live DVD of a recent show in Las Vegas too. Excellent packaging and lyric booklet. Melodic rock heaven for journey fans with such a powerful vocalist who sounds just like Perry. You will not find better value and quality in any release this year.

03/07/08: Derek -
Rating: 89
Love the record and the sound. Good songs. My negative feedback is on on the production side. You can hear the click track bleeding through on quite a few songs, COME ON!

03/07/08: Danimal99 -
Rating: 89
Better than anything since Trial by Fire. Arnel's vocals are great and the songs are solid. Re-doing Faith in the Heartland was a miskate. The Augeri version is much better and one of the strongest songs on Generations. Overall a great disc with songs that should get some radio play (Not on USA radio, unfortunately).

02/07/08: beau -
Rating: 90
after many listens since its release, it's safe to say this isn't their best album (or production); however, there are 5 or 6 good songs that are worth repeat listens for months and years ahead. and let us be honest about it: ARNEL is a better singer than augeri & soto combined. the latter two may have better stage presence and/or looks, but they can't sing as well as ARNEL. neither have the range or tone to carry these songs. JOURNEY made a good decision. at 41, ARNEL has another good 10-12 years with them. let the JOURNEY continue...

02/07/08: Niall Davidson -
Rating: 70
Alround good CD with a few excellent tracks thrown in. Arnel sounds really good but he doesn't get cloes to Augeri's passion on Faith In The Heartland. Really strange move to redo that track and I think it has back-fired as it is just not as good.
Favourite tracks CD1:
Where Did I Loose Your Love, Wildest Dream and What I needed.
Favourite tracks CD2:
None, complete waste of time and effort.

30/06/08: elaine -
Rating: 99
I love it...classic sounding Journey..reminds me of Frontiers, Escape and Infinity. Arnel does a Superb job,It is the best thing they have done for ages. Who is Steve Perry ? Forget him,move on people,he'll never come back and they don't need him anymore. Neal sounds amazing and the songs and production is Outstanding! One song that is amazing for me and that is "CHANGE FOR THE BETTER". What a masterpiece, puts a big smile on my face. Album of the year 2008.

30/06/08: Alyssa -
Rating: 100
Journey is definitely BACK! Arnel is AMAZING!!! I was blown away listening to each songs from beginning to end. Neil, THANK YOU so much for finding Arnel. If you listen to the new songs, you will hear Arnel's own signature voice (not Perry). You can tell Arnel has the voice that you will be addicted to listen to the songs over and over again. Seriously, I highly recommend the Revelation CD. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!!!!

25/06/08: Kevin Betts -
Rating: 60
The whole album sounds like a band trying really hard to be Journey circa 1981. The members sound competent enough, the vocals are in the right ballpark and the production is spot on. Unfortunately the songs are formulaic and the performances lacking in passion. Not that it makes a lot of difference to those who've seen the album on the shelves of Wal-Mart and rediscovered a classic band who defined 'Melodic Rock' (and it's great to see Journey in the charts and/or hear them on the radio). Give me 'Red 13' or 'Generations' over this (What did they do to 'Faith in the Heartland'? and, more to the point, why?).

24/06/08: Dan MacDonald -
Rating: 90
Fantastic album ,liked Augeri's stage prescence more but Pineda's vocals are amazing ! Would love to get Perry back but hey make no mistake - this album's a killer !

24/06/08: jjr -
Rating: 97
I've always been a fan of Journey.I am not particular with singers although I knew it was SP's voice I always heard before.What I am particular about was the music,the songs. I played this new album and I just found myself listening to it every now and then. I love the voice, the melody, the backgrounds (piano, guitars and drums)and the reminiscing feeling I got while listening to it.I love After All These Years, Never Walk Away, Change For the Better and What It takes to Win. But overall, as I kept playing back, I realized, the best for me is Turn Down the World Tonight. Jon Cain's piano's perfect and Arnel's voice soars high especially in the last part.Classic. It made me feel like being in the song's story itself.I felt going back to the 80's and you know when you get that feeling, it's nice because you feel younger. It's basically a "feel good" cd.

As for the rerecorded ones, I actually like the live-in-studio sound. It's perfect because it creates a distinction from the new songs. It gives me the feeling of again, going back to the past, as if I was watching a movie on a black and white screen yet,the picture's still clear. It may be a remake but I think all the songs were given justice. The new voice made the songs even more exciting because it was all power and very passionate.I like the raspiness too but it's the emotions embedded in each song that indeed moved me.

It is not fair to compare the new singer with anyone else. Even the former ones wouldn't be happy to be compared with somebody.However, it is what makes humans human beings. People just can't get satisfied. That's understandable although disappointing.However, we are speaking here of the new cd, the voice in it and the other instruments,not the singer's race or the manner he speaks english. Actually, he's good.I think,what makes him more intriguing is the fact that he was chosen over other guys who have the apparently American or English accent, thought of by most as the best accent ever just because they're international. It could be tantamount to saying that they are the only sons of our Maker.But then,I do not view things that way. SORRY.The new singer's plus that others probably don't have is his being good-natured, humble and his being a fan rather than feeling that he owns the band. The guy only wants to play good music with the open-minded, veteran Journey members who on the other hand just wanted to keep moving on with their lives by still playing good music as well.It is just so saddening there are people who cannot accept change even if it is for the better. Open your eyes and ears, be realistic and just enjoy the music. Hate will destroy this beautiful world. We're all one and the same in the eyes of God.

23/06/08: Legumo -
Rating: 90
an impressive album and to be perfectly honest ARNEL is one of the best singers in a long time not just very Steve Perry but also very HUGO like yet still got his own style and special distinct timbre.

i do prefer the older FAITH IN THE HEARTLAND version though, the new arrangement is cool but the old one had slightly more emotional delivery and Augeri nailed it.

i love NEVER WALK AWAY best song in the album so far.

must buy!

21/06/08: Matt -
Rating: 60
I know I have already given my review but in retrospect it was a bit of a kneejerk to the excitement of hearing a great singer. What I am finding after listening to the cd a few more times is that these songs are not sticking with me like say, The Arrival songs.

Some comments on the two singles:
Never Walk Away - something dawned on me while listening to this. I wasn't thinking of Steve Perry's voice while Arnel was singing, but Kevin Chalfant's. This song sounds alot like an immitation of Two Fires immitating Journey. This song could have easily been on one of the Two Fires cds. It is still a good upbeat song and sung to perfection. But whoa on the accolades.

After All These Years - This is a country ballad disguised as a rock ballad. Turn the twang knob slightly and you have a bonafide hit record on the country charts. In fact the one song I think of while listening to this is Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. This song is nowhere near Faithfully and Open Arms as a rock ballad. But it is still very powerful in its own way.

The only other two songs on this cd I still can listen to without skipping are Change For the Better and Where Did I Lose Your Love.

Wildest Dream , What I Needed, What It Takes To Win in my opinion all lack in the melody category. Yeah ok, mood is important, style....sure, but none of these songs has much replay value (I disagree with Andrew about the latter). Turn Down the World Tonight is a song I can't put my finger on -- it is so close to being a good song, but again there is something about it.

I give Arnel a 95. His softer voice lacks a little bit at the beginning of After All These Years -- it definitely does not have that "Highway Run...." emotional impact right off the bat. But otherwise, he is flawless.

The songs I give 50 because with the musical talent in this band, there should be more magic in the songs. Maybe I am too hard rock/heavy metal oriented and therefore missing the point a little bit. Who knows.

20/06/08: Dennis -
Rating: 100
Love the new album and new singer Arnel. No disappointments and Neil continues to impress with is magic guitar playing. Dean the drummer is also outstanding. The new Journey is back and we can't wait to see them live. The concert DVD is also awesome.

20/06/08: Billy -
Rating: 80
There are times when Arnel sounds SO much like Steve Perry,yet there are times he doesn't sound anything CLOSE to Perry. Steve Augeri was a MUCH BETTER clone to Perry but unfortunately his voice could no longer handle it. I will say this though,,,on Faithfully,he hits that ending high note with accuracy and ease!!! As for the new material,Never walk away is a great song!!! The others are good except for faith in the heartland. They shouldve respected Augeri and left this one alone. Arnel does NO justice to it at all. It's a good album,not very good.

20/06/08: Kenny Bauer -
Rating: 100
Let me start out by saying that i'm a huge Steve Perry fan & that i went into this open minded and after seeing all the Youtube of Arnel, my hopes for a real Journey album were high. After listening to the new stuff i was blown away by how much this sounds like a Steve Perry/Journey production, in a good way, not phoney. I never caught on to the last incarnation of Journey. But Arnel sounds great and i love the new songs. This IS Journey and it's about time. It's not just about sounding alot like Steve, it's about having that Perry vibe. to me ,this album hits a bullseye. I think Journey should play most of these songs in concert, but They probably won't due to alot of people not willing to give it a chance. Give Arnel & Journey a chance, it will be well worth it. Plus the subline of a great singer/fan gets his chance and succeeds to lead one of his favorite groups can't be beat. This is life immitating art at it's very best.

20/06/08: andy -
Rating: 99
Excellent sound and vocals. The re-records wasn't bad either

19/06/08: kevin hardiman -
Rating: 98
Well done JRNY another classic,best since R.o.r in 1986.
Great rock songs and beautiful ballads ,thats what this music is all about.Extra kudos to Neal on finding Arnel , what great vocals. Looking forward to the tour and hearing some of the new stuff.

18/06/08: Josh -
Rating: 95
I can't give this a full-on 100 only because I think it loses a tiny bit of steam towards the end. Still, this is one excellent album. It's probably, oh, 50 times better than Generations. I like it better than Arrival, which is too ballad heavy, and better than Trial by Fire, which is WAY too ballad heavy, and better than Raised on Radio, which pretty much amounts to elevator music with its lightweight, poppy, non-rocking melodies.

Steve Perry worshippers: get over yourselves. Steve has emphatically stated that he does not want to record with the band. The band still has to make a living. Playing music is what they enjoy, and what they do best. Stop criticizing them for continuing the band. Journey was never Steve Perry's band, anyway. It is, and always has been, Neal Schon's. He founded it. He can do what he wants with it.

Arnel Pineda is a fantastic singer. He does a great job on the new material as well as the old. I'm not sure it was 100% necessary to rerecord the old tracks but to get 3 discs for $12 is a pretty good deal.

One last comment: A few people have complained about the inclusion of "Faith in the Heartland" on Revelation. It's probably the best song off Generations, and since Generations only sold about 250 copies worldwide, why not include it on the new album to make it available to a wider audience?

17/06/08: Sean -
Rating: 97
When I heard about Arnel and initially looked up his rendition of Journey songs as well as others on YOU TUBE, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. I basicly reacted the way Neal Schon did...I looked away and listened and could not believe my ears. Arnel Pinada is quite a talent. I love Steve Perry as the lead singer of Journey and always will but if it is true that he was unwilling to commit back in 1998 until now to continue as the lead singer on tour as well as in the studio, then I can't blame the rest of the band for continuing. The bottom line is I am not a fan generally of today's music and long for my favorite bands such as Chicago, Journey and Toto to make new music for me to hear. 'Chicago XXX', the new album by Chicago was great even without Peter Cetera who, like Steve Perry, is unwilling to return to the band he originated the classic sound. Both Chicago and Journey have moved on and I feel Arnel Pinada is the future of Journey. I am saddened by the end of Toto for now (a rarity to have most of the members-especially the original lead singers continue with the band for over 30 years) and they have left a great legacy. Their last album, 'Falling In Between' was great and Steve Lukather could have continued with Bobby Kimball but I respect his decision at this time. Anyway, Journey's 'Revelations' is a good album and my favorite songs are 'Never Walk Away', 'After All These Years' and 'What I Needed'. The re-recorded songs of the dirty dozen are great and yet I also have issue with the band re-recording them. To me it is a contradiction to say your honoring Steve Perry's legacy by singing the originals and continuing and then RE-RECORD the music he originated and made classic by another singer. Chicago tried it back in 1986 with '25 or 6 to 4' and failed. I feel that was a mistake and will undoubtedly upset alot of loyal and die-hard Journey fans. In the end, I am happy that the Journey continues and hope my children will grow up listening and loving Journey as much as I have.

17/06/08: Marco - nvt
Rating: 78
I just came back from the Arrow rock festival in Holland where Journey was a part of the line up.
The band was a huge succes and the crowd loved them.
For me the band sounded ok and Arnel really tried to cut it.
Unfortunatly he tried and did not succeed.This man will never last a full length tour as he just doesn't have the range and therefore forces his his voice just like jss did .
Also strange is the fact that an all time American stadium rockband now has a singer that cant even pronounce his words right.Don't get me wrong,i think he has a world class voice but in Journey that is not enough.
Anyway about the record,a couple of gems,a couple of missers,in any case better than Generations although i prefer Augeri's vocals.
As good as all intentions must be,the band has lost its magic touch.

16/06/08: Metallic Blue5150 -
Rating: 99
This is the best cd since TRAIL BY FIRE. Great songs and the majestic guitar sound of Mr. Neal Schon the Master.
Arnel Pineda's voice is Awesome...very powerful,but not as good as Steve Perry,but then Steve is the Best!!!.Favourite track is 'Change for the Better' followed by 'Never Walk Away'and their best ballad since Faithfully,the great 'After all these Years'.The band sounds definately Re-Charged again & the production is Superb,Producer Kevin Shirley sure did the band right on this one!!! I would love to see this AOR Melodic Rock disc climb right up the Billboard charts in the U.S. Best album by the band in years.A must buy for all Journey fans around the world.The biggest AOR band of all time is back, fresh, melodic and true!Journey is absolutely back!!!!Kickin'Ass!!

15/06/08: Houston -
Rating: 100
Awesome! Revelation is an ecclectic mix of fun. Contemporary and nostalgic! Good job Journey! Thanks Sue for the Chile concert links. Arnel is good and down to earth guy!! "It's my first time, go easy on me" was cool. Hope they put Chain Reaction on their next re-record cd!

14/06/08: tim -
Rating: 85
interesting to compare the career of journey to the recently split toto,problems with singers & record labels that think there best days are behind them so its good to see that the band is prepared to dig in and continue with new material & a singer that can more than hold his own.
the re recorded songs are obviously just a ploy to give the band some control over the back catalogue, it has a live raw feel to it with varying quality from all involved,i have to say it makes me long to play the originals more!
as for the new album, wow after the promise of arrival (to many ballads) and the very messy generations (no one but augeri should have sung on that album)its great to see the band getting back into the classic jorney sound.the band are all top musicians & arnel impresses with his power and range helped by the extra polish of the only complaints (hence the rating)would be some sub standard songs and a rather naff instrumental!.
saw journey live with soto on the last tour and the sound was terrible,lots of power in his stage performance but not in his voice,so it will be interesting to see how arnel cuts it live.
im glad there back with a bang long may the journey continue.
mr lukather take note?

14/06/08: Kissfan1 -
Rating: 83
The sound is great. The songs are great.

The singer is dead on for Steve Perry. Close your eyes and it is Steve Perry. That sucks.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this "covers" band. Too many bands from the 70's and 80's out there now with too few original members trying to pass themselves off as still carrying on ....

14/06/08: Craig -
Rating: 98
This is an outstanding album. Forget the politics guys, that's the band's busines, not ours. Just listen and enjoy.

Yes Arnel has plenty of Steve Perry moments, but also sounds like Meatloaf & especially Eric Martin at times. Superb songs superb performances.

Why not 100% ? The album needs volume before the middle of the band is heard and whilst I'm more than happy with Arnel's voice, I do prefer Steve Smith's drumming style.

I'm so glad its such a good album, they took a huge chance and its worked. I hope Arnel's voice can withstand the touring schedule. Good luck & thanks

13/06/08: tex93 -
Rating: 96
Nothing but "WONDERFUL AND AMAZING" album. Letsv talk about music folks. It doesnt matter who sings the stuff. The most important thing is, he nails it and the new stuff is good.

13/06/08: Fe Gubatan -
Rating: 100
To those wo still refuse to accept that Arnel Pineda is as good
as Steve Perry, it is not Arnel's fault. He was born with the
voice and great pipes, an in-born talent he developed for 25 years. He should be commended for liking and FAITHFULLY liking Journey music and now, for carrying the torch. True fans of Journey love them for what they have been, for what they have now and for what they will have in the future.....A GREAT COMBACK SUCCESS. Love you Arnel Pineda and thanks a million to
Journey for loving him too.

13/06/08: Phil Williams -
Rating: 50
Review Number 2 based on a more in depth listen of CD 2 (The re-records).

With a few tracks missing and the addition of “Stone In Love”, CD 2 is pretty much a remake and the same running order of the Journey Greatest Hits CD.

Therefore I had to listen to the 2 versions back to back and can only conclude that "Revelation" was better released without CD2. The Steve Perry sung versions are just so unforced and natural, giving that aforementioned chill down the spine every time.

The new versions are too "clean" and often sound forced. The lyrics are all pronounced too correctly. Being so familiar with the Perry versions only highlights these "accuracies". Quite often in music, it is the inaccuracy of personal styles that gives them an edge and makes them special.

In a live setting I cannot see this being a problem at all, as the emotion of the event and seeing Journey with whoever happens to be singing is an incredible experience. The old tunes are what you mainly go to hear and sing along with and Arnel will deliver.

Just don't expect to get away without comparisons when the evidence is clearly presented on plastic. Different Gravy!

However, "Revelation" CD1 opens a new and very interesting era for Journey. Another great set of songs and yet another great singing talent. What will happen next is anyone’s guess - watch this space!

12/06/08: Toni -
Rating: 75
The band's continued desperation to hire singer that are clones of Steve Perry is quite amusing - in a depressing sort of way. Perhaps that's the reason that Jeff Scott Soto's tenure was so short.

So what about this album? Fine songs, fine production by Kevin Shirley, but not a knockout, let's be clear.

12/06/08: MIke -
Rating: 100
I've had this album for a week now and have had a chance to give both the new album and the re-recorded greatest hits a good listen. About the new album: to be honest, these songs could not get any better. The tempo, the vibe, the track order, the melodies, and especially the production are just the right combination. I first heard "Escape" on a used record without a sleeve that I found in the back room of a thrift shop, took it home and played it, and it just blew me away. Now, when I listen to "Revelation" it's like I just found the long-lost sequel to "Escape"-- it carries on the style of the original and complements it. The songs are that good. I admit that Arnel Pineda is not an exact copy of Steve Perry-- his voice is slightly deeper and his style slightly more restrained-- but he does a good enough job emulating Perry's style that on almost all the songs they've got the right sound for the right product. It "sounds like Journey" for all those reasons.

Track by track: "Never Walk Away" starts out sounding like "Never Too Good To Yourself: 90210", but the opening guitar riff and solo are so good, opening to such an awesome song that it's easy to forget about the songs it resmbles. I recall Neal Schon saying once in an interview from the Trial By Fire era about borrowing from earlier songs that "if we can't borrow from ourselves, who can we?" So my descriptions of these songs are best when comparing them to other great Journey songs. "Like a Sunshower" resembles "Lights" in tempo, and features a very soulful vocal performance. "Change for the Better" has the energy of "Keep on Runnin'" and lyrics that embody the band's current attitude. "Wildest Dream" is another high-energy piece that brings to mind "Higher Place" but without the excessive arrangement. The re-do of "Faith in the Heartland" is good and fits into the album well but it makes me miss Steve Augeri a bit. I guess he can empathize with Perry a lot more now that someone else is filling his own shoes now. "After all these years" is "Faithfully 2008" with lyrics that speak to the fans who really were faithful to the band. "Where did I lose your love" is one of the songs that brings that "long-lost Journey album" feeling to it-- it belongs to the "Separate Ways" genre of song, and would have made an awesome opening track but that would have made this album too much of a copy of "Frontiers". As it is, it's got a great guitar riff to it. "What I needed" is the kind of sad, moody song that fits the place of "Mother, Father" but with a different subject matter. "What it takes to win" throws a bit of a curve and for some reason reminds me a lot of something off of Sundogs' 1996 album "Wild Season" with a Darren-Rogers-esque vocal performance (am I the only person who knows about that band?) but as the second to last vocal track it doesn't distract too badly from the rest of the album. "Turn down the world tonight" is an amazing closing track that has the slow-dance vibe of "Open Arms" mixed with the make-you-drift-away keyboard riffs of "We Will Meet Again". "The journey (revelation)" starts out as just a guitar jam but evolves into a more cohesive instrumental toward the end as a nice epilogue to the disc.

As for the re-recorded greatest hits, Arnel essentially nails these songs as much as anyone humanly could within the limits of his own voice. It makes for a good side-by-side comparison since the tracks were recorded note-for-note almost identically to the originals, except for some vibrato in the keyboards in one spot or slight differences in reverb in another spot, or a fade-out done differently. I'm convinced that Kevin Shirley was able to produce the new album so well and get the production just right because it appears he practiced by essentially re-creating the mix and sound of almost half of the "Escape" album, and then taking that same sound and using it on the new songs. I had actually been wishing Journey would do something like that just to see if it could be done, and it looks like they have.

I haven't seen much of the video yet but from what I have seen the stage lighting seems darker the show not as big-budget and polished as the 2001 video-- it's more reminiscent of the 1980 video which was a much more basic production.

By comparison, Trial By Fire was too slow and mid-tempo, Arrival had great songs but too many and in the wrong order with something intangible missing from the production, and Generations was all over the place with a muddy sound to it, but with "Revelation" Journey finally gets all the right songs together for a truly great album.

I gave it a 100 because this lineup of the band couldn't possibly do any better than this.

11/06/08: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 90
I've had this on constant rotation since Monday and it gets better with each listen - rather like the new Whitesnake in that regard.

Ignoring all the politics, I'm just going to say that this is a very good CD in a very good year for AOR/MHR in general. It is streets ahead of Generations, which, for me, lacked cohesion and kinda buried the very good songs under a sea of mediocrity. Here, that doen't happen. A few songs are instant winners, others take a little time to grow. Three days in and Never walk Away, After All These Years, Where Did I Lose Your Love and Turn Down the world Tonight are my faves, although Change for the better is creeping up on the inside and Wildest Dream ain't far behind either! The weklest tracks for me at the moment are The Journey (not the best instrumental compared to what I have heard Neal do on solo CDs) and What I Needed. The biggest surprise is that Like a Sunshower is really growing on me...the Evolution vibe is pretty irresistable.

The production is good, very 'live' in places, very multi-layered in others. Neal's sense of melody shines out more than his shredding on here to me, which is fine. Shredding is cool, but you can't beat those long sustained notes and melodic flurries.

And as for Arnel...absolutely top quality vocal performance throughout. Well done, sir!! I am very proud of you. You have to take a lot of sh*t from some of the 'Perry/Soto/Augeri (delete as appropriate) is god' crowd but on this CD you show them what it's all about...power, passion, melody... Top stuff!! All Journey's singers have had something special about them and you, sir, are a welcome addition to that esteemed company!!

As for the 'old songs CD' - Dunno...haven't listened to it...I might do at some point, but at this juncture, I'm enjoying the new songs too much!!!

11/06/08: Rockin\' Rob -
Rating: 73
Musically, the band sounds great and Pineda sounds good. The problem (for me) is that the songs just have a bland "going through the motions" sound to them. "Where did I lose your love" is the only song I find myself going back to. Steve Perry's songwriting is missed more than his voice. I will have to say this album is a major improvement over "Generations".

11/06/08: Sue - n/a
Rating: 100
Revelation album is what Journey is supposed to sound!

Arnel was hired in December 2007. Recorded 11 brand new tracks and re-recorded 11 classics. His Journey debut in Feb/08 live concert (15,000 people) in Vina Del Mar in Chile televised to over 25 million people where the "Monster" crowd rewarded them with not one (Silver Torch), not two (Golden Torch), but three awards (and the Silver Seagull)! The Silver Seagull is the best they can award.

If you haven't watched this concert, I suggest that you check the videos posted in the link below.

Outstanding accomplishments in 6 months so far!!

11/06/08: wils - n/a
Rating: 100
SUPERB for CD1 AND 2, DVD is awsome, i feel like in my teens again, hope to see more CD's and concerts.
I am from Taiwan living now here in the U.S. and I can't believe people in Taiwan knew this guy too.
He is really good and people from the Philippines loves music and very nice and warm people. I think that what makes Arnel good singer.

11/06/08: nemerbe -
Rating: 100
Why my rating is 100? Because the more argument you people make, the more they become famous, and more people are going out to buy their cd's and go to their concerts because of the huge comparisons of him to Steve Perry that you are making. These arguments and comparisons drives them to the heights of never ending popularity.. I always liked Perry and Augeri but this guy Arnel's ability is a double steve combined. He can sing will always be a journey fan regardless of who their frontman is.


I am enjoying their new release. It is a good change for a better journey music.

And lastly..STEVE PERRY WAS THEN AND ARNEL PINEDA IS NOW.....AND NOBODY CAN CHANGE THAT EVEN A HARDCORE PERRY FANATIC....AMEN..Good luck to all the arguments out there..I am resting my case..and just enjoy the music..CHEERS...

11/06/08: Paul -
Rating: 83
What a mixed bag on the reviews. Andrew is right, evaluate it on the music. Don't spend time lamenting that Perry or Augeri or Soto is no longer there. Listen to the music.
For me, this is not a "great" cd, but it's not bad either. First off, I didn't buy this for the re-recorded classics, I was interested in the new material.
NEVER WALK AWAY- Mix "Be Good To Yourself" with "Never Too Late" and you have Never Walk Away. Nothing original about this song, but it is the classic Journey sound, and would be a Top 20 hit in the 80's.
LIKE A SUNSHOWER- Agree with Andrew on this, wrong choice to throw in at #2. Not a strong point of the cd.
CHANGE FOR THE BETTER- A "grower". Didn't knock me out at first, but warmed up to it gradually. Kind of a "middle of the pack" type of song from a listenability standpoint.
WILDEST DREAM- A song that many seem to like, but it doesn't do much for me. Just lacks the hook that I like from Journey.
FAITH IN THE HEARTLAND- Why? Because "Generations" wasn't slickly produced? So what... this version pales by comparison to the original. It's a great song, so it's not a disaster, just unnecessary.
AFTER ALL THESE YEARS- Ballad ripped straight from the Journey playbook. Another top 20 hit had it been back in the day. Sappy? Yes, but I still love it.
WHERE DID I LOSE YOUR LOVE- Top 40 hit in the day... would've been a minor hit. Great hooks and pacing.
WHAT I NEEDED- Reminds me a bit of the feel of "Mother Father". Another not great but not bad song... listenable, but not something I'll skip to hear again.
WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN- I don't care if it belongs on a Rocky soundtrack... lyrically, this is what I always loved about Journey... looking at the bright side of life and potential. Could've been a minor top 40 hit.
TURN DOWN THE WORLD TONIGHT- Interesting ballad, but hardly the best of the post-Perry era... not even the best on this cd. Might have made an interesting choice as a 5th single release back in their heyday(like "Why Can't This Night Go On Forever" was for "ROR")
THE JOURNEY(REVELATION)- Sorry, but totally out of place on this Journey CD... perfect for Neal's next solo outing, perhaps. For a Journey cd, this is the weakest track on the cd.

As for the "covers" cd, I found it overall to be a HUGE mistake. Let Perry be recognized as "the voice". There's no need to try and show us how well the new guy can cover the songs. It's generally pointless. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised by "Only The Young" and "Wheel In The Sky", I really felt Arnel's voice was well suited to those two songs. Everything else he sounds like a cheap imitation.

So overall, this cd falls well short of the classics "Escape" and "Arrival". The production is better than "Generations", and it benefits from not having Neal, Ross, and Jon performing any lead vocals. These facts alone help it top "Generations" in my mind, although I think the songs in "Generations" were overall slightly better. Still, there are two outstanding tracks and three or four more that I will definitely add to my permanent Journey playlist. So, a good to very good cd overall, but not the perfect classic some are making it out to be, nor the weak dire crap that others are cursing it as being.

11/06/08: Belen V. Leon Guerrero -
Rating: 100
I like the old songs Open Arms and Faithfully.But I dont care who sing that songs.But when my friend told me about Arnel in youtube,I started to compare this two guys.There both amazing.Arnel can sing anything,not only Perry.Thats what makes me admired him.The good thing for him,if the audience request a song and the singer,he can sing it.Thats make Arnel discover by Neal Schonn.The Amazing voice he have.For me,I am now an avid-fan of Arnel/Journey,I cant wait to see them in concert.Mabuhay!

11/06/08: Craig Quinlan -
Rating: 100
Just picked this up at Walmart,talk about great value.I can say this is up there with Arrival for me and that is high praise.Arnel is a great find and has a brilliant future and I look forward to hearing more from Journey with him.This cd has not left my cd player and I think it will be staying there for quite a whileIhope they will tour Canada so I can get a chance to see them live.

11/06/08: p diddy -
Rating: 92
All though i think it was wrong ,journey should of never announced jss as their new lead singer then dump him after the tour was over? On the other hand he is not what journey was all about.On stage he was annoying ,bobbing and weaving his head and tossing the mike up in the air like a berton like he was at some hard rock show. Did not see any compassion or sincerity in his voice and not to mention i thought i was looking at the caveman in the geico commmercials.If they had stayed with him i would have never seen another journey show? I am not sure which he was either ,a steve perry wanna be or a kari yuckee singer???well u jss fans got one thing right he would of brought them in a new direction alright,down down down!!!I liked Steve A and thought he did an amazing job with the vocals but to me the two cds made with him were average(own both)and get played now and then.As for Arnel his voice is astonishing and does justice for journey and the new cd. Though he does sound like steve p(no one will ever compare, so why do we all keep trying)he has his own unique style and compassion for the music he sings.To me this is the best music journey has put out since the breackup of the band.I can play every song without skipping through ,in fact , i have not pulled this cd out since i bought it.The audio was a nice touch and have to say that
Deans vocals in "mother father " are great !! As for the rerecords ,some of the songs are good some are ok.I mean how many rerecords or greatest hits cds can ya make no matter who the singer is? Bottom line is that it is great to see journey come back to their roots with this music and hopefully we can expect more of the same in the future.Keep on rocking journey.....43000 copies in 3 days!!!! That is probably more the arrival or generation and red 13 sold combined?

10/06/08: Baz -
Rating: 20
The sad decline of such a mighty band !!!!
An inferior Re-make of Faith In The Heart land & the totally
awful Wildest Dream only confirms there is very little creativity
left in this band..(Generations was just a mess)...At least Arrival was an awesome album !!!!
If you would like to hear a cover band of journey then I suggest
this one is for you !!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

10/06/08: kitkat -
Rating: 99
WoW!! amazing, amazing, amazing, there is nothing to argue, Andrew is rightfully correct.
Those people who gave 0 to 50 these are people doesn't like changes and wants to continue supporting Steve Perry, but that is ok, I just have one question for them why they listened and bought the cd??? These are people doesn't support Journey they only support SP.
But true Journey fans will support whoever the frontman.


10/06/08: jim -
Rating: 0
It seems like the lead singer tries to hard on the classics and isn't pronouncing his words to well,and the new songs seems like they're just trying to hard for the perry era and that's over something completley new would've been a treat!

10/06/08: Martin -
Rating: 65
The only song which is not a carbon copy of old songs is "WIldest Dream" - the rest is Journey by Numbers! Great production and the guy can sing no doubt. But I have NEVER EVER heard such a copy of themselves. This has nothing to do with creativity I am afraid. Sounds like a good cover band - not more not less. JRNY RIP!

10/06/08: Colin -
Rating: 99
Great album, we'll never forget Steve Perry but Arnel's voice almost takes us back to the Perry era. Can't wait for Manchester Apollo next week!!!

09/06/08: Matt -
Rating: 90
What to add? Nothing really, so I'll keep it simple:
1. Pineda has an unbelievable voice. 40 years old? Talk about a guy in the right place at the right time before it was too late.
2. Album is great but it could've used 1 more upbeat "Never Walk Away"-like happy song towards the end of the album. Too many moody songs.
3. Faith in the Heartland was a mistake. That is an Augeri song in his wheelhouse and too recent. Guarantee I skip over this one everytime.
4. The remake cd is much better than what I've read in the reviews. Amazingly the one song that I thought would be the best "Faithfully", I actually preferred the YouTube version with the Zoo. "Open Arms" is incredible.

09/06/08: jud1 -
Rating: 100
I love Journey and Steve Perry. Im thankful theyre still around making music...excellent music!!! REVELATION sez it all. Thank you Neal, Jon, Ross, Deen and Arnel(what an excellent voice!).

09/06/08: DJMike -
Rating: 85
Better than Trail By Fire, not as good as Arrival but an enjoyable listen. I have to admit for 11.88 the price is a steal for 3 discs. My main interest in getting this was not the new disc or even the DVD. I bought it mainly for the old tunes and I find myself listening to that one more as time goes on. I'm a sucker for re-recorded tunes. The technology is better and the bands that do this are more seasoned. I did not watch the whole DVD. The picture quality and sound are not as good as the Journey 2001 DVD. This does not mean it isn't good, it just did not hold my attention and the track listing is a little lacking. As for the new stuff, it is pretty darn good. I do not own Generations so I cannot compare the 2. Would like to hear more from that disc. While I do miss both Steves, Arnell has the same vocal range and has a strong voice. I have not heard "Faith In The Heartland" so I can't compare versions. Favorite track is "Never Walk Away". Also, WalMart seems to be the way to go. You'll get more exposure there than a normal "record store" and the Journey CD's I saw were right by the front door with the Eagles and Loverboy CD's. Also, Hats off to Kevin Shirley. Definitely not a 97 (as someone said that is Escape rating and nothing will compare to that one). But I give it a solid "B".

09/06/08: jpiolo -
Rating: 1

08/06/08: Bobby -
Rating: 85
Well here it is the new Journey cd.
Is it worth the 97 rating that Andrew has given it?of course not,is it a good cd?Hell yeah.
The first 6 songs are incredibly good.The kid(40yrold,lol)can sing.
Never walk away is great and so is after all these years.
My fav track has to be the 2nd song what a great track.(Like a Sunshower)
Theres a few fillers in there which i wasnt too happy with but other than that i do like this disc.
Disc number 2 is pretty good as well.
So people do yourselves a fav and pick up this cd,it definitely leaves the def leppard cd for dead.

08/06/08: harvey -
Rating: 99
Just an astonishingly consistant batch of tunes. I really can't believe how much magic and inspiration there is in here. True, it's classic Journey by numbers, but what do you want them to release, an emo or nu-metal album?

Some will reject anything that doesn't involve Steve Perry but, listen folks, he's gone and he ain't/ can't come back.

For the rest of us, this may be little more than backward thinking nostalgic nonsense...but hell it feels good to just play this album and it's remarkable new tunes over and over and over again.

By the way, the extra re-recorded best of disc is utter rubbish, but let's just ignore that and instead enjoy the best Journey album since Raised on Radio!

08/06/08: alan holloway -
Rating: 80
Very good, but too many slow songs. I prefer Myland, but only just.

08/06/08: pb0071 -
Rating: 99
Its a must buy Album.Absolutely superb. Sadly some hardcore SP, JSS and Auguri fans will never be happy. Even if GOD himself become Journey's frontman they will still cry and whine and they'll say "its not Perryyyy" lol

08/06/08: Mike Mckee -
Rating: 98
Well it looks like the better reviews are running stronger than the bad ones. FWIW to all the tards that seem to think that Arnel can't sing, what do all you losers do for a living? Seems to me he is fronting one of the BEST rock bands and you jokers are behind a keyboard jacking off wishing you had a quarter of the talent he has.

I believe they did a DAMNED fine job on the new material and the redoing of the old stuff isn't as bad as Andrew says it works for me pretty well.

This is one of the BEST releases of the 80's bands ANY of them has done in a long DAMNED time. Like a poster somewhere above mentioned why doesn't Def Leppard do something like this? As the saying goes dance with the girl you bought to the party. This type of sound made you HUGE if it aint broke don't fix it!!!

S.A. to me was never a good match for them Arnel blows his watered down WEAK vocals away no questions asked. Generations was a festering POS of the first order talk about a snooze fest. You shouldn't even mention that with this in the same breath. This is pedal to the metal next to that. I listened to Generations once and it never got back in the player. I'm on the 4th time through on this already and it gets better each time.

To me Journey hit a bases loaded HOME RUN with this. It's as good as it gets and you won't be sorry if you drop your cash to get this. Best since Raised On Radio hands down.

08/06/08: cutter -
Rating: 95
The LIVE dvd is worth the $11.99 by itself. The new album is pretty good, the other disc is just gravy. At the very least this thing is interesting to see/ hear someone new sing these songs. I would have prefered Soto with them but this is still an intersting side step for their history.

08/06/08: Dave -
Rating: 72
Yawn! This just doesn't do it for me. Same tired stuff from Neal's new cover band. Don't get me wrong, I have been a Neal supporter forever. I thought moving on from Perry was a good idea, and was happier than a pig in poop when Soto came aboard. Then Neal totally blew it, sent JSS packing, and picked up a Perry wannabe. Imagine this album with Soto singing....probably ten times better and more powerful. The re-records, I find completely useless and offensive. Leave the old stuff alone Neal, I know you did it all for the money, so you can pay off the ex-wives.

Anyways, best song was the instrumental. Disc 2 will probably become a drink coaster.

Have a nice day!

08/06/08: George A. mccall -
Rating: 90
I have been a fan of journey since the mid seventies.
I have every album from them on vinyl,tape,disc,or digital.
I have everything that Steve Perry has done as well.Japanese versions,sound tracks etc..
I became a song writer because of this band so I would say they have influenced my life.
I have often wished that Steve Perry would come back to the fold,I'm not sure they would let him if he wanted to.None of that suff really matters now anyway,Journey has moved on and fans either move along with them for the ride or move in another direction. The truth is there is no other band like Journey in the world and never will be regardless of who is singing. They have been called corporate rock and sell outs and wimpy and many other things but at least they're still around trying to do something to please you.How many bands from that era are doing that?
I bought the record the day it came out and spent the night listening to both discs and watching the dvd. I won't bore you with my take on each song because music is personal and what you may like I may not. All in all I liked the new material which is why I bought the package I would've picked it up if it were just disc one.If radio would play it from time to time more records would be sold and more bands that can sell millions and millions of records would be around....If only record companies would listen to the people who actually buy records these days but that's another story...
No Arnel is NOT Steve Perry none but Steve Perry is Steve Perry.
He does however hold his own and I'm looking forward to him writing with the band on the next record to see his influence.
I think he has added a since of purpose to the band and his energy is evident in the dvd. I think he sings the classic songs better live because he plays off of the audience.
I will continue to follow this legendary unforgetable band on this journey as long as they keep moving in any direction with any singer they chose....And I really hope Steve Perry does some new music so I can go with him on his Journey as well...pun intended
If Steve Augeri does some new music I'll pick that up as well.
I think it's a testament that so many musicians have come from or been influenced and helped by this band.
Journey the current lineup of course.
Steve Perry
Steve Augeri
Robert Fleshman
The Storm
The Babys
John Waite
Sammy Hagar
Van Halen...their first tour was opening for Journey
The list goes on and on
Most of you seem to feel the same way but some are so narrow minded that we really don't want you with us anyway so be gone for we have never known you.....

08/06/08: James -
Rating: 98
-Except for a few nuances, this is by far the best since Frontiers album. Practically loved the whole CD 1. Yes, including the remix FITH! Just totally enjoyed the DVD. If there was a negative was in the CD2. Kinda' raw to me but good enough to hear the "NEW VOICE" Arnel Pineda. Deen was awesome!I love him backing up Arnel. I can hear him even through Arnel's voice. Neal is still to me the best! JC beautiful! Ross as usual solid!

It's amazing how Perry die hards or even JSS's to a lesser degree SA's are still in denial! To think that they would rate this fantastic album as ZERO just buffles me!

Marketing wise - I boldy predict that this album will be Journey's NO. 1 seller. The addition of AP crosses a new border that Journey was well know but at best just average. The Asian market will propel them to new heights that they could not imagine. Its purchasing power (equal or even greater than the average American) here in the US and the popularity of Arnel in the countries of the Philippines, Hong Kong (100 milion strong) and the rest of the Far Easter countries such as Japan,Korea, etc. I will not even be surprised with 8 million Filipinos living in the Middle East and Europe that it will do well. They have such a global reach that every freakin' country employs them. Including all of the cruise ships and merchant marine (1 million strong). This "musically inclined group" has such a deep appreciation of music such as Journey's, let alone having a frontman that looks one of them! What a way to go Global...Journey! More your remainder glory years (Hey guys your IRA's are maturing. You can withdraw them at 59 1/2 years old..he he)!

08/06/08: Richard -
Rating: 95
Steve Perry left Journey and the band will never be the same, we all understand this.What they created over the past 25 years plus was classic and iconic and permanently etched in the minds of all who cared enough to listen.the year is now 2008 and some incredible musicians have soldiered on to continue to make music for the love of it and for the people who just need to hear Journey.People have been poking fun of Arnel Pineda but watch this guy become one of the most sought after singers in time to come.He does a remarkable job of honoring the sound of "The Journey Voice" and then some.Revelation is some sort of revelation alright.You just have to listen to the new classic tracks such as "Where Did I Lose your Love","What I Needed" & "Never Walk Away" to realize that the legacy will continue and will be well represented.So what if Arnel is from the Phillipines, since when did where some one orignatesfrom have anything to do with their talent?Give the guy a break and give journey a chance.Ithink people just set out to be critical without really embracing the music they way they did when they first heard the band.This album is quite good,Frontiers & Escape it's not but it stands on it's own is by far the best Journey release since Raised On Radio and the best post Perry era vocals to date.Listen without prejudice.

07/06/08: Cutting Edge - N/A
Rating: 100
Fantastic Cds! Revelation is the best album done since Steve Perry left. Arnel Pineda blew me away. He has a unique distinct strong voice on his own. Neal, Jon, Deen and Ross are kicking tons of energy.

I love all the new songs! After All These Years gave me the goosebumps. Wildest Dream is definitely the best rocker and perfect for my workout! Top choice for me are Never Walk Away, Where Did I Lose Your Love and Turn Down The World Tonight.

Live Las Vegas DVD is amazingly great! Fantastic sound! It’s worth every penny I paid. With full blast Bose speakers, I feel like I’m in Vegas. The re-records of the Greatest Hits are exceptional! He’s not Steve Perry but I can’t see the difference! I freaked out how Separate Ways ended with high powerful notes. Overall - enjoyable! Arnel surely gained another fan here!

07/06/08: Cutting Edge - N/A
Rating: 100
Fantastic Cds! Revelation is the best album done since Steve Perry left. Arnel Pineda blew me away. He has a unique distinct strong voice on his own. Neal, Jon, Deen and Ross are kicking tons of energy.

I love all the new songs! After All These Years gave me the goosebumps. Wildest Dream is definitely the best rocker and perfect for my workout! Top choice for me are Never Walk Away, Where Did I Lose Your Love and Turn Down The World Tonight.

Live Las Vegas DVD is amazingly great! Fantastic sound! It’s worth every penny I paid. With full blast Bose speakers, I feel like I’m in Vegas. The re-records of the Greatest Hits are exceptional! He’s not Steve Perry but I can’t see the difference! I freaked out how Separate Ways ended with high powerful notes. Overall - enjoyable! Arnel surely gained another fan here!

07/06/08: Norti -
Rating: 85
The UK version doesn't get the DVD which seems slightly odd - maybe they know they can get a sell-out tour here without showing us the new version of the band. I've only listened to the new stuff so far and it is unmistakably Journey, Arnel does the songs justice, but as others have said, the production is not as clear as might have been expected. Of course we don't know what they were going for and it's a little unfair to criticise because they don't live up to our expectations. Fairer if we don't think they have lived up to their expectations. I'll be seeing them in Manchester in a few weeks and will be interested to see how it works now compared to how they were with Steve A.

07/06/08: ATOM -
Rating: 5
I just cant get into arnel. I get an uncomfortable feeling when I look at the whole situation. Neal has a serious lead singer issue. you all know arnel will be let go at some point for some reason or another. Journey has become a bit of a parody, the only thing they havent done is an american idol style reality show...dont smirk, i wouldn't put it past them. you know neal has considered it. well at least the album was only 12 bucks. my new hope is that Perry is working on new material, even with a limited vocal range, Perry will still dominate. vocal range is one thing, passion and delivery is something else. just listen to the redo of Whos cryin now and then listen to the original.
nuff said.

07/06/08: Ian -
Rating: 0
I use the question mark for the score because I'm still not sure what award this album deserves. Yes it sounds like Journey, yes Arnel is much better than I was expecting but is it worth the 90 plus marks that are being dished out for it ?. A mark as high as that I feel should be reserved for someting like Escape/Frontiers or Raised On Radio, all of which are true classics in my opinion.

It is good but worth 90 plus - who knows .

07/06/08: NICKY D -
Rating: 0
When Journey carried on without Perry, which is years ago now, Schon or whoever should have changed their name & then all these comparisons would be relatively non-exsistant. But, i suppose then who would care about the music as much if it wasn't stamped with the name Journey to it? Rest assured, not many people. Now then, & rightly so i may add, these comparisons need to be made since that decision by the band was made to carry on with the Journey name. Anyway, this music is indeed good, but great or timeless? Be assured, the airwaves in 20 years will not play any Journey songs without Perry on vox. Heck, they only play those Perry fronted tunes now because they are as memorable as your name is to yourself. Sadly, despite what some may think, nothing these new singers could do nor even the moniker Journey at this point could replace that magic.

07/06/08: Joe -
Rating: 90
I wasn't expecting too much from this album - in fact, I hadn't even planned on buying it until I read the mostly positive reviews already here. However, having now heard it for myself, I can say that I'm very pleasantly surprised with how good of an album it is. There's certainly no shortage of decent material here. I'm also basing this on just the new material, too, because as far as I'm concerned, the re-records and DVD are just icing. (I haven't even checked those out yet). Nope, I'm just judging this on the music prime. Past histories, singers and squabbles don't play into. It only matters that the MUSIC is good, and it is.
Docked points for production that isn't quite as good as it could have been (those Neal Schon guitar parts, in particular, should be much cleaner and louder, especially on "Never Walk Away") - and that comes off as a bit flat in places. Also, for being perhaps too ballad heavy - but other than that, I think it's a pretty solid release.

07/06/08: Mark -
Rating: 90
I was told by many friends of mine that I shouldn't waste my money on this Cd/Dvd. Well, I've listened to the songs and watched the Dvd and I was impressed. So what if the new lead singer sounds like Steve Perry. He did great on the old songs and the new ones too. For the price of this package, I think it's worth investing money in. The Dvd was great and the new material rocked. I'm glad that Journey's back. I hear Steve Perry is working on new material? That should satisfy the fans of his music. Buy the Cd/Dvd. It's worth it.

06/06/08: Kaden Rocks -
Rating: 65
Never Walk Away is a good song - but nothing new - the songs are a bit boring & nothing stands out - the only other thing I enjoyed after listening to this album 3 times in a row is the fact that in the re-recordings little Arnie works so hard reading the lyric sheet that you pick up some words that you didn't know from the Perry days - Soto was a chance for them to make a real change but instead - little Arnie is hilarious - yes he can sing but copying Perry with english as a second language is just wrong - I understand the real fans giving it the thumbs up - but really saying its 100% & the best ever - in a year from know put on Escape - really loud & you will chringe from shame as you so rightly should.
They are now more then ever a tribute band - Perry should be flatered !!!!!

06/06/08: John Q -
Rating: 90
What else do I have to say ? Just that Journey is reborn. Sounds great to me, since Frontiers. Just sad to see haters here. Since Arnel came from a "cover band", you tend to now term Journey as sounding like a cover band or singing karaoke. Arnel definitely has a wide range of pipes. In some ways he sound like Steve, and in a lot of ways he sounds his own. If you have your own choices of who "should" be the lead singer, sorry to say the rest of the band members have their right to choose who is best suited for the job. Just appreciate the songs, and forget about comparing. A very good album, at a very good price. See ya all on 7/30, Tampa. Peace !

06/06/08: Minda -
Rating: 100
I bought 3 cds when it was released last June 3rd. I loved all the songs in the album. Congratulations to the whole band. Neal you found the right frontman to sing your music. Arnel is the best. All have been said that this is a great album. Kudos to all!!!

06/06/08: John K -
Rating: 92
I'm one content Journey fan these days. Some of these reviews are highly critical and I know some of you will always reject any Journey music without the “deity” that is Steve Perry.
The past is the past and now in 2008, we get a stellar vocalist-fronting Journey in Arnel Pineda. He certainly doesn’t deserve much of the bile thrown at him that I’ve read and heard. That said no one makes melodic rock music like Journey. They have had there little ups and downs, but nothing they have ever released has been bad and this album certainly doesn’t deserve some of the 0, 50, or 60 scores I’m seeing.

I started out watching the DVD several times and then went ahead and listened to the new music. Bottom line? A solid release in Journey's cannon of music. I am highly recommending you pick up this album. Arnel Pineda has won me over and is a VERY impressive vocalist. He has the Perryisms down, but he adds his own stamp to the vocals. The re-records also impressed me. I honestly felt Arnel did a better job in certain spots and enjoyed listening to the new versions more. It’s great to have these songs with such better production. Yes, I do hear clicks tracks and others “noises” but I won’t let that spoil the overall listening experience.
I would give this album an even higher rating if Journey threw 2 more flat out rockers on disc 1.
The Sopranos exposure, coupled with the unbelievable You tube story has really re-exposed a lot of people to the music of Journey. From speaking with so many people about this new release, a lot of people that haven’t seen Journey in decades are going to see them live again this year. I expect Journey to be selling out continuously wherever they go throughout the world. 2008 will be a good year for Neal, Jon, Deen, Ross, and Arnel.

06/06/08: Steve -
Rating: 74
Before i go any farther. Let me just say I'm not one of those Perry or no one.. Infact i thought sd 2 of frontiers wasn't great raised on radio had no balls & trial by fire has too many ballads.
I thought perrys f4tlosm cd wasn't anything special either BUT i did like 9 songs off of Arrival.
So i've listened to the new cd 4x & here's what i've heard so far..
There's only 3 songs i would add to my ipod.
Never walk away -- Even though it sounds like Jeff scott sotos / Neal Schon believe in me.
After all these years -- One of J Cains best ever..
Turn down the world tonight? Not bad..
I just sense that these songs were rushed Cains other lyrics are just too lame... very forgettable .
I miss the great guitars of N Schon Andrew makes it seem like Schon is blazing But i don't hear it..
Arnel sounds great.. I just wish they would of let him contribute to the writing There was no pressure from a record company to get the cd done. So why not give Arnel a chance to show his writing abilities? Maybe next time i guess..
When Cain & Schon write by themselves it just sounds too formulated even S Augeri added something new to the mix on arrival & generations.
So a 97 that's almost a perfect score? How can Andrew say this is almost perfect?
Not even close! Escape is the only Journey cd i'd give that score to.

06/06/08: Ehwmatt -
Rating: 97
As soon as I found out that the concert DVD would just be “selected” songs from the concert instead of the whole show, I knew that the new material would be my chief interest. They surely don’t disappoint. The CD starts with a bang in “Never Walk Away.” The song has been a mild source of controversy among fans that believe it is too derivative of “Be Good To Yourself,” but it didn’t bother me. It kicks
off Revelation with some crunchy descending chords before Neal Schon soars
above the mix with his trademark melodic, delay-soaked lead. A great
melody and some very nice harmonies complete the song. Right off the bat,
Arnel proves he can reach both the pinnacles of Steve Perry’s range and he
can also do a pretty good rasp of his own. Like A Sunshower is
unfortunately the low point of the CD for me. It has a “Lights” feel to
it, which has always been a take or leave it song for me and this song is
no different. It’s way better than the worst Generations had to offer, but
it just doesn’t offer a whole lot of incentive for me to come back to.
Fortunately, they amp it right back up with Change For The Better, which
sounds a lot like the title track from “Escape,” with synths, chugging
guitars, and some “belt it out” vocals and harmonies espousing a really
positive message. Jon Cain puts a great progressive-oriented synth break
into the middle of the track which sounded equal parts vintage Who
and “Mindfields” era Toto. Wildest Dreams continues the band’s flirtation
with progressive rock as a heavy guitar/piano dual undergird a really
solid hard arena rock song. Distorted vocals and a chaotic outro help this
song fit into a playlist among progressive tracks from the likes of King
Crimson and Dream Theater. Producer Kevin Shirley was reportedly
responsible for convincing the band to re-record “Faith In The Heartland,”
one of the finest tracks from Generations. This track falls flat for me,
the Whoesque intro has been effectively neutered by Shirley’s abbreviating
it and Arnel’s delivery falls flat for the first time on the whole CD. He
just doesn’t deliver the song with the same fire that Steve Augeri did on
Generations. Should have left this one alone. After All These Years, the
lead single from the album, is a true to form Journey ballad featuring all
the obligatory Journeyisms: A sweet guitar melody, delicate piano-driven
verses, sappy lyrics, a big drum lead-in to the chorus, and a bridge
complete with great harmonies between Deen Castronovo and Arnel. A very
strong ballad, but not the best ballad on the disc.
Where Did I Lose Your Love kicks off with heavy drums, synth, and guitar
and sounds a lot like The Place In Your Heart from Generations to my ears.
This is a really great urgent, moody rocker. This song is also the a great
place to mention Deen Castronovo’s performance on the drums and vocals
throughout this CD. The man is a monster behind the kit and whatever he
lacks in Steve Smith’s subtleties, he more than makes up for in sheer rock
god power and great vocal harmonies. Listen to his work in the progressive
sounding outro of Where Did I Lose Your Love. What I Needed is getting a
lot of attention from fans so far and while it didn’t grab me right away,
repeated listens have brought this track out. It’s a very dark sounding
song that is somewhere between a ballad and a rocker. Neal’s lead-in riff
to the chorus is pretty haunting and the song almost sounds like it came
out of the Dream Theater ballad formula. What It Takes To Win is a song
that would make Jim Peterik blush and Rocky get out of his wheelchair for
one last jog around Siberia. A Survivor-influenced tune featuring Schon
sounding like Alex Lifeson and The Edge on the delayed chords and a great
hook mean that Cain should have never had to fight for this song’s
Turn Down The World Tonight is both the sleeper hit and the best ballad of
the album. The song features Cain at his best on the piano, Neal at his
best on the emotional, volume-swelling guitar, Arnel delivering his most
passionate vocal on the album, and an emotional song that’s both catchy
and not too cheesy for a ballad. They should have released this song as
the single. The Journey (Revelation) is a Neal showcase, and a fine one at
that. When I heard there was an instrumental, I pictured great songs like
Topaz, Kohoutek, and Nickel & Dime, so I was a little bit disappointed at
the lack of involvement the rest of the band had on this tune. Cain, Ross
Valory, and Castronovo are relegated to minor fills here and there and
never get their own spots.
The DVD is shot and produced well enough. It’s a little bit bare bones as
far as menus and especially bonus features (there are none) go, which
always sucks. I’d kill for things like a tour through Neal Schon’s guitar
rig, a band commentary track throughout the concert, or backstage footage
of the band warming up one of these times. The DVD is also only half of
the show, missing nuggets like Deen Castronovo singing “After the Fall.”
I’ve never been a fan of cut and paste live efforts on audio or film and
it really is distracting to see Neal go from hitting the last note on his
Les Paul to all of a sudden launching into Lights with his Stratocaster
with no apparent transition. The DVD is saved from total irrelevance by
Deen Castronovo’s breathtaking vocal on “Mother, Father,” and the
inclusion three new songs, “Never Walk Away,” “After All These Years,”
and “Wildest Dreams,” which are all delivered very passionately by the
entire band. Maybe the band could do a full release of this show come
Christmas time for a little extra holiday cash – give us the entire show
and some palatable bonus features.
I was willing to give the re-records a shot, hoping that the
band would make them sound really aggressive and give it a “live” feel
while retaining the warmth of the studio. I was hoping for something like
what the current Little River Band did with their excellent “Rearranged”
CD. No dice. The disc is clearly a rush job and most of the songs sound
very sterile. The performances are all fine, but there is just nothing to
be had here – no magic, no innovation on the songs we’ve heard a million
times. Arnel suffers here, as his delivery always seems to be a second
behind where it should. But, even 1981 Steve Perry wouldn’t save this disc
from irrelevance if all other things remained equal. The production is
also a marked decline from the new material. Neal’s guitar is buried in
the mix, Cain’s piano doesn’t sound nearly as crisp, and Ross is
nonexistent. Deen’s drumming is the only thing that still sounds decent.
The thing that makes some of these tracks totally unlistenable is the fact
that somehow, they left an audible click track on a lot of the songs like
Open Arms and Faithfully. When it’s just piano and vocals, it’s so present
that it’s not only distracting, but begs the question: Did they even
listen to this disc before wrapping it up? I hope not.
Overall, Revelation is still a hell of a deal, despite the
shortcomings of the DVD and the re-records. Arnel is an incredible
vocalist, especially when he’s the original vocalist, like on the new
material. Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo have turned in their best
performances in a long time. Jon Cain, for his part, has done a great job
co-writing with Neal and for tastefully using synths to keep the band’s
sound retro while not making us think it’s 1981 all over again. Ross needs
to be turned up, but he is solid as ever. All in all, a great effort well
deserving of this comprehensive and thorough review. The grade reflects
the new material.

06/06/08: Albert -
Rating: 95
Fantastic album!!

One song that is amazing for me and that is "CHANGE FOR THE BETTER". What a masterpiece, puts a big smile on my face. Cant stop playing this typical Journey song over and over.

Hope they play this song at Arrow Rock on June 15!!!

06/06/08: Randy Fretman III -
Rating: 99
One of the funnier things I've witnessed over the last few years is the way you Americans tear each other apart over this band! Then I read this today, from an interview with Kevin Shirley..

"Journey are one of the biggest of America's supergroups. They are part of the fabric of life here. People have met their sweethearts and lost their virginity to Journey songs, been married to them, been buried to these anthems and they deserve to be heralded as such and not disposed of by any shallow MTV flavor of the month shoulder shrug...."

Okay, the only downside for me is the rerecording of the classics; granted there are some minor issues...the quality of the production being one, the drum sound on a few tracks...certainly nothing to detract from the fact that Neil Schon has found himself a superb vocalist. In all probability for a small 'investment' in studio time they'll recoup the money through tickets sales, merchandising etc, but Arnel has nothing to prove.

As for the main fare, a veritable classic. This is classic Journey. Great tunes, great's all there. There's no denying the vocal capabilities of the previous singers after Perry, but lets face it, this album would never have been possible with either of them.

"After All These Years"...just how good is this? Their best ballad? "Where Did I Lose Your Love" is a gem too...hell, the whole album is superb...even the recording of "Faith In The Heartland".

Sonically, Kevin Shirley has done an impressive job, but it's the vocalist who steals the show and I for one couldn't be any happier for him. He's recorded the album; the hard work will be the tour. He may not be have been everyone's choice, but these are big shoes he's filling, perhaps the biggest in Rock.

Welcome back guys.

06/06/08: victor -
Rating: 100
One of the Best Journey Album I have heard. The rock is Rock and the ballads are great too...Just hope the new lead singer can survive the tour.

06/06/08: Honeylet -
Rating: 100
I'm a new fan of Journey and glad I did not own any Journey CDs prior to Revelation or know any former Journey Frontman to compare with AP's abilities because it made Revelation easier to review. I bought my first Journey CD yesterday and enjoyed listening to both new and remake songs. The DVD is awesome!

06/06/08: ROBERT aka:Metalrob4662 -
Rating: 98
I love it...classic sounding Journey..reminds me of Frontiers, Escape and Infinity. Arnel does a superb job, Neal sounds amazing and the songs and production is Outstanding! Welcome Back to Full Force Journey!

06/06/08: Mark Ridout -
Rating: 94
After a few spins of the new material I dig most of the CD. Arnel sounds pretty damn good and the production is also very good. There are some very enjoyable songs and a few outstanding moments on here with some of the material having a 70's and early 80's feel. I enjoy this as much as Arrival, but Revelation is definitely a far more enjoyable experience than the dismal sounding Generations CD. My favorites are Never Walk Away, Like A Sunshower, Change For The Better is outstanding and I like remixed Faith in The Heartland, one of the few half decent songs from Generations. The Journey Revelation is an instrumental track driven by Neals guitar, which sounds fantastic and for me is another outstanding moment on this CD.

06/06/08: Leonard Misner -
Rating: 100

05/06/08: Chris -
Rating: 90
The only disappointing thing about this entire package is the click track that you can hear in the background on some of the re-recorded tunes like Faithfully and Open Arms. Very distracting. Other than that, the CD of new material is killer and the live DVD is great also.

05/06/08: robin -
Rating: 98
I like the album very much.Sounds great.CD1 is awesome compared to CD2.Those who say that the album is not great are those people who dont want journey with the new frontman.Wake up guys its 2008.Lets appreciate their effort.Lets just see if their album will sell.Lets accept the truth that STEVE PERRY can no longer hit high notes,dont get me wrong im a STEVE PERRY FAN EVERSINCE.IM looking forward for the European tour.

05/06/08: Jimmy -
Rating: 100
After living with this cd for a few days and playing it constantly I really think thsi is the best album the band have ever done - yes, even better than Escape! Every song is a winner and the playing is superb throughout. I am so glad they got Arnel rather than stick wth JSS who is a great vocalist but not for Journey. I thought Augeri was great but this new guys even better and the songs are the best they've written since the glory days!

05/06/08: maeve -
Rating: 100
This new CD really rocks.I'm a die hard journey and s.p. fans but now I'm accepting the fact that s.p. is gone.I never thought arnel pineda can sing until I had this cd yesterday.I'm crazy over him.My husband who used to be a navyman stationed most of the time in the philippines laughed at me and said, oh, there's a lot of that voice in manila bars which was unfortunately not discovered. Anyway, thank you Neal for the new discovery.We'll see you in Mandalay Bay on July 18.
Their new song After all these years and Turn down the world tonight are so nostalgic. I love you all and welcome back.

05/06/08: my -
Rating: 98
This album is just outstanding!!!! This comeback shows that JOURNEY is in fact Neal's band!!! Ouch that hurts to some!!!!BUT ITS TRUE!!! Journey is nothing without NEAL!!!! Gosh Neal can even call himself JOURNEY solo act!

05/06/08: Rick H. - n/a
Rating: 95
I have been a Journey fan since 1981 at the age of 10. I have to say this is the first effort by the band since Perry's departure to re-capture that 'majestic' Journey sound. It has the sound of ROR and Trial By Fire with the clean vocal sound that echoes what made me fall in love with Escape at such a young age. I love the fact that Pineda has the soul, passion, and stage presence to finally move this band forward. Augeri made a great effort, but somehow, I didn't feel the goosebumps or 'magic', so to speak. Arrival was a great effort, but they lost me at Red 13. Revelation has brought me back..I actually looked forward to it with eager anticipation.

Disc 1 is a great effort and great songwriting. People can say it sounds 'dated' all they want but fact is: It SOUNDS like Journey! Friends have said to me, " why must they keep trying to carry on with a vocalist that has the Perry sound?" My thought the very least, can you imagine this band performing the hits that fans expect to hear with someone who sounds totally different? How else can it work? They are doing what they have to to move on and I think they finally got it right with the talents of Arnel Pineda.

As far as disc 2: I actually like the heaviness and 'full sound' of Stone In Love, the intro 'thunder crash' of Wheel In The Sky, the raw and heavier guitar on Separate ways; some nice touches for alternate listening, but the originals are sacred. I have one question: What is that "brush" sound keeping time on the intro to Faithfully and Open Arms? Is that a metronome that accidentally got mixed into the final product? It does not make sense to me and takes away from the recordings. Aside from that, BRAVO BOYS!!! IT'S A GREAT DAY TO BE A JOURNEY FAN AGAIN!!!!

05/06/08: Neal -
Rating: 95
BIG smile on my face as I listen to Revelation. Although I liked Steve Augeri a lot, I didn't care for much of the songwriting on Arrival, Red 13, and Generations. By and large, Revelation suprasses the post-Perry albums with a stronger set of songs across the board.

Fans of Journey should be happy that they have consistently been putting out new material. The creative fires are still burning and this time out, the creative fires are flaming high.

Arnel should be credited for what he is: an AWESOME singer. All this sniping about his racial background is horrible. His musicianship and vocal prowess are simply amazing. His singing on 'What It Takes to Lose', 'After All These Years', 'Never Walk Away', etc. stand up among anything else in the Journey catalog.

As a Jeff Scott Soto fan (and a big one), I can see that JSS wouldn't have been the appropriate vocal fit. Arnel isn't simply there to be a Perry clone, but to bring a similarity and familiarity to the style/sound. What makes Arnel stand out is his ability to be his own singer too. Revelations shows that.

05/06/08: Ray -
Rating: 96
Andrew pretty much sums up what I feel about Revelation. I am sick of everyone who rips this album and does not explain what they dislike about it. Its' this constant bring back Perry and they now sound like a cover band. At least those who enjoy and review Revelation explain why they enjoy the cd. So I ask those who rated below 70 and ripped the album, have you actually listen to it or you just want to whine and complain just to be heard.
Lastly my review
· Never Walk Away (Classic Journey)
· Like A Sunshower (A little sappy, but the more I listen, the more I enjoy it - reminds me of early Journey like from Departure and Infinity)
· Change For The Better (This is very catchy - another song with a lot of energy)
· Wildest Dream ( Love to hear more of this from Joureny, this rocks)
· Faith In The Heartland * (Not a big fan of this song from either album, instead of moving forward in their musical growth, it feels they are going backwards)
· After All These Years (a sappy song, a very special song I have for my soul mate, thank you Journey for writing this one)
· Where Did I Lose Your Love ( A classic sounding Journey song, very similar to what I remember from Trial By Fire)
· What I Needed (I like it, but not great, see above)
· What It Takes To Win (definitely Arnel voice here and not trying to sound like Perry, good rocker, good to see the variation in Arnel's voice on different songs)
· Turn Down The World Tonight (I love this song, but it Arnel sounds more like MeatLoaf then Perry)
· The Journey (Revelation) It's Neal's little ditty

CD2:The rerecording seem a little harsh. This is where I love listen to them live from Arnel or Auggri in concert, live cd or dvd, but not a rerecording in the studio. I would not have bought it if it was just a cd of rerecordings.

DVD (USA Only):
· Live In Concert February 2008 FUN STUFF!!! Love to see the band play. I don't go to concerts anymore.

To sum it up, the more I listen to the cd, the more I like it. It reminds me of listening to Trial By Fire the first time and how I just kept on listen to it and enjoying it more and more. I will say this, Arnel and Steve Auggri do not have the r&b soul Steve Perry had. As I grew older, I saw how Perry brought Sam & Dave and Sam Cooke into his singing and Arnel and Auggri listen and learn from Perry. Not a knock on them at all but a wish Arnel would listen to more old r&b and blues as a continue growth in Journey.

05/06/08: John Inman -
Rating: 100
This CD is simply their BEST album since 'Raised on radio'. That ROCKS more that ROR therefor I rate it even higher on the "sounds like Journey" scale. YES - the boys r BACK sound wise. This is the JRNY disc I've been waiting for over the last decade if not longer! Bravo guys! Let the 5 or so people on here who "hate" it appreciate what a TINY number they are (ha-ha).

And yes - the Re-records are awesome as well. The sound quality is BETTER than the originals too. Hey...lookie..I can now hear a KICK DRUM on 'Only the young' (go figure). Thank u Kevin Shirley!

05/06/08: Matt Carty -
Rating: 55
I don't get it. The band axes Steve Augeri, and then writes a bunch of songs that are perfectly suited for him? Jeff Scott Soto could've done a great job on the new tracks also, so it's clear that Arnel is here to cover the classics. Which we didn't really need in the first place. Hmmmm.

I have to say Arnel is talented, and there isn't a performance on the album that lacks passion. I give him the utmost credit. And, I can applaud the band for going back to the Evolution-era sound on Like A Sunshower, easily my favorite track. After All These Years is without question one of Journey's best-ever ballads, and is possibly the best crafted song of Jonathan Cain's songwriting career. And, Turn Down the World Tonight is such a good wrapup to the album that it makes the Neal Schon explosion that is The Journey (Revelation) almost a regrettable inclusion.

Other than those standouts, I hear a lot of ripoffs here. Very little sounds like straight Journey. Cross up some Van Hagar and Styx and you'll get Change for the Better. Never Walk Away (oops, almost called it Never Too Late), Wildest Dreams, and What it Takes to Win sound more like Survivor songs, a band that was little more than a Journey knock-off when it was around back in the day. The one truly regrettable inclusion here is the revamped and homogenized Faith in the Heartland, which was possibly the best song of Augeri's tenure in Journey.

As for the re-recorded songs, I can say that I like the production. I also like the live vibe, and many of the songs sound like their concert versions which have always been great. But if I want to hear the concert versions again, I'll go to a show or put on a live CD. This is a misguided tactic Wal Mart uses to push product that will never be appreciated by a hardcore fan.

I wish Journey the best of luck with this release. It's likely to speed past the sales of any post-Perry album, if not for the songs, then for the value of the total package. But, unfortunately, Revelation comes nowhere near the standard set by Journey in their heyday. And, only briefly, does it come anywhere near their underappreciated Arrival album.

05/06/08: Craig -
Rating: 90
This music should be judged on its own. Comparing it to past Journey music seems like a waste of time and energy. Having said that, this is a great CD. Pineda has a stong voice and can kick out a rock song just as well as a ballad.

05/06/08: Juice -
Rating: 90
Best Steve Perry-Journey album since Departure, without Steve Perry!

05/06/08: Lez -
Rating: 95
An excellent melodic rock release in what could be the best year for the genre since 1988. Curmudgeons/stodgy armchair critics should get over the fact that Perry is long gone and that Soto can't hit the notes. The new guys is awesome. Songs rock. A great Summer album. Thanks to the band for providing solid new material instead of just touring greatest hits

05/06/08: Joe -
Rating: 89
While I agree the production is better than Generations, it's nowhere close to a perfect 100, and far from the "live" arena sound as described in the original review. After reading Andrew's review, I was expecting a HUGE production sound. When I listened to it, I was disappointed. The drums DO NOT sound as good as reviewed; in fact they're actually kind of ho-hum bland. There's not enough emphasis on Valory's bass sound. Neal sounded very good, but I was hoping for the tone from "Voice." I had to tweak the equalization when I converted the tracks to my iPod; NOW it sounds like I had hoped it would, and SO much better in the car; full, tight, and loud with the emphasis on the rhythm section.

I REALLY wanted the production to reach the heights of the recent Whitesnake record, which is mountains above this one. The '87 record and "Good To Be Bad" has set the standard for production, so I was hoping Journey's new record would rise up to that standard.

I actually think the re-recorded classics are much better than originally reviewed. Arnel shines on all of them, but "Only The Young" provides the chills. I do have one complaint. What were they thinking with "Separate Ways?" The department-store keyboard sound and the Ibanez-through-a-Crate-Combo-Amp guitar sound is awful!!! This tune has always been a majestic Journey anthem, but aside from the vocals it sounds like it was recorded by forgotten musicians for a tribute album.

Overall, I do like the record. There's a few strong tracks that will get people to want it. However, I was hoping for a record filled with in-your-face Journey anthems that are instant classics. are truly a gifted vocalist and you have exceeded our expectations. Neal, Jonathan, and Ross should kiss your ass because you've provided the resurrection they were praying for.

05/06/08: Doug -
Rating: 98
Wow... some of these reviews are just sad and pathetic. "I've been a Perry fan for a zillion years, and there's no Journey without Perry." Here's the thing... If you're a huge Perry fan, and don't like the lead singers, don't buy the material, nd don't comment. I tell me 5 and 7 year old children, that if you don't like it, don't watch it. I have a remote to change channels if I don't like what's on TV. I don't spend my money on things that I'm going to go into with a negative attitude. Perry is NOT inthe band, so stop the comparison. I have followed Journey since 1978, saw them live with Perry more times than I can remember. I saw Perry in 1994 for his FTLOSM tour. But I saw Augeri live... what a charismatic, professional man he was.
This is America, and we are capitlistic. I cannot, nor will I ever, blame the remaining members of Journey the right to go out and make money by entertaining us. And that's what it is. Simple entertainment. Would I have liked to have Perry on this CD? Absolutly. But he wasn't. And Arnel is capable, and in my humble opinion, of the right caliber to sing the new Journey songs. And he does it amazingly.
I will listen to him, and I will enjoy it. this is a great CD. And it stands on it's own.
Perry's gone. He doesn't care about you. Let Journey play and entertain. Because they do it well.

05/06/08: George -
Rating: 100
I wasn't sure what to expect, and maybe that's why I was taken by surprise at the entire package.

The task of replacing Perry has always been a sticking point for many fans. Personally I liked ALL the vocalists in Journey. Chalfant, Augeri, Soto, but hands down - Arnel is the closest vocalist to capturing that signature sound since Perry left. All the hate that some unfortunate fans have thrown at him is unfortunate, talking about his so called accent or poor grasp of English, that only speaks poorly of the fans issuing such venom. Arnel was an inspired choice to carry the vocals, and he does it with flawless range and power.

The new material is as strong as any of the back catalog, touching and sweet in places, bold and rocking in others. A good collection of pop, rock, midtempo and ballads. Journey is back in fine form and the entire band sounds tight. Uplifting, fun, and potent, Neal & crew - all I can say is Thank YOU!

I didn't see much need for rerecorded classics, but even that now I'm really diggin. The classics have only grown more potent after the years of touring, and that stage magic was duplicated in studio. Neal & crew sound amazing on the old tracks, breathing new life into songs that have been around longer than half their fan base. Edgier, heavier, a fuller production, the disc I was least excited about is now a great listen.

The youtube videos I saw early on did NOT do this band justice. I had a friend at that Vegas show, and he insisted that Journey was on fire that night, but the videos I saw never convinced me - I've already watched the dvd twice, and I'm glad to say - my buddy was right all along. Journey was on fire, and i'm so glad i'm seeing the new Journey next month!

Thank you Neal, Ross, Jon, Deen, and Arnel! The band is kicking ass, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - keep moving forward and when this tour is done - head back into the studio and do it again! The new album is incredible and I desperately want to see Journey have a long long career with the current band, and many many more albums before it's over. Thanks for the Revelation!

05/06/08: The Lt -
Rating: 70
Listened to the new album 6-7 times now and there are some good songs on here, but I agree that the production is lacking. The recordings sound very muffled, not fresh sounding at all. I agree that getting rid of JSS was a mistake, JSS would of taken Journey to new levels. The DVD is disapointing, boring even. I am a huge Journey fan from even from pre Perry era.

05/06/08: Carl -
Rating: 80
I listened to the cd all day.
After listening first as a Journey fan and then as a melodic rock fan.
Enjoyed the ballads more than the rockers.
"The Journey" Inst. not impressed. It didn't fit for the cd.
Felt like some songs sounded like Journey and some sounded like a new band. I like Arnel vocals, but agree the probally should have someone different than a Steve Perry vocal. (There's only one Steve Perry)
I liked again more of the ballad type songs on Arrival also.(Classics)
On the 2nd cd of remakes. Enjoyed the songs and vocals and even the different arrangements wasn't too bad.
Price is a steal though.
Still worth the price.
Agree with other reviewer, Def Leppard needs to do the same thing.
Still would like to see them live again. (Unlike my wife)
No Steve Perry.. No Journey

05/06/08: lyn -
Rating: 90
"After all these years" is my favorite,Arnel could really sing Revelation is areal treat to Journey's followers

05/06/08: BM1TITO -
Rating: 100
I was in the navy from 70's to 80's a lot us played journey all the time on board the ship we like Steve Perry very much but this guy is much better than SP.
Those haters back off you know Arnel is really good be real and accept it.


05/06/08: johnny -
Rating: 92
Good, very good! It reminds me escape but with sound, way better production. I am a fan since the first album and i think this is their best since frontiers. The rockers rocks and the ballads are solid, you will remember the melody at the second listening. Vocals are strongs, same as guitars and drums.And the second cd is a candy, escape songs sounds way better like that. And the dvd is excellent too, not very long, but excellent. And all that for $11.88.

05/06/08: Daniel Weise -
Rating: 99
What's the bottomline? It is all about MUSIC, people! The Band's MUSIC is greater than the sum of it's members! IF there is any member that defines a band, it should be the founding member and in the case of Journey it is Neal Schon! Any intrigues, politics, soap opera antics and melodrama within the Band is superfluous and irrelevant to the BOTTOMLINE!!! Now, with regards to the front singer position, it's similar to the James Bond 007 character...there has been a lot of actors who played James Bond, i.e. from a Scottish actor-Sean Connery, to an English thespian-Roger Moore, an Irish actor--Pierce Brosnan and even lately a BLOND actor--Daniel Craig...all of these different actors have some things in common--they are all handsome, athletic looking, sleek and virile, yet each and everyone of them made their own interpretation and take on what they think Bond is! So same with JRNY's front man--Perry, Augeri, Soto, Pineda...they all have tenor voices(some more soaring than the other)and since they are different(nationalities, backgrounds, life's experiences, etc.)...each of them are able to make the JRNY's songs unique by their individual interpretations of the songs, thus making it more varied...and as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life and makes everything more interesting rather than monotonous, stagnant and dull!!! Remeber the BOTTOMLINE--it is ALL about the MUSIC!!!

Now, regarding the Revelation album...I LOVE the new songs, they have that sense of sophistication and maturity that you can really feel and hear when you listen to them closely!!! JRNY made the songs contemporary and relevant to the times...the lyrics and emotions evoke feelings and issues that are universal...thus, any generation can easily identify with the message of the songs!!! The sound mixing is spectacular and Pineda's recording voice is sooo soothing to listen to even with the rockers, that you can not help but listen to the songs over and over again!!! This album is a masterpiece, the new songs have all the potential to become classics, someday!!! I particularly LIKE Turn Down The World Tonight, What it Takes to Win, What I Needed, and Where Did I Lose Your Love!!!

05/06/08: Rob -
Rating: 90
Journey fans needed and deserved Revelation.This is a wonderful CD, the range of sounds is amazing. I think
Arnel is a very good front man and I hope that they don't burn him out by over touring as they did with Steve Augeri. What makes Revelation so special is the ratio of up tempo songs to ballads and the cohesion of the tracks. The whole package has a nice flow, unlike Generations which could not decide what it wanted to be. What I needed is my favorite track. Peace.

05/06/08: Joe C -
Rating: 96
WOW!! Producer Kevin Shirley sure did the band right on this one!!! While driving home and listening, I found myself so excited about Arnel and his talent he brought to the new track!!! Though he'll always have the comparison on the remakes, and rightly so, he did them justice! The new material is so dang good!!! "After all these Years", EVERY time I've listened to it, has raised my arm hair and given me goosebumps! A SURE winning ballad!!! I can't wait to see the boys live!! This is a hit, and a MUST have!!! track after track deliver!! Long Live Journey, and their new "Journey!!"

05/06/08: Steve -
Rating: 70
Sorry to kill the party BUT....
A 97? That's a flawless score That's escape quality this is far from escape quality in every aspect!
There's way too many 3rd rate ballads. Where's neal? it's almost like raised on radio he plays behind all cains keyboards. I think fans just force themselves to like it in respect to JRNY. I can't hear any of these songs being performed 3-4 yrs from now.. ARRIVAL was 10 times better than this ( even with all it's ballads ) But for $11.99 It was a fair price for everything.
Never walk away sounds like Neal took back the music from his song w/ JSS Believe in me & used JSS melodies for it. J CAIN can write some great lyrics when he works w/ other lyricist but when he writes them all by himself it's like connecting the dots. Always the same.... Where's JACK BLADES when you need him?
As for the rerecorded hits why even bother? they could of reworked some unfamiliar songs n gave them a 2008 spin.
Airplay? Good luck... video play? doubtful..
If you wanna hear a new record from a 80's band that will make you say oh yeah check out LOVERBOY JUST GETTING STARTED..

05/06/08: Luchpar -
Rating: 99
I don't know much about musical arrangements and the like. My review is simply based on what I hear and what I feel listening to the music. All I can say is that I feel emotionally attached, felt sad listening to the ballads, felt rocking listening to the rocks and so on and so forth. I don't need to be a music genius in order to appreciate and not learn what I want to hear. All in all, it is a great album for a great price.

05/06/08: Steve B -
Rating: 30
Only 3 good songs on the CD. Very murky sound quality. Neal bitched about all the ballads on "Trial By Fire" and what do we get on "Revelations?" Several ballads and very bland, forgetable rock tracks. Neal hates Steve Perry but goes out and finds a close sound alike? I was sorely disappointed.

05/06/08: Booper71 -
Rating: 95
I definitely appreciate this effort more than Arrival, Generations and Red13, it pales in comparison to Trial By Fire though. For the price the album is a must have, some great melodies and songwriting, also Neal gets his groove back! Arnel has pronunciation problems with some words, but that is no distraction to his great performance.

05/06/08: timmyd -
Rating: 99
Well,here it is, a Steve Perry replacement that brings all the warmth and passion back to the most classic songs of the era, Arnel is not Perry and he doesn't need to be, because his vox stand on there own, a few different nuances here and there makes these songs his own, Journey is finally back!!!!! I will always miss Perry and what he gave us, but I am ready to move ahead the current lineup is fantastic and I hope they will go on and on and on and on.

05/06/08: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 95
I am blown away by the new Journey CD. This sounds and feels to me like Jouney when Steve Perry was first introduced. The songs are better than anything since Perry was been in the band and I love this amazing CD.

05/06/08: Edu -
Rating: 98
FANTASTIC job, can't see anyone who likes Journey say this is no good... Arnel, you nailed it, what a powerful voice!!

05/06/08: Jeff -
Rating: 95
I love the new cd - there isn't a single song that just flat out doesn't sound like the classic Journey formula and Arnel is fantastic! Sure, he does sound similar to SP, but he also has his own voice...he actually reminds me a bit of Jimi Jamison on Turn Down The World Tonight. I actually found the later half of the new cd to be the better songs, IMO. That said, I love the entire disc.....

Neil is just plain on fire on this cd! He really does sound inspired.

I, like Steve, heard the click track on 2 songs...most notably Open Arms. That is just plain lame. Turn down the headphones s it doesn't leak into the track.

I actually like the new versions of the older tunes...sure, they could've deviated a bit from the originals...oh well. Everyone I know is purchasing the new cd for just that, the new material. The bonus disc and DVD are just icing on an already excellent cake.

05/06/08: Eric Bourgeois -
Rating: 90
First off.....the package is a tremendous bargain. The DVD, albeit mini, shows excellent energy and its a real treasure having Deen-O sing Mother/Father in 5.1! I wish the re-records were changed up some more and added a few rarities (ex. Edge of Blade). I do like the end of Wheel in the Sky and Separate Ways. I wish Arnel sang the word FAITHFULLY as he does live at the end of the song. These are just for licensing purposes and for a means to get new music released, so its not worth reviewing much.

Onto the new CD....VERY strong. Last year at this time, fans like me were reeling from the JSS firing after his energy filled live year with the band. We thought the Journey had ended...but we were wrong.

1) Never Walk Away - Sure it sounds like a blend of Believe in Me and Be Good to Yourself.......but its a good catchy classic sounding Journey tune. Maybe not the best choice for the first release to rock radio though. Its got that crunchy sound that Journey is sounding better and better with over the years.

2) Like a Sunshower - This gem fell outta the Infinity/Evolution/Departure late 70's era. The lyrics seem genuine and I like the way Pineda sings them. Schon's work is brilliant and unique on this track. I'm most surprised by this from the clips. The beginning makes my heart tinge a little.

3) Change for the Better - A Monster! Get this to rock radio asap. Its the best hook in a J song since "Be Good to Yourself". Its a hard driving Journey track if there ever was one. I can't get enough of that first bridge. Schon's guitar is amazing here and its placed well after Sunshower.

4) Wildest Dreams - This should have been the other track to rock radio. This is my favorite track on the album so far, top 5 post-perry and top 25ish all-time. Live - its just incredible! Schon and Deeno-O are on fire at the end!

5) Faith in the Heartland - Me thinks this should have been the Euro/Jap bonus. I love Augeri's version and while this offers a few improvements (the keys at the end) it ultimately falls a little short if you're looking for improvement. The live raw feel has been replaced with too many effects. I will say Pineda offers some harder vocals in places. Overall, its still my favorite post-perry song along with Higher Place, and I'm glad it might get a second chance here.

6) After all these Years - Arnel's time to shine! AND.....after several failed sappy attempts - they have created the 5th legacy ballad.(Faithfully/Open Arms/Why Can't this night/When you love a woman)
Its a great song for the tear-jerker genre.

7) Where did I lose your love - Except for the 80's Night-Time Soap intro sound...its a very good song with a very good chorus. Yet another catchy hook. The clip did "promise" more I'd say.

8) What I needed - Haunting with some beautiful piano. Pineda's voice is perfect on here. Epical in nature. Would have been a superior Trial by Fire track.

9) What it takes to win - Sure its a little cheesey and Rocky Montageish...BUT WHO CARES? Its fun and serves it purpose. Its edgier brooding sound helps it from being too cheesey.

10) Turn down the world tonight - More mature lyrical content. Its a beautiful song with a solid message. Miles ahead of many ballads. Cain's best piano work since "Still She Cries". Also fits in with the Trial By Fire sound.

11) The Journey - Outside of the odd beat at the start, its a great instrumental that will sure to act as a great concert intro. It really shows the talent of ALL the band, especially Schon obviously. Its also probably the best produced track on the album. Its cool how it just stops.

12) Let me take you back - I like this. Its different but it sounds good. Its not a great song by any means, but its a more than adequate bonus track. It kinda works as the second side of "Every Generation".

Overall, this is Journey's 5th best album out of 15, and best since Frontiers. Thanks for the new music...its what keeps a band alive.

05/06/08: kevin -
Rating: 95
I think to many people are worried about does he sound just like steve perry instead of just listening to the music and his voice. Take away the fact that journey ever existed and you would still have a awsome band with arnel as lead. This guy to me has one of the greatest voices i've heard in along time. Yes he does sing journey songs better than anyone i've heard and yes his voice on the new material is outstanding. You also have to take in the fact that this album came out very quick and think about the nerves this guy had walking into the situation he walked in to. When the next album comes out he will be even better. Good for you Arnel and Journey and Neal I thank you personaly for finding this true treasure of a voice.

05/06/08: josephine -
Rating: 98
Listening journey songs for many years, I thought nobody could replace Steve Perry, after SP I stop buying their cds, i kept my old one with Steve Perry, but when I got Revelation cd, I was stunt, this guy Arnel Pineda can sing with almost like Steve Perry sometimes better.
I would like to see Journey again on the road and more cd please.

05/06/08: Jordan -
Rating: 100
I agree with Andrew, it's all about the music after all and not all other issues. For me, this cd is so obviously a labour of love by the band. It is so well done and you can tell that everyone involved in the production really stepped up their game. It was an enjoyable listen for me from start to finish and the DVD just adds to it all. Thanks to Journey from a fan of 25 years.

05/06/08: the rocker -
Rating: 90
i think it is good. production is not that good. played it back to back with arrival, and had to turn my stereo down when i put arrival wise ,it is arrival part 2.the guy can sing, but not as good as perry. been a journey fan for a long time. i will never move on, i will still listen to the new stuff,because it is's like van halen, love the david era, but the sammy stuff was just as good in it's on way.

05/06/08: denis -
Rating: 80
The songs are very good. However, I really dislike the audio, it doesn't sound good, it sounds too compressed.

05/06/08: John Gilbert -
Rating: 95
Let’s not kid ourselves this album at the onset is all about Arnel and...I think he sounds damn good. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I busted the re-recordings in before the new material just to see what Arnel could do with the Journey songs in the studio. He hits most of the notes just fine. His voice is nowhere as soulful as Perry’s, but he as close as we could hope for. Now he does stumble sometimes. The 'whoas' at the end of 'Faithfully' were a bit ugly. Plus sometimes his phrasing is a bit annoying. He sustains notes too long and it really bothers me. Still he seems to almost effortlessly hit the notes and he sounds really solid on the new material. He sounded damn good on the Live DVD. Even Perry seemed to struggle with his own stuff live. I think Arnel sings it nearly as well as Perry in the live setting. Try not to flame me too hard.

I guess I have moved on. Perry does not seem to be coming back and it looks like Cain and Schon aren’t terrible interested - though if there was a real chance I wouldn’t bet against it. Anyway, I love Schon’s playing he is the greatest, with Petrucci his only rival, so long as he is still playing I am there. Perry, Augeri, or Pineda the music is still there and I am thankful. I would pay a King’s ransom for new Perry material - he says he is working we’ll see - but until then keep them coming Journey. I love it all.

05/06/08: Scott -
Rating: 90
After All These Years is one of the best Journey songs ever written and a true classic-it deserves it's place among Faithfully, Wheel in the Sky, Open Arms, etc. All in all, this is a great deal for the money - 2 cds, 1 DVD for all of $11.98

The new realease is great, the Journey remakes are OK (I question their intention with this inclusion as does Andrew), and the DVD is outstanding. GET IT!

05/06/08: David -
Rating: 90
The new cd is growing on me with each listen, though i prefer a few more uptempos and less ballads. New singer is pretty good and though sounds similiar to steve perry, he has his own style. I think Steve Augeri sounded a good bit more like steve perry but thats ok either way. Nothing against arnel but if augeri is healthy now , i wish they would have made this cd with him.

It is clear they did a better job of song writing on this cd but even though Arrival was a little laid back it was just as good.

The "hits" cd to me is a waste of time. I think andrew is probably right when he said it was done for licensing reasons so they can cut out old record companies and maybe Perry himself.

Overall a solid effort and any journey fan that has been able to get past that steve perry will not be coming back should enjoy this cd. Augeri was a such a good guy its just hard not to wish he was part of this and that is not taking anything away from arnel.

One last thing...Other bands (def leppard for one) need to take note on how to offer the fans a great package for the money...2 c'ds (though one is kinda a joke), a recent live dvd all for $12!!!! Well worth it.

05/06/08: Rene Verhaeg -
Rating: 98
This is the best cd since TRAIL BY FIRE. Great songs and the majestic guitarsound of Mr. Neal Schon.
Arnel Pineda voice is not as good as Steve Perry, but Steve is the best.
See them 15 june in Nijmegen at the ARROW CLASSIC ROCK FESTIVAL.

Journey rocks.

05/06/08: Steven F. -
Rating: 97
The traditional Journey sound has slowly moved away, and a new beginning has taken it's place. Like most folks, change is never what we intend, but it has to be done sometimes. To remove a singer, is probably the hardest spot to replace, as it is the soul of the band. From bands like Van Halen, Foreigner, Bad Company and other famous bands not mentioned, an old set of fans fall while new ones are introduced for the first time. Sometimes the mix goes well, most of the times the fans vent to the rest of the band for a grave mistake in sould searching.

Journey's soul is and always will be Perry, but those fans also remember the several albums with Rolie at the helm, felt the same way. Journey's roller coaster ride really began with Perry and ended once Raised On Radio failed as Ross Valory and Steve Smith went and formed The Storm with Greg Rolie and Kevin Chalfant. The beginning of the end for die hard Journey fans was in the cross hairs.

Now don't get me wrong, I simply love the new material and the singer's they have chosen. Augeri did a wonderful job and I believe Arnel will do the same. Deen is handling the drums with the upmost respect to Steve Smith, even asking for advice on learning the older material (Don't Stop Believin'). This album, like the past, still has that Journey quality. Strong versed songs, heavy guitars and wonderful piano, mixed in with the vocals that are unmistakeably Journey.

This album is great from beginning to end. Every single track has it's brilliant moments and I truely believe (as I haven't), that Journey still has what it takes.

05/06/08: John -
Rating: 98
So what do you do if you were to start a band and build your life around it, the band becomes legendary but after waiting a decade the singer who sang the classic songs won't tour? Perry is my favorite vocalist but I know his vocal chords are toast and he is, given all indications, a reclusive narcissist. Because Neal doesn't want to be merely a nostalgia act he made sure to put out new material. The re-recordings are all about song licensing and have very little use beyond the fact that they have now been released.

Move to the new material. How is the production? Top notch. Certainly Generations was a pieced together affair. Almost like everyone wrote at home and then brought what they finished to the studio. There was little cohesiveness. The same thing happened with Styx's "Brave New World". Another thing is that Neal's recent playing sounded unfocused. It was as though no one was telling him to "slow down" or "cut it again". Soul Sirkus, while cool was indicative of this undisciplined approach. But clearly Shirley was the conscience of the recording sessions. Neal admits that he allowed the producer to be the producer and I think the trust he placed in Shirley ends up paying dividends. His playing is more adventurous but also disciplined when it needs to be. It doesn't sound like he is just noodling.

When I heard Soto was let go I wasn't happy because of the way it went down and because they seemingly committed to him and to a different approach. But at the end of the day they have a back catalog that is so demanding that just to sing it well takes, not just a great singer, but one with a very high range. Soto didn't have the range. Listen to some of the live shows again and compare with Arnel. Soto is a great singer but he really couldn't sing the classics all that well. Although Deen has a great voice, the front man should be singing the ballads. So I heard they found a singer on YouTube and wasn't pleased. I figured this would turn into a joke. But then you hear Arnel's story and you see what kind of person he is and you can't help but be in his corner. I believe the question as to whether he can sing the songs well or not has been laid to rest.

The songs on Revelation sound good, have great melodies and performances. There is no throwaway track like "Back Talk" or "Can Do" or "Gone Crazy" or "Baby I'm a Leaving You". There is a consistent quality to all of the songs. There is also a bit more of an edge. Probably because the songs were largely written by only Neal and Jon.

In the end what we have is an energized band with a fantastic lead singer who was down on his luck working on a turkey ranch, oops, I mean working in Manila.

How great is it that my favorite band is putting out new music and is truly excited about their own future? They are also getting publicity like the haven't in years. It is quite possible that the new album may actually be noticed outside of a small group of fans, which is also great. Heck my favorite American Football player retired this year but I am still a fan of the team.

I was excited about this release and upon hearing I believe the band has delivered their best album since Frontiers. It's right up there with ROR as far as quality of song writing and, I think, even surpasses it being that ROR was a bit of a power trip for Perry and sounded like Street Talk 2.0

I think it will be an exciting year in the world of Journey and their fans. Enjoy the ride while it lasts!

05/06/08: Charlie Smith -
Rating: 96
First let me start by saying I have been a fan of Journey since day one, I still have the original LP's. I started as a fan of Santana so when Neal started the band I was hungry to see what he could do out on his own. So over the years I have been there for many changes not all good. The one thing I always counted on would be that no matter what I was a fan of the entire band always willing to give each change a chance to win me over. I'm glad I have stayed to see them, each singer gave me reason to stay. Nuff said!!!!! now for this new release, Although Arnel is new to the studio game he is a 20 year pro on the bar band scene, which is living hell to those trying to make their mark. So cheers to him for standing tall over the years & for delivering a solid start to the next incarnation of Journey. This is a great start for the band and for Arnel, the 3 disc package is well worth the $11.88, in fact the only thing keeping my review from being 100% is the remakes (not because they are from Mr. Perry's canon) because they went the safe route. There are other lesser know jems they could of included, I for one would love to hear Arnel do some Augeri tunes (No FITH doesn't count) Or maybe "After The Fall" or "Edge Of The Blade" both Perry gems. Sticking to what's safe isn't how I would prefer my Journey music. As for the new songs I think there are many Radio classics in the making on the disc. "After All These Years" sounds like the companion to "Loved By You" off of the Arrival disc either way they are both classic Journey tunes and should be played at every wedding. The best songs on the new disc are the slower songs which give Arnel the spotlight. What most people who complain about these three discs seem to forget is that English is not his native tongue, hell it may not even be his 2nd or 3rd tongue. So I for one say job well done, long may he sing. For me the best songs are 1: After All These Years 2: Turn Down The World Tonight 3: Where Did I Lose Your Love 4: Never Walk Away 5: Like A Sunshower. The Live DVD shows that maybe not all members are on board with the selection of Arnel, J. C. appears to downright dislike Arnel, I picked that up on their first show from Chile he appeared hostile during most of the show and again looks like he would rather not be there on the new DVD. I for one would not miss him he is (at times) way to high in the mix on the new package and his florishes can over power the best of songs. So let me finish by saying I hope that Journey continues down the road for many years and even though they might be in their "Twilight Years" I for one look forward to the tail end of the comet that is to come.

05/06/08: Robert -
Rating: 99
It gets kind of old reading reviews of new Journey albums and seeing Steve Perry all over the reviews. He is not the singer for Journey anymore! Arnel is an incredible talent that was chosen for his abilities to sing the classics and create a new Journey. Because of Arnel and his story people are listening to Journey again. It would be great to hear their music on the radios of the world instead of the talentless Britney Spears or all of the other garbage that is out there now. If you don't like Journey with anyone but S.P. then put on your old albums and deal with it. It's not 1981 anymore. This band is more than just one person.
The new package is fantastic and I hope they continue making music for many years to come.

05/06/08: Peter J Buonanno -
Rating: 85
Okay , where do I begin. I really had my doubts about the "changing of the guard" sort of speak as a new lead singer was about to debut for a new Journey CD. Let me first begin with the geniuses in the band , Schon and Cain , what these guys did to Steve Augeri was unforgiving and I was not going to forgive those guys. First , Steve Perry injures himself before thr "Trial By Fire" tour and he gets fired. Then Steve Augeri has throat complications and was advised by his doctor to give his voice a rest , so what happens , he is replaced. I won't go into the Jeff Scott Soto story because I am not familiar with his talents. NOW , we have , Arnel Pineda. Okay , he is good , damm good !! But Cain and Schon , why re-record old Journey classics now ? These 2 guys are BRUTAL !
Now for "Revelation" . This is really an excellent Journey CD. I was very dissappointed with "Generations" because every band member had to sing at least 1 song on the CD and I thought that was ridiculous. Why doesn't any band members beside Arnel sing on "Revelation" ? Anyway , this is a nice sounding CD overall and "After All These Years" is the best Journey song since "Faithfully". But , why the hell did they have to include a new version of "Faith In The Heartland" on this NEW cd ? Is this just an insult directed towards Steve Augeri ? Arnel , hats off to you for a very great job and the best of luck to you , you are going to need it !!

05/06/08: Carmine -
Rating: 90
I'll start by saying I have been a huge Journey fan from the very first album. I'm one of those guys who bought it right when it first came out, and I thought "Of A Lifetime" was one of the greastest songs I'd ever heard at the time... anyone else out there? So I've loved Journey all these years, in all it's incarnations. I'm a fan of Perry, and Augeri, and Soto, and now Arnel- all different, but all great IMHO. So, as for Revelation- I agree for the most part with Andrew's assessment of the the new material on a song by song basis, so I won't rehash each song here. I will, however make a couple of general observations/ comments: The production is good- I think it's the sort of sound they were trying for, but failed to get, on Generations- but to my ears still is a bit too " compressed/ overprocessed"- I wish they had let the production breathe a little more. The performances by all members are excellent throughout. As someone who appreciates the rocking, more musically challenging side band, the songs I found most fresh sounding would be Change For The Better, Where Did I Lose Your Love, What I Needed , and What It Takes To Win. These are the songs that I would likely make it into my Playlist. Songs like Never Walk Away and All These Years, while very good, are just too redudant for me as far as being too much like the back catalogue to stand above some similar material they've already done; how many more of those songs do you really need? That brings me to my only issue with Revelation; if you take out the instrumental and the remake of Faith In The Heartland (which is fine but really should be on the other disc with the other remakes IMHO, you only have 9 new songs, and alot of them are nice, typical "safe" Journey songs. So while the album doesn't disappoint overall, I still would have liked it to be a bit more adventurous and see the band continue to evolve in the direction of the songs I mentioned. For better (and for worse) Generations took a lot more risks. Looking forward to the next one!

05/06/08: Steve -
Rating: 85
It makes me go "wow..this sounds like Journey again". Vocal is great...production is great...but I'm left with the following impressions.

Disc 1

1) "Never Walk Away" – This is an awesome for one thing….the fact that the guitar at the beginning sounds like the theme to “Beverly Hills 90210” – but hey – maybe that’s just me. This one kinda picks up where “Higher Place” left off. Not too shabby…I have to say. Vocally, it’s one heck of a first impression of Pineda. I was reading through this liner book....and it says "J. Hunsicker" right there in the credits. Nice to see him getting due credit for his work....

2) “Like A Sunshower” – I'm hearing “Lights” here? I swear when I heard that opening vocal…”Girl tell me whats wrong” – I think he was channeling Augeri there… I don’t know the origins of this song, but I can definitely feel the “Arrival” era in this one.

3) “Change for the better “ If “Don’t Stop Believin” was the band’s theme song according to Augeri…..this one kinda leads the way now, in my opinion. Initial guitar reminds me of mid-90’s Edward Van Halen…and the vocal at points reminds me of Whitesnake…

4) “Wildest Dream” – I was impressed it made it on the album. It’s kinda like a “jam” type song…..and I was more impressed that it made it on the DVD. The synth undercurrent sounds like “Separate ways” to me…but still a great track

5) "Faith In The Heartland" – This belongs on disc 2. It’s a re-record…and I dare say…it’s a re-recorded classic. I swear I can hear Augeri's background vocal there.

6) After All These Years" - Anyone find it an amazing coincidence that 25 years after Frontiers broke "Faithfully" - this one hits the waves? I think they've done it again....I really do....but now I have to ask about production on this song. There's a distinct break after "Faith In the Heartland" - and it sounds, to my ears, just for a split second, like the first note got cut off or something. awesome song.

7) “Where Did I Lose Your Love” – there’s a very dark feel to this initially…and immediately stares “Message of Love” right in the face and goes “HA!!!”– In fact, with the fact that all but ONE of the new tracks is credited to Schon-Cain…..there’s no Pineda credit…I’d be willing to be this might have been a track FROM those sessions. My favorite of the new tracks…

8 ) “What I Needed” – Another “dark” track to me…’s got a sense about it I can’t really pinpoint… again, I’d stack this up against “Trial By Fire” any day….it holds it’s own. Now….realize that when I say that, it’s a pretty bold statement….I’m THE biggest proponent of “Trial By Fire” out there…to a fault….so that’s a heck of a statement…

9) “What it takes to win” - Neal’s guitar sounds like he borrowed a pedal from U2’s “The Edge” – When does Rocky 7 come out, because I’m anticipating this being the theme.

10) “Turn Down The World Tonight” – Sounds like filler to me. I’m willing to bet that there was at LEAST one other song in the vault that could have been better than this. But…it serves its purpose as a closer track (I never consider an instrumental a ‘closer’). Decent..but I don’t care for it…

11) "The Revelation" - Great instrumental. My ears are hearing a lot of influences....Sounds like Neal played on the opening track of the 2001 Vegas DVD….and I’m betting this one’s for the same purpose…lol…cool intro to the show??

Disc Two - Time to be really critical -

1) "Only The Young" - Again...maybe I'm too picky...maybe it's just my ears....but I immediately heard SOMETHING under the first note of the song...sounded like what you get when a streaming mp3 ''blips' - I dont know what it was...but I can hear it - like a bubble popping - put on headphones - listen to your right ear - you'll hear it.

2) "Don't Stop Believin" - Nice re-do of the song. I’ll give it that. Amped up the guitar – but the initial “whirring guitar”undercurrent sounds a little like they got carried away with the balance knob on it though....and there's something off with the harmony vocals..... “strangers.. Waiting” ”shadows…searching” “street lights…people” – Sounds like there’s too much bass in someone’s voice…. – And come on…even “I” know to take the sound of someone breathing out of the track…(listen right before “some will will…some will lose). Starting at the 4:36 mark, You hear the backing vocals…but it’s like the lead vocal didn’t make the mix or something…. I mustGive credit for ending the song the way the early live performances ended…

3) “Wheel in the sky”. The opening guitar tone is way off, to me…..but they made up for it…with a little bit harder edge. Sounds to me like you changed tempo for the chorus, and I don’t recall the original doing that. I hear keyboard parts that weren’t in the original…maybe that’s because Cain wasn’t ON the original…and he added his little “take” on it – that’s’ understood. I’ve yet to criticize Arnel’s vocal…but I will say on this one, I think he could’ve done better. Now, the plus side… that they KINDA took the LIVE version…and put it to studio, with that little jam….but the DOWN SIDE is that they cut off the jam??? Let it run boys..

4) “Faithfully” – Okay – TAKE THE METRONOME OUT OF THE TRACK!!!!!! Vocally….strong performance from Pineda….but does the rest of the track overrun what COULD be very ‘’front-and-center’ guitars on this track?

5) “Any Way You Want It” – I don’t like it. There’s an annoying high-pitched whistle to the beginning of the lyric…when he sings the word “She” – I’m also hearing what sounds like more organ or keyboard or some type of synth under the guitar solo….

6) “Who’s Crying Now” – sadly, one of the few of the dirty dozen I don’t really care about one way or the other…is the one that I can listen to and find no technical flaws…and nearly no audible flaws…

7) ”Separate ways” – This one came out of left field! I’m impressed. Schon’s guitars are front and center, like I wish they were in the original. They kinda reach out and grab you buy the throat and go “here I am!”….and I like it…..the original lacked that….and Arnel’s vocal is pretty well spot-on.. Three thumbs up –

8 ) “Lights” – Guitar effects work well live…but that they’re overkill on studio tracks.. There’s a hiss to his guitar that I hear on this one. And Deen is likely one of the best drummers out there today…but the rhythm “beat keeper” sounds computerized. Good vocal…but I’m VERY VERY partial to the original.

9) “Open Arms” - I was skeptical of this one……and I wish when he starts to sing “we sailed on together” that the guitars would pick up and run then, like they do in some of the live versions….that would have been good…..but The vocal….not too shabby. What is this Piano improv he’s doing? It’s FIVE NOTES….that made that song what it was….why stray from them?

10) “Be Good To Yourself” – If memory serves, this will be the first time Ross is actually recognized for playing bass on this track, right? I must say, vocally, musically…and technically…..this one’s a high point of the re-records. It’s just musically great…..the harmonies are there…..the drums are really powerful…..and the guitar is just running along just beautifully. Other than “Separate Ways” - this is my favorite of the re-makes.

11) “Stone In Love” – I know it’s a concert favorite and all, but it’s not really one of those I’d consider the “Dirty Dozen” or anything like that. That having been said….I can dig this…musically… but Arnel was not meant to sing this song. This is the first time it’s BLATANTLY evident he’s not Steve Perry. He’s struggling too much…

Overall – I must say- more positive than negative.

Thoughts From the DVD

I was impressed with Arnel’s stage presence. It does not and WILL Not, despite the arguments to the contrary, rival that of the Great one….but it by FAR blows Augeri away… I’m heartily impressed that they FINALLY put a REAL acknowledgement out that Deen can sing…..and Mother-Father is the obvious choice…but we’re going for DVD here…where’s the rest of it? 24 songs that night….14 made it to DVD. I want to HEAR him sing “Faith in the Heartland” – “Only the Young” (even though it was only 2 minutes) is what the fans WANT to hear….”Ask the lonely” is a great showcase…but it’s missing…as is “Who’s Crying Now” – I’d KILL to see a DVD performance of “After the Fall “ With Deen on vocals…which happened that night, but sadly didn’t make the DVD…and if they’re going to go riding claims it’s the ‘best Journey since Escape” (and I agree to a certain extent) then why the don’t they put “Escape” On the DVD? I could live without “Lovin Touchin Squeezin” – but my final thought begs the question…what happened to “Edge of the Blade” and “Rubicon” – they broke those out in Chile…but left them in the dressing room for Vegas?

Total investment…11.88 plus tax. Well worth it..

05/06/08: Splash -
Rating: 30
Well the fifth Journey vocalist and the second clone of Steve Perry. I will be honest I'm not a fan of this pint sized wanna be at all. His accent is annoying to start. He does a better job of dropping it for the most part on this album. Live it's painful to hear such great songs ruined. Now lets talk about the actual album Revelation. This is by far the best album they've released since Perry first left the band. The overproduced garbage that's been released over the past few records seems to have been toned down enough to let the natural organics of the bands musicians come through instead of the Pro Tools mess we've been served for the 10+ years.

Nothing on this album is groundbreaking or earth shaking but it's Journey so we kinda new that coming in, didn't we? My problem here isn't that the music is bad it is that they went into the studio and calculated a total reproduction of their Escape, Departure, Frontiers sound. The songs aren't honest or real. The album makes me feel suffocated as if a plastic bag is over my face. I am apprehensive about each song and I can't bring myself to fully enjoy the music because it just seems so fake.

"Wildest Dream" is a good slice of up tempo Journey. I think the song is actually well written and performed well as well. Too bad it is so transparent in creation and style. "After All These Years" is the A-Typical Journey ballad that you always expect. This time around they attempt to rip everything from Steve Perry's style and jam into one song. This kid doesn't have the emotional heartfelt delivery but he does do a nice surface carbon copy of Perry that most wouldn't notice the deficiencies of his singing. That's part of my problem with this record. I'm such a huge fan of the band I accepted Steve Augurie with open arms (pun intended). Steve A's live performances were brilliant and his Perry like tone sounded natural and real. Pinada sounds like he's in a tribute band touring around the club scene doing his best imitation of one of musics best vocalists.

In the song "Where Did I Lose Your Love" the band have written a clunker. This song is too contrived and calculated to be anything more than a throwaway. Just plain awful on every level from the terrible melody to the even worse chorus to lame lyrics to the bad background vocals. This is a total P.O.S.! "What I Need" is yet another lets do everything we can to sound like classic ballad Jonathan Caine era Journey. Does it work? NO! Another failure from the band. What a stinker this song is! I will admit that "Turn Down the World Tonight" is a good song. I wouldn't add it to my favorite Journey song list but I do enjoy it and might even listen to it semi-regular.

The album closes with "The Journey (Revelation)" a Neal wanking song. He's soaring and blazing and what the hell ever! Who the hell cares about Neal Schon doing an instrumental anymore. He's not doing anything we haven't already heard. Hell most of the past 3 studio albums sound like him wanking with the after thought of vocals being laid over the tracks anyway. If your up to accepting another Steve Perry clone albeit and fairly good one spend the cash. If your happy with the Perry stuff then don't bother because this doesn't give you anything new or great.

05/06/08: Bryan -
Rating: 93
Great CD. Unfortunately, if God Himself were to become Journey's lead singer, some people still wouldn't like it, because (in a wimpering tone) "Its not Perrrrry". That's really a shame. Arnel is a monster monster singer. The guy seriously nails it. Not to mention Deeno, who ALSO seriously nails it. 1983 was 25 years ago. Bands evolve. Now its time for us to evolve as well.

05/06/08: Matt -
Rating: 95
I wasn't going to post anything about this disc because I usually just enjoy reading what everyone has to say, but I just can't get over what said: First off, learn how to spell. That in itself tells gives me the idea you don't know talent when you see or hear it. I would almost be willing to bet you haven't even listened to the cd at all- Second of all you CANNOT be serious when you say that Pineda can't sing at all. The dude has a hell of a voice. I will admit I was not sold on the idea of selecting him as the new front man for the group, but he can bring it. This is coming from a HUGE Jeff Scott Soto fan and I was absolutely pissed beyond belief when they fired him (and yes, they screwed him over) but shit happens. While I'm still a little bitter towards Schon and Cain for doing him like that, this new disc does kick some major ass. Leave your childish remarks about Pineda to yourself. NOBODY will ever replace Steve Perry, but to say that someone can't sing at all when they sound like Pineda is just about as stupid as it gets. I'm sure you're bitter like everyone else to a point because Perry isn't in the band anymore, but don't disrespect another artist for that reason.

05/06/08: Randy -
Rating: 93
Nothing like the excitement of picking up a new cd from one of your favorite bands on the morning of it's release! I was clearly set up for a let down... but it didn't happen. I love this cd! First let me say, that there is no good reason why Steve Perry is still not singing with this band. The stage was set last fall when Soto was fired to bring back Perry and create a money making machine for Schon and the boys. But pride prevailed! Well Schon did the best he could do by finding another Perry sound alike, but this time the guy has a soul of his own. Arnel Pinea does a fantastic job recreating the Journey sound of old with his own voice sung with all of his heart and soul.
The new material is great with only a couple of questionable songs that sound like maybe they were leftovers from Generations. But there are at least three big hit songs here (if this were released in the days when a rock group could have a hit song). The strong songs are "Never Walk Alone", "After All of these Years", and "Turn Down the World Tonight". These songs sound like they could of come from the Escape era! Other great songs on the album include, "Faith in the Heartland", and "The Journey".
The greatest hits material is very good, and Arnel shows he can parrot Steve Perry spot on when he needs too. At times it's hard to hear the difference between Perry and Arnel. But nonetheless, it seems pointless to re-record these great songs with a new singer. I'm sure it was a marketing thing aimed at Walmart buyers who may impulsively pick up this cd. The DVD is fun to watch, although it's clear that Arnel is still looking for his stage comfort with this great band.
All in all, Revelations is a great cd and an awesome value for the $11.88 I paid for it at Walmart.

05/06/08: Kaj Roth -
Rating: 60
I´ve got mixed feelings about this cd, I really like the new songs which are comparable to Arrival and Bad English but not at all with the classic albums from the Perry era.
I hate the re-recordings! So much for the artistic side, just a money issue.
And even if I think Arnel sing really good, I´m not at all happy with this new way of thinking "Any body can be a member of Journey in 2008"...what the hell.....Jeremy Hunsicker is a great guy but when did the band decide on writing with tribute musicians and working with cover singers????????
What´s the next step? No I dont wanna know.
If someone told me back in 1978 that Journey would be on this level, I would´ve laughed them right in the face.
But it´s a new age, Kiss are re-recording their classic hits without Ace and Peter.
Journey did it without Perry.
This is a new band, I wish Perry could record again.
I would buy that record even if he whispered his way through the album, would sound better than Arnel.

05/06/08: The littlest cowboy -
Rating: 2
Andrew's rating system need's some additions. Weak, Dire, Crap do not describe the lows that this CD attains. This band has had a long history of sticking it to their fans and their ex-singers. First they rip off JSS's Believe in Me with Never Walk Away, then they try to invalidate augeri's contributions to this band by releasing a crappy redo of Faith in the heartland. To make matters worse, Schon's playing on this record is second-rate, his tone is lackluster (stop it with the Boss modelers schon, play some real amps!). Arnel, at times sounds amazing. At times he sounds like a failed carbon copy. No the band can present that legacy sound to the shrinking fan base and really fizzle out when they should have when they screwed up with TBF. Not worth the gas you would have to use up to drive to walmart to buy it. stay away...

05/06/08: Mark -
Rating: 0
Well, the music is good, the production is lacking. Arnel is impressive. I can listen to this album and truly enjoy it on it's own merits HOWEVER Journey is just not any other band with a new album. As a previous reviewer mentioned, Journey had a great chance to move forward with JSS and I will never get over them unceremoniously dumping JSS in favor of Arnel. I saw JSS at the MelodicRock fest in Indiana and he was incredible, as always, and rocked the house. He not only nailed old Journey songs but has incredible energy and would have taken Journey to a whole new era. Kudos to journey for a great album of melodic rock but you defined the genre and now it seems you are cursed to be a tribute band to yourself.

04/06/08: jimbo -
Rating: 95
i thought the first disc was outstanding!!!!! i agree with jeremy, "after all these years" will be played at a lot of weddings and anniversaries,i thought the rest of the songs were a near perfect bala nce of rockers, and power ballods. the remakes i thought were good, but what was the point? i was really impressed with the dvd. rock on journey!!!!

04/06/08: Bob -
Rating: 93
This is undoubtedly a great album, especially the first CD. The quality of the production isn't 100%, but the music is just awesome. Arnel is a great singer with is own touch, but no way he can sing the classic tunes like Perry used to. Don't look into it! Sorry for that, but who cares, we all have to move on and this is a new journey for us all. Really nice.

04/06/08: Eddie Duggan -
Rating: 100
I love this new cd , what more do you want .I do miss Steve Perry but I got to move on . The soaring guitar solo`s are there etc...... So much emotion are back in to the songs and with Deen singin` as well makes it kick - ass . !!!!!

04/06/08: AORvault -
Rating: 98
Best Journey album since 1986. It all comes together, the songs, production and Arnel.. what a singer! THE album of 2008 for shure.

Would love to see them live.

04/06/08: Bob Clark -
Rating: 100
Unbelieveable! I really enjoyed the new release & couldn't find 1 dud track to skip over. Arnel really seems to channel Steve Perry while establishing himself as the new voice of Journey. There are similarities & differences between the two of them. I also agree that while the re-records of the classic Journey tracks are done well, but could have even been better if they would have stretched out & improvised a bit more. This release already sounds more cohesive than the Augeri version of the band. I never had the privilege of hearing them with JSS. Again, a great new release. I feel fortunate to have it.

04/06/08: mike -
Rating: 0
Without Steve Perry Journey Is Dead. This New Cds Sucks. Philippine Frontman Arnel Pineda Can't Sing At All What The Hell Was Neal Schon Thinking????? Disappointed... Hay Neal Schon Your Day's Of Beeing On Top Of The Music World Are Over!!! Hear's A Singer To Hire Jorn Lande: Vocals Man This Guy Can Sing!!!! Ps I Can't Wate For Steve Perry's Comeback Later This Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

04/06/08: Skip Banks -
Rating: 99
I can't add any more than what Andrew has already stated. I was very saddened by the departure of JSS and really looking forward to his recording with Journey. Then to find out he was replaced by some dude off Youtube, I just figured this was just another great band to fade to the bottomless abyss of the cutout bin. Then I looked Arnel up on Youtube and I knew it was true. What ever Neal was smoking, I wanted some. So I get the album anyhow at Walmart yesterday ( a fantastic bargin by the way ) and was completely blown away. I would go so far as to say Arnel is every bit as smooth and pitched as Steve Perry. I would further be willing to say he is so good that I while I really like Steve, I have to admit that I really did not miss him at all when I listened to this record. I only hope Journey will be kind enough to allow Andrew to post the track Let Me Take You Back in the Mr X section. The entire band is right on point with this record. Great job and I can't wait for the next album with Arnel!

04/06/08: Mitch Duncan -
Rating: 95
Starting off, I love the new CD. It is, in many ways, their strongest work on the whole since Frontiers. I break the songs down to 3 categories; songs with that '80s Journey feel (Never Walk Away, Where Did I Lose Your Love), songs with that late '70s Journey feel (Like A Sunshower, What I Needed), while the rest mostly carry on the Augeri song style. While there were quite a few fine ballads on Arrival, I believe "After All These Years" is their best since "Why Can't This Night Go On Forever". While I enjoy the solo Schon at the end, I would rather have another song with vocals and enjoy this one on a Neal solo CD. Although I like the Pineda version better than the last, I still have no need for the remade "Faith In The Heartland". Overall, get it - JOURNEY STILL ROCKS!!!

04/06/08: steve -
Rating: 85
All the songs sound great and every thing is well written.

The only negative is on disc 2 you can hear the click track the band uses during open arms and on another track.

He sings the older songs great and I think Journey has a bright future.

04/06/08: jorg -
Rating: 100
Journey is absolutely back!!!!

I did not have much expectations since I was not very happy with the last records they made. Without Perry, it just was not Journey to me. That has changed now with "Revelation". There are so many songs which will bring you back directly into the 80ies. Many songs remind me of the "escape" and "frontiers" time of journey. The ballad "turn the world down tonight" is as strong as "faithfully". I could say more but... Just LISTEN, it will break your heart and mind. The biggest AOR band of all time is back, fresh, melodic and true!
Journey rules!!!!

04/06/08: Jeff Weigel -
Rating: 50
Have you read the review of Neal Schon in GQ. If he feels as if he does about Steve Perry, why do they keep going out looking for karaoke replacements for him. The song writing ability between the two is not replaceable. I wouldn't waste your time with this album unless it was just for curiosity. I was disappointed. If anything the re-recording of the hits is easier to understand some of the words they sing. There was no need for this. Journey is no more not unless the reunite with Steve Perry.

04/06/08: Mike -
Rating: 80
I really like the cd, but my first impressions were the same when I first popped it in my stereo....The quality reminded me of " Generations"....I would've liked to heard a crisper sound....sometimes it sounds like demo audio....but definately way better than the tracks on Generations.

04/06/08: Gus -
Rating: 90
I went to Wal-Mart and picked up Revelations first thing in the morning on June 3rd. I am going to see this new version of Journey next month along with Heart and Cheap Trick so I wanted to get familiar with the new songs. I have seen every tour this band has done from Departure to present so I go back a long way with this band. I must say after Generations my expectations for this CD were very low despite Andrew's strong review. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this CD. The overall production of this CD is top notch thanks to Kevin Shirley. While there are some weak points on the CD, overall it is pretty strong. "Never Walk Away", "After All These Years", and "Faith in the Heartland" being the stand out tracks in my opinion. This version of "Faith in the Heartland" is far superior to the Generations version. I also think "Like a Sunshower" and "Wildest Dream" deserve honorable mention. While this CD is definitely the strongest release from Journey in sometime it is not the Journey of the 70's or early 80's. I would however put it on par with Trial By Fire or Raised on Radio although this disc rocks much harder than either of those efforts. I think that the Journey vibe is there more so than it was when Steve Augeri was fronting the band. That's not meant to be a slam on Steve Augeri's ability as a singer it's just my opinion. While the song quality is good on this CD the song writing element that Steve Perry brought to the band is missing. So in reality it is like you are getting 2/3 of what the song would have been had the classic band wrote and recorded these songs. That being said this is the Journey of now and they do sound tight and more focused. Deen Castronovo does an awesome job on the drums and Arnel delivers the songs in a convincing manner.

The re-recorded classics disc was in my opinion okay. I thought Arnel did a journeymans job of singing them (no pun intended). The production of the songs was a bit more raw compared to the originals. All things being equal if I want to hear these songs I will pull out the greatest hits disc.

The live DVD is an extra added bonus that allows you to see this new line up in action. I find it interesting that the newest memebers of the band Arnel and Deen give the most energetic performances live. I think this is a superior live set compared to the Journey live 2001 DVD however it lacks the energy that the Journey Live in Houston 1981 Escape Tour DVD had. To be fair Neal,Jon and Ross were 27 years younger and the Journey of 1981 was a band that had just hit their stride as opposed to the band of 2008 that is in their twilight years although they are still viable. All in all this 3 disc package is well worth the under $12.00 dollars price tag and the new dics is definitely worth the price by itself.

04/06/08: Jeremy -
Rating: 90
"After all these years" has got to be one of the greatest songs of Journey since "Open Arms". Can you imagine all the anniversaries or weddings that will play this song! I am so glad that Neal found Arnel. What an amazing voice!

04/06/08: William -
Rating: 89
I know Journey like Andrew does, and in respect to him I will base my review on the music, not my opion of Neal and Jonathan. I think the best song on the album is "Change for the Better". Very cool Journey song which flows well all the way through. It has a intro that reminded me of Van Halen, in the early Sammy Hagar era, but with a very journey feel. The next song that just grabs you from the intro is, "Where did I lose Your Love". This song has everything a journey song should have except for the chorus, which reminds me of the 2nd track off(Generations). I think "Change For The Better" has a much more rock song chorus, while "Where did I lose Your Love" has a soppy chorus.

Next is "Never Walk Away", a song which starts out like a track Neal did with Jeff Scott Soto, but soon after kicks into a journey song which compares to "Never Too Late" which was off Journey's Last record. I love these types of songs, but feel it has a locked in feel to "Generations".

(Like a Sun Shower) is a song that we will all picture Steve Perry singing, probably the most 80's sounding journey song on the record. Arnel could fool God that he was Steve Perry on this one.

(Faith in The Heartland), I hate to say it, but I loved the last version of this song and this lacks some power that the original carried throughout the song, but I did like seeing Journey change up the song with some different touches. One part was Jon's Piano work that was not a factor in the end of the original version. I think this version is softer and more kick back.

(Wildest Dream), a song which also has a great beginning, and then a weird build which I don't like at all. Different to "Where did I lose your love", this song has a cool chorus which helps you forgive the Don Henly build that really just makes this better for a closing track, or bonus euro track.

The rest of the album contains some nice ballads, and Ok Rock songs. I think of this is a great(Bad English 3) record with Arnel singing instead of JOHN WAITE. This album is definately better than "Generations" over all, but I must say (Arrival) may be arguable by many fans. I think the record is a fairly easy listen that should still appeal to old and new generation fans.

I also think Journey is a band that just proved that even in their age they can sound like the Journey of old. Def Leppard for example sound nothing like their prime. "Trial by Fire" is still better than any of the last three records! I will close saying Journey impressed me on a musical level in this new studio(youtube) project.

04/06/08: RL - n/a
Rating: 95
Many fans want to consider outside issues when judging new music by longtime favorite bands: band politics, past/present members, etc..etc. I've gotten to old to keep up with that end of the spectrum. :) And the reality is the focus should be elsewhere.

JOURNEY fans need to judge this album on it's own merits and focus on what matters most - the quality of the music. After repeated listens (and as much as I loved "ARRIVAL"), I find "REVELATION" to be my favorite all around album since "Frontiers". Schon's guitar playing seems more concise and focused. The harmonies are outstanding. And newcomer Pineda's voice is clearly more than cabable to do justice to the material.

Standout tracks for me are "Like A Sunshower", "After All These Years", "What I Needed", "Faith In the Heartland" (nice job on the reworked version), and "Turn Down The World".

Always nice to see a classic band push forward and come up with great new material. "REVELATION" is a pleasant surprise.

04/06/08: Stefan -
Rating: 60
Sorry but i can't get into this.Beeing a journey fab since 30 years now its a pai for me.Seen them live with augerie and soto was real great but now it sounds like a journey cover band.....They had the chance to do a new beginning with soto and they didnt do...

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