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Journey Red 13 Frontiers Records
Track Listing
Intro / State Of Grace
The Time (2)
Walking Away From
The Edge (1)
I Can Breathe

(*) Best Tracks

Album Details
Produced By: Neal Schon
& Jonathan Cain
Running Time: 24.28
Release Date: Oct 30 EU &
Nov 22 JP
Released: EU JP US
Genre: AOR
WebLink: Journey Swag
LabelLink: Journey Music

Discography & (Rank)
Escape (1)
Frontiers (4)
Raised On Radio (2)
Trial By Fire (5)
Arrival (6)
Arrival US (3)

Discography / Compilations
Greatest Hits
Time 3
Greatest Hits Live
Essential Journey

Fresh from their break with Sony, Journey go it alone with an independently released EP, available through the band's merchandise site.
The EP sees the band change direction from the multi-layered overdubbed production of their last few records, to a rawer, harder edge that is reminiscent of the band's earlier work and their live sound.
The overall style of the EP is pretty loose. The production is raw and has a definite live feel to it.
No Journey release goes by without considerable debate and I expect no less from this release.
I expect some to love it and embrace it warmly and I expect some others will be a little less excited by it. I think though, the majority will see it for what it is and appreciate it.
It's great to hear some true guitar driven songs from the band. Neal's axe is in fine shape and guides the songs from the intro, through the verse and choruses and importantly, there are some great solo's and song outro's.
These certainly aren't the usual Journey anthem's we have come to expect. But the songs themselves are fairly natural, sounding more suited to a live concert treatment.
Individually, besides the big ballad Walking Away From The Edge, the songs individually don't stand out, but collectively this EP still works.
The songs themselves aren't the best the band have ever recorded - they are good, but they do lack the bigger hooks and choruses that for years have been the band's trademark.
But in fairness to the band and this project - this really is a step away from the style of the last several years and is an experiment by the band that might have felt too controlled under the wings of Sony.
Red 13 is virtually a jam session for the band - cranking out 4 new tunes in quick time, without much padding or studio production effects.
The songs flow freely and the band sound a little closer to forming their own post-Steve Perry identity.
Steve Augeri sings less like Perry and a little more like his old individual style and the band are carving themselves a tight little sound.
All in all, it's an interesting EP that shouldn't be judged on it's own too much, but rather as a piece in the puzzle to where Journey have been and where they will be heading in the future.
I enjoyed the songs here, but certainly will be expecting bigger things with the band's next full CD. They can do anything they want to basically and have the talent to to do it - so what promises to be an even bigger and better full CD will hopefully be not too far away.

Track By Track
A 2 minute intro leads us into State Of Grace, which opens with a nice fat guitar riff. The song rocks along at a good pace, with Augeri sounding fresh and in control.
There are some cool guitar effects that fill the background and a firm pound from the rhythm section of Valory and Castronovo.
The chorus is embedded as part of the song, only differing from the verse slightly. It rocks, but it's not a stadium anthem - although I can see it working live rather well.
The Time has a different swagger to it. It's a moody track, as all these songs are. It's a guitar driven track that features another simple chorus, maximized with some soft backing vocals.
Neal's guitar riff on this song makes it a clear winner and Deen's drumming rules the track. Could have been even heavier I think.
Walking Away From The Edge is the big ballad of this release. Written by Schon, Cain and Andre Pessis, this is an excellent, slow, haunting ballad that features some moody keyboards, some sultry vocals and some fine lead guitar from Neal Schon, reminiscent of his best solo material and past Journey hits. All in all, a great sound and some fine extended guitar solos.
Funnily enough, despite wanting to feature less ballads, this is the best track of the EP.
I Can Breathe is a solid rock track. The chorus is a little stronger and with the other tracks all clocking in at over 6 minutes, this track, at 4 minutes is, sees a song structure a little more familiar for Journey fans.
A good uptempo pop rocker.

Points Summary - The Bottom Line
The performance is as we expect from a band of Journey's talent and experience - tight. The production and songwriting lose a few points, but the sequence is good and the running time (especially for an EP) is excellent.
Cover art is simple, but effective and again, for an EP is above average.

Buy it if you liked:
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Neal Schon - Late Nite

Line Up
Neal Schon: Guitar
Steve Augeri: Vocals
Jonathan Cain: Keyboards
Deen Castronovo: Drums
Ross Valory: Bass





Running Time


Running Time:


23/07/04: Narada -
Rating: 0
What I would really like to see is Journey update some of their pre-Perry material from the first 3 albums: Journey, Look into the Future, and Next.
It would be great to hear the instrumental *Nickel and Dime* or Steve A. sing *Next*.
Better yet, see if Greg Rolie would come back for a few: My favorite songs were alway when steve+greg were singing, ie: feeling that way/anytime.
New Steve is nice, but it's about the same as say, 10,000 maniacs trying to carry on with a natalie merchant sound-alike.
Old Steve, I always thought he was an egotistical prick.
This was Greg's band from get go. A shame we don't hear from him.

Rating: 13

Rating: 13

23/07/03: Brett -
Rating: 50
Without a doubt, RED 13 is Journey's desperate attempt at trying to start in a new musical direction. It's something the band needs to do, as a result of Perry's absence. But, in my opinion, RED 13 fails to capture the "magic" that is required, if Journey is to move on to greatness with Augeri. In fact, I was also disappointed with the ARRIVAL album. There's no doubt about it.... Augeri just doesn't have the song-writing talent that Steve Perry had. The new Journey songs are fine musically (although rawer in form), but suffer both lyrically and vocally. I do admit, Augeri does an admirable job in concert (I've seen him 3 times), but he lacks what's needed in the studio. Say what you want, but the bottom line is producing music that ends up with FM air-play. And, unfortunately, Journey hasn't had FM air-play since the "Trial By Fire" album. It must be frustrating for Jonathan Cain. He and Steve Perry were a song-writing machine. Cain, deep inside, must long for the return of Perry. The bottom line is: Journey's produced two mediocre albums since Perry's departure... that's not the recipe for continued success!

07/07/03: Rob -
Rating: 90
I was intitally disappointed by this Ep, but, when taken in the proper context it is everything it needed to be and more! Journey music has been the unofficial soundtrack for many of the thirty and over set, but we, like the music need to evolve. Journey was first a jam band and it was wonderful to see them set their sights on a musical horizon not recently seen in a climate of "we need every song to be a hit." I was happy to see Neal eclaim his band, and though I have loved Steve Perry since 1979, it was time for the band to press on. I have seen them six times with Steve Augeri, and each time they have made me profoundly happy. Arrival was a tremendously under appreciated work that with proper air play could have been a phenomenal success, Sony really dropped the ball. So without the constraints of a major labelwe get a somewhat unfinished work, which true Journey fans should embrace, and casual fans will find flawed. Which type of Journey fan are you? thanks for listening

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 70
Sheesh, There's nothing special about this disc. While some of it does rock, none of it is memorable. I hope these guys keep the hardness but improve on the songwriting for their next full disc because this just doesn't match up.

21/03/03: Daymond -
Rating: 50
I saw the band 4 times during the "Arrival" tour and even met them backstage twice. I still consider myself a fan with and without Steve Perry. Steve Augeri does a fabulous job both live and in the studio. Anyway, I just can't listen to this CD. I bought at the last gig I saw them play and it ranks as one of the most horrid and forgettable I have purchased in recent memory. Clearly Neal is pulling the reigns on this release. If you are interested, for $2.00 shipping I will send it to you free.

09/02/03: Eric -
Rating: 2
I think "RED 13" is a good EP to hold us off until the next full length CD... which I hope is soon. Arrival is a great CD, and I know that the next CD will be even better. I read a lot of the reviews on this site, and I hate it when everyone puts Steve Perry down. A lot of you say good bye to him, but we all know that it would be an incredible day if he ever came back to the band. I know I would be very happy. I am not saying that Steve Augeri is not good for the band, but he has some really big shoes to fit in. He is doing a great job keeping the Journey name alive. I have seen them twice live with him, and they were probably the best concerts I have ever been to. But... you know if Steve Perry went back to them... even if his voice isn't as good as it once was.. it would be the greatest reunion in AOR history. :) Steve Perry is the man that put Journey on the radio. They were a good band before him, but they were great with him.
Back to Red 13... I think "Walking Away From The Edge" is by far the best track on the EP. It is probably there best song to Date with Steve Augeri. Great lyrics, and has a very haunting sond..

14/01/03: Jim -
Rating: 100
Awesome record, Clearly Neal Schon and Jon Cain havent lost anything. Not having been a huge Journey fan through the Perry years allows me to just enjoy the music with no baggage. Walking away from the Edge is a song that speaks directly to me, I loved the guitar work on State of Grace and Deen is awesome throughout. If there is a better group of musicians playing together, I don't know who it would be. I can't wait for the next Journey record and in the meantime will be looking forward to Planet Us.

11/01/03: STEPHANIE -
Rating: 100

19/12/02: Cruz E. Ramos -
Rating: 40
I'm a big Journey fan since I can remember and I'm 35,well I love Steve Perry and when he"walked out" of Journey I was very dissapointed,but Neal waited on him long enough and then move on .Do you realize that from ROR to TBF were ten years in betwen?That was to long for the fans like me.Well I say that Journey could had put at least 5 more albums in that time.Then 4 more years for Arrival.Anyway I'm getting off the subject,Arrival was a very good cd,I even saw them live in 2001 here in Florida,great show and Steve A. was very good,they can go on without Steve Perry,Well...that was I thought.Then comes RED 13,what a let down,I think is very bad,and the songs do not grow in to you like the ones in Arrival.They better improve for the next album or they are gonna loose some of the old fans like me.I'm rating it at 40 and I'm been generous.

08/12/02: jon -
Rating: 84
Being new to this site i had no idea that there was so much interest in journey. i also had no idea that so many people thought as i do, that Arrival was excellent. Initially i felt that Arrival was a let down, that it had no classic songs, that it was a tired attempt to recreate past glories, but as it was the first without Perry, and because (most of) the songs have a certain weight, a depth to them, making them less immediate, time and the quality of the material ensured that that album stands alongside Escape, Frontiers and Departure, and above the likes of Raised on Radio and Trial by Fire as the best of Journey's work (in my opinion).
Red 13 makes me do something i rarely do with a Journey album; reach for the fast forward dial. i am no fan of the 2 minute intro! The last 14 seconds i can suffer, only to build up to the start of State of Grace, which i found (initially) to be the most immediate track of the four. I agree with the reviewers who have slated the production quality on the ep but have to say that the point of this release is to go somewhere different with the band and i feel, to an extent, that they have, by paring down the sound, given a live, jam-feel to the project. The drum sound suffers the most i feel, it sounds tinny and quite distresseddistressing?! when isolated in the mix. There a few instances of this during the first and fourth tracks.
Though it appeared to be the standout track during the first few listens, State of Grace was quickly surpassed by both The Time and StandingÖ after repeated plays. Again the combination of quality writing and performance ensure that these songs find favour and make you realise you are listening to a band working close to the peak of their powers.
The Time takes me back to the early Infinity/Departure albums where this kind of track would be the norm, tucked between other classic tracks we took for granted, with Schon playing for fun, his guitar rumbling contentedly, always capable of meandering off at a tangent. This track has some wonderful qualities, some of which are enhanced by the slightly murky production. This is my favourite song on the ep.
Standing... is a good solid song which is growing after each listen; it closes with a truly wonderful solo by Schon which is fitting as i think he is once again the main player in the band as he is no longer backing down to record companies or band members with wider appeal in mind.
The closing track is, i think, the weakest on the ep. Whereas the first 3 tracks could have, just?, sneaked onto Arrival with improved p********** v***** (im sick seeing it, hearing it and reading it!) i cant honestly see a place for I Can Breathe on there. It is still a good, solid journey song and will be a live favourite (if they play it).
Overall i am happy with the ep, it took me ages to get it, and it was worth the wait. I look forward to the new CD with great optimism.

03/12/02: john ruggiero -
Rating: 65
I got the CD because its Journey and I love Journey. I asked Gez at LOUD 1 what he thought and he was disapointed with the songs and production. When I heard it I was also disapointed and yes the production is poor compared to the Arrival CD.Having heard the songs a few times it gets better.Only Walking Away would have made the last album. For a Journey fix get the live DVD this is JRNY HEAVEN !!!!!

26/11/02: Laura -
Rating: 99
I'm pleased to see more bands going for the stripped-down sound. Like Sammy Hagar's latested effort, JRNY is back-to-basics here! Too many over-produced sounds on the market today. "RED 13" is pure rockin' refreshment. "Walking Away From The Edge" is now my fav JRNY tune. I can't get enough of it. And what of the missing Steve Perry? Steve Augeri IS NOT Steve Perry...Steve Augeri IS lead singer of JRNY! LS

29/10/02: Alan -
Rating: 90
The Time takes you on a musical roller coaster ride.
This EP is Journey!!

26/10/02: Ray -
Rating: 8
To everyone, Steve Perry is the past, Steve Augeri is the future. What a great future it will be. It is an EP for die hard fans, and that all. so get off the weak production quality. This is Journey raw, fans think of it as a filler between albums and don 't rip it for what it was never meant to be. Be glad Frontier records is offfering, cause the only way us "fans" was albe to get it was throught the journey web sit.
Personally, Steve Perry is a jerk, he can't touch the high notes Steve Augeri can. So quite living in the past. Perry will always be Journey but I don't want to hear his current weak voice., Perry currently belongs with Barry Manillow and not with Journey. So give Steve Augeri a break.

12/10/02: Steve M -
Rating: 70
I waited & hoped this would be as good as Neal made it sound like.BUT NOT QUITE! The production & songs just bore me to death.Nothing wrong with trying new sounds But the songs don't stand out whatsoever No hooks , Choruses.If Arrival didn't sell with much better songs & Production How will this?????

09/10/02: Scott -
Rating: 75
I love the songs and it is a step in the right direction, but I just wish that the production
was up to par. Looking forward to a new CD, hopefully produced by a well established

08/10/02: Kenneth Otto -
Rating: 99
1 point off for artwork. Otherwise I love it 100 percent. Really rocks. Steve Augeri, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory and Deen Castronovo show how tight they have become as a band. This is Journey's best work for me. All I can say is keep these hits coming guys. You really rock on this one.

03/10/02: Kort -
Rating: 0
Can't get past the fact that Steve Perry is no longer involved. Thier first effort in Arrival did deliver the Journey sound with Augeri at the helm but this effort does not come close to the Journey sound that has produced so many hits over the years. I give the band credit for moving on to find thier own sound. Unfortunately from my perspective, this is a sound that is not suited to my taste. Neil Schon spoke about his disgust for Steve Perry doing Journeyesque music on his solo efforts. While Arrival was a good cd, Neil's new version of the group was basically a cover version of what he had been a part of for years. With this new sound, I can finally move away from Journey and concentrate on groups like Two Fires featuring Keven Chalfant. This guy is the real deal!

02/10/02: Jeff -
Rating: 75
I just saw Journey at the Big E on 9-29-02 and was absolutely blown away. They are phenomenal in concert and every song they played seemed to rock harder than they did on the albums. I liked the Trial By Fire album and loved Arrival. When I read the review here I was skeptical to buy the EP. Especially when it seemed there wasn't initially a record label attached. After the concert, I immediately went to the souveneir stand to buy the EP(even though I wasn't crazy about the 2 songs they did live from this disc). After listening to it about 8 times I am disappointed.

The production quality is not there. The songs probably could be much improved with a producer involved. I felt that the drums didn't sound very deep or thundering. Steve Augeri's voice sounds weaker on this album that on Arrival. The band doesn't seem to sing together for any real catchy choruses. I personally feel that if the name Journey was not on the album, it would not sell and really not appeal to many people as an album you want to listen to repeatedly. However since I am a Journey fan I will keep listening to it because it is Journey and the album is not offensive, it's just not great.

29/09/02: John K -
Rating: 87
I would highly recommend acquiring this disc just for "The Time". Lyrically & musically brillant and somewhat "progressive" Journey. It took 2 or 3 listens to get attached to the songs. Deen Castronovo's drumming is just awesome. Deen really propels these songs. Schon has come up with some great tones and textures in his playing on Red 13. It's great to hear him playing alot looser than normal. I honestly prefer the production of this E.P over the last few "million dollar" production jobs. You owe it to yourself to pick this disc up. I'm thoroughly enjoying this E.P.

20/09/02: The Breakdown Room -
Rating: 0
Just wanted to point out that Geoff Tate of QUEENSRYCHE co-wrote "Walking Away from the Edge" back in 1998, and received no credit for it. After reading the reviews of that particular song, I thought it should be mentioned...especially since the CD leaves any mention of that out.

19/09/02: DAVE E -
Rating: 100

18/09/02: Brad -
Rating: 92
I own close to 500 CDs, and yet this is the first EP I've ever purchased. But it's new (and rocking!) music by JOURNEY, so why wouldn't I?? I loved "Arrival" and think that Steve Augeri is a great replacement for Steve Perry. In a lot of ways, S.P.'s departure is a blessing in disguise, as Neal Schon has a lot of say in the musical direction of the band again. For sure, that shows through on this EP with these four songs.

Now I agree with Andrew and other reviewers that the production is surprisingly lacking, especially after the amazing production on "Arrival". But how about the songs themselves?? In a nutshell, they are GREAT. I am one of many who thinks that it's great that Journey still knows how to rock.

"State Of Grace" is a fantastic leadoff rocker with lots of energy. It reminds me a bit of late-'70s Journey with an added modern edge. "The Time" is another great rocker, more straight ahead with a strong emphasis on the guitars. "Walking Away From The Edge" is a moody ballad, as opposed to the more traditional Journey power ballad. Great song as well. "I Can Breathe" is a good pop rocker with a catchy chorus to close out the mini-album.

All I can say is that if this EP is a sign of things to come, I am very excited about future efforts by this band. The rock is back, Neal still can shread on guitar, and Steve A. is truly putting his signature stamp on the band. Hopefully they will indeed put out a full album next year with the percentage of rockers that are here with the mixing and production of "Arrival". If that happens, we may have on our hands the best album of the decade. ("Arrival" has that distinction for me so far.)

May the Journey continue for a long time to come....

17/09/02: Charlie -
Rating: 70
This is an okay disc I expected better after their last full length disc which I feal had some of their best work. The production on this disc may not sound to some like a polished item but all Journey discs are no matter how they sound, The best thing on the disc is the great sound of neils guitar playing which as always is stellar, can't wait to see them in two weeks at our local county fair called the Big "E". I would only suggest that Journey completists (like myself) buy this disc so that you won't be dissapointed.

16/09/02: Steve -
Rating: 75
I have only listened to this EP once and it was not continuous so it would be unfair to rate it on that alone.

Firsat point is the production. As has been said before here it has a much less 'structured, rigid' production feel to it than previous Journey product. It is much more loose and has the feeling of the band 'jamming' the songs.
Not necessarily a bad thing at all but, as others here have said, it IS difficult to swallow if you arrive at Journey's door with the HUGE production values of yesteryear indelibly etched onto your psyche. However if you allow the band the luxury of pleasing themselves for once then this EP will, most definately, grow on you.
You also have to understand that Steve Perry is no longer a band member and adjust your attitudes accordingly.
Right off the first listen the standout track is 'Walking Away From The Edge' but that is because it is the most easily recognisable as Journey sounding. State Of Grace also stuck in my mind but, as I said before, I (and you) really need the time and patience to allow the songs to work their magic.
The band is still as tight as ever and Steve sounds great. Given the room to breathe and relax his soulful trait shines through on the songs.
This is a slow burner and I'll be back when I have had the time to fully digest what it is the band are striving to do with Red 13......bottom line?
Do not dismiss out of hand because of past prejudice.

13/09/02: Fred -
Rating: 82
I like Red 13. The toughest part at first was deciding which song I liked the best, but soon enough "I Can Breathe" emerged as the winner.

"The Time" is a great rocker, mainly because of the groove, which Deen lays down nicely. Neal's guitar compliments it very well.

Overall, I see Journey moving in a new direction and I think it's a good one.

I'm sure those who simply don't like the band's current incarnation because Steve Perry is no longer lead singer, won't be moved to accept this latest offering from Journey. The music is good to great and I think it's exactly what Journey needs to move out from under the shadow. Augeri does a fine job on these songs. His voice is more out front on Red 13 than on Arrival, but the mix still needs to have him out there more.

I purchased a copy of Red 13 for my sister whose favorite group is the Eagles and she really loved it. Her favorite tune is "Walking Away from the Edge."

For those who don't bring a lot of "baggage" to the table where Journey is concerned, the rewards of this music are obvious. Looking forward to the next CD from Journey.

11/09/02: Larry -
Rating: 95
Wow, alot of debate here. Personally, I loved this cd. Yes, the production is muddled and the mix sounds real low. But to be honest I've not cared for journey's last couple album's productions. The Stereo effect seems to be gone in these days of Digital processors. Everything just seems like a wall of pure sound without any ability to hear the instruments up or down in the mix. Or maybe my speakers blarring it just can't handle the I have to admit I like the fact journey is rocking again. Just because we get older doesn't mean we can't rock anymore. I'm as proud of them as I was w/Rush's "Vapor Trails" cd. These guys know how to rock and are not afraid to do it. Bottom line folks, This is Journey, a band alot of us have been dying to hear from for alot of years. Steve Perry is gone and so what. When he puts out a solo cd again, I'll buy it. Personally, I've always liked Neal's playing and I've got everything he's ever done outside of journey (yes even the new age stuff). I'm just glad the guys put something out for us to listen too till they get the label issues straight and can put out a full release. For the next cd I'd like to see them on a label like A & M. A Label who's known for production quality, or eveb Polygram would be good. I just hope we don't have to wait another 10 years or more to hear from them again.

11/09/02: jose j. maya -
Rating: 95
the album red-13 is very good sound and super energy inspiration, steve augery the new horse men super great
voice, neal schon super virtousity solos is great, dean castronovo the best drumer in state of grace song, the octupus men, this album is great A++++++++++++++++++++ puerto rico.

07/09/02: koogles -
Rating: 40
Last year, Sony released "The Essential Journey" on 2CDs. This year, Journey has released "The Non-essential Journey" on a cheap looking E.P. It has another, more familiar name: "Red 13". What a disgrace to the Journey legacy. Augeri hasn't sounded this bad since Tyketto's "Shine". This is the disappointment and a slap in the face to everyone to whom the name "Journey" has meant something special.

06/09/02: Jose Luis LÚpez Soler -
Rating: 50
Well Im must say that I have been a very true and loyal Journey fan for over 25 years, and definitly I have a dissapointed feel on Red 13. First with the exception of "walking away from the edge", which I consider a great song in the best tradition of Journey, the other songs honestly I dont think they quite hit the mark. At least the mark that we have been used to expect from one of the best bands and song writing teams in history of melodic rock.

To say the least, there is no good choruses in those 3 songs remaining and they simply forgot about hooks and melody within them. I have absolutly no problem with the heavier direction, in fact the guitar shown in "all the Things" from Arrival is simply amazing and Neal really shines on it, but also think that Arrival was perhaps Journey`s best release to date, due to the fact that they had a balance in styles with the inclusion of a lot of great melodic rockers and overall superb quality in songs, even the ballads. Specially considering and compared with "trial by fire" that definitly was too mellow pop ballad oriented.

So in my opinion Arrival was in places rockier, but they took care of remain true to Journey`s melodic style & sound. Ok maybe too many ballads, but no one can argue that Journey balladas are normally awsome right.

So, if the guys wanna rock, please rock and rock hard, but with common sense & Journey feel, that means keep it melodic (Separte ways, Escape, Higher Place, I got a reason, To be alive again, Stone in love, Be good to yourself, and even Rubicon for God sake).

Otherwise Dont want to be a bad luck messiah, but I realized that if the next release will showcase only, the style shown in State of Grace, Time & Breath, God please no!, I can see a "Def Leppard Slang Syndrom" coming on for Journey ahead and that would be a catastrofy. Hope they hear this prayer so they dont have to make ammends with the fans in the next album, perhaps in 4 or 5 years from now.
Please Andrew bring this opinions to their attention

05/09/02: Chris - csantoro@oel.state,
Rating: 95
Hey, Journey changed it up a bit. Overall great job, nice to finally hear Neal jam the way he should. You can really tell Perry is out of the picture here. It also give Augeri a chance to show he is no clone. His style is his own and his writing ability is showcased. Why not a 100% rating?, I don't really like the cover art, maybe because its just an EP and I'm upset its not a whole album just yet. Can't wait to hear the entire work. I hope Journey continues to evolve and make excellent music.

01/09/02: Brucie Kid -
Rating: 95
Holy Sh*t!!! State of Grace and The Time might just be the best two damn songs Jon and Neal have ever written. The raw sound on this production should be appreciated by anyone who owns Infinity, Evolution and even Escape. The opening of The Time brings me back to the pre-Perry days. Dean credited Steve Smith on the Arrival CD for his tutoring on what it takes to play drums for this band, and man does he shine! Stevie A. continues to grow into his role as lead man. Let's forget Perry once and for all...this Steve can sing!!! With that said, let's realize that Neal's original dream for this band is coming true! The focus is back on the music; where it should be.

Keep rockin' boys!! Looking forward to the full length release.

31/08/02: Paul -
Rating: 50
I was really looking forward to this EP after the excellent Arrival,but my first impression was not good.What has happened to the usually excellent production that we have come to expect from Journey? This EP sounds like a demo tape..purely because of bad production and bad mixing.
The songs are "ok" with the standout track being "Walking away from the edge" where the production seems much better and clearer."State of Grace" should have been a stormer but is instead muddy and overlong.
I know that the split with the record company has meant that the funds were probably not available to hire the best studio and producer but for the forthcoming CD it is an absolute must that this side of the album is taken care of.
The new rockier direction is certainly pleasing (then we will appreciate the classic ballads more as well).
After the masterpiece of Arrival,the new album has a lot to live up to in terms of song quality and production but Journey as a band can do it..but not with Red 13 i am afraid.

31/08/02: Jon -
Rating: 83
I already posted earlier, but I have an amendment to my review, and a reply to something that another reviewer wrote. I won't go over my original review, but I want to add that the band needs to add some more faster songs. The Time, and I Can Breath, were good, guitar driven tracks (though not hard enough, because of Neil's sound, and the production), but they should do some more up-tempo songs, like in the 160, 180 range, at least (along the lines of Can't Tame the Lion, Any Way You Want It, and Dead or alive). That's my ammendment, now for my reply to what was written earlier, by Melissa. I disagree with her that the majority of Journey fans want to hear mostly ballads. On Journey's Greatest Hits album, there are only 4 pure soft rock songs, 3 borderline soft rock/rock songs, and 8 rock/hard rock songs. In fact, until Escape, they only had 1 soft rock hit, and four or five rock/hard rock hits. It's ironic that Escape, which made Journey ballads really popular, with Open Arms and Who's Crying Now, was actually one of their two hardest albums. It only had 3 mellow songs, but two were the previously mentioned hits. With that album, they started getting female fans for the first time (That's Neil talking on Behind the Music), and they, the ballad fans, made a hit out of Faithfully off the next album (granted, it was a great song), and it was the only real ballad off of that album. So, to the dismay of most Journey fans, the next album, Raised on Radio, was overflowing with ballads, and only had 2 true rockers. Next was Trial by Fire, which was a little harder, but still too ballad heavy. Even Arrival had too many ballads. Journey was originally a rock band that had a few soft rock songs, and few hard rock songs. Then they turned into a soft rock band with a few rock and hard rock songs, and this alienated many of their true, loyal fans. Yes, they are known for their ballads, but it's mostly the female fans who want the ballads. When I tell a girl that my favorite band is Journey, they say, "Oh, I like them," but they don't know any of their albums, or own any. Guys who like Journey have all the albums, and know about the band. I don't think I'm going out on a limb in saying that most male Journey fans, especially the ones who were there before Escape, don't want to hear more ballads. There are only a few true fans (like Melissa), who want more ballads. Finally, I want to make sure that this doesn't sound mean, insulting, or argumentative, because I respect her opinion, but I have a big difference in opinion that I wanted to express. To the guys in the band. KEEP ROCKIN' HARD ROCK! ROCK HARD! (I know that they keep track of the internet because of Arrival, so hopefully they'll read this).

31/08/02: John Inman -
Rating: 85
Took a few listens for sure. I think that's already a negative in the song strength honestly. I DO however like the The production also throws you a bit of a curveball, making it take more listens to get your thrill. Neal's solo albums sound better, hands maybe he, or someone like him should be more in charge of production. I just "KNEW" this disc would sound AWESOME....and was let down a bit. This CD is a little lower volume when played next to 'Arrival' tunes (a mastering issue). JRNY are my favorite band, but the guys need to focus on production and HOOKS more next time. I LOVE the harder edge approach. Neal's work in particular...shredding. Oh yeah, and get that killer artwork back for the next full length please.

30/08/02: Jason -
Rating: 85
I consider myself a "real" Journey fan owning all of their albums, yes the pre-Perry ones too. I have enjoyed watching the band evolve over its 30-year history and their latest release, Red 13, is no exception. Their latest metamorphosis of letting the instruments take center stage is a welcome site. The individual talent that collectively forms Journey is in my opinion what makes Journey special; not sappy ballad vocal lines that gets regurgitated over and over again. To critique any part of this album would be a great challenge for me, but I would have to say that the lyrical content of Walking Away From the Edge was less than stimulating. Lyrics on this subject matter are written one of two ways, genius or garbage. With a little more thought this song could have reached a higher level and more powerful delivery if the lyrics weren’t so blatant and obvious. Congratulations to Journey on their latest effort!!! I look forward to seeing them again on tour and their next recording endeavor.

28/08/02: Scotty Rockdale -
Rating: 70
Maybe I expect too much, but I've been a hardcore Journey fan since 1981, and this is not even close to what I expected from them. I am pretty disappointed in the songs, but I have to recommend it for all true Journey fans. The production is muddy and the songs just don't move me or put a smile on my face like Arrival did. Hope to hear a full-blown album soon! (BTW I get to meet the band at an upcoming gig in September! Can't wait!!!!)

28/08/02: Melissa -
Rating: 70
Let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved Arrival. Had this album been marketed properly by Sony I believe it would have sold much better. Arrival clearly demonstrated Steve Augeri's talent and ability to assimilate himself creatively with the other members of Journey. This album was a step in the right direction as it meshed old styles with new. Red 13, though I liked "Walking away from the Edge" I believe is too hard of a sound for Journey. Journey was made famous on songs like Faithfully and Open Arms. These are the "ballads" that fans still come to the concert to hear as I believe "Walking away from the Edge" will have that success. I think they should progress more in the direction of ballads and soft rock than going towards the harder styles that sound more like the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith for example.

28/08/02: Mike -
Rating: 90
Journey is back!! There is definiately a harder edge to these songs than in the past. Journeys as always has shown their versitility and ability to create exciting and meaningful music. Take it from one of Journeys most "Faithful" Red 13 is pure Journey, and "Walking Away From The Edge" has stole the show on this EP. Cant wait for the album!!!

28/08/02: Anthony Chapparo -
Rating: 90
This is the best Journey has released in many years. After hearing RED 13,I will really look forward to the full CD in a few months and expect that it will be one of Journey's best ever!
RED 13 is a solid effort and is a transition from and a blending of Journey past, present & future....Excellent!

27/08/02: Dave Hart -
Rating: 70
The EP brings to fans a harder edged sound, but a disappointing production sound quality. Starting with the drum sound that is very weak and low in the mix. This does not represent the power of dean's playing. In general the mix of the recording reminds me of the solo work that Neal and Jonathan have done in the past. It just does not work when producing a rock album. I believe the songs are strong. They are interesting and some parts remind me of Infinity era Journey. The performance by all members earn high marks. As usual Neal gives a superb performance, Jonathan has some interesting keyboard parts throughout the EP. With the turn to a more heavy sound, it is a shame that the production makes them sound weaker than they should have been. If they do decide to record and produce their next CD at Jonathan's studio, I hope they can learn from this experience and make a more dynamic sounding CD (especially the drums). I do not want to discourage anyone from buying this EP since it definitely has value from the songs to the performance.

27/08/02: the rollingman -
Rating: 0
I'm probably one of the biggest journey fans out there but this small ep is horrible. I thought Arrival was the best and I loved it, but the songs on this ep sound like they were thrown together and aren't that good. I'm very very very disappointed with this album and I don't recommend this album at all.

27/08/02: Chuck Findley -
Rating: 90
Red 13 shows a more edgy rock direction that Journey is taking this time around. It takes a few listens but as you get familiar with each song this is some of the best stuff they have put out in a while. Steve Augeri sounds great, Neal rocks as usual and Deen stands out on the drums. Good background vocals and harmonies as usual. Excellent EP making the true fans anxiously awaiting for more.

27/08/02: Jon - jonjuanthedude
Rating: 83
Points: 35/25/10/5/5/3 This album shows promise for the next Journey album, but it lacks in some aspects of songwriting, and especially the production.

Each song is good to great. "State of Grace" is classic Journey. The song is long, but appropriately so. Killer tract! "The Time" is also pretty good, but this one shouldn't be as long as it is. My favorite part of the song is the riff at "like a thief...!" "Walking Away From the Edge" is really moody, but also too long. Still pretty good, even though it is a little anti-climatic. "I Can Breath" is a great song, but I don't like the horns that come in at the solo.

The prodcution lacks big time. I don't like Neil's guitar sound, except on "Walking...," which is similar to the sound off of Arrival. The other songs have a thin sound similar to early hair bands, but not as hard. It's a really thin sound, which bugs me. What they should do, is re-record these songs for the album, with a better sound, maybe control the length a little, and do "Breath" without the horns. This EP would become a collector's item since it would then contain alternate versions of the songs that appear on the full-length album. I would like the album to be harder and that is pretty much Neil's job to fix his sound. Great EP though, can't wait for the album!

27/08/02: Cubby -
Rating: 90
I've been a Journey fan from the beginning. I was thrilled to hear them talk about returning their "roots" a little with this line-up. Red 13 does just that, although you can still hear what some refer to as "classic" Journey. They are certainly not as consumed with writing "hook" vocals and sounding the way they did twenty years ago. I agree with the production quality may not be up to Journey standards I do love the rawer sound this ep gives us. And I think all four songs are strong enough to stand on their own and will give the industry a glimpse of what this band can do, regardless of the constraints that have been applied to them only being able to "pump out pop music." I think the full cd which will be released early next year(hopefully) will fulfill the promise of returning to the roots of this band. And prove to the world they are still talented enough to be a good rock band again.

27/08/02: Eric -
Rating: 85
First - let me say its very difficult rating an EP, because it essentially is an unfinished album....

Starting with the Intro - it has a Journey intro sound - but gets a little techno for my taste at one point. The end of it however explodes into:
State of Grace, which even after hearing live once this summer didn't immediately stick in my head. However, after a few listens - I realize this is a great song with a lot going on. It has great energy, and really features Castronovo in my opinion (really, the whole CD is Neal). Augeri really takes over at the end for a bit, but otherwise I thought his vocals were a little overpowered at times (I don't know whether this is production?).

The Time also doesn't immediately stick - but it is also a great tune, although I would rate it last in terms of which of the 4 I look most forward to hearing when I pop the Cd in. I really like Augeri's vocals on this, he really does some neat things -and the chorus is very, very strong...

Walking Away from the Edge is being called a ballad - but it is really just a moody slow tempo song - in the vein of Livin to Do or the 2nd side of Trial By Fire. It is a real nice piece - with some haunting type of keyboard and geeetar parts. The chorus changes as the song moves forward, growing increasingly intense. Augeri doesn't sound as good on this track as many others I've heard him on, although most disagree with me.

I Can Breathe ends the album - and is the clear winner for me. This song gets your head and legs boppin the first time through. I've heard people I've played this for singing the chorus before they've even heard it through once. This is an up-tempo rocker - and is a cross between I Got a Reason/Nothin Comes Close and Anyway you Want it........Neal has a great solo at the end - and very Journey sounding lovin life solo....

All in all - it is a step in a new direction - but they are still wearing their Journey boots - so the new direction isn't Un-Journey sounding. I'm really looking forward to the full length release..............

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