1. Don't Stop Believing
  2. Separate Ways
  3. After The Fall
  4. Lovin' Touchin' Sqeezin'
  5. Faithfully
  6. Who's Crying Now
  7. Anyway You Want It
  8. Lights
  9. Stay Awhile
  10. Open Arms
  11. Send Her My Love
  12. Still They Ride
  13. Stone In Love
  14. Escape
  15. Line Of Fire
  16. Wheel In The Sky
Journey's long awaited new release comes as a sort of fill in in between sorting out what's next.
There has long been a need to capture the classic line up on record, and Greatest Hits Live certainly does that.
The recordings are from four gigs in the USA and Japan in 1981 and 1983. There are no tunes from The Raised On Radio tour as Sony wish us to think of Journey as Perry/Schon/Cain/Smith and Valory. Seems a little odd, as soon they will be ready to convince us otherwise.
Anyway, the album kicks off with Don't Stop Believing, and from the first note Perry sounds like the God he is. What a voice. The band run through all their hits and a couple of less likely album tracks to support the fact these were the Escape and Frontiers tours.
The songs are already truely classic, no doubt there, so I won't even try and review them!
The band sound as tight as anything you wil ever witness in concert or on record. There are a few variations in the arrangements, but mainly they stay true to their roots.
Perry sounds especially great and gets to expand his delivery of the songs. Damn he sounds great!
I have only a small wish for the record - That the crowd gets a little more recognition and was bumped up in the mix a little more.
Also - most of the rapping from Perry to the audience is removed. I have a couple of soundboard live recordings and a radio show, and he does talk more in those.
The crowd get a little chance to sing in Any Way You Want It, and hear from Perry in Who's Crying Now, but not much elsewhere.
The addition of the concert ending fireworks after Wheel In The Sky is a nice touch though!
A great sounding live record, and a fantastic collection of pure AOR brilliance, and I dare say a better pick up than Journey's regular Greatest Hits.
A must for every AOR and Journey fan.

21/05/06: Ken W. -
Perry is to song and singing as Shakespere was to liturature. He sonds soooo good on all of the tracks and it reminds me of the outdoor stadium shows I went to. Augeri is a pale comparrison its like trying to replace Mick Jager in the stones it just does not work.
Long live Perry GOD!!!!!

22/03/05: Abitaman -
A Very good live cd, Perry is the voice of Rock, and it shows here! I have seen this bad live several times, and this cd gets it right! They do not come off well polished like the Caputered cd, but alittle bit more raw, like they are in concert. Wish the crowd would have been a little bit more upped in the mix. Only question, why not a Raised on Radio show?-ERIC Grade-91

28/09/00: Brian -
I think it is a great cd but could of been better because of certain songs i would of liked to have live on a cd.I downloaded Patiently and Opened The Door live from the houston concert on napster from the 1980 tour and i wish these two made it on the disk! Perry sounds awesome on these two songs! I can't believe sony did not include these jems on cd! Thank god for napster!

01/08/00: Teresa -
A must-have for any true Journey fan. May be the last material available with the band at its truest form, as Steve Perry is sadly no longer the voice behind the greatest rock band of all time. I am of the camp that Journey should not continue without Perry, at least not CALLING itself Journey. He is irreplaceable, any similarities between the singers is contrived-- testament to the remaining Journey members that they knew diehard Journey fans would accept no less than the brilliance of Perry's vocals and song-writing.
Personal message to Steve Perry-- myself and other true Journey fans thank you for the years you graced us with your voice. And as your (argueably) greatest fan of all time (!!!), I hungrily await any future releases. My one greatest wish would be to "Get Mail" from you!

09/07/00: Jon Paine -
One of the things I love about Journey is that they do alternate arangments live. I love the jaming on "Wheel in the Sky," and the dueling piano and guitar on "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'." They also picked up the tempo on "Any Way You Want It" which made it harder. These guys know how to play live, and it shows. Great album.

13/04/00: Brian McKnight -
This is a great disc.....if you had no idea what the original recordings sounded like. Unfortunately, I have copies of the ORIGINAL soundboard tapes from the shows this dreary disc was compiled from, and all I can think is "what a bunch of crap!". Don't misunderstand me, The Boys are in FINE form here, especially the Houston show from 1981(an absolutely blistering set). Tight playing, good harmonies, and excellent soundboard work make the original tapes Journey goldmines. Unfortunately, those legendary live shows are nowhere to be found on this disc....why? Because the vocals have been overdubbed so much that I think this disc more of a studio release than a live one. You wouldn't believe all the changes that have been made where the vocals are concerned. Add to that the almost total absence of the crowd, and what do you have? A studio album in live-album disguise. In fairness to Kevin Shirley, the producer, he was told by the label (read:music-impaired ignoramuses) to chop out the crowd, so it wasn't really his fault for that blunder. But the overdubbing is unforgivable. Here's an example: track 1, Don't Stop Believin'. Steve sings "born and raised in South Detroit" and the crowd(faintly audible) goes wild. Why? Is the concert being held in Detroit? NO! It's the Houston show!! So why does the crowd go nuts about "South Detroit"? Because, in reality, Steve sand "born and raised right here in Houston". Now it makes sense why the crowd cheers so heartily. But, let me get to the point: this disc is a total ripoff because of the overdubs. I've listened to it ONCE and I bought it THE DAY it came out! Then, to make things worse, the liner notes read..."however, unlike many live albums, there was absolutely no sweetening or overdubs." AAAaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!!! The only reasonable explanation for this is that MAYBE these "long lost tapes" were doctored years ago and nobody noticed when they were compiling them for this release. NOT!! I LOVE JOURNEY and have for about 21 years now, but for anyone out there who thinks this disc is a wonderful document of Live Journey, listen up: YOU GOT JIPPED!! I'm apologize for such a scathing review of my most favorite band, but the truth is the truth.

25/03/00: Alessandro -
Ok, I write a little late.
Journey's definitely one of my favourite bands.
About this CD, they have chosen almost all my favourite old Journey songs, tht's the best thing for me.
I could only add "Edge Of The Blade" and then it's perfect. But now, when will the new album get out? It's four years we're waiting, come on!!!

30/09/99: vj - funkydrummer
This is a great live album. Enough said. I was at one of the 3 sold out shows that they played in Norman, Ok.(where portions of this show were recorded), and have had a copy of this show since approx late 83/early 84. Needless to say it has been one of my most listened commercially un-released tape. I would agree with one of the reviewers that it needed more material from the raised on radio tour, but as we all know by then there was no ross vallory, or steve smith. It's too bad that they didn't put the smokin' version of "lies" by schon/hammer that they played live at there shows. All in all I give this record a big thumbsp.

18/09/99: Andy -
It is interesting to see all the references to Captured because I never thought about comparing this with that awesome record from 1980. Captured didn't come out of my tape player for a couple of months! Anyway, this one rocks. Don't Stop Believin', Separate Ways rock. Who's Cryin' Now has a more forceful, groovin' feel to it; it's great. Wheel in the Sky blew me away. This live album puts most others  s

24/02/99: Frederico Sinzato -
Journey is Journey!!! The best AOR band in the World! Steve Perry is perfect (the best of the best) and Neal Schon is the master of the melodic guitar. "Greatest Hits Live" is the best AOR live album. Journey is Journey. Rate:11!!!!

22/02/99: KEVIN LEE BURNS -
Its a new album of JOURNEY,and another chance to hear the magic of STEVE PERRY`s voice.
Get real people,I mean all this talk of a reunion? Does anyone else out there get the impression that Schon ,regardless of his musical genious,is an arrogant,selfish person? Check out his more recent interviews
and read for yourselves.
For now, we should simply enjoy this new collection and be grateful that Steve Perry will continue ,even after all he has gone through,to inspire with his terrific vocals.

06/12/98: denise - LDT4319
I saw Steve Perry without Journey in Pgh Nov 94
He is the greatest Vocalist of all time! I would not
see Journey without Steve Perry not just because they are not a band they decieved people. Radio stations made the commercials for the concert staticy so you couldnt hear the new singers name, and what"s with that name anyways is it a coincidence that if it is said fast it can sound like Steve Perry? AUGERI I miss you Steve! I will not listen to Journey without Steve Perry. He can E-Mail me anytime!

29/11/98: Jeff B - Jeff @ B
Wheel In the Sky, Loving Touchin Squeezin, Lights, Stay Awhile, and Anyway you want it had no place on this record. Compare these songs with their Captured counterparts and its a joke. This album was ill concieved and MADDENING compare this with Captured and you can clearly tell that the folks at Sony don"t even have a remote clue. They should stick to recording rap, dance music and grunge where the music is so simplistic that they have a hard time messing it up. Baked Tapes, how silly - crud there is so much Journey tape out there it"s pathetic. DOES SONY REALLY BELIEVE WE ARE THIS STUPID? This was the worst selling Journey album since 1975. I can"t remember if I cried the day the music died.

26/11/98: clifft -
First listen to Greatest Hits Live made the old days of great Journey music seem like so long ago. Like everyone else, Steve P carried Journey to any commercial heights they acheived, and as good as Neal is, he and John C will never be able to take the Journey name to greater heights. With some non entity frontman at the helms, Journey shouldn"t even be called by that name. Anyway, the review. With some better song selection, this album would have catapulted past Captured as the best Journey live album, but falls just short. Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin" and Wheel in the Sky could have been easily replaced with Only the Young or even Edge of the Blade (I saw them perform it live in New Jersey"s Meadowlands and the boys were on fire throughout the song.) Steve sounded great and the rest of the band was tight but Neal"s guitar sound got annoying after awhile. Overall, on a scale of one to 10, I give it a 8.5. Long live the spirit of the band.

10/11/98: Kamala -
Journey is and always has been my all time favorite band.
Their newest album is great and they still sound
as good as they did 20 years ago. I must say
that I"m a little upset that Steve Perry isn"t
always playing the part of lead singer though.
"Faithfully" is the most meaningful song of theirs
to me- without Steve at the microphone it"s really
not the same. But no matter what, Journey will
always have a special place in my heart.

05/09/98: Speakerman - @
This is an absolute rip-off. This would be the equivalent of a movie company re-releasing E.T. with like 20 extra seconds of footage. Everyone owns a copy, but do we really need the extra 20 seconds? I saw Journey on the last tour, and like many fans, this is the Journey that in mind (although dissed by critics and wallets alike) escaped from the predictable album-rock stuff to the almost jazzy groove Steve threw down on R-On-R, Trial by Fire, and the solo albums. I spent my money on all their CDs, and now I have three versions of Lovin Touchin Squeezin, none of which are as good as I've heard on radio and elsewhere. The rockin' momentum that builds up on Captured with the Lovin-Wheel in the Sky-Anyway You Want It sequence on Captured is never even approached here. Most fans have (from radio, bootleg, or other source) all these songs. An album of Raised on Radio and some solo stuff would RULE.

10/07/98: wilson -
I recorded Journey's Houston concert off the radio when it was played in its entirety sometime around 1982 (BTW, Steve Perry notes during the concert that it was being filmed, as well). I was so excited when I heard that Sony was going to release songs from that concert on a new CD. I figured the new CD would be a companion to Captured, not repeat a number of its songs. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I am not complaining that the songs on the new CD aren't good, I just wish Journey fans could hear live versions of Lovin' You Is Easy, Winds of March, People and Places, Opened the Door, and Precious Time-all of which were played at the Houston concert. I was especially disappointed that Patiently, which is absolutely incredible in that concert, was not included over some of the more recent ballads. Once again, no complaint with the music, I just wish Sony would have given us a few different songs.

21/05/98: Craig Bishop -
KICK ASS Live album from arguably the best AOR band of all time ! Steve Perry sounds better on this than he does in the studio. The band plays very tight., it's actually hard to believe this isn't a studio album. For anybody who wants to dicover JOURNEY, look no further. This is them at their best (LIVE) and just happens to be a Greatest hits as well. I will miss you STEVE.............CRAIG.

14/05/98: Jennifer -
Anything with Journey I buy! I collect anything that I can get my hands on. Now that's a die hard Journey fan. If I could meet anyone in the world it would be without a doubt Steve Perry.

12/05/98: Robert -
This album was a long time coming. So it doesn't have the crowd and the big ass poster like "Captured", big deal. What it does have is the raw energy that is truly Journey. Fans like myself have been waiting 15 years to hear live Escape and Frontiers tracks. Anyone who dogs this album is not a fan and need not criticise. I would have paid the full CD price just to hear one of these tracks.

11/05/98: C.J. Ambrosia -
Hearing "Escape" live was well worth the $13.98 I shelled out for this puppy.

10/05/98: Robyn -
I have been a long time fan of Journey's (20 years) and have seen them many times. I've also seen Steve tour w/o Journey and was lucky enough to win front row seats in New Jersey to see him. I can tell you this much, that he is very much into the Journey fans and with or without the band; he still cares (that's why he was out there singing those Journey songs). It will be really interesting to hear the new lead singer. I don't think Journey will sound the same; Steve has a one of a kind voice that no one can duplicate. I believe the law suit came about because Jon and Neal couldn't do it without Steve and have even said so in an interview held after the "Raised On Radio" tour. I wish people would stop being so hard on the band and be grateful for what they have given us, whether it be a new album or an album with the old favorites. The new live record is fantastic and it brings back many happy memories for me. I wish the guys nothing but happiness and success in whatever they do, whether they're together or not!

09/05/98: Sergio Perez-More -
I am 34 years old and I came to USA in 1994. One of the first whishes that i ever had since i was a ten was to see Journey in concert(The best rock group ever)I already have everything that Journey put out on the market in USA and in the world. Because this you can imagine what this album means to me. JOURNEY LIVE ALBUM (RATE 9).It could only be 10 the day i can see the band live with Steve Perry.I hope is not too late for me.

08/05/98: Carey Miller -
There are some essential songs here that have never been "captured" in live format on CD. It is a true classic and one of the better live albums ever made. My only negative is the didn't unearth anything from the Raised on Radio era. Songs like "I'll Be Alright Without You", "Suzanne", and "Be Good To Yourself" would have added depth and a wider range of material to the album. Also, obviously these tremendous songs have never been released live with the exception of video mixes on Time3 for "Alright" and "Girl Can't Help It" and it is doubtful live versions will ever see the light of day with the new band formation. The odds of a purely "Raised on Radio" tour live album are slim to none.

08/05/98: Scotty -
It's an updated version of Captured! It's good, don't get me wrong, but they could have put a little more effort in the song selection. I still think "Precious Time" is a rocker that should be heard LIVE!! Why couldn't they find more live tracks to fill side two of the cassette? It's a shame we'll have to wait for another anthology-tribute-farewell-retrospective boxed set to hear more of the so-called missing recordings.

06/05/98: alex - jlotz mndspng
Truly, the best and my favorite rock n roll band of all time. I have the same complaint of most the other people. The lack of crowd noise and improvisation with the exception of a couple of songs ( lovin, touchin, squeezin + wheel in the sky) disappoints me. Also more songs should have been included like Van Halen's right here, right now live. Songs like mother, father and keep on runnin, troubled child, raised on radio stuff and trial by fire and hopelessly in love, anyway you get the point. The songs they chose are great for a very casual Journey fan, but for fanatics who've waited years for a sequel to the awesome Captured this effort was a little disappointing. They do sound incredible and are undoubtedly an awesome band all the way around. Neal Schon is the daddy of guitar players (check out beyond the thunder, a must, and electric world) and it goes without saying that Steve is the best rock singer of all time. Guys, please do us suffering fans a big favor. Work your differences and get out on the road. Steve, if you really care about your fans like you say you do, put your money where your mouth is and get healthy, solve your problems with the guys and don't waste your incredible talent any longer. Twelve years is too long to wait only to be disappointed again. To Neal, Jonathan and the rest, I wish them luck and I will be at whatever hall they chose to play. Maybe gregg rolie can rejoin them along with the new singer so they can sing old classics like, feelin that way, anytime, just the same way, someday soon and city of the angels. Journey rocks my face! P.S. the fireworks at the end of the album were nice, but and encore song, like a real concert would have been a pleasant surprise!

06/05/98: Dave Guglielmi -
Ok, the new live CD is fine. But who really cares about this CD. You probably have these songs either on the original "captured" album, the studio album, or Time3. So, why bother? Just some gimmick to get the public interested in Journey so that when they do release some new studio album, without Steve Perry, we will buy it. I'm sick and tired of people saying that Steve Perry IS Journey, because he isn't. He's a great vocalist, probably the best there ever will be, and Journey was blessed to have him for the time that they did. But he was never commited to the band like the rest of the members were, as apparent by their need to get the fans what they are asking for. Where was the tour for Trial By Fire? The fans wanted it, but obviously Steve Perry couldn't handle that. So after months and months of corporate BS, they decided to find a new vocalist, who probably is excellent because it seems almost impossible to replace a singer of Perry's calibur. I can't wait for a new Journey studio release, and a new tour. I've waited my whole life to see them in concert. Get on with Journey, show the fans what rock and roll is really about, and go through all steps necessary to do it.

04/05/98: P. Arechiga -
Good CD, I don't believe the liner notes either. I am saddened and intrigued by the "Departure" of Steve Perry from the band, I wish all band mebers from the past, present and the future the best of luck!

03/05/98: Gary - af
The mix on this album sucks,unlike the first live album they try to make it sound like one concert.Other that that this is a great album still the mix sucks.

30/04/98: Mr Green - @
I give this album a 7 out of 10. OK, there was some tampering despite the liner notes claims and the crowd is electronically subdued. I can get past that. But I like the album because I never saw the band in concert so this is a welcome addition to my CD collection.

My only complaint is some of the songs sound like note for note renditions of the studio versions. Others, like "Lovin' Touchin'..." and "Wheel In The Sky" have some interesting changes.

Would I recommend this album? Depends on who you are. If you are a die hard fan with every Journey album, bootleg, and concert stub, I don't think you'll like it. You already have this stuff.

But if you are a fan with a few CD's and never saw a great band live, go get it.

30/04/98: EricS -
The Journey Greatest Hits Live album is a good addition to my collection, but my bootleg recordings I have of Journey live in both Houston, TX and Norman, OK make you feel like you are at the concert and put the Journey Greatest Hits Live album in its place. The improvisations that Steve Perry make at the beginning of some songs, as well as the improvisations by the other band members during other songs, serve as a reminder of the supposedly live nature of the album. Without that, It doesn't really sound very live at all, it sounds more like a studio outtake. I would like to see or find out how to obtain video of Journey. As for the current conditions in the Journey camp, I remember the old days with Fleischman and with no real lead vocalist to speak of, and they had their loyal fans back then too. Perry took them to new heights, that I feel will not be realized if he was to depart. When you have a certain voice behind a band for so long, change may not be so good, just ask Motley Crue. As for the album, it can be a good listen to reminisce the old times. I do wish some Raised on Radio songs had been included to some extent, along with "Only the Young", "Ask the Lonely" as this was the only opportunity I had to see them live in concert. We have been waiting too long, settle the differences and get out and ROCK!! like only Journey can! Feel free to E-mail me to discuss Journey.

29/04/98: Luca Re Garbagnati -
This is a great record, and I have to complain about Perry's departure.
This record shows how great was Perry's voice, and how solid was (and is) the band right now, 'cause Journey had always got great melodies to sing on (thanks to Neal and Jonathan).
I always hoped Journey did tour in Italy, just to hear these wonderful songs, but... no way.
I enjoy listening to Stone in Love and Escape, 'cause they are so powerful (in contrast to the nineties band).
Let's hope there will be a future for the band.

29/04/98: andy -
what can i say..its JOURNEY. its been a long time. its great to see a new album. the songs still hold up, even after all these years. steve voice is great, as well as neal's playing. after seeing many journey concerts, this brings back many fond memories and good times. neals playing keeps motivating me to keep playing guitar. looking forward to their new album. the sound on this cd was great. i have a couple of import journey and the songs still rock. though its nice to hear steve talk to the audience. thats always a nice touch. like i always say..
"dont stop believing"

29/04/98: FreddyC -
As a long time fan of Journey I have mixed feelings about the new album. One the one hand I love any
opportunity to listen to Journey, old or new stuff whenever possible. I'm not in the practice, however, of
second-guessing the groups decision on play lists or crowd participation. However I loath the fact that
Sony or Journey felt compelled to try and appease me, the long time fan, with an "old quarter" shined up to
look brand new, that "quarter" being a so-called "lost treasure of forgotten tapes". Give me and all the other
fans out there what we really want, a real live greatest hits from the whole span of Journey, start to finish.
But don't give us the same stuff we already have live, give us the songs we grew to love more than the songs you played
on the radio the most. Give us "Little Girl" and "People and Places" and "It's Just the Rain", and others like these that
show guts and heart. That would be a true Greatest Hits to the ones who listen to....and love the band called Journey.
And as for the many who commented here that they would prefer not to listen to Journey without Perry, just try to remember
that there was a great band called Journey even before Perry came on the scene who, although not as commercially popular
as now, made great music even without vocals. I agree that Steve Perry is one of the premier vocalist of our time and I
am a Big fan of his solo work, but Journey will continue to be great even if Perry leaves. Just enjoy what we have now to
listen to and continue to anxiously anticipate the rebirth of a legendary band, again.

P.S. To Sony. If you guys really want our money, maybe even enough to keep Steve happy, Try releasing some VIDEO!!!!!!.

29/04/98: Steve -
Overdubbed or not overdubbed, I like the fact that the crowd noise was left down low in the final mix. I can't stand the cheesy, usually jacked-up crowd noise that normally accompanies most "live " recordings. Captured already has that effect so it's cool to hear the musicianship of the band and not the constant fake roar of the audience throughout the songs. Journey without S. Perry!? NOT! Their really missing out on a lot of dough if they were to tour again. Take a lesson from VH and their crappy album and lame ticket sales nationwide, You can't fool with the integrity of a band and its' fans.

29/04/98: Leslie -
I feel that the Greatest Hits Live album is wonderful. It pbrings back a lot of memories for me. I especially like Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin. It shows just how great Perry can do a song justice by singing it live. Also, all the vocal aerobics through out the CD are exceptional. Steve is simply the very best at what he does.

29/04/98: Rod in Ohio -
Journey's newest release, Greatest Hits Live, sounds great. However, I tend to agree with some of the other reviews... that they should have included "Only The Young". I also don't believe that there are no overdubs of Perry's voice. I have seen Journey and Steve Perry live on six different occasions, and his voice never sounded as sweet as it does on this record.

All of this aside, Journey is and always will be the greatest band ever. I only wish they could work out their "differences" and get back together (with Perry). Journey might go on without Perry, but their sound will change and they will lose many, many fans.

28/04/98: chris -
was fortunate to see journey three times, The oklahoma show on the album i question because i was at the escape show and that was at the myriad in oklahoma city, not norman oklahoma besides all that , A rock veteran of well over 300 rock shows, there was no band that could completly capture an audience like journey.....i only wish my kids could enjoy that feeling that only live journey could give i remember leaving the show on the best natural high, A great band to take a date to .... I just wish Steve would not just up and leave something so special...Please get whatever greivences you have settled so all of us can find our escape again....The best live band in history no doubt..Journey

27/04/98: Manuel J. Juarez -
This is not so much a review of the Greatest Hits Live Album but a reflection back at the great Journey sound that embodied the hearts of millions. This band has given us a form of music thats both powerful and stunning. A gathering of instrumental talent and beckoning vocals unsurpassed by anyone out there. Despite the rifts in the bands and for whatever the reason, Journey and the Journey sound will never be the same with another singer. The Journey sound is what we all came to love. Without it, the flavor is lost. To all Journey fans out there, let's keep the band together by showing how much the Journey sound means to us. Send Perry and the band letters of support.

27/04/98: Janet - @FL
I agree with most of the comments here. Though the album does not seem to be very "Live", it is excellent in the fact that noone can make music like Journey. The combination of song-writing, musicianship, and vocals has never been equaled in rock history, and never will be. Steve Perry is the best male vocalist I have ever heard, and where he goes, I go, not where the rest of the band go without him. Journey without Perry is NOT Journey!!!

26/04/98: Kevin -
Absolutely amazing for a live CD. I only wish I could have witnessed this line-up in person because it sounds like they are going on without Steve Perry from now on. Like some of the other people who wrote in, I also wish they would have included "Only the Young" and "Ask the Lonely." I'm willing to give the new Journey a chance because I think the rest of the band can write great tunes amongst themselves. From what I've heard Perry was a hard person to work with and always wanted too much control. Maybe that's way off base but rumor is he was what kept Journey from getting back together a long time ago. I agree that the man has some of the best pipes in rock, but one should never let their ego get in the way of a good thing. Anyway, I'd give the album a 9 out of 10.

26/04/98: Classified Info -
Despite the outrageous claims on the liner notes, this album has more overdubs and studio perfection than most studio albums. Save the no overdub stories for those who don't have the original recordings.

That in itself doesn't weaken the album though. What does make the album weak is the song order. They should have made the order of the songs as Journey would have performed them. Also, the crowd noise is all but non-existent. Why call it live if you make every attempt to sound like studio outtakes instead?

Another thing they did wrong was song selection. Why include material already on Captured? What happened to "Chain Reaction", "Mother, Father", or any of a number of other songs they performed during those tours?

A live album should feel live. This one doesn't. It sounds like studio rehearsals, and is far too polished. They should also have avoided stories of lost old tapes baked in ovens and that they did no overdubs. It would have prevented those of us who have the actual recordings from laughing at the claims!

A must only for the true die hard fan who never heard a single bootleg, and a complete waste of cash for anyone else.

Thumbs down, way down, for the most ill conceived release in music history.

24/04/98: Tim -
Like most everyone stated, the crowd noise was greatly reduced. I never got to see Journey live but did get to see Steve's solo tour, so I love hearing live recordings. My wife didn't think Steve sounded so great on this recording because his voice seemed "jumpy". I had to explain that Steve didn't just stand there and sing. He was constantly moving: running, walking, dancing, jamming! I think he sounds great for doing all that while singing! That's one thing you just can't get from an audio recording. You can't see them and everything they are doing. I think a Greatest Hits Video should be made or something similar.

23/04/98: Norm Luttrell - DAWGMYSTER
This really shows how JOURNEY lived live! There is no substitute for this band live!! Just wish Sony would have aloud some of Raised on Radio tour to be on it.

23/04/98: Scott Gibson -
Great CD. I think it has been tampered with. Steve sings born and raised in south Detroit and the crowd gose crazy but why would people in Houston go nuts over people in Detroit. I hope this is not the last CD with Perry and Smith. Work it out guys. We have waited ten years to see you again and if Steve is hurt we can wait a little longer if it will keep the band together.

23/04/98: kleeds -
i am listening to the cd as i make my review, once again another great cd released by journey.

22/04/98: Sham -
Woould have appreciate more liner notes on the sleeve and maybe more pictures considering they have been on and off the scene for a few years now. Sure, the songs do seem gemmed and the crowd seems non existent. But the bottom line is, it is journey and the music is unbelievable. Coming from Asia, this is the closest I will get to experiencing Journey 'Live'

22/04/98: Keith de Laet -
I really enjoy the new album, and overall it is a great companion to "Captured". It would have been nice, however, toe have had live renditions of Only The Young and Ask The Lonely.

21/04/98: Laurent -
Great live album but too polished. I've never seen Journey live but I would have liked to hear more crowd reactions. The songs are great and the musicianship is outstanding. I would have liked to hear a live sound like on Whitesnake's or Jimmy Barnes' live albums.

21/04/98: Mark Kennedy -
A great album but with a one caveat :-) Despite the claims of the sleeve
notes I don't think this is as un-overdubbed as Sony would have us believe.
I've heard the original shows and they've definitely been tampered with -
especially "Don't Stop Believin'" where the first verse has been overdubbed
with the original lyrics.A lot of the banter to the crowd from Perry has also
been removed which makes the album sound a bit TOO sterile in my book.

Other than that well worth picking up.....

21/04/98: Larry N -
Typically spectacular Journey. What can you say? They have it all. Great songs, unbelievable musicianship, and the most recognizable and the easily the greatest lead singer in rock history. I saw the band live twice and have to hundreds of other concerts since, and nobody else compares. If Steve Perry is gone(and that's not confirmed yet) that will be the end of Journey as we know it. The other guys are great musicians, and Jonathan and Neil are good songwriters, but Perry is the driving force behind the group. Singer, writer, producer, he is Journey. Even if he leaves, the man can probably sing till he's 100! We can always follow his career. Email me to discuss Journey if you'd like.

20/04/98: Kerry -
The best live band I have ever seen. Proud to say I saw the Frontiers tour and Raised on Radio (the night in Atlanta that was filmed for the TV special). Only drawback to the CD is the lack of any songs from Raised on Radio. The title track done live is incredible on the video footage I have from Atlanta. I wish the guys well on trying to keep Journey going without Perry. I just don't think it's going to work, though. How do you replace that voice?

19/04/98: Plissken - @
This album is great. Unfortunately, I never saw Journey in concert. But i did see Steve on his last tour. He is amazing. Journey is NOTHING without Steve Perry. After witnessing a triumphant ressurection, we are witnessing the slow death of Journey once again. Whether it's Steve's decision not to continue, or the bandmates decision to not work with him, they should not continue using the name Journey. Thats like the Rolling Stones without Jagger: it can't work and it will not work! Guys, what are you thinking?

19/04/98: Aram Karakashian -
Any Journey record is a good record, period. I was at one of the shows recorded in Norman, Oklahoma and I believe I was twelve or thirteen at the time. Some people may dismiss the album as being pretentious, or poor in quality but as far as I am concerned, listening to any Journey record is like re-living all the good times you have had in the past. I read the liner notes and could not believe that all of the live tracks were recorded in one take and that there was no "Overdubbing" or "fixing" of any of the parts. That is a true testament to how great a band Journey is. It's a real shame that Steve is such a basket case and can't work the troubles in his life and with the band. I recommend this album to everyone that enjoys great music and for me anyways, great memories.

19/04/98: craig -
we all know the songs are you can't review that......the production is great but not overdone.and without the added crowd noise it seems more like a soundbord tape,which i like
let's hope they put out some video to accompany this!!!!

19/04/98: Joseph Riccitelli, Jr. -
Journey is my fav band of all time, and while this CD contained excellent versions of their classics, it just wasn't enough for me!

I think some later songs from Raised On Radio would have been nice. Some from Trial By Fire would have been excellent, but alas they never toured to support that CD!

With all the turmoil surrounding the band right now, it is nice to hear some of the classic stuff that made Journey legends...but this might be more of a final note than a promise of the future. WIth Steve Perry possibly on the outs, a new chapter is in store for the band and although I won't stick around for it, this makes a decent...if not somber...end for the Journey era!

19/04/98: Mitch -
Journey is my all-time favorite band, and this only solidifies
my feelings about them. Unfortunately, I never got to see this
lineup, but this album at least lets me hear how incredible they
were. The album sounds like a clean studio recording, because
the crowd noise has all but been removed. This is a definite +.
I like Steve Perry's improvizations on some of the cuts, the best
being the one before "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'. Journey has had
numerous forms over the years, and is soon to have another, but
this lineup that recorded "Escape," "Frontiers," "Trial By Fire,"
and "Greatest Hits Live" will always be the definitive Journey!

19/04/98: joe -
Sounds great... but where the hell is "Only The Young".. in my opinion, the best Journey song ever...

18/04/98: Michael - mdm266
This is a great album considering they put it together real fast. Journey at thier best, Steve Perry is awesome! Neal, Jon, Ross and Smith sound great. Too bad there is rumors of division among the band members.

18/04/98: jerrilynn -
I've never felt like I wanted to be at anyone's
concert live, until the guys bring it all home to me. Always been a Journey fan, & hands down seeing anyone else live, there's just no comparison. Makes you want to go into your garage, & wish you could rock the same.