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M&K Records MK20016-2
Produced by: Keith Olsen

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Petra
GENRE: Melodic Ballad Rock

  1. Remembering You
  2. Something To Say
  3. I Can Feel Again
  4. Precious Love
  5. The First And The Last
  6. Let Your Love Shine Down
  7. Guiding Light
  8. It Hasn't Been Easy
  9. Tears of Joy
  10. One Night Is Not Enough
  11. Steady Weapon
  12. Remembering You (Acoustic)

This review is long over due. Apologies to the band for that. But at least I am correcting this oversight and hopefully from this review, I might steer a few new people towards this classy AOR outfit.
For the uninitiated, the band features singer, songwriter and lead guitarist Joshua Perahia (Jaguar, Joshua); vocalist Jerry Gabriel (Wasted Angel, Tower, Fortune); bassist Joey Rochrich ( Sermon, Invader, Topaz) and drummer Eric Stoskopf.
Something To Say is an album you don't hear too often. It's a finely crafted, lyrically intense and serious, but musically soft rock release.
This album is almost the definition of melodic rock. It is not AOR, nor is it hard rock - it is full of classy ballads in a rock music style.
The album has a strong spiritual message and undercurrent and it wasn't surprising to see the great Ken Tamplin involved in co-writing one track.
Superstar producer Keith Olsen is the man behind the board and has done his usual excellent job assembling the album.
Renowned vocalist Jason Scheff guests on 4 tracks, supplying his super smooth vocals and a bass track too boot.
BOTTOM LINE: This is a classy well produced record of spiritual ballad rock music. It's intense and it's powerful and above all, there are melodies and hooks entwined in the music to ensure you come back for more.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of soft ballad rock, fans of Christian rock n roll.
DISCOGRAPHY:Joshua; M Pire; JP - Chapter One . Something To Say

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