Jorn Lonely Are The Brave Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Jorn Lande

· Running Time: 45.57

· Release Date: June 6

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Metal / Hard Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 87%
Sound: 92%
I have just about everything Jorn has recorded for himself and with other projects over the years and consider myself a devout fan.
His new solo album Lonely Are The Brave is another solid hard rocking record with a great familiar sound. I think Jorn has worked hard to create his own solo sound and this album is instantly recognizable, following on from The Duke and Jorn's dual 2007 releases.
I rate Jorn as one of the finest vocalists in the world, so I guess that is why I always expect more and I still find myself waiting for a defining classic from him.
This is another solid album – don't get me wrong. But the majority of the album is delivered in the same classic Jorn slow to mid tempo metal rhythm that fans will recognize instantly and 9 new songs is just not enough in this day and age.
In fact, with one song – Hellfire – from the Beyond Twilight project, that leaves us with just 8 new songs. Take out a couple of fillers and 6 other great songs does not make a perfect release.
The songs that really do stand out as classic melodic metal anthems are the opening title track Lonely Are The Brave. Jorn takes a less intense hard rock approach on this track and it works. Night City features that familiar pounding slow metal groove and an intense vocal – both familiar traits of Jorn the solo artist.
War Of The World has a two pronged tempo and more intense vocals, the instrumental passages of the song being the highlight.
Shadow People is the only track to really turn the tempo up and for that reason alone I like it.
Soul of The World is an intense bombastic mid-tempo metal track, but I have heard it before. Same with Man Of The Dark. Promises rescues the album at this point though. This is classic Jorn and classic European melodic metal. What a vocal!
The Inner Road lifts the tempo a little and takes a more straight forward approach like the opening track. Cool, but a bigger chorus could have lifted it further.
The Bottom Line
So another Jorn album and pretty much the same verdict as the last 2 or 3 albums. Great sound, awesome vocals, but still not enough general variation and not enough new songs. Jorn is one of the best performers out there, but to my ears he still has that classic in waiting and as a solo artist hasn't topped Worldchanger or the Millenium or Masterplan releases.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Starfire
· World Changer
· Out To Every Nation
· The Duke
· Unlocking The Past
· The Gathering
· Lonely Are The Brave

Line Up:
· Jorn Lande: Vocals
· Jorn Viggo Lofstad, Tore Moren: Guitars
· Willy Bendiksen: Drums
· Sid Ringsby: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Jorn - The Duke
Track Listing
· Lonely Are The Brave
· Night City
· War Of The World
· Shadow People
· Soul Of The Wind
· Man of The Dark
· Promises
· The Inner Road
· Hellfire
· Stormbringer (*)
· Like Stone In Water (*)
* Limited Edition Bonus Tracks

* --*Best Tracks

02/01/09: John H -
Rating: 65
Too many slow to mid tempo songs. I can't remember most of them after I've listened to the album. After a few spins the Duke really got into your head and it was superb. This one just can't seem to get out of it's own way. And why do all Jorn albums have virtually no bass guitar in the mix? This album just sounds like Duke outtakes. Still has never really come close to World Changer. Disappointing.

05/09/08: Nick -
Rating: 80
I love this guys voice but his cd releases are all starting to meld into 1 long album. I wish Jorn would add some variety. The songs are well played, sung, produced etc but they all sound too similar for me. I think I will compile his first 4 and never miss another release from him.

20/08/08: timmyd -
Rating: 95
The problem with several of these reviews concerning Jorn's new album is quite simple,people have forgotten life before Jorn, this guy is a national treasure and really beyond critique,no one other than DIO has the power and command of such a God given tallent as is Jorns,he could sing the phone listings and it would be great,you truly don't know what you have till it's gone, and I hope these lads continue for many years to come,

19/08/08: Derrick -
Rating: 92
I'm a huge Jorn fan but would agree with some that he seems to be falling into a certain sound and not really offering anything new. However I feel this album is much better than "the duke", there may not be anything new, but i would say its a little haevier and darker and thats a good thing!

08/07/08: Andrew Fortunski -
Rating: 90
This was a pleasant surprise. I at first agreed with Andrew that this had a more mid tempo feel to it. After successive listens especially the second go around I found myself really liking this CD. The openeing track is really, really well done and it gets better from there. I would say that this is a more moody CD than others but that is just fine. There isn't too much that Jorn sounds bad on.
Is this better than the Masterplan releases... no way but it holds it's place among his other solo releases right behind Out to Every Nation.
Jorn sounds great as usual. The guitarist is from Pagan's Mind and he is just brillant. The overall mix on this release just smokes. Spring for the limited edition version. Worth the extra couple of dollars.

26/06/08: Michael -
Rating: 100
I loved the album from the very first track. "Lonely Are The Brave" blasts into your speakers and Jorn's voice is stronger than ever. As much as I loved the previous album, "The Duke", I like this new one even more. OK, some people say bonus tracks are nice but recently I guess Jorn is doing much better on his own tracks than on those from David Coverdale. At least, "Strongbringer" is only good as a bonus track and not as a part of the album, thanks to Jorn and "Frontiers" for realizing this fact. All the power to the Norwegian genius - he's stronger than ever. I'd love to see him live in Moscow, Russia again.

24/06/08: Figge -
Rating: 90
No, he still hasn't topped "Worldchanger" and there is always some things I'm not overly happy with on his albums. The tempo and lack of variation for example. I'd love to hear a little more of the melodic/commercial style and a few more uptempo songs on his albums.

With that said, he ALWAYS deliver quality stuff and every year he has one or two albums on my best of the year lists.

The new album has really grown on me since the first spin and I actually love some of the songs. Again it's the same problem with the tempo and flow of the album....just about every song is slow to mid-tempo and really heavy. Nothing that really lighten up the mood and lifts the tempo but there are songs, again, that I would add to a "best of Jorn" compilation.

Lonely Are The Brave is a more straight forward, guitar driven album than the previous solo efforts. A more old school metal direction with a very dynamic sound based on solid rythmic riffs. Overall I miss the more commercial/melodic style songs and the GREAT and BIG choruses on the album but I like the direction taken here.

The title track, "Lonely Are The Brave", is an excellent anthemic rocker that grows with each listen. The following "Night City" is another one of those slow, heavy tracks that I feel are overrepresented on Jorn albums these days. A great song though.

"War Of The World" is also pretty cool. Starts with a nice driving riff and a good verse. I feel that the chorus lacks a little....would've prefered a little more melodic, over the top chorus with more background vocals. I love the ending of the song though, with the crowd pleasing gang vocals.

The fourth track "Shadow People" is the album highlight for me (for the moment). An uptempo rocker that breaks the monotonous heaviness with a great riff, cool backgrounds and a nice chorus hook. Love that part of the song. Short and it!

Next song, "Soul Of The Wind", is one of those plodding, boring, heavy numbers again. These kind of songs does NOTHING for me. Sorry to say.

And then we have "Man Of The Dark", which is a good song on it's own, but here's where the album starts to feel heavy and I'm getting a little fatigue. The song could and should have contained a little more uplifting and memorable chorus hook. Nothing that really stands out.

"Promises" is, yes you guessed it, another slow, heavy and dark metal song. This time a little better chorus hook and overall a better and more memorable song. As Andrew stated in his review, GREAT vocals from the man here.

The last new song on the disc, "The Inner Road", is one of the better ones. In fact, a brilliant song....but again, I totally agree with Andrew, a bigger and better chorus would have made this song PERFECT. Very cool riff again and a little more straightforward than the last couple of tracks. Awesome instrumental parts at the end.

The album closer is a reworked version of "Hellfire" (Beyond Twilight) and I didn't llike that song very much then and the new version is a total snoozefest.

What should I of the best hard rock/metal vocalists in the world, ever, delivers a very good album but not the CLASSIC we're all waiting for. Some GREAT songs, but not enough flow. No matter how good some songs are, they sound too similar and the album sounds monotonous. Break the heaviness and mid-tempo up with something in the vein of Sunset Station, My Own Way (Allen/Lande), Feed The Fire (ARK) or Power To Love (Millenium) and a ballad and the overall feel of the album would be different.

However, Lonely Are The Brave will most certainly be in my top 5 of the year anyway.

Figge [fig:eh]

23/06/08: Wardy -
Rating: 80
Whoa, some varying scores here LOL!

Lonely are the Brave is a GOOD album.

Actually I think there's more rocking here than is suggested by some comments, the opening title track is classic Jorn, The Inner Road is a sweet rocker and the albums highlight Shadow People is storming!!!!! You can hear the J. Viggo Lofstad influence here, as the song takes some of the progressive elements of his home band Pagans Mind, after a flurry of riffs and very cool voclas the chorus takes on a different but very lush groove... now that's a song right there and THIS is the Jorn I like. In fact it reminds me of his Sunset Stations, Wolves and Worldchanger styled tracks.

The albums downside is the occasional dirge and Dio like slower numbers, which can sound impressive (Night City and in particular Promises) but as Andrew rightly said - far too many on such a short album.

But seriously this is worth checking out, it might not quite reach the highs of his past work but it is still a strong Jorn album.

17/06/08: scuppanet -
Rating: 50
Not his best work by far but a tip to all... GET THE EUROPEAN RELEASE as the two bonus tracks are arguably the best on there.

16/06/08: YNGWIEVIKING -
Rating: 87
it's not a instant classic because there is some hooks missing but it's Good ! In fact this guy is so talented that even average songs are great in his mouth ! The musicians are very hot and they are one of the best CLASSIC METAL band out there ! The style is DARKER than ever,with more DIO influences than PAST album ! I think "hellfire" is a true classic song who deserve to be know by a larger audience ,so good move but i still prefer the original version from the huge BEYOND TWILIGHT album in 2001 And yes , maybe one or two really outstanding tracks could have make this album a TRUE CLASSIC ! Instead it's"just" another very good album by JORN ! and we all know that JORN can any classic track perfectly...SO now listen to "stormbringer" unbelievable

16/06/08: keilyn stevick -
Rating: 0
this album shows the new and old side of jorn

12/06/08: Paul -
Rating: 20
Jorn, Jorn, Jorn !!!! What have you done to me? I love pretty much everything you have ever done and atleast one of your CD's belts out from stereo or walkman twice a week. If I had 10 disks to take to a desert Island two of yours would be in my bag.
But this latest CD is just lame with a capital 'L'. I think Andrew let you off lightly because he loves your stuff as much as anyone.
The lyrics for the most part sound like they were written by 4 or 5 stoned University students at a Dungeon's and Dragons Convention. It sounds like some of the worst fantasy dross DIO could every write. The music is by the numbers with nothing that hasn't been mass produced on plenty of 'C' grade European CD's over the past 5 years. No spark, no zip no nothing to inspire.
Jorn has put our plenty of stellar music over the past 10 years but with this one he has hit the wall. It sounds like the sort of CD a musician would put out to fulfil his obligation to a record company just before he signed with a new company.
Jorn please get yourself a modern lyricist to write for you for your next project. Someone who ban’s $1 clichés and those awful 'Dio like lyrics'. Get Bob Ezrin or someone of his ilk onboard and give us the Jorn album that will break you world-wide. Give us something to remember. Write about the world and your life but please don't give me any more songs about poxy demons, wizards and aliens. Move in to the 21st century.
20/100. The 20 is for Jorn’s voice. The voice is fine; it’s just the rest that sucks. I’m off to listen to Masterplan or Worldchanger or The Duke.

11/06/08: Hal -
Rating: 75
I am a Jorn devotee...and I automatically buy EVERYTHING he puts out...but I have to agree with Andrew's review here...when is 'The Duke' going to put together a release that matches the quality of BURN THE SUN by Ark or WORLDCHANGER?

11/06/08: SteveO -
Rating: 73
As mentioned in the main review I also see myself as a Jorn-fanboy and the release of a new Jorn album is well awaited . I don`t know if I expect to much or if I am getting to " picky " when it comes to music these days ( I`m 32 now ) , but the new album just doesn`t do it for me . It`s like I`ve heard it all before , BUT in a much better approach . There is no variety in the songs...could not sepperate one riff from the other if you ask me . He should either get himself a producer for the next record ( the last 4 albums sounds to alike ) and/or throw in a songwrighter with a new approach to give it a new " boost ". For those who are new "fans" of Jorn will most likely digg this album , but for those of us who`s been with him since the early Vagabond-days : Heard it before , but much better . Listen to the song PROMISES and SUNSET STATION ( or for a good laugh La Isla Bonita with Madonna ..chorus )and you`ll know what I`m talking about .

11/06/08: Scott -
Rating: 100
The rating of 89% is so wrong!!! This in my opinion is the best JORN album! This is exactly how he should sound! I have all the albums Jorn has sung on and I listen almost exclusively to his solo albums and hardly ever Masterplan,Allen-Lande,Ark etc.There isn´t a bad song on here and the 2 bonus tracks are really great!

10/06/08: jari -
Rating: 90
like previous original jorn release(the duke) this one all so is a grower.after two listenings it doesn´t sound anything special at all,but then it starts to´s not so strong release than previous,but good solid jorn release,after all jorn is "the king".for the songs point of view i would like to think that the duke was coverdale/whitesnake type of release and this one´s a dio/black sabbath one.still waiting for the perfect one.

10/06/08: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 95
I absolutely love Jorn's voice and music and LONELY ARE THE BRAVE is going to be in my CD player for a long time. Jorn always has great lyrics and powerful vocals and this CD will not disappoint the fans. I purchased the bonus track version and my only complaint about Jorn is that he needs to have a standard 12 or more songs per CD. Then the bonus tracks would really seem like bonus tracks.

10/06/08: cutter -
Rating: 100
Better album all in all than The Duke which was pretty damm good. Jorn has left all his "coverdaleisms" at home on this release. In fact this is his "DIO" album. It has a dark feel to it but still has tons of catchy melodies that people have come to expect from JORN. "Man of the dark" may just be the best song JORN has ever done. All the songs are great with "inner road" being just ok, could have been more catchier but still has a cool riff and solo and nice chours. Soul of the wind is excellent and the begining could have made a cool song by itself. The 2 bonus tracks kick ass as well. My only complaint is no ballads on it.

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