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Produced by: Jonathan Cain

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Kenny G
GENRE: Adult Contemporary

  1. Whenever we Say Good-Bye
  2. El Matador
  3. I Tell Myself
  4. Namaste
  5. Everytime It Rains
  6. Does It Feel Like Love
  7. In Over My Heart
  8. A Walk In The Jungle
  9. Faces Of Mardi Gras
  10. In The Rapture

This is a pretty simple review as this is a pretty simple album. Not in the bad sense of course, but in the way that it is uncomplicated, easy listening and destined to appeal to a set audience.
Jonathan Cain is of course Journey's keyboard and piano maestro, and this is his 6th solo album.
The premise is simple, this is a easy listening soft pop instrumental record that features Jonathan on all keyboards, with Chris Camazzi featured on guitar and the drums that aren't programmed.
The supporting instruments like th soft dulcet tones of a Kenny G record are programmed, with the keyboard the dominating player in the mix.
This is a very tasteful album, but is restricted in it's appeal to those that love instrumental piano works and those that might feature this at a dinner party of as background music at home. Adult Contemporary personified.
I certainly don't see it as speeding down the highway music, but that should be more than obvious!
BOTTOM LINE: Jonathan's a classy song writer and given that he wrote all the tunes here, the album maintains a level of quality that many instrumental album's don't. Just be sure that the album fits the taste before purchase. For the record, I prefer some of Jon's earlier instrumental albums that have a less jazzy feel.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Rock fans in need of a mellow out, fans of Adult Contemporary music.
DISCOGRAPHY:Windy City Breakdown . Back To The Innocence . Piano With A View . Body Language . For A Lifetime . Anthology . Namaste

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