a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: John Sykes & Bob Rock
  1. We All Fall Down
  2. Riot
  3. Look In His Eyes
  4. Don't Hurt Me This Way
  5. Billy
  6. I Don't Want To Live My Life Like You
  7. Black Days
  8. Jelly Roll (Live)
  9. Soul Stealer
  10. Defcon 1
  11. She Knows (Live)
  12. Thank You For The Love
  13. System Ain't Working
  14. Hold The Line
John Sykes has to have one of the greatest and chunkiest guitar sounds ever.
Damn, I just love the first Blue Murder album. Despite there obviously being heavier records and bands about, I still think tracks like Ptolemy and Black Hearted Woman are amongst the heaviest tunes ever recorded.
And you have to vote his work on Whitesnake's self titled 1987 album as some of the most legendary and ground breaking in melodic rock.
David Coverdale once said the two of them re-wrote the course of hard rock in fifteen minutes. Egotistical for sure, but somewhat based in fact.
Pity now he calls him the anti-Christ. The would make nice records together.
Anyhow, here is John's first 'best of' that takes tracks from the 2 Blue Murder albums and Sykes' own 3 solo album's since.
Unfortunately the only sign of bonus tracks are the two live tracks from a fairly scarce EP off the Out Of My Tree album.
Regardless, he is forgiven, as most tracks here are classic tunes anyway.
The debut Blue Murder is always going to be the best record Sykes ever recorded, but is only represented here by 2 tracks and one bonus live track.
The not quite as good, but cool nevertheless second Blue Murder album is only represented by the opening tune (both here and on that record) in We All Fall Down.
Great that they culled the best track, but I suspect there is no others present due to the high cost of buying them from Geffen.
The rest of the material is owned by PolyGram Japan and is represented evenly.
Most of this album rocks heavily, the opening three numbers proving to be a real sonic blast!
Sykes' PolyGram Japan output of three albums is equally divided up with three tracks each.
Bit of a shame that, as he lost the plot on Out Of My Tree and has only just regained it on the new 20th Century album.
Despite my predisposition for the 2 Blue Murder albums (and that cool live record), this is a great listen and a collection of tunes that just about anyone could be proud of.
Highlights include a really cool live version of the original Jelly Roll, Out Of My Tree's best track in I Don't Want To Live My Life Like You, the killer We All Fall Down and the classy ballads from the Loveland album.
This is obviously the end of Chapter One so to speak - I am looking forward to Chapter 2 already. And if by some act of God John Sykes gets to read this - more fat guitars John!
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Sykes fans and those that don't have any Skyes and need an excuse to start somewhere.

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