Track Listing
ˇ Forgiven (1)
ˇ Loved By Me
ˇ Sometimes (2)
ˇ Losers
ˇ Superhuman
ˇ Always On The Run
ˇ Outside Heaven
ˇ Magnificent
ˇ Dreamless
ˇ Every Universe
ˇ Falling Apart
ˇ Don't Change

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Discography & (Rank)
ˇ A Place To Call Home (1)
ˇ Azalea Place (2)
ˇ Joey Tempest (3)

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Joey Tempest
Universal Sweden
ˇ Produced By: Joey Tempest
ˇ Running Time: 43.13 ˇ Genre: Pop / rock
ˇ Release Date: Out Now ˇ Released: SE
ˇ WebLink: Joey Tempest ˇ LabelLink: Universal

Joey Tempest's new (and third) solo CD was one of the more anticipated releases of 2002 for me, and indeed, many others.
But it has disappointed me greatly.
Joey's debut A Place To Call Home was a classic piece of singer/songwriter pop rock, with musical credibility and fine songwriting oozing from every second of the record.
His follow up was more mature, laid back and acoustic driven, and certainly has its place - although it turned out to be far less listenable than the debut.
Now after the long wait for this third album, expectations were high. The lead single Forgiven received a mixed response, although I have to say I like it a lot. The beefed up guitar sound and the more commercial friendly modern rock sound led me to believe this would again be a more guitar dominated record, more uptempo and a fine showcase for Joey's great voice.
Wrong, wrong and wrong.
The most immediate emotion I felt after getting this was sheer disappointment that it again features a line up of songs that are slow to mid tempo at best.
But I was prepared to give it some time and some room to breathe. A dozen listens later and I am ready to review the album, place it on the shelf and never listen to it again. Seriously!
Out of the 12 songs featured here - only 2 or 3 do anything for me. The rest are - quite simply put - dull.
Regardless of the fact this is not a rocking record, the songs are devoid of any real zest. There are no big hooks, no layered harmonies, and aside from the very good Forgiven, no other songs strike me as being candidates for future singles.
And the other thing - I am all for bands updating their sound and modernizing. I love nu-breeders like TaxiRide, Avril Lavigne, Rubber, SR-71, Goo Goo Dolls. But the sound style employed here does not suit Joey.
I believe Joey could pull off a modernization, but he needed better songs than these. They just sound as if they have had the life sucked out of them. The excellent production and modern touches are lost on the fact that there are no harmonies binding the songs together and therefore the listeners interest.
Tracks like the U2 friendly Sometimes and the moody pop of Losers certainly have potential, but flat delivery does not beckon repeat listening.

The Bottom Line
There is no denying Joey Tempest's talents as a song writer, musician and vocalist. But I fear that on this album, he has just got it wrong. Excellent production and musically challenging styles can't change the fact that the songs sound flat.
I am sure there will be mixed responses to this review, but this record just does not do anything for me.
I am actually a bigger fan of solo Joey than I am of Europe, but on the strength of this offering, he needs his former band mates more than ever.

Additional Ratings

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16/10/04: Scott -
Rating: 99
I echo the thoughts of the positive-minded reviewers, especially on these points:
1. This album needs to time sink in and grow on you.
2. This is not EUROPE
I really like this album, and it's continued to grow these past 2 years. The sound is extremely organic and it takes time for all of it to soak in. Strangely, this album has been sounding better to me now that I've been listening to the new EUROPE album "Start from the dark". Joey's album has some similarities in terms of the darkness and organic feel to the music, though lighter and more laid back. Somehow the melodies on this album come to the surface more when contrasted to the new EUROPE. If you like "Start from the dark", give this album another chance.

23/08/04: Paul -
Rating: 50
I think this is the album that JT wanted to write at the time and I imagine he is very pleased with it. I thought "A Place To Call Home" was incredible and as a long time Europe fan I knew not to expect an "Europe" type album but even though I was expecting something new/different I must admit I was happily surprrised. The following 2 CD's haven't caught my imagination at all and I personally have been dissapointed however I don't think the songs can be described as not very good - they're just not everyone's cup of tea... Including mine.

12/02/04: Gerben -
Rating: 99
This is the best solo album of joey!!!
I really love his songs!!!

05/09/03: Christer Wolfbrandt -
Rating: 95
This is a very good album. Joey prove that he's a magnificent artist/songwriter/singer!
The tune "Loved by me" should be a #1 billboard hit!
Go and get this album and find out yourself! Its a killer!

06/07/03: Superstitious1 -
Rating: 90
Maybe it shouldn't be reviewed on this site, but it's an excellent piece of work. This record is excellent for what it IS, and what it was INTENDED to be: POP/LIGHT ROCK. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's heard Joey's first two solo albums. You weren't expecting Heavy Metal, were you? This is a mostly laid back and introspective album that makes you look inside yourself and think (that scares the heck out of some people). Those who say it's "boring", or "dull" have missed the boat and either had the wrong expectations, or haven't listened to it enough to let it sink in. I question negative reviewers who haven't even bought the CD. If you don't HAVE the CD, where or when did you get the time to listen to it enough to form a good opinion? Did a friend loan it to you for several weeks? If they copied it for you, shame on you. I bought it when it came out in October 2002. I've been listening to it for 9 months and it's STILL getting better! That's the sign of a great record. "Forgiven" is one of the better songs on the disc. So is "Always on the run". For me, the gems on this album are "Superhuman", "Every Universe", and "Sometimes". Very good songs and excellent production from start to finish. Well done.

10/05/03: dani -
Rating: 40
If we're talking about hard-rock: 20%. Man, this is not hard-rock at all. If we're talking about english-pop music in the vein of Oasis and those easy groups, maybe it could be more rated, but this is not a pop site, is it? So, bearing that in more than 40%. Europe, please come back!!

06/05/03: Marc Vanway -
Rating: 5
I can't understand how anyone can like this album... I've followed joey since his europe days, and I have a massive collection of europe things, but this cd is totally awfull. Joey seems to loose his touch for the cachy choruses, and his new english inspiration has done really bad to him. I'll just add to this that after 15 years of buying anything from europe or its components, including platinum records and really hard to find items, this is the first cd I won't buy. I hope that the europe reunion will bring back joey to the first line of the rock system, because with this album, he seems to be too faraway from what rock and great songs means...

02/05/03: Big Mike -
Rating: 80
I have to agree with Andrew that this album could have rocked better and that has a rather commercial feel to it.

But I disagree with him on the strength of the songs. In fact I'd suggest songwriting this good is hard to come by these days. I consider 7 or 8 songs to be extremely listenable despite their slowish tempo. I love good heavy stuff but this is not it. Forgiven is probably as heavy as it gets, but it doesn't matter.
If anybody had a listen to the soundbytes posted on this site, you'll get a pretty good idea. They are the best songs on the album. There are a few others also well worth a listen on the album which makes it a good buy for mine. Note that my version ordered through utopia in sydney, has copy protection.

30/04/03: Kula -
Rating: 10
Must say that I'm quit suprised over all the good rewievs.. Didn't thing that there would be many ratings over 50. But we all have different taste.. I'm a big fan of Joey's first album and I hoped that Joey had found the magic again. But this is the most boring album I've heard in years.. The songs sounds all the same without any hooks or choruses. The attitude and melodies from the debut is long, long gone. "Forgiven" is the only song that reminds me of the old times. Sorry to say this, but this realy stinks...

01/03/03: Marc -
Rating: 85
I am most definately a Europe fan over Joey's solo work. While I do not feel that it is as poor a release as some feel, I can see where everyone is coming from. As many have put it, ok, you've done this enough Joey, where's some new Europe stuff.

17/02/03: looksthatkill -
Rating: 75
From the first listen I liked several song right off the bat, others needed more time, but I love "Falling Apart" damn thats a good song!

09/02/03: Jemini -
Rating: 100
This album for me was a triumph, absolutely stunning. Whilst I enjoyed the first solo album - Elsewhere and Pleasure and Pain are almost anthemic for me now - I will admit I did not warm as readily to the luke warm second album. The long five year wait for this third solo album built up to huge relief that it has been worth the wait! For me, the best tracks laid on this album are Loved by Me (yes, I'm an old school rocker, loved Europe so of course this appeals) Losers is simply stunning, an intricate blend of words and music melodies that NO-ONE else I've ever heard could quite pull off with Joey's class and finesse. His beautiful voice is stunning on this track. Dreamless is another track that I play over and over. Even a song I hated the first time I heard it; Magnificent, now has a special place. I'm a bit of a goth at heart and the undertones of The Cure and even a little of The Cult are quite strong throughout the album. Very impressive and worth the wait. My favourite of the three solo albums and absolutely worth bribing someone to buy off the internet ( with their credit card instead of waiting even longer. This album stands up to the majority of the fans demands and obviously sits comfortably with Joey's own desires to do the singer/songwriter individuality thing......BUY IT NOW!!! PS Joey, hunny, if you read this - I LOVE YOUR NEW ALBUM BABE!

09/02/03: Roberto -
Rating: 100
This is a wonderful album. It's really difficult chose the best songs, simply because the 12 songs are all great. I don't understand why some people say that this is a boring album... Personally, I think that this is the best of the 3 albums that joey released. Great work Joey!

08/02/03: Ivan Gerlach -
Rating: 99
Great album Joey!!!!! I play it every day and I have to say it's not boring at all like someone tells in here. Of course opinions will always be different(Luckely) but Joey is doing his own kind of thing. Keep doing it Joey because IT'S GREAT. My personal favourites are "Sometimes", "Forgiven" and "Dreamless". Every time I listen the album I discover new feelings in the tracks. GREAT Work

08/02/03: Alberto -
Rating: 95
I think that your wrong with your review, but I understand that´s just your point of view... Maybe the album were not full of great great songs but non album is full of it!!!,... or maybe a very few...

I´m agree with you that "A PLACE TO CALL HOME" is a clasic, yeah you are right. Songs Like "Pleasure And Pain" or "Elsewhere", "Lord Of The Manor" are incomparables...but in this album are very great songs too!!! SUPERHUMAN, SOMETIMES, FORGIVEN, DON´T CHANGE, LOSERS, DREAMLESS (It could be perfectly a Europe song), LOVED BY ME... anyway I think that OUTSIDE HEAVEN and MAGNIFICENT hasn´t got that level, but the album generally is great, and no coments about the way Joey sings...excellent. Always ecellent. He´s one of the best rock singers of all the times. Sometimes we miss the way he sang with EUROPE but we have to understand that the music he´s doing now doesn´t works with that kind of voice.

The one thing that I don´t like very much of the production are the drums. I think that the drummer could play all songs together ´cos he plays always the shame... But I don´t know who decided it has been recorded...

Anyway is a very good record. Maybe not the best album of Joey, but I think that some of their songs are better than others of past albums, and one important thing to check it is that if you do a compilation of your favorite Joey´s songs you could do a great "Greatest Hits" album with just three edited... and not much artist can say it.

07/02/03: Col -
Rating: 90
Clever, introspective album, that needs time to sink in.

Picture driving home from the cinema, on a dark, rainy night, knowing that you and your partner are going through a rough time... need a little time to think about stuff...

You either get it or dont, I know I do...

16/12/02: Ray D -
Rating: 50
An even 50 rating for me. Not inspired by Joeys new style. Lacks memorable melodies and needs stronger songs.

14/12/02: Valérie -
Rating: 99
Very good album, good melody, great songs and sounds, the time was very long between Azalea place and this, but it's a great present for us!!! My prefers songs are Forgiven, Sometimes, Every Universe and don't change, but all the album is wonderful and it's hard to do a choice :-) Congratulation Joey!!!

11/12/02: David -
Rating: 95
Very good release by Joey. It's sad that only one person reviews each record on this site. Some people just can't enjoy an album that makes you think. My favorites are Superhuman, Forgiven, Loved By Me, Dreamless, Falling Apart, and Don't Change. The only weak song on here in my opinion is Magnificent.

Like someone else pointed out--this album would kick any other album's ass that's on the radio these days. Too bad Joey isn't marketed in the U.S.. His solo albums would easily reach platinum status if his music was played on U.S. radio stations.

Keep up the good work Joey.

29/11/02: John - John
Rating: 86
Love By Me 92%
Losers 92%
Falling Apart 92%
Superhuman 91%
Forgiven 90%
Dreamless 89%
Sometimes 87%
Always On The Run 84%
Every Universe 81%
Magnificent 78%
Don't Change 77%
Outside Heaven 75%

Overall 86%

25/11/02: J Simms -
Rating: 92
I'm very pleased with Joey's latest effort, as I was with the first two. Gets better with every listen. I love all the songs, especially "always on the run", "superhuman", and "forgiven". I think "superhuman" should be the next single. If you liked "a place to call home" and "azalea place", don't hesitate to pick this one up.

25/11/02: Richard H -
Rating: 90
Sorry Andrew , I have to disagree with you on this one, I really like what Joey's doing on this album."Forgiven", "Loved By Me" and "Superhuman" are dying to be radio staples.It may not sound Like Europe of yesteryear but It's a refreshing depature away from that.I want Europe to sound Like Europe and if Joey tried to do the Europe thing as a solo artist, I think he would lose some credibility.This is a nice change and beats the hell out of other radio songs that the U.S. is crapping out on the airwaves for the consumer.

24/11/02: Michael -
Rating: 99
Teriffic album! Every song's great! How can anyone call it "boring" or "dreadful"? I guess these songs have too much class for certain people. Gotta listen to it with the right frame of mind. It's not a EUROPE album, it's Joey Tempest solo at his best. More laid back. This album is stronger than "Azalea Place" and shoulder to shoulder with "A Place to call home". Nice guitar sound and great production all the way through. Any real fan of Joey Tempest will really love this. This album shines brightly! Great work Joey!!

24/11/02: John -
Rating: 96
I totally agree with Glenn and Scott. Great album! Very well done! Mr. Tempest has never sounded better, and these songs ARE well written. I would have preferred to hear a couple more uptempo tracks like "forgiven", but you can't deny the greatness of the other songs. Any real fan of JT will appreciate this album. [...and what's up with Oscar? Does that count as a review?. Come on, adults only here]

24/11/02: Jerry Oliver -
Rating: 50
A few decent tracks, but overall BORING.....great talent, miserable song writing (one track sounds like a 5 year old wrote it, with the rhyme scheme). This was one album I was really looking forward to, and it's pretty dreadful.....

23/11/02: Glenn Odin -
Rating: 94
Andrew you definately got it wrong with this one! Theres only 3 reviews I have diagreed with strongly this year that being Bon Jovi, UFO and this new Joey Tempest cd.ure it ain't a Europe album but it's chock a block full of great songs and Joey's voice is superb as is the production AND SONGWRITING!! Anyone who enjoyed either of his other releases should really enjoy this effort.

22/11/02: oscae - oscar
Rating: 0
Joey,Europe come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21/11/02: Scott -
Rating: 95
I usually agree with the reviewer on album reviews, but I am in COMPLETE DISAGREEMENT with his Joey Tempest review. It's amazing we can be so far apart. Where I disagree the most is in the reviewer's assesment that the songs are "dull", "have the life sucked out of them", and "have no zest".

This is not a rocking album, true, but what do you really expect from Joey Tempest solo? His solo career has always served as an outlet for his softer side, songs that could not be done with EUROPE. These songs are mature, laid back, and have excellent choruses, perfectly suited for JT's voice. The sound has more weight to it than his last album. This album features excellent production and a more modern, commercial sound that his two previous efforts. I rate it higher than his previous release, and maybe slightly below his sensational debut, as some of the songs may not be as strong, lyrically. Nevertheless these songs have much character and depth. Most recommended are: "forgiven", "always on the run", "superhuman", and "every universe", and "loved by me". This album is a must for any fan.

21/11/02: Figge -
Rating: 50
OH MY GOD JOEY!!!! This is just plain boring! I'm not a big fan of Jocke Larsson (Joey Tempest) but I really liked the first soloalbum (A Place To Call Home), the 2nd (Azalea Place) was a step back...and this one is 2 or 3 more steps back. The songs, the production and the performance just lacks of inspiration and sounds flat and boring. Joey's trying out some new tricks and a more modern sound but it doesn't work at all. It's not all bad though, the opening track FORGIVEN is pretty classy and SOMETIMES, LOSERS and FALLING APART is quite good also, but nothing compares to the "A Place To Call Home" album. Sorry Jocke!

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