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Produced by: Bob Held & Joe Lynn Turner
  1. Lady Double Dealer
  2. Wishing Well
  3. Helter Skelter
  4. Rock Bottom
  5. Waiting For A Girl Like You
  6. Movin' On
  7. Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo
  8. The Boys Are Back In Town
  9. Born To Be Wild
  10. The Race Is On
  11. Fool For Your Loving
  12. Mississippi Queen
  13. Lost In Hollywood
Joe's back for volume 2 of cover tunes city.
Whether this is quite wanted or necessary I am not sure, but regardless I will add it to my collection for 2 reasons.
One is that Joe is a class singer and any new material is welcome and secondly he has a knack of dishing out these covers with unnatural ease! Well he has almost made a living from covering over people's material in his stints with Blackmore, Rainbow, Yngwie and solo. Especially when touring with these acts.
Which makes him probably more qualified to record an album like this anyway.
Volume one had some curious covers, but was essentially good fun.
Volume 2 is much the same. A solid collection of good time and slightly over the top hard rockers and only one big sentimental ballad to break the album up.
Lady Double Dealer kicks us into high gear straight off. A fast, hard blues hard rocker, Joe sticks to the Purple original faithfully enough. Good tune.
Wishing Well sticks to the original as much as possible. A good straight forward blues rocker.
Helter Skelter lends itself as much to the U2 version than from the original Beatles version! Lots of guitars, over the top vocals and a moody interlude or two. A fairly long and intense version.
Rock Bottom is OK. Not sure I was a fan of the original anyway. A slow paced blues rocker. Great guitar solo though!
Waiting For A Girl Like You is the only ballad for the album and is simply a sensational cover. Wonderful smooth vocal and a real atmosphere to this track. I especially like the way Joe has done the chorus and the added harmony vocals.
Free's Movin' On is another faithful rendition.
Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo is a great excuse for some solid blues licks and sounds pretty authentic. To go from Waiting For A Girl Like You to this just proves what a tight band Joe has and what a great vocalist he is.
The covering of Thin Lizzy's The Boys Are Back In Town is somewhat expected and I was surprised it didn't make the original. Anyway, this is another enjoyable version.
Born To be Wild is OK, but after growing up with the Rose Tattoo version all over Aussie airwaves, this version is a little tame.
The Race Is On solid again.
Fool For Your Loving is good value. I love this track and this version is faithful to the Whitesnake original, not the Vai ruined remake. Joe gets to flex the vocal chords a bit more here. One of my favourite album tracks.
Mountain's Mississippi Queen is pretty funny. Another good blues number.
Lost In Hollywood is one of those curious inclusions. Good solid track.
My only criticism of this project is that all the version of the tunes are so brilliantly executed they don't alter much from the original's and some of you yearning for a fresh interpretation maybe a little disappointed.
But then there is the other side of the coin where you just sit back and enjoy the tunes for what they are and admire the skill of JLT and band for so accurately reproducing them.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Joe Lynn Turner fans. Blues rock and cover tune fans.

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