Track Listing
ˇ I Will Never Leave You Now
ˇ Full Circle (1)
ˇ Silence Of The Heart
ˇ Someday
ˇ I Can't Let Go
ˇ Anyway You Want It (3)
ˇ Now We Cry
ˇ Lost Angels
ˇ I'll Be Ready Then (2)
ˇ Falling In Love
ˇ Wish You Were Here
ˇ Don't Lose Your Eyes
ˇ Marie

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
ˇ Alien
ˇ Jim (2)
ˇ Full Circle (1)

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Full Circle
Atenzia Records
ˇ Produced By: Tommy Denander
ˇ Running Time: ˇ Genre: AOR
ˇ Release Date: February 10 ˇ Released: EU
ˇ LabelLink: Atenzia

This is former Alien vocalist Jim Jidhed's second solo album, behind his debut release Jim, released several years ago.
Citing this as his comeback release, Jim has hooked up with new Swedish label Atenzia and guitarist/producer Tommy Denander to record what he hoped would be one of the best AOR albums of the year.
I'd have to say it is, but read on for the full run down.
The album is filled with plenty of well written, catchy, 80's influenced, Journey style AOR numbers. It's flows very smoothly and will appeal to those that live for the 100% pure AOR musical blend. It's a familiar formula, but it's that it's done so well that is the charm.
Jim's voice is the highlight of the album. His smooth Steve Perry/Hugo/Steve Augeri style vocals demand attention and help bring the songs to life.
I'm pleased to say that there is only 2 imported tracks - the rest are written in-house by Jim solo or with Tommy Denander.
This is some catchy AOR for sure. A few of the tracks rank as some of the best in recent times. There are a couple of minor points that need to be addressed. First, out of 13 tracks, there's maybe 2 fillers. 11 tracks would have made for a tighter album.
Secondly, the album does have a slightly programmed feel to it in places, which listeners should be aware of. The extra dollars spent on the production is clear on most tracks, but on a few, the sound does sound a little thin.
Saying that, it is Tommy Denander's best work ever, even topping the excellent Radioactive album.
Track By Track:
Opening the album in unmistakable Tommy Denander style is the uptempo AOR number I Will Never Leave You Now. Straight off we are head first into Jidhed's amazing Perry-like vocals. This is a first rate track with a solid chorus and strong verse.
Full Circle steps the quality up another notch. This moody mid-to-uptempo song is pure AOR brilliance, with a killer chorus and strong melody line.
Silence Of The Heart is another track from the past pages of Tommy Denander's history. This uptempo track features a verse, bridge, chorus arrangement, with the chorus being of particularly good quality, as is the harmony vocals.
Someday is a slow to mid-tempo track with a swagger to it. Not a ballad, nor a rocker, it does feature a strong lead vocal and some good guitar work, but isn't a favourite from the album.
I Can't Let Go is the album's first ballad. Jidhed is in full sultry Steve Perry mode, also reminding me of Steve Augeri and the Journey album Arrival on this smooth, soft ballad. It's a pretty laid back track that builds a little, but remains within itself.
I felt the album needed a list at this point and that's what we get. Anyway You Want It is a guitar driven uptempo track that gets the blood racing with a strong verse and memorable chorus. It also features some strong backing vocals.
Now We Cry is another classic AOR track. Moody and mid-tempo, Jim's vocals rule this track, which is one of those big anthemic AOR numbers we all love.
Lost Angels is an old unreleased Steve Perry/Cliff Magnus track, which has been previously covered by Raine. I have to admit that I'm not into this version of the song as much as I thought I would be. Compared to some other tracks on the album, I think it feels a little flat and could have gained from being played at a faster tempo. The atmosphere of all the harmonies is cool, but I just feel that it falls short.
Not so the big power ballad of the album I'll Be Ready Then. This is first rate, A-Grade AOR in any sense of the word. If there is any justice it would be a worldwide hit. Very commercial, very catchy and very heartfelt. Some classy guitar work from Denander, massive harmony vocals and a monster lead vocal from Jim. Much better!
Falling In Love continues the best part of the album. This last few songs really hit the spot and make the album. This is a classic Def Leppard/Journey-esque feel good, uptempo pop rocker, with another keyboard filled, stand out chorus that AOR fans will adore.
Wish You Were Here continues the good vibes, this time with it's soft mid tempo pop touch.
Don't Lose Your Eyes kicks off with a guitar riff and heads into mid-tempo territory, featuring a strong guitar sound and verse, but could have done with a more impactful chorus.
Closing out the album is Marie, a soft, romantic acoustic ballad, filled with Jim's best softly sung, smooth vocals. A peaceful way of ending the album and very reminiscent of Steve Perry's work on For The Love Of Strange Medicine.

The Bottom Line
There's more than enough tracks to pick favorites from, as this is a high quality AOR release with a big sound in most places and plenty else for fans of pure AOR and Journey.
Lots of guitars, keyboards and a generally feel good tempo, it proves good classic era, high-tech AOR is still able to be made. A couple of minor points don't take away from the fact that it will be one of 2003's best releases.
Strings added from the Sweden Rock Orchestra add an extra dimension to the sound and texture of a few tracks. It's something I'd love to hear more of.

Line Up
ˇ Jim Jidhed: Vocals
ˇ Tommy Denander: Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
ˇ Marcus Liliequist: Drums
ˇ Henrik Thomsen: Bass

Additional Ratings

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30/07/04: Ian -
Rating: 95
Outstanding in every aspect.Jim and Tommy have really brought their talents together to produce a storming album.On the minus side,Oh there is not a minus side.EXCELLENT...

25/06/04: Guillermo -
Rating: 98
UN albul casi perfectome quedo con LOst angels

17/06/04: Ron Vining -
Rating: 99
Jim Jidhed is simply awesome! The Full Circle CD is on par with Steve Perry's flawless For The Love of Strange Medicine. What rock have I been hiding under to have never heard his remarkable voice before? Vocals, guitar, writing and production are exceptional. A must buy for all AOR fans!

20/08/03: Dani -
Rating: 95
One of the best AOR albums in years. What a voice! Really good songs, and the always perfect work of Tommy Denander in guitars.

19/04/03: Chris Jacques -
Rating: 94
One of the best AOR albums I have purchased since Urban Tale's first album. Jim Jidhed delivers his powerful Steve-Perry style vocals through great songs. This album was definately a gem.

04/04/03: Antonio López -
Rating: 100
Great interpretation, great songs, great production (fantastic for an AOR idependent release), for me it`s the AOR album of the year without a doubt.

30/03/03: nick snodon - j.snorton@ntlworld,com
Rating: 99
how any of you(you know who you are) can say anything bad about this album is just amazing i just cant beleive how good this is we must be talking about possible album of the year and only a fraction of the year gone well done jim and keep up the amazing work

25/03/03: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 80
Good AOR, but the same as for On The Rise, it means little compared to the great AOR releases from the eighties. Nice songs, but the production is a bit to much in the face for an AOR release. And the voice of Jim, well, not the best if you ask me. Can't compate with the Waite's, Gramms etc. of this world. Not bad, but not the gem some people want us to believe.

17/03/03: Figge -
Rating: 86
I like Jim's voice a lot and I've been listening to him for many years now. He released an album in Sweden called "Snart Kommer Natten" in 1991 and I've played it thousands of it! I was surprised and happy to hear 5-6 months ago that he had this album on the way. I think I had a little too high expectations though (as usual). Not that it doesn't appeal to me, but I think it's a little too lightweighted. Some great songs nevertheless.
For the curious: The CD "Snart Kommer Natten" contained the song "Someday" (the Swedish title: "Bara Din") and the title song written by Per Gessle was later recorded by Roxette ("Here Comes The Weekend"). :-)

13/03/03: John Dee -
Rating: 10
I remember Jim as the singer in 'Alien' as a kid. I had a friend who was the best vocalist in town, he said to me one day "man, I tried to sing like that guy; and there was no fuckin' way". Am I allowed to say better than 'Steve Perry'? Catchy hooks and melodies and the music is all positive, you may be moved; for sure you'll be grooved. Awesome stuff form Mr. 'Jim Jidhed', not the coolest looking guy; but one of the best.

10/03/03: Bennech -
Rating: 95
Very good record, Great songs and vocal, almost like Steve Perry on his best. Bennech - On the rise

26/02/03: Neil -
Rating: 98
..Sheer brilliance..dazzling...but why oh why are'nt tracks like 'Full Circle' & 'I can't let go' playing right now on every radio show in the country ...thats the tradgedy

23/02/03: Patrik Hellström -
Rating: 91
A friend of mine who owns a record store informed me of Jims new album. As a long fan of his singing I was pleased to hear that this album was most about up-tempo song and not so much ballads. This is great stuff. Great songs and vocals! Hope to see Jim on tour with this album here in Sweden.

21/02/03: Charlie Graham -
Rating: 95
Been looking forward to this release for some time, in no way disappointed, this guys voice is amazing and Tommy,s input to my mind is his best yet, cant see this being topped as my disc of the year, still time for Mr Burtnick to release Talking in Code part 2 i suppose, cant wait for the summer months with the convertable roof down blaring out Wish you were Here, why only 95% well i feel that there are more discs in Jim and he can only get better, great cd.

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