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Produced by: Jester

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Skid Row, Ozzy
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Welcome To...
  2. Digitalia
  3. Radio
  4. Anything & Everything
  5. More Than I Know
  6. Voodoo
  7. Rock And Hard Place
  8. Enter You
  9. Main Attraction
  10. Give It Back
  11. Who's Your Daddy?
  12. Viva A Gogo
  13. Nothing For Free

Jester have quite a loyal following in their home of New Jersey and have supported acts like Warrant, Ratt, Dokken, Skid Row and Great White on tour.
Their debut album was released in 1997 and this is their latest offering.
For anyone who has heard of the band or likes the samples on offer, the good lads at Escape Music have released this album as a double CD including their debut album as the bonus disc.
That is great value, but let's talk about the most important aspect - their new studio album.
Like they did last year with the release of Australia's Empire, Escape Music have broken their solid AOR mold to include this release in their roster. They are definitely an alternative slant on the traditional melodic rock release.
I can see why they were picked up to support Skid Row, as their vocalist does compare favorably.
The music is more a modern rock flavor, with plenty of tuned down heavy guitar riffs and effects filled vocals.
The guys can slow down a little, as displayed on the more acoustic Anything And Everything and more so even on the big ballad More Than I Know.
A little variety is good sometimes and I found that listening to this album was quite enjoyable, even though I might not have as much time for this style usually. I guess that is the sign of good song writing. You will still have to have the ears for this style to enjoy it, but if you like a little dose of modern hard rock, this might be a good place to start.
BOTTOM LINE: This is an album of heavy, modern and aggressive hard rock with lots of melodic harmonies that help make the album more accessible, rather than some releases that become too heavy or modern. Basically it's a nice balance that compares to a more modern rock version of Skid Row or other fellow American sleaze rock acts.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of modern and more aggressive American hard rock.

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