Sanctuary SANCD076
Produced by: Izzy Stradlin

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Keith Richards, Black Crowes

  1. Jump In Now
  2. Head On Out
  3. River
  4. Far Below Me Now
  5. What I Told
  6. Get Away
  7. Underground
  8. Shall Walk
  9. Run-In
  10. Feelin' Alright

Listening to Izzy Stradlin's own distinctive Rolling Stones influenced bluesy rock n roll is like listening to The Stone's legendary guitarist Keith Richards when he's off on his own solo jaunt.
His records were tinged with the likeness of his band, but had it's own style of alcohol drenched blues rock. Which is exactly what this album is like.
Even Izzy's vocals match those of Richards - suitably laid back, raspy, occasionally mumbled, yet quite authorative.
River is a cohesive set of songs that at 10 tracks, gets to the point, develops in your mind and them moves on.
There are no fillers and no padding out of the album - a view dependent on your personal take on the album's style.
Musically, River isn't as diverse as Izzy's better known debut, but the once dread locked one still isn't afraid to tackle a little reggae, which he does here with ease.
BOTTOM LINE: There are no short sharp bursts of punk rock or over the top heavy riffing. This is a much more controlled album and it shows in the song consistency.
With a texture of acoustic and electric guitars layers together, the album makes rich ear candy for those attuned to laid back bluesy rock n roll from the Black Crowes / Keith Richards school of thought.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Izzy solo, fans of 70's influenced blues rock n roll.
DISCOGRAPHY:Izzy Stradlin . 117 Degrees . River

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