Metal Mayhem Music
Produced by: Mike Vescera

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackhawk
GENRE: Southern Rock

  1. Run For The Border
  2. Don't Stop
  3. The Show Must Go On
  4. In My Wildest Dreams
  5. Redneck Rock N Roll
  6. Until We Fall In Love Again
  7. Signs Of Life
  8. Shooting Star
  9. You Can Have What's Left Of Me
  10. Let's Ride
  11. Dancing With The Devil

Iron Horse is the new Ron Keel vehicle, seeing the old rocker back at the helm of a band that embraces both his past and his current tastes.
Ron of course has most recently been seen cruising the streets of Nashville in his cowboy boots under the name Ronnie Lee Keel. The is after he spent the 80's fronting the rocking 'hair-rock' outfit Keel.
But there is still some rock left in him and Iron Horse is the result.
But it's still a long long way from the 80's glory days of Keel's melodic metal sound.
Iron Horse is a southern rock band with prominent guitar parts, strong melodies and the unmistakable voice of Mr. Keel.
Also unmistakable is the country twang that occasionally raises it's head. On more than one occasion the songs moved into country territory more so than the general southern rock feel of the whole album.
As a whole, if southern rock does it for you, there is a lot to enjoy in the album. But there are a couple of fillers and an unfortunately pretty weak version of Bad Company's Shooting Star.
The hoe-down rockabilly of Redneck Rock N Roll are very amusing and quite catchy in their own hillbilly way. A lot of folks will get a good run out of this record.
Album closer, and album highlight, Dancing With The Devil is quite a mixture of contradictions. The verse is pop rock, the chorus is powered by an acoustic guitar, the vocals are sung with a definite twang and all the while there is a prominent electric guitar breaking into cool classic 'shred' solos!
BOTTOM LINE: This is a solid, well written, well produced rock record. It's also a lot of fun and would make a good party record. But do be aware that while it certainly is good rock n roll, it is definitely southern rock with several tracks carrying an unmistakable acoustic / country twang. If fellow southern rockers like 38 Special, Blackhawk and even Lynryd Skynyrd are in your collection already - add this quickly!
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard fans of Ron Keel, Ronnie Lee Keel and southern / country rock fans.

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