Standard Music STD 1202
Produced by: Charles Fisher

Released: July 20 / Website
Relatives: S. Garden, P. Echo, Nelson
GENRE: Pop Rock

  1. Desensitized
  2. Chances Are
  3. Man Enough
  4. Say You Do
  5. What If It's Me
  6. If I
  7. Blame It On The Stars
  8. It's Getting Personal
  9. Slave
  10. Typical
  11. Damage Control

Invertigo are the hottest new band in Australia and have absolutely ignited the airways of our commercial FM stations. Too bad really all that does is kill the band off with saturation.
But that political comment aside, these guys are primed to do the same in the US as they are the product of the same producer and recording team that bought you Savage Garden. They also have a cool consumer friendly look and a good-looking frontman. Teenage girls don't have a chance!
The band has another noticeable connection with the AOR world. The founders of the band and the duo that have written this excellent collection of songs are the Leigh brothers - formerly of 80's pop rockers/teen heart throbs Pseudo Echo.
There is a lot of money in this venture and it shows. The record sounds a million bucks and is totally essential for any fan of the softer pop world and finely crafted (if not a just little too polished) high-tech pop rock.
I will spare mentioning what tracks are really catchy, as every track falls into that category. These really are great pop songs and the writing and multi-layered delivery is first rate. No expense has been spared on this Australian production, meaning that it is certainly aimed at a North American and worldwide audience.
Even the inner pictures of the band were all taken in New York City. Very slick indeed!
Desensitized is the lead track and going back a year now, was the band's debut single. The track will be familiar to some after I previewed it here and also to Australian readers of this site, as it has been all over the radio all year!
As far as the song goes, it is a spot on perfect uptempo pop rocker in the vein of Savage Garden and more recent Bryan Adams style pop, with a little harder edge.
Chances Are was the second single here in Australia.
Following on from an upbeat debut, the required slower number was wheeled out to show the band's softer side. Good marketing all around there! Great track anyway. A good simple slow verse to a more built up chorus with a really memorable hook and some multi layered harmonies. Basically an outstanding radio friendly pop ballad.
Man Enough is a good radio friendly track that might find itself as a single at some stage. A great hook and memorable chorus with sweet harmonies not unsimilar to Nelson on their recent work.
Say You Do is the third single and isn't my choice for best song of the album. But it's still Ok, just a too smooth for my liking. It's a more commercial ballad that with a more uptempo dance beat could easily be adapted into a track for the likeness of N'Sync or The Backstreet Boys etc.
It's certainly a very sweet and softly sung pop ballad.
What If It's Me cranks it up a little, precisely when the album needs such an injection. The song is a darker and moodier rock track than what the rest of the album is.
If I is a cool very atmospheric romantic ballad. A little slow maybe, but a good middle point of the album.
The mid tempo dance/synth pop of Blame It On The Stars is another one of the more commercial production numbers on the album, but not one of the more outstanding tracks.
The album needed an uptempo track at this point and we get an absolute cracker of a song to fill that need.
It's Getting Personal is the high point of the album for fans of high-tech pop rock. With a great hook and a couple of vocal tempo changes, the song will embed itself in your brain after the first listen.
Slave is another track with a dance beat that again could be 'hyped' up for the boy bands. The track has a steady dark, hypnotic feel throughout.
Typical keep the tempo in the mid range corridor, this track again moody and darker than some others. It has a definite Savage Garden feel, but a little darker and more mature. Another good chorus hook, even though it is relatively laid back. The album is closed off with another great album track.
Damage Control is another very cool smoldering pop rocker that never quite seems to reach maximum pace.
BOTTOM LINE: An album that will send pop rock lovers into a frenzy. Charles Fishes does a world class production job, and a lot of cash has been spent on these boys. Just as Savage Garden did it, so will these guys. They are a little harder edge, but only just. Probably just enough to spark more interest in them from readers of this site.
Coming from Australia, we must be very proud of this album. The rest of the world will find out soon enough!
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of pure commercial pop with a rock edge and a modern production.

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