Produced by: Stephan DeAcutis

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Aldo Nova

  1. One Night of Love
  2. Stay
  3. Losing You
  4. Runaway 2000
  5. Faithful Love
  6. You Take The Chill
  7. Last Forever
  8. The Love We Had
  9. Down On Love
  10. Under My Skin
  11. Halfway Home
  12. 19 And Ready

Intruder is ex-Shotgun Symphony vocalist Tracy White and guitarist/songwriter George Karak with help from second guitarist and Escape Music regular Stephen DeAcutis.
Their debut album was a collection of solid guitar / keyboard driven stadium rock songs with touches of Survivor and Bon Jovi in there.
On album number 2 the guys continue where they left of, with more of their style of solid 80's moody pop rock AOR.
There is still plenty for keyboard fans, this is just a little tougher.
80's FM radio fans will go for this, there is lots of AOR anthem choruses, lots of keyboard backing and plenty of lead guitar breaks in the example of Survivor, Aldo Nova and early Bon Jovi.
Nothing tops the great opening anthem One Night Of Love, but there are other good moments like Stay, the mid tempo anthem ballad Faithful Love, the harmony filled Down On Love, plus the guitar heavy Under My Skin.
Also good is their version of Bon Jovi's early hit Runaway. It's a heavier version of the original that fans should take to, depending on how loyal they are to the original. Personally I like it.
Special mention to the very good power ballad Halfway Home.
The album ends with the more hard rocking 19 And Ready. This is where I hope the guys will take the next album. They pull this dirtier, heavier sound off perfectly.
BOTTOM LINE: Another solid 80's style melodic rock release from Escape Music. Fans of the label and their output will find more to like here. The guys produce familiar AOR that doesn't break any new boundaries, but will please fans of their debut.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of keyboard friendly 80's AOR, with a tougher edge and fans of other Escape Music releases.
DISCOGRAPHY:Dangerous Nights . Believer

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