Impellitteri Pedal To The Metal Victor Japan
· Produced By: Chris Impellitteri

· Running Time: 40.31

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: JP

· Musical Style: Melodic Metal

· Links: Impellitteri
Songs: 93%
Sound: 95%
Impellitteri have rotated vocalists over their last three releases – from Rob Rock to the return of original vocalist Graham Bonnet to new kid Curtis Skelton, formerly of US nu-metal act Speak No Evil.
Impellitteri's talk of styles while recording this and the addition of Skelton could have led one to believe that this was going to be a radical departure from the formula of old.
One feared a John Sykes Nuclear Cowboy type experiment. But fear not, this is Impellitteri all the way, even if it does include a few new tricks – most of which work.
I have been critical of the last few releases – especially System X, which with Bonnet back on board should have rocked my world. For some reason it didn't and I still haven't warmed any further to that album, despite several fans suggesting I should!
But I really dig this release. In fact, having lived with it for a few weeks now, I rate it my second favourite release behind the unbeatable Answer To The Master album.
I really have enjoyed the songs on Pedal To The Metal. They are not much different from what's been delivered before, so one must look at singer Chris Skelton to see what he offers. And that is a fresh and energetic voice – he sings his heart out in traditional metal style, with only the odd deviations into nu-metal territory.
On Crushing Daze he breaks into that "noise" of fully distorted vocals employed by heavier bands, but reality isn't far away – especially when the frantic speed metal of Destruction isn't far behind.
There are plenty of melodies in amongst the flailing guitars and double speed rhythm section. Chris Impellitteri and the rhythm section of James Pulli and Glen Sobel play their hearts out, but vocalist Skelton really delivers.
In fact, listen hard and you could at times swear Eric Martin had gone metal. That's what makes this record for me – powerhouse melodic vocals.
The songs themselves are also very good and all contain enough breathing space to allow hooks and melodies to flourish.
There are some traditional moments that are so straight forward you expect them to be almost too 'simple' for Chris Impellitteri! Just check out the highly enjoyable traditional metal of Hurricane. But then there are also the moments of pure shred-bliss such as on The Writings On The Wall and The Iceman Cometh.
Special mention to the track Punk, which is just fantastic. It's a total piss-take on rap and while it turned my head to start with, the satirical tone of the track and its use of an Eminem melody has me hooked.
I'm also totally sold on Propaganda Mind – this is a great moody metal track with a powerful vocal, using some updated production effects to create the vibe, but then delivering a great chorus.
And Stay Tonight is almost melodic rock – it's great to hear the guys slow things down and strip them back once and awhile.
The Bottom Line
There are passages of music that employ modern effects like drum loops and various other production tricks, not to mention variations in vocal delivery, but none of it over shadows the songs themselves or the expected sound Impellitteri is known for.
Add some strong songwriting and a fresh and inspired vocal performance and you end up with an album that might surprise some metal fans. It certainly caught my attention and restored my enthusiasm for an artist I had previously grown a little tired of.
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· Impellitteri
· Victim Of the System
· Answer To The Master
· Screaming Symphony
· Eye Of The Hurricane
· Crunch
· System X
· Pedal To The Metal

Line Up
· Curtis Skelton: Vocals
· Chris Impellitteri: Guitar
· Glen Sobel: Drums
· James Pulli: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Impellitteri
· Curtis Skelton
· Rage Of Creation
Track Listing
· The Writings On The Wall*
· Crushing Daze
· Destruction*
· Dance With The Devil
· Hurricane*
· Judgement Day
· The Iceman Cometh
· Punk
· Propaganda Mind*
· Stay Tonight*
· The Fall Of The Titus
--*Best Tracks

16/03/06: Joseph Hodges -
Rating: 100
Curtis Skelton is not just my cousin but is a hell of a singer and musician Good Luck Curtis

17/04/05: Shade -
Rating: 36
I just had to write something here ( after I spend some 20 minutes to even find this review here, I knew it was here, as I read it long time ago, but the record just came out in my territory - the index is quite irritating, I looked on A-Z then Reviews in Brief and checked them all)
Anyway, I am (was ?) a huge fan of this guy, and even the high import prices for his always very short CD's were worth ( as long as Rob Rock was on board !)
Well, to make it short, this is the WORST Impelliteri record ever !!! And I know them all. Fierce, I could'nt have said it better, you said it all, man. For music like Machine Head, Fear Factory, Disturbed I don't need such a guitar hero like Chris !! Antonio, I wish I could read what you were saying, man !
"Punk" is the stupidest song I heard in a long long time !! The song makes fun of Rappers and also Fred Durst, but if the music itself sounds like from this clown, where's the joke ?
The songwriting is so much poorer as compared to Screaming Symphnoy or Eye of the hurricane !
Also the lyrical standpoint is strange and irritating : On some songs Chris is rightfully critisizing the US politics and then in another song he says stuff like "The Voice Of Amerika proud to defend" just similar to the last album, I wonder does this guy knows what he means ?!?! For a Christian person he makes some strange moves here, that's weird.
The album came out in Germany in February 2005, and the lyrics to the song "The Kingdom of Titus (Tribute)" are NOT in the booklet.(???) And the playing time of this CD is : 36:38 (!)
Since the music is so much disappointing on this disc, its even ok, so I do not have to listen to this average singer much longer. Very very sad !

27/02/05: Antonio Vocalista -
Rating: 2
En mi opinión "pedal to the metal" es un excelente album. Impelliteri ha renovado su heavy metal clasico con la incursión de Curtis Skelton. El album suena fresco, novedoso, moderno, poderoso y arrogante. Posee todos los condimentos para deleitarnos de un excelente album de heavy.
"Crushing Daze" es un temón. Poderosísimo. Combina fuerza y melodía. Curtis muestra que es un grande. Puede pelar la voz que quieras.
"Destruction" se demuestra en este tema que no solo pueda cantar como un verdadero cantante de hevy metal clásico, acompañando las clasicas bases de Cris. Lo de Cris es siempre excelente.
"Hurricane" el mejor tema. Las palabras sobran. Curtis segui asi, no te mueras nunca papa!!!.
"The Iceman Commeth" soberbia base de Glenn (la rompes papá). Curtis es original a lo largo de todo el album pero en este tema se destaca.
"Punk" es un tema que somprende a culaquiera. Puede causar euforia o rechazo. A mi me rompio el marote. Es grandioso. Curtis es Artaza y Cherutti juntos. Sos una bestia Curtis.
"Stay Tonight" Es una buena balada. Un poco melosa. pareciera se se encuentra fuera de contexto con el entorno del Album. Se nota un Cris Impellitteri muy influenciado por Randy Rhoads (Alta influencia Tri-tri).
Me sorprende que los "comentarios" de gente que no conoce nada, pero absolutamente nada de Heavy metal, puedan ser publicadas en esta prestigiosa página. Como pueden decir que Grahan Bonnet es mejor que Rob Rock. ¿Saben algo de cantantes?. Díganme quien tiene un registro vocal más amplio, quien tiene una voz mas clara y potente a la vez, quien....?. Claro... para ustedes es mejor Don Dokken que Michel Kiske... es mejor Joe Lynn Tunner que Jeff Scott Soto.... es mejor el Paz Martinez que el Puma Rodriguez.... o que Cantinflas es mejor que Chespirito no....

25/11/04: Victor -
Rating: 95
Great Album and a major step forward for Chris. System X was too much around Bonnet's voice and Impellitteri should be about great riffs and solos (and the solos on this album are really good). This is a great album from start to finish and Impellitteri fans who liked the last 2 albums will certainly like this one.
Skelton ain't no Rob Rock but at least he is better than a worn out GB wich was what happened the last time around. (Skelton has a pretty melodic voice who sounds nice together with Chirs' guitar.
Great Album, I was a little concerned (System X is the album I like the least of all Impellitteri's albums) but Chris made a great job.

17/07/04: Guitarp77 -
Rating: 40
Heared it today for the first time, and the album is just as bad as the cover art.
It really sucks.

03/07/04: DisturbedLover -
Rating: 80
Sorry, but that's more than influence... They totally ripped one song from disturbed (whis is a really good group) the guitar riff as well as that keyboard beat are direcly from Stupify, then they added their personal touch.

07/05/04: Bruce -
Rating: 90
I was a little sceptic at first too. But after a few listens it just hit me. This album is one of Chris's best. The only song I didn't like was Crushing daze. My favorite (believe it or not) is Punk. I dont like rap , but this songs fun to listen to and it rocks. I highly reccomend this one.

07/05/04: Chikara -
Rating: 95
I was really disappointed as I heard, that the new Impellitteri would go to a updated sound. So I was really sceptic about that! But Chris Impellitteri is a man that knows all about good quality! This album rocks all the way! There are all Impellitteri trademarks like big time riffs, great solos, really heavy drums and last but not least a great singer! Hey not every singer has to be like Rob Rock or Graham Bonnet (in my opinion Graham is not so good as a fiew say). Curtis Skelton ist a young talented guy, who really has his big times on this album. Like Tim Owens he has a really a lot of diversity in his voice. But if you listen to "stay tonight" or "destruction" (what a rocker!) his singing is very melodic! And I'm sure that Chris Impellitteri was looking for a singer that still can perform "stand in line" or "warrior" in a great way! So, what can I fear for Impellitteri-fans! And the production is much more powerful than previous albums... So the bottom line I only can say the same as Andrew: This is still very Impellitteri with some modern effects. And this gives a really good kick for this album! So...get your copy now!

24/04/04: Fierce -
Rating: 65
I beg to differ, but this albums will not please the classical Impellitteri fans. I didn't quite like it. Impellitteri entering nu-metal territories is not what I expected and the over use of already worn-out clichés from nu-metal didn't make it any better. IMO, Curtis Skelton is an average singer, who showcases some few good moments in this album ("Stay Tonight" comes into mind). The composition is simpler, more direct and pretty updated, but in a wrong way: groups like Machine Head, Fear Factory, Disturbed should not be *influences* for Impellitteri, quite the contrary (Impellitteri himself quoted these bands as a reference when he was recording this album).
Curtis Skelton is miles behind Rob Rock or Graham Bonnet, but he manages to show something special here, which is not enough to save this album from being a step back in Impellitteri's career, after a good album as System X was. Perhaps nu-metal fans will fully enjoy "Pedal to the Metal", but the all-time Impellitteri fans won't. It is hard to recover after listening to awful songs like Crushing Daze... on the good side, Glen Sobel really shines.

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