Vinny Records
Produced by: Tony López

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Tour De Force, Bon Jovi

  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. I Live For You
  3. Vampire
  4. You Just Want
  5. Angel Of The Night
  6. No More
  7. You'll Never Die
  8. I Still Breathe
  9. It's The Time
  10. Don't Close Your Eyes
  11. One More Time (Euro Bonus Track)

Ice Blue are from Spain and play their own take on 80's keyboard/guitar melodic rock.
To my ears the guys mix a little Bon Jovi, lots of Tour De Force and a bit of Shotgun Symphony - that kind of rock music with an equal blend of keys and guitar and a strong vocal line.
Vocalist Salva Insa is a singer who won prizes in Spanish Karaoke, singing all the classics of Jon Bon Jovi! so it is of little surprise that his vocals do resemble that of Jovi's.
But it's also very Spanish - there is no hiding the background of these guys, or an accent on the vocal delivery.
Tracks like Vampire showcases some top notch anthemic AOR with some tasteful hooks and harmony vocals, while You Just Want is prime early 80's (1983 era) Bon Jovi.
These guys sound young, they sound fresh and ready to take on the world.
However their strong European sound may not appeal to all and as I said there is no hiding the accented vocals, which also may not suit some.
BOTTOM LINE: There is no doubt the songs recorded for this debut album are of very good quality. But there is still some room left to improve the quality and style of the delivery.
Nothing that a more experienced, or at least mainstream record producer couldn't bring to the band.
A bright hope that haven't yet quite nailed the execution and delivery of some good songs.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of European AOR with strong keyboard influences. Some Tour De Force fans.

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