Hughes Turner Project II MTM Music
· Produced By: Hughes/Turner

· Running Time: 58.09

· Release Date: September 29

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 94%
Sound: 90%
I was, and remain, a big fan of the original Hughes Turner Project release last year. It was a great slice of Purple-esque hard rock, with both Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner paying tribute to their past and – if you look honestly at it – cashing in on it. But that's exactly what the fans wanted from them and they delivered.
On Hughes Turner 2 we get something a little different. Yes, most of the album is more of the same great 70's inspired hard rock, but as you would hope, this second album sees the partnership between the guys grow stronger and they really have learnt to play off each other with increasing ease.
As their partnership matures, so does the songwriting for the project and HTP2 sees the guys experiment more and vary the style of the songs.
Not every track works as well as some, but the overwhelming majority sound great and overall the new album gives the classic debut a real run for it's money.
Track By Track:
Revelation is an easy pick to open the album – it's a big, brash, uptempo hard rocker that sees the guys trading lines and playing off each other beautifully.
Alone I Breathe is a little different. Featuring a darker tone, the 70's rocker features some tasteful Hammond organ, a prominent rhythm section and toned down guitar riff. The songs builds further towards the end – featuring some killer Glenn Hughes screams.
Losing My Head has a strong Led Zeppelin feel to it, from the guitar riff to the vocals. The hard edged verse breaks into a very smooth and melodic chorus, which is a nice contrast to the rest of the song.
Going My Way is pure classic rock, with a 70's verse, but a more commercial 80's Joe Lynn Turner sung chorus. Mostly a mid-tempo melodic rocker with a real groove to it, the song's chorus is one of those instantly memorable ones.
Hold On is yet another change of pace for the duo. Uptempo, but not as intense as earlier tracks, the song has an urgent feel to it, with an unusual chorus hook.
Lost Dreams is another cool song and something different for the guys. The 6 minute plus track rolls through a light and groovy verse and then into a chorus that just seems to sneak up on you. It's over before you know it, but comes back around again after a long musical interlude. One of the tracks of HTP2 that sees the guys stretching their abilities more.
Time And Time Again is a Joe Lynn Turner sung ballad and matches the vibe of his solo albums and while is nothing new, is very enjoyable thanks to the strong vocal performance.
Goodbye Friday is an album favourite. It's another track that features a groovy 70's swagger during the rock verse before breaking into a nice harmony drenched lengthy chorus.
Burning The Sky is pure Bad Company style 70's blues rock. It starts with a bang, but gets really laid back in the verse before the organ drenched chorus kicks in. A nice change of pace, but not an album highlight.
Sofia features a strong hook, and blazing guitars towards the end of the track. A nice mid-tempo classic rocker.
Let's Talk About It Later is another super cool track with a strong blues attitude. The softly spoken into and building drum beat has been done before, but is put to great effect. The track rocks through some fine vocals from Glenn Hughes singing with a monster attitude. I think the track is a little left of center and which will see it miss the mark with some listeners, but Hughes die-hards will love it!
The Bottom Line
This is a long album. The 11 tracks run about an hour in playing time, so you can see there is plenty of time for musical interludes and extended instrumental passages to compliment lots of vocal acrobatics from the duo.
The production on HTP2 is a little rougher than the debut, but remains solid enough. It suits the vibe of the songs and it's the quality there that is the overall strength of the album.
I think the album is just that little bit better than the debut – it is less commercial and a little tougher, and a little more experimental at the same time.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Hughes Turner Project
· Live In Japan
· II

Line Up
· Glenn Hughes & Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals
· J. J. Marsh: Guitar
· Shane Gaalaas: Drums
· Glenn Hughes: Bass
· Ed Roth: Keyboards

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· Glenn Hughes -
· Joe Lynn Turner -
· Hughes Turner Project - HTP
· Deep Purple
Track Listing
· Revelation*
· Alone I Breathe*
· Losing My Head
· Going My Way*
· Hold On
· Lost Dreams
· Time And Time Again
· Goodbye Friday*
· Burning The Sky
· Sofia
· Let's Talk About It
--*Best Tracks

02/05/04: jon fletcher -
Rating: 100
Comment? HTP 2? WOW!!! I didn't think Glenn and Joe could outdo themselves. Boy was I wrong. This album smokes the debut in leaps and bounds. My favorites are as follow: ALONE I BREATHE, TIME AND TIME AGAIN, REVELATION, and LOSING MY HEAD. I totally anticipate HTP 3, 4, 5, ........! You get my point! I hope this never ends!

02/02/04: Kudiman -
Rating: 75
It is a rough hard rock album with great tunes and without surprises, what i missing is a better songwriting and Bruce Gowdy or Pat Thrall!!! Or hims guitarists on FNO(1994 album).Glenn Hughes working too speed. Well, Glenns SITKOR is a lot better and i love it this album!I want more songs like IOMMYS "Eight Star" and Glenns From no on...on next HTP!

05/12/03: Rene Splinters -
Rating: 90
Fantastic album. A bit more modern indeed but not to modern for my ears. Best tracks : Going my way, Losing my head, Lost dreams, Hold on & Alone I breathe. JJ Marsh is doing a fine job in writing & (lead)guitar. I hope HTP will play in the Netherlands next spring

10/11/03: John H -
Rating: 70
I'd agree with Lyncho Maniac, with the exception that I think Talk About It Later is one of the weakest tracks on HTP 2. I just haven't fallen in love with this album the way I have with Glenn's latest solo album SITKOR and the first classic HTP album. The production isn't as strong as the first, the songs are definitely weaker than the first album, although Hold On, Revelation, Losing My Head Alone, I Breathe are about as good as the stuff on the first album. This one definitely suffers from the dreaded sophomore jinx. An addition disappointment is the loss of keyboardist Vince Di Cola, who simply sizzled and burned on the first HTP album like only Jon Lord can. His replacement Ed Roth is about as anonymous as keyboardists get, as evidenced by his work on Glenn's SITKOR also. The guest appearance by Steve Vai is equally anonymous and disappointing, unlike the contributions of Paul Gilbert and John Sykes on HTP. I've really already stopped playing this one, other than the fast cuts for the gym, yet Glenn's SITKOR is still featuring on my CD player at least once a week.


14/10/03: Lynchomaniac -
Rating: 70
The guys are still in good form but it saddens me to say that it was better last time around! IMO it's not hard to understand that the songwriting on this release lacks the pure quality the former one had given the amount of projects the men have been involved in since then. We've had one HTP livealbum, both of the "voices" have released an soloalbum each, Lynn Turner was heavily involved in making the Brazen Abbot Album and Tour of Bulgaria so it's sasfe to say the guys have kept busy! But there's golden moments on this release as well, such as: "Alone I breathe","Going my way", "Hold on"(even if the mainriff is stolen from Rush's "Anthem"), "Lost dreams", "Burning the sky" and "Let's talk about it later"! But the remaining tracks (5 0ther's that is) is the tracks that makes this album a considerably weaker effort than the massive debut! But the musicanship is intact and that's a comfort, but I certainly hope that the guys spend more time on the songwriting next time!

04/10/03: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 85
Really great hardrock again from two of the finest voices still alive and kicking ! Is this better than their first ? Don't know ! They're both worth buying, without any hesitation ! Great songs, great musianship, great singing. We have it all here. Classic hardrock at its best ! Buy !!!!!

02/10/03: Hanuk Baac - temporarily unavailable
Rating: 70
Not a bad album at all but overall a slight disappointment as the songs are considerably weaker than their first album. Regarding the fact that Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner both recently released very good solo albums, it seems like they waned to keep thier best songs for their solo records. I guess it's not a good idea because this album gets a lot more exposure than their solo albums. HTP2 has its rocking moment, but could be a lot stronger.

16/09/03: Mats B -
Rating: 95
Mature,better, excellent , nice production.
One word; BUY !!!
If you are a classic hardrock fan as myself or a fan of JLT or GH or for that matter Deep Purple or 70īs hardrock, BUY !

Contender in my book for album of the year !

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