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Produced by: No One!
  1. Not The Same
  2. I'm Gone
  3. Real World
  4. Don't You Tell Me
  5. I'll Be Fine
  6. From Another World
  7. Through The Rain
  8. Shakin' My Wings
  9. No Stranger To Love (Remix 1986)
Now I do love my collection of unreleased tunes and I thrive on getting more. I also a fan of the odd bootleg, so long as it holds up to a reasonable sound quality.
What I do not approve of however, is the obvious misuse of these tunes for profit.
These songs were apparently recorded sometime in 1996 in the Iommi solo album sessions featuring Glenn Hughes. But my knowledge was that these sessions took place in late 1997.
Either way, this album project and these songs have been worked on more since then and completed, plus having some more new songs added.
The songs that make up this CD are demo's from the album sessions and at some point have found there way into the hands of an undesirable who has sold them off to a Japanese company who in turn have bootlegged this.
At least the damage is limited to 500 copies. And I can hardly complain - I was only to eager to shell out the unfair amount of dollars to hear this sequel to the awesome Seventh Star album. And for a bootleg the quality is not too bad. It's obviously taken from a cassette source, as there is a fair slice of tape hiss and some muddy sound moments.
But it's the songs we are her for. To sample the making of a record that is much anticipated. The official release is coming God knows when and I hope that this bootleg does not hinder that process. Maybe it will hurry it up.
Listening to this all I know is that we will be in for one hell of a rock record when the time comes.
Not The Same is a hard and heavy modern rocker with a huge Hughes Addiction style vocal.
I'm Gone is slow and heavy, a Black Sabbath trademark. More heavy dark vocals from Hughes.
Real World is not the same track found on some Hughes demo trading tapes. This song reminds me a little of the John Norum Face The Truth album. Slow, dark and moody.
Don't You Tell Me
and I'll Be Fine are dark and heavy again with more strong vocals from Hughes.
From Another World is a ballad of sorts with a complicated musical backing underneath the initially soft vocal. It runs over 6 minutes and gets progressively tougher and heavier. Some great soloing towards the end.
Through The Rain is another moody ballad. This ones runs nearly 5 minutes and again gets heavier in the mid section before mellowing out again.
Shakin' My Wings is another Sabbath like mid tempo hard rocker. Interesting tune and one that challenges the mold of the other songs.
No Stranger To Love (Remix 1986) pretty much speaks for itself!
This is obviously low on quality sound wise, but is easily clear enough to enjoy and really appreciate what hopefully will be presented in DDD studio quality in the not to distant future.
Now I anticipate it even more!
If you want a copy, Lost Horizons have a few copies in stock now.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Glenn Hughes and Tony Iommi die hards
DISCOGRAPHY: Iommi/Hughes - Seventh Star

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