House Of Lords World Upside Down Frontiers Records
· Produced By: James Christian Mixed: Dennis Ward

· Running Time: 57.15

· Release Date: May 19

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: House Of Lords
Songs: 95%
Sound: 97%
So there is a little controversy to this album. I think once any House Of Lords fan gets through the album for the first time, any doubts will be erased.
House Of Lords caused a stir with their last studio album The Power & The Myth, perhaps for the wrong reasons though. The record found its fans, but a good portion on the traditional HOL fanbase were unhappy with the change in style and direction taken by the band.
It wasn't just the style - it was also the time taken in getting the record done and singer James Christian also came under fire for his vocal performance.
World Upside Down is some quirky way is an apt title for this new album. Since the last record, everything in the HOL camp has been turned upside down. In comes a new line-up...the record was written and recorded in quick time...and stylistically the band reverts back to everything that made the HOL name great.
One could argue that the new line-up isn't truly House Of Lords, but there will be just as many, if not more, that will argue that the last album with the original line-up didn't sound anything like what was expected of the band.
World Upside Down however is totally House Of Lords in sound and direction. James Christian steers the band through rocky waters into a glorious bay of harmonies, wailing guitars, huge choruses and a big fat production sound that sees this album stand proudly between the self-titled debut and Demon's Down.
This is a bloody fine melodic rock record and everyone involved deserves a little credit. This is a very energetic record and literally jumps from the speakers. James Christian sounds amazing – as good as I can remember and certainly the best since Demons Down. New guitarist Jimi Bell plays all over this record - riffs galore, but some great solos and blazing overdubs too. Jeff Kent and BJ Zampa supply a hearty rhythm section and Jeff double-dips with some traditional House Of Lords keyboard parts.
Original keys man and band founder Gregg Giuffria returns in a cameo role, with several keyboard passages included, but his influence over the record is easy to pick. His advice to the guys on production and keyboard sounds means this record retains the feel of the original band.
Track By Track:
A nice typically overblown intro in the form of Mask Of Eternity opens the album, signaling the band's intentions with this record - blazing guitars and an epic production.
These Are The Times is a strong opening track and a typical HOL styled uptempo melodic rocker. A strong chorus is amplified by some big vocals and a hearty guitar riff. Welcome back guys!
All The Way To Heaven is another trademark HOL track, but this time relying on the band's knack of serving up a rock anthem wrapped up in a moody, angst filled delivery. Some big backing vocals, a very melodic chorus and a quirky lyrical theme familiar to the band add to the track.
Field Of Shattered Dreams is a huge power rock ballad with a chorus that seems to go on forever and features some amazing harmony vocals. Lyrically it is a message for all those serving their country overseas during this time of conflict.
I'm Free is probably the most contemporary song on offer. It is a heavier and darker rocker with an aggressive edge in the vocals and lead guitar. Less emphasis on the chorus here, which helps vary the record.
All The Pieces Falling is an acoustic driven ballad and a more traditional sounding track. A heartfelt ballad that builds in tempo, while adding more and more soaring vocals.
Rock Bottom steers the album back into uptempo hard rock territory, with a big groove and a big attitude. A bit of a throw-away rocker, but good fun nevertheless. The guitar riff reminds me of that true HOL sound.
Million Miles is just brilliant. This is everything I love about James Christian and House Of Lords – uptempo and over the top. A cool guitar riff is thrown in and the song is extremely melodic during the verse and a big melodic anthem chorus. Love it.
Your Eyes continues the melodic bliss. This starts slow and remains mid-tempo and is a ballad of sorts, but a rock ballad with another big harmony filled chorus. A nice guitar solo just adds to the enjoyment.
Ghost Of Time makes the album even better again. Some moody keyboard parts and a smooth guitar riff start the song off before it turns uptempo, very melodic and very passionate. This rocker has a superb chorus and follows on perfectly from Million Miles - the two songs remind me of the closing tracks on the band's killer debut - where every song was more melodic than the last and you couldn't believe one killer track just followed the other.
My Generation turns up the heat again with a grittier, dirtier rock sound along the same lines as I'm Free, but with a bigger and better chorus and lots of drum rhythms. It makes for a nice circuit breaker between anthems, but not a personal favourite.
S.O.S is that other anthem which adds to the gloriousness of Million Miles and Ghost Of Time. Incredibly commercial and utterly brilliant – through the verse, the chorus and the big finale.
World Upside Down closes the album brilliantly on a somewhat reflective note. This track is a mid-tempo ballad with a little orchestral padding which lifts the melody beautifully.
The Bottom Line
World Upside Down delivers everything that the traditional House Of Lords fan could want and then some. James Christian himself sounds on fire and delivers some passionate and fiery vocals not heard since Demons Down.
Something lacking from Power & The Myth was big choruses and big vocals. This album has both. The backing vocals on this record in particular are immense, with James, wife Robin Beck and guest Terry Brock all supplying some huge vocals.
This record is the very definition of melodic hard rock and for me blows the last album and even James' 2 solo records out of the water. Easily my second favourite album of the year thus far and I'm guessing the best of the year in many other fans eyes.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· House Of Lords
· Sahara
· Demons Down
· The Power & The Myth
· World Upside Down

Line Up:
· James Christian: Vocals
· Jimi Bell: Guitars
· BJ Zampa: Drums
· Jeff Kent: Bass, Keyboards
· Gregg Giuffria: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· House Of Lords
· James Christian
Track Listing
· Mask Of Eternity
· These Are The Times *
· All The Way To Heaven *
· Field Of Shattered Dreams
· I'm Free
· All The Pieces Falling
· Rock Bottom
· Million Miles *
· Your Eyes *
· Ghost Of Time *
· My Generation
· S.O.S *
· World Upside Down *

--*Best Tracks

26/04/07: Ray Gayo -
Rating: 100
<B>Even though I like THE POWER AND THE MYTH, this album in many ways is back to what HOL. Besides all the great songs of this recording, the highlight here is JIMI BELL, a CT guitar heroe who leaves Lanny Cordola, miles behind. No wonder why this CD was picked as Number 2 in as the best of 2006

19/11/06: Paul -
Rating: 98
No long review here. Simply put, as of mid-November, this is the the BEST CD OF 2006. Just phenomenal songs, performances, and production. MILLION MILES is a frontrunner for Song Of The Year. I realize everybody's tastes vary, but if you can't get into this, you need to switch back to country or rap or anything but melodic rock, 'cuz you just don't get it. 'Nuff said.

29/07/06: Kenneth M. -
Rating: 97
Simply put... this is one of the best albums to come out in the last 5-10 years along with My Religion by TNT, Lipservice by Gotthard and Thunderdome by Pink Cream 69. Absolutely essential for any and all true melodic rock collections!!
Honestly, I never thought that this band could pull off an album of this magnitude following the previous "The Power & The Myth" which totally "mythed" the mark. Mr. Christian is at his very best here (and he's been damn good in the past). Everything and everyone sounds so very "tight" here as well.
Personal highlights are the killer "These are the Times", "Rock Bottom", "Ghost of Time", "I'm Free", "All the way to Heaven" and of course "Million Miles". These tunes are smokin' hot melodic rockers that any band would be proud to claim as their own. This is a splendid display of the type of music that brings us all here to this site, a true reason to celebrate!!! Excellent!! You must own these at all costs.

12/07/06: Alex -
Rating: 85
Now this is what I like talking about! After many frequent, ill-advised disappointments, I must say that this is a solid effort. I can close my eyes and hear every nuance of "Rock Bottom." Several additional stand-out tracks aren't obliterated by the slower, deeper stuff. While I definitely wanted to hear more of Mr. Bell's sonic contribution(s), the band has sufficient whetted most of our appetities for "the next great one."

A sad postscript to this triumphant saga is that my eponymous "HOL" first effort seems incredibly weak and dated by comparison. While I am definitely old enough to privately recall my eighties-lighter-in-the-stadium days, I can't stand the disc now. If anyone wants it, I'll trade ya something...

02/07/06: Chad -
Rating: 100
This is probably the best House Of Lords release to date. The music rocks and the vocals are fantastic! I could easy put this disc in the car and listen to it the whole way thru without skipping a track. A MUST BUY for all fans of HOL and for new listeners alike.

02/07/06: Mike the Conqouror -
Rating: 88
A little overrated here I think. Good and consistant sound for sure but all the songs sound too similar to me that I get tired at the end. Good one for HOL though.

29/06/06: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 100
I have played this album so many times the last few weeks that I think I'm going to wear the cd out soon!!.Yes that grandiose House of Lords sound is well and truly back.This album rocks and is packed full of powerful melodic rock songs .There are some superb backing vocals with a production and mix that is pretty much perfect.Here is a track by track review of the songs:

These are the Times- What can i say?,what an opener-very crunchy melodic song and you will be singing it all the time.A fitting start to the album.
All the way to Heaven- A subtle keyboard intro and then straight into one of the best riffs I've heard for a long time and some great backing vocals too.What a guitar solo!!!
Field of Shattered Dreams- A nice acoustic intro to what is a war related power ballad.
I'm Free- A contemporary rocker yet still retaining a traditional melodic sound.
All the Pieces Falling- A beautiful heartfelt ballad-excellent.
Rock Bottom- A stomping rocker ,nice and heavy.Very catchy.
Million Miles- Keyboard intro with James' vocals and then into a catchy chorus-would have been a hit a few years a ago when people liked music!!!
Your Eyes- A ballad and a rocker .
Ghost of Time- Another favourite of mine-catchy,emotional with great lyrics and once again some great backing vocals.The drums seem to be more prominent on this track which I like alot.
My Generation- A good song but my least favourite overall.Guitar solo is fantastic by the way.
SOS- Oh my !! I love this song.It's one of the best House of Lord songs ever written.
World Upside Down- A Really nice ballad to close what could quite possibly be one of my favourite albums of all time(if you haven't already guessed that!)

To summerise,this album is a must have for those who loved their debut and Demons Down.
Thanks to House of Lords for giving us World Upside Down and to all the people who contributed on or towards this record.This band is excellent.

28/06/06: Philip de Groot -
Rating: 92
Brilliant album!! Finally the Lords are back! Who cares it's not the original line-up? This is melodic rock as it's supposed to be. And man, that voice....

26/06/06: Ken Bauer -
Rating: 100
Outfreaking standing. Can't stop playing it. "Field Of Shattered Dreams" playing right now. Really makes you appreciate what our troops are doing. James is amazing and the new Band is awesome. Man i hope they tour the states. One awesome song after another. Powerful, emotional, and Rocking. Thanks HOL. This is a great CD for any mood.

20/06/06: Mike -
Rating: 99
Jeff don't know what you were talking about in your note but it didn't look to me that Graham was saying anything bad about you at all. Seems he had some dislike for Giuffria though.

I'm glad to see that the keys took a backseat to the guitar on most of the CD though!

You can't go wrong buying this CD! Excellent effort!!

12/06/06: ron -
Rating: 75
Wish jimi could have showed more of his guitar skills more on this cd . Been a Bell fan since Joined Forces . and a fan of James since Jasper Wrath . Show their talents more on the next cd !!!! Jimi rules

08/06/06: Dave O\'Leary -
Rating: 98
What can I say other than F#@!in' brillant! Every time I hear this album, the more I fall in love with it. One of the best albums I have heard in years. Comines evertything I like aboutr great music. Thank you!!!

07/06/06: Mooks -
Rating: 10
This is simply awesome,been a fan ever since the 1st album was looking forward to going back to there classic demons down era and by hell l wasnt dissapointed..
As a fan of heavy ballads Million miles is simply the best lve heard in a long time, in fact since my family break up l cried my heart out...brilliant..
Your eyes is just as good...
Cant fault this CD and what a band hes put together, good on ye James....lets have a World Tour for all your fans to sample the superb qualities of what HOL i about !!

06/06/06: Charlie Smith -
Rating: 99
Having been a fan of the band since the first disc, I was bracing for a messy disc of new metal or like the bands last effort a phoned in disc of mush metal. With the release of "World Upside Down" HOL have returned to the bludgeoning solos and soaring vocals of their glory days this is the disc we as fans have been waiting for since "Demons Down", gone are the moody, broody, boring songs of their last release "The Power & The Myth" (which I refure to as "No Power, Destroy The Myth")This disc more than makes up for the last one. The production and the playing on this disc are top notch and the only reason why I didn't rate it 100% is so as not to make the band think they don't have room for improvement. The songs on this release are well thought out and show a band that is willing to go above and beyond just phoning it in. In this day and age of classic bands getting together to make a buck (The New Cars come to mind) this disc is a welcome release from a band never given their due, I challenge anyone to listened to this disc and not instantly be swept up in the music. This is the perfect disc for the long hot days of summer and long after the heat of summer is blown away by the artic blast of winter I will be spinning this disc, This is what music should sound like.

02/06/06: Mitch Stevenson -
Rating: 96
An absolute must of a CD!

If you don't buy this then you shouldn't be visiting this site! Melodic Rock at its very best.

01/06/06: rocky -
Rating: 95
this is the best cd they`ve done since the classic "demon down" album.
for every aor/melodic rock freaks out there this is a must....

29/05/06: Bana -
Rating: 99
I was never a great fan of HOL in the 80s, and never made any attempt to closely listen to any of their albums... what can I say, young & foolish.
Don't make that very mistake and get this album now!
A must have for any melorock fan!

29/05/06: WardyS3 (Mick Ward) -
Rating: 90
Okay, a few pointers and negatives before I give this thing the wrap it rightly deserves. I agree with Graham Hunter's comments having recognised the talents of Jeff Kent and the remainder of this latest HOL line-up. Praise! Albeit a big score (I think one of my biggest yet for this kinda old school rock?) a few of these songs do drift into the not so good catagory, songs such as My Generation and I'm Free sounding too Slang era Def Leppard like and at times the lyrics here (particularly those in the versus) can be a tad cringe worthy. Strange to be honest cause come chorus time most of the lyrical content is classy stuff and I'm a little confused why so many of the verses talk of chicks etc! Just my take on it and besides, the songs that do work do so to the point that they soar above any qualms I may have about this album.

House of Lords 2006 is as strong as it was in the late 80's early 90's. Never has a band returned so convincingly, so mature, so full of energy and enthusiasm. (Okay Tesla's Into the Now comes to mind as do others but you get my point.....). Aside for a few tracks let's forget The Power and the Myth, World Upside Down is the gear!

I won't go on too much as many here have highlighted why this album is so good. The Intro is great and sets up the album well, I can't imagine the opening lines of "These are the times we live in" being as effective as they are without the instrumental intro. From the classic melodic rockers such as These are the Times, All the way to Heaven, Million Miles, and personal fave SOS in America, to the headbanging of Rock Bottom and the absoloutely sensational ballads of the likes of All the Pieces Falling and the title track World Upside Down, any fan of melodicrock cannot and 'will not' go wrong with the purchase of this album. And brilliant packaging to boot.

James is sounding like the Christian of old, the band are tight, the songs A1. I rate this a touch better than Allen/Lande.
And who the hell is JIMI BELL? THE BEST guitaring I've heard of this nature since Zakk Wylde. Thank God Ozzy recently went back to Zakk and didn't find Bell first..... Jimi Bell perfects World Upside Down and I strongly doubt the album would 'touch' like it does without him.

This HAS to be a contender for #1 melodicrock album of 2006!?
In a perfect world if Bon Jovi can sell up on Have a nice Day then it's a crime if this couldn't at the very least equal it. Music trends. Suck don't they?

Well done James, very well done.....

28/05/06: Ace - alyon@CWCTV.NET
Rating: 90
This new album from 'HOL' should be a contender for album of the year. World upside down has to be their best work to date, put simply, if you don't like this you don't like melodic rock. An MUST BUY release which will be hard to beat!

27/05/06: ACE - ALYON\"CWCTV.NET
Rating: 90
Needless to say this album should be a contender for album of the year, must be 'HOL' best work yet!

26/05/06: Jeff Kent -
Rating: 100
Dear all the loyal fans of House of Lords, and especially Andrew at,

My name is Jeff Kent and I am one of the newest members of House of Lords. It has come to my attention that someone named Graham Hunter, obviously an extremely zealot older fan of mine, felt the need to gossip things that are simply not true and make angry statements that are completely distorted about what has been the new House of Lords CD process.

This magical "World Upside Down" CD has been a true group effort for every one of us in the band. I would like to set the record straight about some of the lies mentioned by Graham Hunter in his scathing comments.

First of all, let it be known that James Christian and Jimi Bell were my soul inspiration in the co-writing of the songs I am involved in. The songs were all a collaborative effort. James is not only my dear friend, but also my hero as a lead singer and producer.

It was not I, Jeff Kent, who conceptualized this album. Again, we all contributed collectively. It was the combined talent of James Christian, the other amazing band members and the oversight of Gregg Giufffria who's blessing was important to us all.

Being asked to be a part of this project and actually being asked to be a band member was and is truly a privilege. I am appalled at the blatant insensitivity, the wild untruths and the deliberate distortions, used by this malicious fanatic, Graham Hunter.

I'm urging this clown to make a formal written apology to all the fans via Melodic Rock. This is the best album I've ever been asked to be involved in and I am extremely proud of everyone's work and input.

Again, as one of the newest members and co-writers along with James Christian, and Jimi Bell I want to restate that "none of this could have been accomplished without the absolute clear direction and amazing talent of James Christian."

And finally, let me say, “This was a total group effort.”

I'm certain when this rogue fan reads my words here and now, they will surely have their proverbial tail between their legs, where it belongs.

Yours truly,

Jeff Kent

25/05/06: Jason Marks -
Rating: 100
What can i say, amazing album! huge production,harmony and chorus parts! makes ya wanna rock!! i love it. end of!!
All killers no fillers! buy or die.
Rock on!
Jay (ex S.I.N singer)

25/05/06: Zok -
Rating: 98
Wow! I dont know what I could expect with a new HOL album. I think that they have done one of their best record ever. Sure a HOL album is always great(almost) The last record was ok, but not more, now its like the old times. James Christian sings awsome, this is Melodic rock! So strong songs, production and performance. This Cd have live in my Cd player since last week, and it will for a long time in the future.
More like this in the melodicrock scene.

24/05/06: Marty Weiand -
Rating: 100
What can I say tat hasen't been said? Awsome work by everyone involved. James vox -100 Jimi axcmanship as allways-100 BJ Zampa on the skins 100 Jeff 100 go buy this cd and like me You wont be able to takeit out of your playe ( minshas been in for 5 days now) also check out www, for those of you that wantto know more about him asd well as Mr. BJ Zampa. BUY THIS CD!!!!!

24/05/06: stuart -
Rating: 94
Having just recieved this a few days ago im stunned by the quality of this cd.
It almost beats Sahara which remains one of my all time fave cds from any band.
This is night and day compared to the last cd.
The playing on it is incredible.
The Production is top notch and the backing vocals from Terry Brock and Robin Beck are superb.
And its way better than Demons Down.
Which by the way isnt as bad as one reviewer claims it is below.
Then again how do you follow up a classic like Sahara.
So lets get to the songs.
For me the killer track on this cd is All The Way To Heaven.
This is one of the finest hard rock tracks i have heard in years.
The guitar riff on this track with JC voice is just pure bliss.
The first 7 tracks are a mixture of really hard rock tracks and a few ballads.
Then when track 8 kicks in its House Of Lords from the debut.
Very AOR' lots of Layerd Keyboards and its superb stuff.
Million Miles..Your Eyes..Ghost Of Time and Sos could all have come from the debut cd sessions they are that good.
After the last HOL outing i had just about given up on them.
How wrong was i?
Gotta thank Andrew for providing this site because without his time and effort putting together this site i for one would never own this cd.
Amazing return to form.
Cds like this restore my faith in AOR MUSIC.

23/05/06: kahl1212 -
Rating: 99
OH MY GOD! Amazing stuff people. James sounds 20 something again and the band are just supurb. Where has Mr.Bell been?
Amazing guitar,great drumming,and the keyboards are awesome.
Good job guys.Oh and girl,Robin Beck and Mr Brock also help to make this cd a classic. Best by HOL ever.And im a huge Doug Aldridge fan

18/05/06: Graham Hunter -
Rating: 100
Just a Correction on My Previous Review...I rated the Album "World Upside Down" a CLASSIC 100% and they put my rating at 0..obviously this was a Mistake....So I hope they correct it. I rate this album one of the best Melodic Rock albums (That actually has songs that SAY something and have meaning) that I ever heard....anyway It is a MUST BUY CLASSIC!!!!!! Please note the error reviewers......respectfully, Graham Hunter

17/05/06: Brian -
Rating: 0
I've heard a promo copy of this new House of Lords release, so needless to say, the band is back to in true form! World Upside Down is every bit as strong as Demons Down, but it might be a little heavier at times, but nothing brutal. I love heavy by the way!

Basically, the boys have brought back a good ol' fashioned, arena rock album that we've all come to expect from this very underrated band. I've noticed that they are on the Lorca Rock Festival bill this year along side Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, and Queensryche. Wow, what a lineup!

16/05/06: Axe-Machine -
Rating: 96
There are very few albums in the world that I'd give a 100 rating to, but I was amazed that this didn't get a 100 from Andrew as on his rating scale, a hundred means 'classic', and this album most certainly is that. The fact of the matter is that if you are a House Of Lords fan, you can't live without this album. Your Eyes, SOS In America, Ghost Of Time, Million Miles and These Are The Times are all AMAZING slabs of prime Melodic Rock. The Intro track is kinda useless, and I would perhaps have cut 'Fields of Shattered Dreams'...but other than that this album is fantastic. The production is also excellent, and in this day and age when so many albums sound like shit, it makes a nice change.

Also thought I'd comment on the great artwork as well, as while Frontiers are by far the best Melodic Rock label, their artwork is usually pretty poor (Khymera, new Vertigo album etc).

Overall, an excellent album, and I'm shocked that this hasn't joined Andrew's Club 100, as this is most certainly a bonafide CLASSIC!

16/05/06: Graham Hunter -
Rating: 0
Well...I must say...this album is amazing!!! It has it all...especially the writing and production values....someone with a Platinum ear was overseeing this one and it was NOT Gregg Giuffria (who I happen to know for a fact did not play ONE SINGLE NOTE or Contribute ONE single Influence on this album..that was ALL for all the fans in fantasy land about the great Gregg Giuffria (who cant play a note of keyboards except in a grammar scholl play)... to the reviewers of Rock albums who inadvertantly said they could hear Gregg Giuffrias' "Inpout" on the keyboards....LISTEN AGAIN PLEASE!!!!! better get your ears on and realize it was the real veteran in the group Jeff Kent who did it all (after all...this is the same man who played and wrote the classic Jazz Rock Album from 1970 "DREAMS: with Billy Cobham,The Brecker Brothers, John Abercrombie,Barry Rogers,Doug Lubahn,Eddie Vernon etc album that was a turning point in Jazz Rock History!!...Soooooo All you reviewers out there and Rock afficiondos..DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!! It was Jeff Kent who made this Albu(along with the rest of the members) happen with words,music,melody and overall input and album a little digging and give credit where credit is due..Time for the world press to know....there would be no House of Lords or "World Upside Down" of this Magnitude without Jeff Kent....write about that reviewers of the Rock world..................SIncerely, Graham Hunter ...a VERY astute fan

16/05/06: Ralf -
Rating: 98
Wow, greatest stuff since "The Battle". Great voice, great guitars, everything's great.
My first nomination for the album of the year 2006.

16/05/06: Eduardo Nicolau -
Rating: 91
Great album, songs, guitar playing and vocals. Nothing more to say, go get it!

14/05/06: Herb -
Rating: 95
World Upside down does a great job of incorporating elements from all past albums; great keyboards, hard driving guitar work, and nice uptempo ballads. I'm not sure where to put this album if I'm trying to rank the HOL albums, but its surely near the top. I've already given it two full listens and I'm very impressed.

A comment to're a perfect example of how we're all different and have different tastes. I, for one, thought Demons Down was a GREAT album with a great lineup, including Tommy Aldridge on drums. Just goes to show that every album will have its protractors and retractors. Nothing wrong with that.

World Upside Down is a must buy.

12/05/06: Splash -
Rating: 75
House Of Lords hasn't released an album as good as the debut. This statement is true until "World Upside Down" was released. Although this album smokes the truely dull & boring "Demons Down" album isn't a saying much. I still want my money back for that album! I do find much to like about this album and it does stand up production wise. The hired guns do a good job of supporting James Christian's soulful vocals. An HOL album without Greg & Lanny isn't as drastically disappointing as I thought it might be...I like that the band sounds invigorated as they attack their material with energy. I find the track "All The Pieces Falling" to be one of few standout tracks. I play this song at my Hard Rock night when I DJ & people are starting to ask for it to be played. This shows its quality. The killer gritty guitar swagger of "Rock Bottom" actually turned my head the second it started. This is one of those songs that make you reach for the volume know and give'r a twist. Another worthy tune is "Your Eyes" Jame's voice is a perfect fit for this song. It's a shame that a good song like this will garner nothing at radio. I totally believe with a push this is a hit song. But one of those why bother with songs in "Ghost Of Time" rears its ugly head. This song is boring and I think the band knows it. I find this album has some very strong songs but as far as a complete album goes it falls short. But I did get way more than I thought out this album which was a nice suprise. If only a couple of more uptempo ass kickers were included this album could have been something very special. Overall though its worthy of being purchased unlike some other reunion albums of late.

11/05/06: geoff -
Rating: 98
great record,simple as that.

10/05/06: Ross S. -
Rating: 80
A good but not great effort. Count me as one who really liked the "progressive" elements that seeped into the last release, even if there wasn't enough melody from the vocals. The melodic part is played up here, but I find the musicianship more pedestrian. Dare I say, it's just a little bit . . . boring.

10/05/06: Denis -
Rating: 95
This album is awesome! Once you start listening to it, you won't be able to stop as it grows on you! The songs are well written, the production is great, much better thant their previous one which was too depressive. Guitars are great and the vocals kick ass! This is really good Hard Rock! Congratulations guys!

09/05/06: Adam -
Rating: 95
Have had the full version in my possession for only two days, but already love it.
It's majestic, but at the same time the hooks are enormous, catchy and you'll find yourself humming and singing along.
For me, this far exceeds anything the band have put out before, and will hopefully give them some decent success again.
Looking forward to the release date so I can get the whole package.
You can buy this album safe in the knowledge that if classic sounding rock is your thing, you will love this.

09/05/06: Almir Fuschini -
Rating: 100
First, this review of mine is based on poor 128 kbps download that I got from the internet and YES, I'll be buying this cd no matter how long it takes to be delivered here, in Brazil.

Second: 96%? No way in hell! This is a 100% mutha.
A superb cd with all the ingredients that a melodic hard rock fan dreams. A return to the true HOL sound. And if we were around '91 we would see 4 or 5 singles out of this (with MTV friendly videos included). So check this out:

These Are the Times - What a opener! Heavy guitars, catchy chorus. They couldn't choose better.
All The Way To Heaven - Is my favorite. With guitars and keys and all this "dramatic feel". Is hard to describe.
Field of Shattered Dreams - One of these days I was crying listening to this song! What else can I say?
I'm Free - A perfect song for the end credits of Mission Impossible III (btw it's not! Instead it's a fucking hip hop song).
All The Pieces Falling - Another beautiful rock ballad not often seen these days.
Rock Bottom - A great rocker with the power to lift your mood up.
Million Miles - A fine melodic rock contender for "Song of The Year".
Your Eyes - Beautifull, again. You'll be singing along on the second listening.
Ghost of Time - Another good melodic rock very comercial easy to catch.
My Generation - For the forty-something (like me) these lyrics fit perfectly, in an era so short of music idols like these days we're living.
S.O.S. in America - Another strong melodic rock (the third of the album) with all guitars and choruses you could ask for.
World Upside Down - A smooth ballad to close the album wanting more. Time to track 1 again!

This is THE album that all HOL were waiting for. Better than all it's predecessors in my opinion.
It's not everyday that you hear an album for the first time and love every single song. And Dennis Ward "The Production Mage" mixed it!
A winner and my vote for "Album of Year".
Come to South America, guys!

09/05/06: J eff R -
Rating: 90
have not bought it yet, but from the samples ,i can't wait to do so.

09/05/06: MTRWebmaster -
Rating: 98
This is classy stuff, no more grunge feelings like they have been on Power & the Myth, just Melody and Killer Chorusses....

Thanx to the gods for that promo copy !!!

09/05/06: Jonas -
Rating: 98
This is a killer. As close to a classic you can get. Great songs, great preformance. If you´re into melodic rock, buy it now you can´t live without it.

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