House Of Lords Come To My Kingdom Frontiers Records
· Produced By: House Of Lords / Mixed: Dennis Ward

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· Release Date: Out Now

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· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 97%
Sound: 97%
For the first time in their long history, House Of Lords have actually made a record that matches the sound of their previous record. The band has their much loved "base" sound, but when you look back, each record has had its own feel and World Upside Down, while returning to the band's classic style, was still different enough again.
Come To My Kingdom sees the band use the blueprint from World Upside Down to further enhance their reputation as a band that knows what fans want and can deliver.
The new album takes the most commercial aspects of the last record and amplifies them, making it a chorus and anthem rich affair.
In fact, there are so many hooks and soaring choruses on this record it can leave the listener exhausted upon completion. Fans who rejoiced at the band's return to basics on World Upside Down will find just as much to love here – if not more.
Personally I rate it even higher than the last album, which is no mean feat. I just love the pace of the record and the continuous appearance of more hooks and melodies.
Every single track on this record has a great chorus. Few bands can boast such a feat and few deliver such rich harmonies surrounding those choruses.
And like the last album, Come To My Kingdom has a monster sound. It is not as heavy as World Upside Down – it appears even more finely polished and refined. That might be an issue with some, but there is still plenty of great guitar moments and a stand out point on this album is the monster drum sound and performance by BJ Zampa. He is really all over this record and the powerful rhythm section is the force behind these songs.
Commercial and polished perhaps, this is still a very powerful record.
Famous of course for their bombastic intro's Come To My Kingdom is no different, but this time the guys throw off the Giuffria influence on Purgatorio Overture n.2 to concentrate on some guitar tricks. And so goes the theme of the record.
Every track on this album features another great hook and a memorable chorus, so just to highlight a few favourites -
Come To My Kingdom opens the album proper with a slamming guitar riff and a darker moody rocker that is classic House Of Lords.
I Need To Fly is an incredible mid-tempo soaring anthem with a chorus that is as instant as it is classic.
In A Perfect World is one of the album's heavier tracks, such as there was on World Upside Down, but I wasn't always blown away by those tracks on the last album. This is much more consistent and the chorus delivers.
Another Day From Heaven and The Dream are two of the softer tracks on the album, but again, a flawless James Christian vocal and great choruses make them memorable in their own right.
One Foot In The Dark has a darker feel and a really smooth verse, lifting to another incredible chorus and a heavier riff. I just adore this track and things go into overdrive when it is followed by the equally fabulous and anthemic Your Every Move which features another chorus to die for.
I Believe is slightly mellower but features another big chorus making this a triple dose of melodic brilliance.
In The Light closes the album with another big chorus and a rocking beat. It really is a case of one great song after another.
The Bottom Line
If anything the album could have used a tougher guitar sound in parts or some added Giuffria keyboard flair. And dare I say the lyrics are on occasion a little repetitive in theme. But boy…those are just a couple of very small critiques of an otherwise monster album and another classic chapter of the House Of Lords history.
2008 has been a great year for melodic rock and this tops the list so far.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· House Of Lords
· Sahara
· Demons Down
· The Power & The Myth
· World Upside Down
· Come To My Kingdom

Line Up:
· James Christian: Vocals
· Jimi Bell: Guitars
· BJ Zampa: Drums
· Jeff Kent: Bass, Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· House Of Lords - World Upside Down
· James Christian
· Commercial American Melodic Rock
Track Listing
· Purgatorio Overture n.2
· Come To My Kingdom *
· I Need To Fly *
· I Don't Wanna Wait All Night
· Another Day From Heaven
· In A Perfect World *
· The Dream *
· One Foot In The Dark *
· Your Every Move *
· I Believe *
· One Touch
· Even Love Can't Save Us
· In The Light *
· Another Day From Heaven (Acoustic)

--*Best Tracks

12/11/08: angel -
Rating: 98
This album DOES contain heavy guitars and buildups that tinge towards marvelous choruses...which i dont really love because its always the same background vocalists. They all sound like Frankie Sullivan. Not to say that the choruses suck, but rather sound wise, they are all a bit similar.
Another thing is that we are not being fair to HOL. World Upside Down was a HUGE surprise after Power & Myth, so they were a question mark.Their comeback was a thing of legend.
Its safe to say we all feel a need for Mr. Giuffria. Although, to be fair, they carry no keyboardist on stage. One supposes they want to record songs they can preform live.
This is an album that has no weak spot. I feel everyone wants to call it a "corporate album" because everything is quality. As if the songs have no heart or flaws, as it were.
This is a stronger album song wise than World, which had its small valleys among dizzying peaks such as Million Miles, Ghost of Time, These are the Times, etc.
Lyrically I do miss those larger than life songs, such as Edge of your life, Hearts of the world, Oh father,Jealous Heart,and yes Million Miles and Ghost.
These songs can be interpreted as great forces beyond our sights
living, loving, fighting, all inspired by great and soaring keyboard flights.So the only thing missing is that keyboard...again.
I do hear James Christian is writing with Mark Baker again. That is awesome, since they did produce a song in the aforementioned vein: Pleasure and Pain from the Rude Awakening album.

01/07/08: Roman -
Rating: 80
I was really waiting for this album like a dog is waiting for the bone. Fisrt impression was like "Oh, yeah! That´s great" But I was in euphory. Now, with my clean mind I am looking more strictly to this album. After all... it is House of Lords!
I thing their old albums (especially debut and demons down) belongs to the best rocking album I ever heard (and I really heard hundreds of them).
Some fans werent very friendly to their "comeback" album The Power and the Myth, which is last album including origin members. But with World Upside Down HoL find their way to fans immidiatelly.
Come to my kingdom is album in similar style (modern heavy rock with some AOR in it) but let me say that very sadly... weaker...
Best songs from frontiers were given to new Khymera release (which is absolutelly freaking great). That doesnt mean, new HoL is bad. Best tracks are I need to fly, I dont wanna wait all night and perfect One touch. Also James voice is overdriven and great (his voice hasn´t changed over years...) If you liked World upside down, you will probably like this one too. Only shame is, that however HoL is an american band, their last too albums are full of european melodies, not american. But James sad, their having good material for even more than tree next albums, so... we´ll see...

30/06/08: Wardy -
Rating: 88
FINALLY my original copy arrived in the post today (sheesh, this one proved harder to get than expected!!!) and I have to add to my review that the packaging is fantastic! Nothing too unique but it sits well with the melodic scene, photograph is nice with some good effect and not overairbrushed which is cool, and as per usual with HOL getting the lyrics is always a plus.

So not just the cover art but the packaging gets a plus for me and for that I'm giving a couple extra points!

04/06/08: Scott -
Rating: 90
Well, I really like this album a lot. Not what the last one was, but I can't expect that kind of quality for every release they put out. I agree with a few review here where I would say that this cd doesn't have the replay factor of WUD, but is still fantastic. I think the riffs and songs are more memorable on WUD...I would place that CD up with Demons Down which is my most listened to HOL CD (Sahara second).

Maybe with more listens it will stick more but I think that WUD was so close to perfection that it might be just too far for this new one to reach!

Excellent none the less and up there with mu favourite releases of 2007 (Loverboy and Scorpions were my number 1 and 2).


16/05/08: Zok -
Rating: 99
House Of Lords did it again. This is melodic rock at it´s best. No fillers on this record. Awsome songs all over the record, and James Christian sings amazing. A must have if you like melodic rock.

15/05/08: Art -
Rating: 98
My favorite release so far this year along with the Whitesnake album. I love it when people downgrade an album for being "over produced". I suppose they think Hysteria was over produced too. I think this album is every bit as "big" as the first, with the production leaving you feel you're in a surround sound IMAX theater...what's not to like?.Go see them live at Rocklahoma if you want it raw. Jimi Bell is simply an animal on guitar, vocals/harmonies are to die for, and the album flows nicely. More fun for your AOR/Melodic Rock dollars than anything else.Please support quality releases like this.

14/05/08: the rockerjr -
Rating: 95
this was one tiny step back after world upside down, but still great.crunching guitars,. great vocals.i still love it.i made a playlist on my ipod of this and world upside down,{my favs from each of course}and what a listen that is.

14/05/08: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 0
I think this HOUSE OF LORDS CD is my favorite one in years since it rocks the hardest. I always thought the loss of Greg Giuffria was a bad thing but this particular album does not show sings of weekness at all. James Christian sounds amazing, as always, and this album just flat out rocks.

13/05/08: Wardy - micktward@ozemail.comau
Rating: 86
I recall already reviewing this record here and assume first one got lost in the mix up recently - so if it pops up sorry if I repeat myself.

First up I agree that this record is a tad over produced. While this genre of music usually is to some degree things do get a little lost in the wash up but to be honest it doesn't warrant a loss in rating in my books.

Song wise we get more of the same which on one hand is fantastic as things continue along nicely since the wonderful World Upside Down, but on the other hand it would have been nice to hear things mixed up some more. There are some excellent tracks on offer - the intro isn't as powerful as last time around but it works fine - but the opening/title track kicks big time and is one of the best moments on the disc as far as the rockers go. Speaking of rockers, there's not enough or rather than too many lighter moments. Although having said that some of the softer songs rip it up a little and are quite simply the best tracks on the album - In Need To Fly is classic, The Dream is awesome, and although it borders on a rocker - One Touch is damn perfect HOL in my opinion.

Ya know I think my one complaint here is this; While the songwriting is on form, I'm missing the next Demons Down, or the next Can't Find My Way Home... ya know that real acoustic punch that isn't just an intro and the whole band build for that climatic ending. That's my HOL right there.

But, I'm still damn happy these guys are back delivering quality music. And LOVE the cover art again!!!!!

05/04/08: Miles -
Rating: 70
I have to agree with C.J. they over-produced the songs. Too many layers on each track. They got it right on 'World Upside Down'

The songs might sound better live.

05/04/08: H.C.D. - USA -
Rating: 89
I too have followed HOL ever since I saw their "I Wanna Be Loved" video back in the days when MTV actually played kick ass music & videos. What I loved about HOL was the fusion of hard guitar driven rock with keyboards and HOL delivered on that for me. James Christian IS House of Lords as I don't believe any other singer can mimic that voice. It is as distinguishable as Klaus Meine's & David Coverdale's voices are. You know who is singing when you hear them.

Okay, enough B.S. Come to My Kingdom is not as good as World Upside Down, but it is a good record and I like the intro in the beginning with the guitar rather than keyboards. The title track is solid, as are tunes like The Dream, One Foot Out the Door, and In A Perfect World. Let's face it people, this album still blows the doors off of 99% of the stuff that the music industry is trying to force down our throats on a daily basis. We need to make sure that "our" type of music gets fully supported.

Keep on rockin' HOL

04/04/08: Mario Schewerda -
Rating: 95
as a hol fan since the very first record,i still love the sound and the music of that band, which is hard to find these days. like andrew mentioned, if there would be a little more giuffria keyboard sound this could be a 100 rank. anyway most of the songs are real ear catcher with irrestible choruses.PS:the european piano version from"another day in heaven" is fantastic.

04/04/08: scott -
Rating: 95
Awesome album- could stand to be heavier like world upside down, but the songs themselves are brilliant. I can't keep it out of my CD player..

04/04/08: NunYoBusiness -
Rating: 95
This is a great follow up to the aclaimed release World Upside Down, This is as close to a Part Two as you can get another classic release by a band that never got it's due. There are those who say that only one original member isn't the same but I say it is. If the overall flow of the disc reminder of the classic line up then it's all the same to me. The whole band is on fire here, and is just a good as the original. Chemistry is everything and they sound like they have it. Buy this disc and World Upside Down and you will not be sorry. Another solid release from a band that needs to be heard.

04/04/08: Robert -
Rating: 75
Nothing terrible, but nothing outstanding here either. WUD was a nice return to form and CTMK sounds like it's little brother in many ways. James sounds great as always, but many of the songs here never quite take off. I Don't Want To Wait All Night and One Foot In the Dark are stand outs, but the rest of the tunes here seem tired and re-done. Decent disc, just not great.

04/04/08: Fred -
Rating: 8
By no means the classic I had hoped for, but still a good album. I prefer the previous album, which was stellar and more of a surprise than this one. There's no song that really stands out for me on "Come To My Kingdom", where on "World Upside Down" there were several songs that I'd call classic.

04/04/08: C.J. -
Rating: 70
I have to start off by saying that I've been a House of Lords fan from the very beginning and loved the first 3 major label releases. I've never heard "The power and the myth" but I don't think I'm missing anything considering the reviews. When "World upside down" came out, I was relieved that the band had another album that could stand alongside the first 3.

So when I heard samples from "Come to my kingdom", I thought to myself this is gonna be another winner. I put the cd in my car and went driving, blasting the music as loud as it would go. As each and every song came on, I thought - this sounds good, great music, great vocals.

But a funny thing happened, or didn't happen as I should say, I wasn't hitting the back button to listen to any of the songs again. I must have listened to the entire cd at least 4 or 5 times and never once re-played a song.

I have an explanation for this and it's one word - production. Yes, the sound quality is very good but production is more than just how a song sounds, it's also how it is arranged. Do parts stand out? Does the song breathe or is everything just smashed together? Unfortunately, this album doesn't breathe. It's like a great movie condensed to 5 minutes, nothing is built up and nothing stands out. It's really a shame because there are a lot of good parts but they just don't add up to good songs. I know there are going to be a lot of people that disagree with my review, and that's fine, but I just wanted to give an objective and honest review.

03/04/08: LD Phillips -
Rating: 80
A nice good safe album, that unfortunately just doesnt have the 'OH MY' factor of the last album. Don't get me wrong it is a great album in this day and age of 'Copy Rock'. I mean how many bands do we need that sound like Nickleback, but it just hasn't got the killer tracks from the previous album. Here's hoping for a stunning 3rd album in the rebirth of these guys.

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