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Moon Pie Music
Produced by: Henry Lee Summer

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: 38 Special, L. Skynyrd
GENRE: Southern Rock

  1. DISC 1: Teenage Dreams 1976, Medicine Man, Turn It Up, My Turn Train, Wing Tip Shoes, Roll Me, Love Rules, Darling Danielle Don't Psychotic Neurotic, Down On The Farm, Wish I Had A Girl, Spirit In The Sky
  2. DISC 2: Time For Big Fun, I Want You To Stay, Ain't That Love, Got No Money, Hey Baby, Hands On The Radio, Treat Her Like A Lady, Close Enough For Me, Just Another Day, Untitled Bonus Track

Pure and simple. Live, loud, rough, raw and gutsy. That's how live albums should be. That's how Henry Lee Summer Live is.
In a word - sensational! Henry chops through classic cuts from every solo album, plus a couple of new tunes and out of 22 tracks, there's only one cover - a rough version of Spirit In The Sky, dedicated to friend Steve McNally that died not too long ago.
The band performed this album live over three nights in a pub called Plainfield's and recorded it as it sound here. Just brimming with life, nervous energy and great rock n roll.
The first CD definitely has it over the second one, but only just. The pure energy and spirit that pours from songs like Turn It Up. Medicine Man, Psychotic Neurotic and Wish I Had A Girl is rarely captured as well as it has been here.
The songs are mixed - from the above rockers to the ballad Darling Danielle Don't to the hokey and good fun Down On The Farm.
There are only a couple of live albums I own in my whole collection that are anywhere near as good as this. One for the record, is the Mark Free bonus live CD on the Long Way From Love re-issue. That like this album, was recorded live and raw.
Easily my favourite track is My Turn Train. A pumping semi AOR anthem is turned into a full blown rockers dream with a faster pace, harder guitars and middle section that sees Henry strip things down to just one guitar as he cries out to the audience 'Tell me the truth. How many people have frustration in your hearts? How many people feel you deserve just a little bit more than you've been getting lately? Yeah, Henry Lee's gonna set you free...are you ready? I said are you reeeaaadddyyyyyyy??????......'
Amen brother Henry.
BOTTOM LINE: If you like good rocking live albums then this has to be checked out.
On the merits of the tunes it is an awesome anthology of a very underrated songwriter that deserves to be bigger. If you have ever bought any Henry lee Summer records, this one needs to be your next purchase!
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every single Henry Lee Summer or southern rock fan out there.
DISCOGRAPHY:Henry Lee Summer . Way Past Midnight . Slamdunk . Smoke & Mirrors . Live

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