Heart Jupiter's Darling Soverign Artists
SOV 1953
Produced By: Craig Bartock

Running Time: 69.16

Release Date: Out Now

Released: US EU

Musical Style: Classic Rock

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Songs: 60%
Sound: 90%
This is one of those releases that will divide fans into two opposing camps just as Heart's history has also been divided in two. There's the classic rock / Zeppelin influenced Heart of the 70's, then there was the stadium rock Heart that found the band on top of the charts for several years.
The Wilson sisters had a definite blueprint for this release and credit to them; as they have executed that plan with precision. This plan however, was for a return to the band's early sound of the 70's back to their roots - mirroring the sound of their earliest albums such as Dog & Butterfly, Little Queen and Dreamboat Annie. All the information leading to the run up of the release of this album suggested this would be a return to that style and Heart deliver on that promise.
That however leaves fans of the other Heart era out in the cold. The more acclaimed Heart stems from the 70's, however; the most recognized Heart comes from their stadium rock era of the mid-late 80's and early 90's. Chart topping albums such as Heart, Bad Animals and Brigade saw them selling far more units than ever before and reaching a far bigger audience thanks to mega-hits like the These Dreams, What About Love, Never, Alone and also the utterly horrid All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You.
I fall into the category of stadium rock fan. I still rate 1985's Heart as an all time classic and still enjoy Brigade and Bad Animals.
From there the album quality certainly become less consistent, but each release from Brigade and the side-project Lovemongers onwards saw the gals moving in a circular path back to their Zeppelin styled beginnings fighting to throw off the super-ballad tag attached to them after the success of a couple of those overtly syrupy ballads.
And that's where we stand with Jupiter's Darling the perfect album for fans of the earliest days of Heart and those with a heartfelt passion for the 70's and classic rock in general.
This album is perfectly recorded, performed and executed. You really can't fault the delivery, or the purpose.
But as a fan of their fired up anthemic AOR days, I can't help but feel this album isn't for me. I found it a little dull overall and found my mind continuously wavering after reaching the midway point of the album. At 16 tracks I believe the album is too long, but after several years waiting, die-hard fans won't be as distracted.
Musically the album moves between guitar driven 70's rockers and stripped back acoustic numbers. Both with varying pace. There are a few uptempo stompers, but several more mid-tempo numbers and the acoustic tracks are largely very laid back. For example the last 4 tracks of the album are all acoustic. There are at least 5 others on the album leaving about 5 or 6 Zeppelinesque rockers to be placed between them.
There are several fine songs No Other Love, Things, Make Me and Enough are all sweet tracks. Funnily enough, in this instance, it's the rockers that fail to capture my attention.
The Bottom Line
This isn't strong enough an album to please each and every, or the clear majority of fans. The band's long and diverse history means that if one particular direction is taken, some fans may not be as excited with the result. That's where I found myself not overly blown away, despite a quality recording being delivered.
A little too laid back in places, with not enough spark in the harder rockers, but without a doubt, the band remains tight musically.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Dreamboat Annie
Little Queen
Dog & Butterfly
Bebe Le Strange
Private Audition
Bad Animals
Desire Walks On
Jupiters Darling

Line Up
Promo: Not Listed
Essential for fans of:
Heart - Dog & Butterfly
The Lovemongers
Track Listing
Make Me*
Oldest Story In The World
Perfect Goodbye
Move On
I Need The Rain
I Give Up
No Other Love*
Led To One
Down The Nile
I'm Fine
Fallen Ones
Lost Angel
Hello Moonglow
--*Best Tracks

07/08/05: goldenboy -
Rating: 99
A perfectly produced rock album. If you want pop look elsewhere.

19/03/05: Graham Fenn -
Rating: 0
If you, (like me), like Heart's mid-80's to 'very early 90's' style, (i.e. their AOR albums), this is a total no no. Its a well made album and the girls can still play/sing but this wasn't for me. I cannot therefore personally rate this.

16/11/04: John H. -
Rating: 90
I've had this CD since it was released on June 22 and still find it worth listening to today. Loved the fact that it rocked harder than I thought it would , and Ann's voice is stronger than ever ! Saw their concert in August and could not believe how great a performance it was live ! I just appreciate the fact that Heart put out new material after all of these years. I was not disappointed at all ! If you are a Heart fan , regardless of which era you liked, I think this is one of their greatest efforts !!

14/11/04: Terry K. -
Rating: 65
From all the promo that I read before Jupiter's Darling came out, I was so psyched that I couldn't WAIT to get hold of this . After the first couple listens, I admit that I was COMPLETELY let down! This release is basically a marriage between classic Heart and Seattle grunge! If you recall albums like 'BeBe Le Strange' and 'Private Audition'-both stripped back and low points in their mostly great catalog (altho I enjoy most of BBLS),AND you have a love affair (WHY??!!) with all things grunge (ala the 'Seattle' sound),then you'll probably think this is their finest hour. After listening a few more times, I'll give this an 'ok' rating,simply because I love Heart andam thrilled that they're still around! After hearing 'Alive In Seattle' with it's 4 new tracks, I was excited to catch the 'new' band in concert. Unfortunately,after hearing JD, I balked on concert tickets. These new tunes are just NOT strong enough in the M.E.L.O.D.Y. department,folks. The grunge element spoils it for me. If you thought that Nirvana was the answer to our Rock n' Roll dreams-then you'll love this. If you dislike the grunge scene (but love Heart),then you may be disappointed. Fair Warning....

15/10/04: Lynchomaniac -
Rating: 90
Now this was a very welcomed surprise; Heart is back! These days sounding more like their early years than their 80's A.O.R tingled version of the band (not that there's anything wrong with that era!). This still shows a more mature side of the band and if you're a little openminded you will find a lot of great songwriting here, Hardrocking tunes like: Fallen ones, folksy stuff like Hello moonglow and No other love, and Zeppelin-ish moments like Vainglorious. But most of all this is an album full of great melodies. Ann's vocals are nothing less than superb

03/09/04: Markus -
Rating: 85
I totally think the the new heart c.d. brings back the roots of where they came from with the zeppelinish rifs and the lungs of Ann wilson and the axe work of her sis Nancy.Sure it is not the same lineup as the orginal heart but it is a well written produced disc.

26/07/04: D. Stucky -
Rating: 90
Outstanding CD! They cover it all here, and it all is done very well. Saw them live last night (5th time)and they were as good as ever. The new band is very tight. They lost me in the 80's and early 90's. While I still enjoyed some of the tunes from that era, they were not the same for me. Now they are back and doing all of it well. The show last night was amazing. They shocked me by leading off with "Bebe Le Strange" which is great live. They finished a second encore with "Black Dog" which I expected, but when they then transitioned into "Misty Mountain Hop" I was blown away. What a great band, and a great CD. Go buy the CD, give it some time to grow on you, then go see the summer tour. You will be draging out all the old albums when you get home.

20/07/04: Robin McGhie -
Rating: 75
Andrew, I dont always agree with your ratings and reviews, but hey isnt that what music is all about ..opinions. Anyway I thought you were spot on with your assessment of the bands new cd. J.D. I am old enough to have followed the band from Dreamboat Annie through to the present day. I loved the first 2 albums and absolutely loved the 4 big releases in the 80,s and early 90's. This release certainly has a hankering for the early days...why is it that so many of todays long standing bands seem to favour this route ? Anyway the album is polished and professionally delivered and is certainly by no means the worst release they have delivered. My main gripe, also applies to the gig I saw them deliver in Glasgow in June. It was the first time I had managed to see them and I did enjoy the show. But their live performance and the CD lack one main ingredient. "Soul" and the other main gripe about the live show was the fact that they must have played around 8 songs from the new cd. which had not yet been released. OK if strong songs, but in the main, just like the cd, well performed, but in the main, instantly forgettable. and I have listened to the cd around 10 times now and feel well qualified to pass judgement, particularly as I am still a fan. Good to see them back though.

09/07/04: sully -
Rating: 98
I am shock at the low ratings for this CD. I have been a fan for 25 years own all the cd's and I appreciate both the 70's and 80's era material. You must listen to this CD more than once or twice! I listen 5 times before making judgement. The songs grow on you and you will fall under their spell. This is Heart's finest work to date! Jupiter's Darling has something for every Heart Fan. Contrary to the incorrect information from the main review, this album has 10 rockers out of the 16. Also JD is produced by Nancy Wilson with help from Craig Bartock,and the last 4 tunes are 2 hard rockers(Im' Fine- featuring Nancy's Sheryl Crow like Rap, Fallen Ones- Ann's suberb screaming!!! and one 80's type power ballad(lost Angel) and one acoustic number(not four acoustic numbers as the main reviewer stated in his anemic 75% rating!) 80's fans will dig the Perfect Goodbye(Heart's best single ever) and its singalong chorus. But this CD will not disappoint you. Ann and Nancy did a phenomenal job and JD was well-worth the 11 year wait. Heart has never rocked so hard as in the case of the Oldest Story in the World, Move On, Vainglorious, Fallen Ones. "Make Me"is the Crazy on You for the 21st century! This is a modern sounding CD and I totally disagree with the fact that the original band was the best. I saw the Fisher lineup. It is not even close to the new lineup! If you live in the US. you can see what I mean when Heart appears on CMT-Crossroads with Wynonna this Friday-July 9th. Check out the new songs and go and buy JD. 80's fans there is plenty for you to love on this CD. Plus Ann and Nancy wrote 15 out of the 16 songs on this CD. Jupiter's Darling is Heart's Masterpiece!!!!

07/07/04: David Bickerdike - bluetrick@ntlworld .com
Rating: 95
Sorry to disagree with the rest of the reviews so far, but for me its near damn perfect!
Production is faultless, and new guitarist, Bartok brings a new lease of life with some fine playing and adds to songwriting too.

Songs are strong and well arranged. From rockers like 'Oldest Story In The World', to mid tempo gems like 'Perfect Goodbye' and classy ballards throughout, this is Heart at their very best.

However, my perspective is from a big fan of the early Heart, rather than the 'MTV years'. And as such I'm both biased, and blown away by, what for me, is a huge return to form.

06/07/04: Chris Holder -
Rating: 79
It is an attempt to recapture the earlier, more organic style of the band, and as such it proves that the original BAND was indispensable for that sound. I hear a lot of pretty good tunes, but it's all about the Wilson sisters. There are hardly any guitar solos, and the ones that are there are typical sideman filler, 'don't take attention away from the singers'. A decent record, but lacks a band personality.

05/07/04: Scott Watson -
Rating: 70
I own all of Heart's releases on cd. Except for the greatest hits and best of cds. I'm a fan of both there 70's style and 80's stadium rock style. I'm not sure where I'd put this cd. The slow asoustic songs could have come from early Heart releases, but the rowdier track have a kind of grunge sound to them to me. When Bebe Le Strange was released that cd was a change of direction for Heart and took sometime to grow on me. Maybe this one will too. I'd say this cd is closer to Desire Walks On. Ann Wilson's voice is still top notch.

05/07/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 50
Always been a big Heart fan, but this is a real disappointment. Why ? Well, it's a return to their early roots : raw, acoustic stuff. Gone is the fantastic eighties sound, which was rocking !
Of course, the Wilson sisters are very talented and still have a strong voice, but like Andrew states : the material is way too laid back. No, after years of waiting, I expected a lot better than this poppy affair !

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