Track Listing
· Look Right Through Me
· Wasted Away
· Everybody (2)
· Just Another Day (3)
· Two Ways
· The Deep End
· Undone
· Why
· Miles Away (1)
· Sentimental BLVD.

(*) Best Tracks

· Harem Scarem
· Just Another Day

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Just Another Day
Frontiers FRCD144
· Produced By: Harry Hess · Running Time: 38.10
· Release Date: April 29 · Released: EU
· Genre: Pop/Rock
· WebLink: Harem Scarem · LabelLink: Frontiers

Yes, he's done it again. The catchiest songwriter in melodic rock has completed his debut solo album, which holds no surprises, in that it's filled with only the finest hook friendly pop rock.
Most solo albums see the artist branch out on a different route than the band and Harem Scarem's Harry Hess is no different. Except on Just Another Day, we revisit Harry's love of simple modern pop/rock, which Rubber certainly touched on.
This is a little different from Rubber again, in that it's a more laid back, moody, ballad-friendly environment than the uptempo feel good 3 minute fuzz-rock of Rubber.
Essentially, this album is 9 moody pop rock ballads and once classic Scarem track revisited.
Look Right Through Me is a great track to open with. A dual electric and acoustic driven track, the chorus is as instant as Harry's raspy vocals are. The feel good, happy go lucky song would be just that, if it wasn't for the anguish of the heartbreaking lyrics. A small note - I believe the songs cuts away about a minute too soon, as I can only just hear Eric Martin's guest vocal as the song fades.
Wasted Away is a song not too distant from the general writing style from Weight Of The World. Another very catchy chorus feeds this melancholy uptempo track.
Everybody is pure pop rock brilliance. This is truly a great uptempo feel good track, with some intelligent lyrics, killer chorus and a multi-layered closing portion of the song that should have all Hess fans in raptures.
Just Another Day starts slow, with some modern production techniques, before turning into a dark and brooding chorus, which as usual is as catchy as hell. The song gets slightly heavier as it goes and is another that could easily have been transformed into a Harem Scarem track.
Two Ways is a pure pop song with some Beatlesque influences. It's pretty laid back, but features a strong chorus, which saves the song. Still pretty likeable!
The Deep End is another very pop song and mainly acoustic driven. This maybe the album's weakest track and even saying that is pretty catchy. This is Harry at his most pop - or at his furthest point from what harem Scarem is. Being that the last 2 songs slowed the album's flow down, it was time for something upbeat and Undone delivers. Back to the moody electric guitar driven pop rock of the album opening numbers, this track features more Beatlesque retro vibes, but with a very simple feel good chorus.
Why is another guitar driven track and one fo the more uptempo tracks of the album. This vibe of the song matches that of If You from Weight Of The World and for that reason is also one of the album's best tracks.
Miles Away continues the strong run of tracks towards the end of the album. Semi-acoustic and moody in nature, the chorus here is one of the very best Harry has written for the album and is instantly memorable. Sentimental BLVD. is of course, the track originally recorded for the classic Harem album Mood Swings, except it featured drummer Darren Smith on vocals. Here Harry gives us his own version of the hit, which if you ask me, sounds like the original version the band would have demoed from the album. This does not sound like the rest of the album, nor does it sound like it was recorded at the same time. So this seems like a gift for classic Harem Scarem fans, which will see it rated highly with listeners. While musically different, it makes the vibe of the album and closes out the album on a high note.
However, at only 38 minutes long, it is again over all too soon and one hopes that the next Harem album will run slightly longer than this and their last album. Additionally, it's not as tightly produced as the Scarem albums and particularly the flawless Weight Of The World. This is a more laid back, looser approach to the song style and sound recording.

The Bottom Line
Several tracks from Just Another Day could sit comfortably on the last Harem Scarem album, had they been dealt with in a slightly different manner. That should see the majority of Harem fans able to purchase this and enjoy it thoroughly, although those already partial to Rubber and a softer singer/songwriter approach will digest it more comfortably.
If you favor the modern sound from Harem and like the mellower moments of Rubber, this album will rate more highly than for those who are still more keen on Mood Swings.
But when you strip it all back, this is still an album of very catchy, very likeable pop rock songs that only enhance the reputation of the writer even further.

Line Up
· Harry Hess: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums
· Pete Lesperance: Guitar
· Darren Smith: Drums

Additional Ratings

06/03/06: Rose Reene -
Rating: 98
Frankly speaking, Harry Hess is simply an amazing songwriter of all time. Yeah one thing for sure he is definitely one of the most mesmerizing powerful vocalist in music history. So to Harry Hess, I just want you to know that you are absolutely amazing!!! Just keep on making awesome versatile music without ignoring the melodic rock influence, alright. I sure hope that you'll produce your next solo album! All the best to you... Cheerio - Rose Reene, Malaysia

16/02/05: Harry Hess -
Rating: 100
My kids really like it, my wife doesn't really like anything thing I do and my dog just runs away when I turn it on.


13/02/04: Scott -
Rating: 80
A pretty good album. Sounds lik the softer side of Harem Scarem, but maybe a step down (or 2) in terms of songwriting quality. Songs aren't as catchy and require much repeat listening. Takes time to grow. "Undone" is the only track that connected with me at first listen. Respectable album overall.

24/09/03: Geoff -
Rating: 84
I really like this album. It has the softer side of Harem Scarem written all over it, probably due a lot to the fact that the whole band plays on the album . . . on pretty much every track!

'Look Right Through Me' is a wonderful melodic rock opener, with a big catchy chorus. Exactly what you expect from Harry. 'Wasted Away' is another melodic gem. This is a slower paced song and a nice treat. 'Everybody' appears annoying to me with it's happy sing along chorus, but I still don't skip it! Damn Mr Hess and his listenable tunes.
'Just Another Day' is a wonderful ballad and carries the album title in fine form. One of the best tracks of the album without doubt.
'Two Ways' is even more annoying than 'Everybody' and the next 3 songs are okay at best. It is not until 'Miles Away' away comes along that you realise what you came here for. Man, what a song! My fave off the album and a true commercial melodic rock gem. Somebody get this song recognised! In closing, 'Sentimental BLVD' is as good as it always was. Great song.

Overall, yes there are gems and yes there are a few fillers, but overall I think it's a very good album. Nice work, Harry.

21/08/03: dane lawless -
Rating: 98
Harry Hess is the guru of he can write great hard rock songs and pop songs. This album is no exception. Yeah it might take a few listens but the catchy pop choruses and hooks soon kick in. To be honest this is possibly the best Frontiers release this year, it's not HS - me being a huge fan, but I can appreciate great pop rock songs and that is what this album is.
Check out Look right through me, great opener as catchy as hell only problem though u only here Eric Martin at the end....whack him in the mix and you could possibly have a top ten hit here.
Just another day could fit in the top ten of the billboard charts if marketed shits on anything in the charts at the minute...just imagine whacking on 96FM and cruising up the westcoast hwy top down sun beaming down...this song is cruising music...not typically AOR but brooding mellow catchy pop music...could fit on any local radio station.
Miles Away - another gem.
No fillers on this album at all, would give it 100 but just too short. Stm Blv is a great inclusion coz it's a real favourite, Harry does it brilliantly although Darren Smith sings the hell out of it on Mood Swings.
I don't think Andrew did this justice...perhaps a higher rating...this is right up there with Westworld - Cyperdreams...while I'm waiting for HS new album I'll be listening to this.

11/07/03: Franco -
Rating: 100
Hello world, does anybody that have this album understand anything of pure genius?

don't we all got tired of ....LOVE YOU , I NEED TO HOLD YOU..blah blah.....????

this album is absolutely brilliant in every song, every arrangement , every vocal and refrain.

my personal favorite is TWO WAYS, worth the price of the album alone , you gotta listen to this track to understand how hard can be to create such melody....see how HESS sings it?....up-down , Major to minor chords ,shifting to an exploding chorus,
simply amazing.

If this kind of music is HESS decides to go with, then i don't regret forgetting HAREM SCAREM at all even though their "ST" album and "BELIEVE" are the best albums ever made so to speak.

get over your MOOD SWING crap and listen to this album, if it doesn't grow on you, then you must grow on him ;)


27/06/03: savacap -
Rating: 45
A too much softer side of Harem Scarem that makes this cd to belong to pop music. A totally boring cd with one or two good songs in between. Nothing important, a dissapointment.

04/05/03: Brian -
Rating: 90
Here's yet another CD purchase that came solely due to the soundbytes featured on this site. So, if you like the soundbytes then you're sure to like the disc. The songs are well crafted, catchy, with fantastic melodies. My only complaint is the running time and the inclusion of the last song. By the time track 9 ends you're in a bit of dissapointment that this gem of new material has come to an end.

02/05/03: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 90
Shame on all u fans trying to compare it to HS. It ain't HS! This is pure POP brilliance from the best songwriter in the business. For those looking for HS, please look elswhere, but be warned: You will miss some of the catchiest songs Harry has ever written.

LOOK RIGHT THROUGH ME - Excellent opener! This one will be stuck in your brain for days. I can't stop singing it! Lyrically it's not very uplifting, heartbraking actually. You can feel the emotion in Harry's voice. I agree with Andrew on this one.
WASTED AWAY - Great moody track with a memorable chorus. Similar to End Of Time off the Japanese version of WOTW.
EVERYBODY - Pure "POP" with a killer chorus.
JUST ANOTHER DAY - Same style as Wasted Away with another heartfelt lyric. Love the chorus.
TWO WAYS - Roy Orbison anyone? The album goes off on a tangent here! Another good chorus is this tracks saving grace.
THE DEEP END - Acoustic track that doesn't really go anywhere. The albums weakest moment but still not bad enough to skip!
UNDONE - Another moody track but it's not up to the standard of the first few tracks. A weaker chorus spoils this one.
WHY - This is RUBBER all the way! Fun and uptempo.
MILES AWAY - Worth the price of admission just for this song! By far one of the best songs Harry has ever written. Queen influences shine halfway through the song. Simply Awesome!
SENTIMENTAL BLVD - You all know this one. Good to hear Harry's rendition but I think I prefer the original. Hmmmm.... dunno?
UP HILL CLIMB (Japanese Bonus) - Brilliant Ballad with an awesome slide guitar solo rounds out the album.

I can only give the album 90 as it seems to lose it's direction on a couple of tracks halfway through. If The Deep End was replaced by Up Hill Climb on the regular release I would give it 96.
LOOK RIGHT THROUGH ME, MILES AWAY, WASTED AWAY, JUST ANOTHER DAY and EVERYBODY are as good as any song Harry has written before them. Open minded Harem Scarem fans and lovers of pop rock will really enjoy this, so give it a go!


23/04/03: Dave -
Rating: 50
I will be brutaly honest since nobody has the cajoles to do so. This cd is really poor. It puts me to sleep. No hooks or melodies that we always enjoy from HS and crew. Sure Harry's voice sounds great but the songs are poorly written. Maybe they would be good as background music for a Dawson's Creek episode but these lack that little something that makes you want to listen to a cd over and over again. I agree with the above reviewer. This cd is a yawn fest. Shame on you Harry for fooling all of your hardcore HS fans into buying this junk. Send this dog to the 99cent clearence bin!

19/04/03: Rich H. -
Rating: 90
This didn't quite hit me the way "Weight Of The World" did but it's a very worthy effort nevertheless."Miles Away" is a classic track worth the price of the c.d. alone

15/04/03: Jeff Hansen -
Rating: 95
I am with you Dan, I have an entire cd shelf with the different versions of HS cds. I relly love Harry's solo disc though. I have the Japanese version and I reall like UP HILL CLIMB. However, it would be 100 if it was a little heavier! I love all era's of Harem and I know Harry could have spiced it up a bit. I do not have to go inot the quality of the songs here because if you are reading this then you know of the man. It is perfect.

10/04/03: Dan Friml -
Rating: 90
After a few listenings of promo CD... I love this album cause I expected this kind of music! My personal favorites from the HS discography are Voice Of Reason and Rubber and this one is something like mixture of them plus a little piece of lighter side of Karma Cleansing..
I could give more than 90points, but there's "Just Another Japanese Bonus"... So I gotta go and buy really expensive import ... It sucks :)
BOTTOM LINE: Is there somebody else who has the HS discography in two/three versions? :))

09/04/03: Scott -
Rating: 92
As you would expect, this an album of very high quality with a production to match. The brilliant vocals highlight the kind of clever song writing we have grown accustomed to from Mr Hess. The fantastic musicianship present here provides the perfect back drop for what is truly Harry's chance to shine. It is undisputed that he has one of the classiest and most distinctive voices in the melodic rock genre.

One of the many positives of this album is the strength of all tracks. While there are only 10 songs, one of which is Harry's version of the HS classic 'Sentimental Blvd (more on that later), every song is a winner and each different in their own way. Many albums with 12-14 tracks may contain 10 strong songs yet the few fillers end up diluting the total product. Thankfully this is not the case with 'Just Another Day'. Harry (with the help of some very talented friends) has delivered a near perfect example of contemporary melodic rock. Sure it leans towards the lighter side, but when the songs are this good, it doesn't matter. I'm usually the first to say an album could have been better had it been heavier (e.g. Bon Jovi's 'Bounce', Gotthard's 'Human Zoo' and too many others to list), however, as with Styx's 'Cyclorama', this collection of tunes contains enough catchy choruses, vocal harmonies, clever lyrics and other musical twists and turns to compensate for its softer nature.

To contradict this statement somewhat, this album, while well-textured, comes across as uncomplicated and stripped back which allows Harry's voice to lead the way.

Now back to 'Sentimental Blvd'. Often the inclusion of older songs or covers can give the impression of making up the numbers. That is clearly not the reason for this track being included here. This updated version is sounding fresh and modern and is perfectly placed as the album's last track. It effectively ties in the old with the new and lets us know that Harry hasn't forgotten his past. This leaves me with very high hopes for the next HS album.

Rather than include an analysis of each track, suffice it to say the every song rates highly. My early personal favourite is track 9 'Miles Away', but this may change as the album becomes more familiar to me. 'Just Another Day' is defintitely near the top of a very long list of quality releases so far in 2003.

P.S. I had honestly given this CD a 92 before even reading Andrew's review.

08/04/03: Fuzz -
Rating: 97
I expected no less from Harem Scarem's front man and boy did I get another great musical experience by listening to his debut solo album. Harry Hess is just the GURU of melodic rock songwriting... And, along with Pete Lesperance, they're THE GODS of melodic rock! All of this makes my anticipation for the next Harem Scarem album more intense.... but until then I'll listen to Harry's solo album :D. ROCK ON!

Oh... and btw, I can't wait for Pete's upcoming solo album! *wink*

08/04/03: Mick -
Rating: 55
I have been absorbing this album for about a week now, hoping that this would be one of those CD’s that grows on you. I am unhappy to report that that is not the case with this one. Let me say first, I am and have been a long time fan of Harem Scarem. While I pretty much despised the Rubber era stuff, I am not one of the “Mood Swings or bust” crowd either. I would say VOR is my favorite album (BRILLIANT), with WOTW and Believe not far behind. Mood Swings is of course a great effort as well.
That said, this album in my opinion is pretty weak. Not that it is a bad album, however I guess I have come to expect better from Harry. There is little energy here, the production chops are just not there, and the performances by Harry and the other musicians are generally uninspired. The songs themselves are your basic run of the mill sleepwalking pop songs, no tricks, NO SURPRISES, and nothing to make you rewind to hear again.
I am virtually certain Harry could write a hundred of these songs a week, because they are sort of that trademark Harem Scarem/Rubber B-Sides material, only with Harry on Nyquil. To me, this sounds like Harry Hess’s evil twin…wearing a dress.
Sometimes being a HUGE Harem Scarem fan can be immensely frustrating. I feel like they are always on the brink of releasing a series of truly groundbreaking albums, then they take a left turn and walk the easy path. Voice of Reason was in my mind their most substantial work to date, and was as close to perfection as I have heard. With the exception of the debut, (cookie cutter hair band rock), each of the HS albums have had flashes of true brilliance. Then the Rubber thing reared its ugly head and it’s been a crap -shoot since. Why in the world go down the same road as a thousand other
un-memorable bands when Harry and the guys have the talent and tools to stand alone. If it is purely about commercial success, then clearly they have to sell out. If it is about the music, this album is three steps back.

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