Atenzia Records ATZ 02001
Produced by: Roger Scott Craig

Released: May 2002 / Website
Relatives: Magnum, 101 South

  1. Any Port In The Storm
  2. Wooden Cross
  3. Face In The Rain
  4. New York Morning
  5. On The Nickel
  6. My Neighborhood
  7. Deep In The Heart
  8. Sin City
  9. As You Fly
  10. Later Than You Know
  11. We Belong

After a 2 year+ absence, Harlan Cage aka Roger Scott Craig and Larry Greene are back! These guys have been missed, as they are unique in their delivery of their totally pomp-filled moody AOR song style.
Nothing has changed since we last heard from the guys, which is probably only good news for the fans of the band.
The style is the same, the delivery is the same, the vocals - with emotion charged atmosphere - are delivered with the same conviction that pomp/AOR fans have grown to love.
It could be argued that things could have been altered some or mixed up a little bit, but the sheer quality of the songs on offer soon pacifies any calls for change.
This album is number four for the guys and will easily slot alongside the other three and I suggest would already be on the must buy list for fans of any of the other albums.
Their second and third albums were something especially good in this scene - pure AOR mixed with the pomp-ishness of layers of keyboards and dark vocals, all set to the tone of boy-meets-loves-loses-girl lyrics.
The musical conviction here cannot be questioned, these guys are dedicate to their craft and do it better than anyone.
There are no fillers on this album, with each track as strong as the one before it.
Those issues aside, I will say that I still prefer Double Medication Tuesday and Forbidden Colors over this album, but only just. My main reason I guess is that there is no real monster anthems like Two Ships In The Night or Blow Wind Blow.
But the production is superb, the playing tight and the packaging also classy.
BOTTOM LINE: Any pomp/AOR fan with an earlier album is going to love this one and the fact that the guys are on a new label might mean a few new faces are attracted towards this release.
Those that enjoy a strong dose of keyboards with their guitar and passionate vocals will recognise the AOR formula at work here and are recommended to investigate.
This is classic style melodic AOR. Those into the heavier side of the genre or who might prefer a more modern edge won't find either here.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of pure AOR, pomp rock fans and all fans of Harlan Cage & 101 South
DISCOGRAPHY:Harlan Cage . Double Medication Tuesday . Forbidden Colors . Temple Of Tears

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