Track Listing
Man On A Mission
Do It For Love (3)
Someday We'll Know (1)
Forever For You (2)
Life's Too Short
Getaway Car
Make You Stay
Miss DJ
"She" Got Me Bad
Breath Of Your Life
Heartbreak Time
Love In A Dangerous Time
Private Eyes (Live)

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Marigold Sky
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Do It For Love

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Do It For Love
U-Watch / Victor Japan VICP-62198
Produced By: Hall & Oates / Various
Running Time: Genre: MOR
Release Date: Out Now Released: JP EU
WebLink: Hall& Oates LabelLink:

Hall & Oates are responsible for some of the best high-tech pop/rock and soulful pop in my personal collection. I've been a fan since the early 80's and the guys rarely disappoint. I must admit I lost the plot with them in the 90's, with a couple of average releases, but the 1997 release Marigold Sky restored all faith. Do It For Love continues my admiration for these guys, with another smooth, soulful pop release that shows the class and talent of this duo.
Do It For Love contains some fine moments - songs so utterly commercial that if the Backstreet Boys had sung them, they would be well known worldwide hits. That's what Hall & Oates do, they write catchy pop songs and then layer them in harmonies and lush instrumentation, making them appealing to rock and pop fans alike.
Of course, they have aged somewhat since their heyday, and like many great artists, struggle to find at home on today's' (sad) radio playlists.
There are a couple of songs on Do It For Love that are a little too "nice", but out of 14 songs there is room for a few fillers.
Specifically I'm not a fan of the opening track, nor the too-funky Miss DJ.
The album is mostly middle of the road, mature pop, with that unmistakable soulful touch.
But the guys do reach into modern pop, displaying even more forcefully why these songs would be hits if sung by a prepubescent teenager.
Several tracks may prove to be a little too modern for some, Intuition and "She" Got Me Bad prime examples of this. Seriously though, these tracks are so damn commercial, I cannot believe they are not all over today's radio.
But for fans of the traditional H20 sound, just tune into the first single Do It For Love or the very catchy feel good Someday We'll Know. Then check out the sentimental ballad Forever For You, layered with harmonies and acoustic guitars.
Life's Too Short, Make You Stay, Getaway Car and Heartbreak Time are more examples of great melodic friendly pop.

The Bottom Line
I can't fault this album. While it contains songs that take a few different approaches and adopt different styles, all are delivered in the same, smooth-as-hell manner we expect from the guys.
As I said earlier, with 14 tracks there are bound to be different favourites between fans, but the quality and production of the album is fabulous throughout.
Very catchy, very contemporary and very classy for pop fans at least!

Line Up
Daryl Hall: Vocals
John Oates: Guitar
Greg Fitzgerald: Keyboards
Mickey Curry: Drums
T Bone Wolf: Bass

Additional Ratings

13/06/03: Steve -
Rating: 80
Excellent CD although by no means pure AOR. For open minded melodic rock fans only.

19/03/03: Jeremy -
Rating: 87
This is a very good CD with a much more contemporary flavor than their last one, "Marigold Sky," while still emphasizing the classic harmonies and hooks that Hall & Oates are known for. Unlike, say, the new Boston CD with the female led tracks, or the Blink 182-esque "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" on the otherwise superb new Styx CD, Hall & Oates are able to adapt to the times in a way that sounds totally natural and never feels forced. That's because it's what they've always done: whether it was the folky singer songwriter sound of 1973's "Abandoned Luncheonette," the arena rock sound of "Beauty on a Back Street," the new wave inspired "Voices," the hip hop influenced "Method of Modern Love," or the high tech sound of "Big Bam Boom," Daryl and John have always incorporated the best influences from contemporary music into the H&O sound. They never sound like they're doing this to score hits. Instead, they always sound inspired by current sounds in a natural, fan-like way.

The new CD "Do It For Love" is no exception. On this album, H&O prove that they're definitely aware of what R. Kelly, producers The Neptunes, and the boy bands have been up to these last couple of years. For me, the best tracks on "Do It For Love" are the ones that sound most contempory: "She Got Me Bad" and "Breath of Your Life." If these tracks were by R. Kelly or Justin Timberlake, no doubt you'd be hearing them blasting from radios everywhere.

For fans who prefer a more classic sound, "Do It For Love" definitely delivers in that area too. "Someday We'll Know," featuring Todd Rundgren on duet vocals and guitar, could've fit on any of their late 70s or early 80s albums. "Man On A Mission" is an "Out of Touch"-like dance/rock track, and "Heartbreak Time" is a classic slice of soul with great guitar that could've been on "The Silver Album" back in '75.

Overall, the production and songwriting are superb. Although not quite as catchy or rockin' as their early 80s hits, "Do It For Love" is easily their strongest release together or separately since 1990's "Change of Season". H&O fans will not be disappointed.

17/03/03: Nev Brown -
Rating: 95
To agree with everything your reviewer said and more... If this album was to be released by aboyband of 19-21 year olds, there would be at least 3 UK Number 1 singles at least. That's not to deter the AOR fan from buying. Indeed, any fan of Journey's 'Raised On Radio' or any Eddie Money or Rick Springfield should go and buy this cd.

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