Gypsy Rose Another World Escape Music
· Produced By: Martin Kronlund

· Running Time: 50.17

· Release Date: June 20

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Metal

· Links: Escape Music
Songs: 86%
Sound: 92%
I haven't been a fan of everything vocalist David Reece has been involved in over the years, but I am a fan of everything Gypsy Rose founder Martin Kronlund has done.
I am definitely a fan of Reece's work in Bangalore Choir, which I thought was one of the more intelligent records released out of the USA in the early 90s.
So the mix of these two personalities has a lot of appeal to me and I think that translates into the record delivered.
This is an energetic melodic metal release with Kronlund's typically bombastic European approach, featuring a tight rhythm section, plenty of guitars and swirling keyboards.
Reece sounds exactly as expected – gruff and raspy, yet with a controlled tone that adds a melodic edge to the intense vocal.
The opening riff-tastic double kickdrum fired Final Call is a great slice of European metal and the moodier, slower Nothing Really Matters is more dramatic and intense.
Keeping the intensity with a pace inbetween the opening two rockers is Angels, which has the most obvious chorus of the three.
When I Call Your Name is a metal ballad that reminds me of Bangalore Choir.
Don't Look Back is one of the album's more bombastic tunes as Reece takes Gypsy Rose in a fresh direction.
Just as Fired started to sound a little repetitive, the thumping A Little Ain't Enough fires up the album again.
All The Way To The Sun features the most instant and anthemic chorus of the album as we hit a solid run of late album tracks, including the moody angst of A Million Miles and the frantic pace and bombastic nature of Liar.
Another World is a little too much and a little repetitive again, but the closing straight ahead hard rocker Hellhammer is more enjoyable.
The Bottom Line
This is a different beast than the debut Gypsy Rose record. This is a more metal minded release, the influence of David Reece clearly in play. But it is a very strong record again and the attraction of Reece will no doubt bring some new fans into the fray.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Gypsy Rose
· Another World

Line Up:
· David Reece: Vocals
· Martin Kronlund: Guitars
· Imre Daun: Drums
· Mats Bostedt: Bass
· Rikard Quist: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Dogface
· David Reece
Track Listing
· Final Call *
· Nothing Really Matters *
· Angels *
· When I Call Your Name
· Don't Look Back *
· Fired
· A Little Ain't Enough *
· All The Way To The Sun
· A Million Miles
· Liar
· Another World
· Hellhammer *

--*Best Tracks

01/07/08: Wardy -
Rating: 90
Damn fine release here - everything I love about the melodicrock genre packaged into one disc!

First I have to say that Reece has some of the best sounding pipes in the business, and while he may not be wailing like days of old, he does a real Coverdale here and uses his voice to it's fullest and really makes this album shine - he sounds ‘that’ good!

One great thing about the melodicrock genre is that you are more likely to be given an album of music as opposed to an album containing a couple singles and nothing more, and that is definitely the case with Gypsy Rose’s Another World – while there’s the odd less than brilliant moment, nothing here sucks nor does the album lose its momentum.

Opener Final Call is smooth and straight to the point, All the Way to the Sun is a major singalong and the real nod to the melodies of yesteryear reflecting bands such as Reece’s Bangalore Choir, Liar suffers a tad from a repetitive chorus but still rocks, its sensational opening riffs and verses lifts the song into the albums long list of highlights, Hellhammer while a reworking from Reece's Accept days is stunning and feels like a long lost nugget from yesteryear (seriously, I mean that in a GOOD way!), Nothing Really Matters is big and brooding... and look, this is every bit the classic I've rated it and for the first time in the history of I'm going on record here and rating what is essentially a old school styled 'melodicrock' album higher than what McNiece has...
and TRUST me... that’s saying something LOL!

In all seriousness, Gypsy Rose's Another World is up there with House of Lords and likes for me this year. While it isn't the perfect album and if every album were to have a downside I guess here it would be frowning at the occasional lyric or two, but this is the real deal a tremendous effort!

Whoever the hell was behind having Reece join this tremendous band deserves as much praise as the product itself. Man that voice!

Neat looking cover too but still not entirely sure what the heck it's about LOL!

Note - kinda hard to find this one for decent price if like me ordering international so make sure you shop around! Only place I could find it was from the UK, was full price but very happy to pay that for this one!!!

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