Greenhouze Greenhouze MTM Music
· Produced By: Lars Levin

· Running Time: 51.12

· Release Date: January 24

· Released: EU

· Musical Style: AOR

· Links: MTM Music
Songs: 60%
Sound: 90%
This is an interesting record. The name itself won't be familiar to anyone, as it is the debut album for project mastermind Lars Levin, (providing all music, majority of the songwriting), who is joined by vocalist Solli (Sons Of Angels, 21 Guns) and several guest musicians who round out the line-up.
The CD booklet features lyrics only, without any further credits at all, so I'll rely in bio information to fill in the gaps.
This Norwegian based project features music not dissimilar to Dare at their most atmospheric, plus fellow AOR masters On The Rise and Stage Dolls.
However, while comparisons between Greenhouze and these AOR masters can be made, this album doesn't reach any of the heights they do. Now, this album sounds a million bucks – it's wonderfully compiled, with a lush, multi-layered production to rival a major label release. It also has a certain sense of feel good warmth - with a mellow vibe throughout - constructed from thoughtful, sensitive environmentally themed lyrics and accompanying acoustic and electric guitars and a wall of melodies.
Just as Dare and On The Rise feature rich, musically complex tunes, so to does Greenhouze and at times the listener is sent on a real journey.
Sounds great doesn't it? And in many ways it is….but no matter which way one looks at it - there remains one major problem. The songs just don't go anywhere. The listener may be on a journey – but there is no point if you never reach a destination.
Take the opening track The Point for example. It builds through this mysterious intro, with a deep poignant lyric and the wonderful vocals of Solli laid over a soft piano, before guitar and drums rip in – seemingly preparing the listener for blast off into AOR Heaven. Another layer of guitars and we are on the edge of bliss – but then it's gone….back to another verse. And so it continues….this album features all the ingredients of a perfect anthem filled moody AOR release – just the type I love – except there are no anthems! It's almost as if the climaxes of the songs are missing.
You can supply all the musical padding in the world and the best production since Def Leppard's Hysteria, but if there are no choruses to match, what will draw the listener back in for more?
Waterline is another track that offers so much and probably delivers more than any other track, but when run in serial with the rest of the album, it just isn't satisfying enough.
However, one tracks with stand out chorus – Here In The Air – turns out to be one of the weaker tracks!
Two of the best tracks are Rain and Train Song – these are for Stage Dolls fans, mirroring their moody sound and style.
The Bottom Line
Musically intense, multi-layered AOR and rich with smooth vocals, the Greenhouze album has much promise, but fails to deliver on the key element most music fans rate as the most important factor in any album. This album lacks choruses and the big moments fall flat without the hooks to hang listener's memories on.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Greenhouze

Line Up
· Solli: Vocals
· Lars Levin: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
· Frank Tostrup: Drums, Percussion

Essential for fans of:
· Dare
· Stage Dolls
Track Listing
· The Point*
· Waterline*
· Here In The Air
· Remember
· Train Song*
· Insanity
· Tall Grasses
· Clouds (instrumental)
· Rain
· Snow On The Roof (instrumental)
· Everything
· Highway In The Sun
--*Best Tracks

21/12/05: Axe Machine -
Rating: 85
75%!?!?!?! All I can say is that Andrew must just not 'get' this album, as not only does it sound nothing like Dare or Stage Dolls, but it also beats the pants off one of AOR's dullest ever moments, Last Autumns Dream II, which funnily enough got a higher rating than this. Sorry Andy, rant over. The only Dare comparison I can find is the moodiness of the songs, which are beautifully crafted and intense. Would have personally removed the two instrumentals, but the rest of the album has some great moments. The Point, Waterline and especially Highway In The Sun are keyboard drenched delights for fans of laid back AOR. As for the production, sounds alright to me...and must point out that the drum sound has a nice tone as opposed to many rock albums, where the drums let the entire production down. Reccomended for fans of moody, keyboard friendly AOR.

25/06/05: Mike -
Rating: 70
This is ok, if I go after my rating its 60 points. But good is 70p here so it has to be 70 points for me.Many of the songs have the touch of Dare. But Dare do this so much better. Its a couple of songs that is very good,songs like train song and waterline. But all the songs is not that good, some are very poor.
But check it out.

21/03/05: oliver -
Rating: 82
Fine aor release. can´t find the dare and stage dolls tunes. reminds me a bit of kick-sweet lick of fire, but with more catchy chorusses. worth buying.

10/02/05: ton -
Rating: 85
A nice album, not so much Dare as I hoped it would be. I should have known that wouldn't be, cause Dare has a unique sound. But I like Greenhouze - smooth atmospheric rock. A good start of this year. Production not 100%. Very nice vocals and some awesome songs (Train song, The point and the instrumental Snow on the roof).

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