Gotthard Lip Service Nuclear Blast
Produced By: Leo Leoni & Ronald Prent

Running Time:

Release Date: June 6

Released: EU

Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 89%
Sound: 95%
In an interesting move, Swiss rockers Gotthard signed with Nuclear Blast an almost pure metal label and proclaimed a move to a heavier direction. Line-up changes, management and record label moves all conspired to put the heat on the band to deliver a great album, otherwise it could prove to be the last of their long, illustrious career.
So the result? Well, the guys didn't really change their style to a heavier sound, but what they have done is returned to the hard rocking approach held on the first few albums, which should prove to be a fan pleasing move.
And changes in personnel aside, this sounds like a classic Gotthard album no more, no less. The songwriting remains at the high standard set over previous releases and the familiarity in the usual raspy vocals will instantly put fans at ease.
What is pleasing is the tempo of the record. The first three tracks simply rock. Vocalist Steve Lee is in fine form, again sounding like a cross between Michael Bormann and Cinderella's Tom Keifer.
All We Are is a steaming anthem to kick off the album, Dream On is commercial rock at its best and the single Lift U Up has all the ingredients of a classic hands- in-the-air pop/metal anthem.
Bon Jovi would do well to take note of how these guys have taken the formula for commercial hard rock from them and improved on it, while the former struggle to reclaim their anthemic roots.
Of course all Gotthard albums must contain ballads and Everything I Want is a typical story of love lost and won, set to be sung to an audience of lighter holding fans in the months ahead.
Thankfully the tempo of the album isn't killed by a switch to mid-tempo tracks or more ballads. Cupid Arrow gets things cranked again - in that commercial friendly manner.
I Wonder is a little darker and tougher and changes the pace nicely, especially with a very melodic chorus. I've Seen An Angel Cry is the next ballad and is well positioned within the album.
Stay For The Night sounds like classic Storm with Kevin Chalfant, but with the added thump of a heavier rhythm section - a great uptempo pop-rocker.
Anytime Anywhere is yet another catchy and classy rocker with a gritty and dramatic feel. Another couple of uptempo rockers follow, making this one of the band's rockiest affairs. This is where things should have been called to a halt.
A great album to this point, it now continues on two tracks to many. The addition of Nothing Left At All and And Then Goodbye is a detriment to the album as a whole. These two ballads (the last solely acoustic) ensure that the album ends on a slow note. Better would it have been to re-position Nothing Left At All and drop And Then Goodbye completely for a tight 3 ballad 50 minute rock album.
The Bottom Line
The listener can always hit stop at track 12 and consider this one of Gotthard's best albums of their career and a truly welcome lift in tempo and a return to the sound of their harder rocking beginnings. The harder edge is a welcome partner to some very catchy, hook and harmony filled tracks which show that Gotthard still have it in them to deliver classy album after classy album.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Dial Hard
Human Zoo
Lip Service

Line Up:
Steve Lee
Leo Leoni
Marc Lynn
Hena Habegger
Freddy Scherer

Essential For Fans Of:
Swiss Rock N Roll
Early Bon Jovi
Track Listing
All We Are*
Dream On
Lift U Up*
Everything I Want*
Cupid Arrow
I Wonder
I'm Alive
I've Seen An Angel Cry
Stay For The Night*
Anytime Anywhere*
Said And Done
The Other Side Of Me
Nothing Left At All
And Then Goodbye
--*Best Tracks

18/12/06: Debz -
Rating: 100
What can I say. This album is amazing, not one bad song on it. I saw Gotthard at Rock City in Nottingham at Firefest this year and they were absolutely amazing, totally stole the show in my opinion, and now I'm hooked. Fantastic!!

16/12/06: asdf -
Rating: 100
Gotthard is the best!!!! And Lipservice is one of their best CDs!!

09/08/06: restless one - petermay
Rating: 100
What a brilliant heavy rock album...PURE CLASS!! This should have got 99 or 100 score, not 92. STEVE LEE has to be one of the BEST singers in ROCK along with JORN LANDE. GOTTHARD should be HUGE!!!!!

09/04/06: Craig Chapman -
Rating: 100
Best rock album I've heard for many many years. They were superb live too.

26/03/06: Terry K. -
Rating: 100
This is one for the books,kids! Discovered this band 2-3 years ago and have bought everything by them. After switching gears to a more melodic approach with 'G'(their 3rd cd),they have released nothing but extremely fantastic albums! Possibly thee most reliable band on the planet! Some of their work is a bit more 'mainstream' melody-wise,but if that doesn't turn you off,all their stuff is worth havving. and this new cd,'Lipservice'? Possibly their very best yet! (I lean towards 'G' and 'Open',but it's so close that it doesn';t even matter!) This cd will hopefully elevate them to where they belong-absolutely on TOP of the rock heap. Damn shame they're relatively unknown here in the States,as they'd be HUGE here. By the way,for those who don't know-the band takes it's name from the tallest Swiss Alp-pronounced 'Gottard'.Long may they rock!

14/03/06: Shane -
Rating: 99
I'll keep it short. I have over a collection of over 500 'Rock CD's. I had never heard of Gottard b4 Lip Service. This band has the sound and songs and deserves to be as popular as Bon Jovi.
This CD makes it into my all time top 10.

03/03/06: Figge -
Rating: 92
Brilliant! This is what this band should sound like. Great traditional commercial hard rock. Gotthard seem to have an neverending well of good songs as the bonus track "Can't Stop" is easily one of the best tracks on the disc. Add to that the two bonus tracks on the "Anytime, Anywhere" EP, which are two outstanding songs too.

There are not enough of this kind of commercial hard rock nowadays. Just like TNT's 2004 effort "My Religion", Gotthard balances so perfectly the classic hard rock with that commercial feel. Exactly what more bands should take note of (Bon Jovi?).

One of the top three albums of the year (2005).

Best tracks: Cupid Arrow, Said & Done, I Wonder, Anytime Anywhere and Lift U Up (+ the bonus track Can't Stop).

16/02/06: Big Mike -
Rating: 80
Excellent melodic Hard Rock album. "Lift U Up" is killer. 5 or 6 great melodic songs. I've heard the sound bites from human Zoo and this albums shits on it.

19/01/06: Zok -
Rating: 95
Gotthard surprized me 2005. I have never been a fan of them, but now they have realeased a melodicrock top record. Its a must buy.

07/10/05: Craig Chapman -
Rating: 100
I knew very little about Gotthard other than hearing a bit on ARFM. Our singer bought this and told us how good it is. He ain't wrong, in my own little world, this is the best rock album for 15 years or more. Can't wait to see them live.

I Wonder & Anytime Anywhere are absolute classics and I have no problem with a band wanting to include some ballads if they are good enough - and these are - "Seen An Angel Cry Tonight" is gorgeous.

Had the acoustic bits been in the middle they'd have broke the ambience, so they are at the end if you want to finish the album after 13 or 14 songs, it's up to you. There is quantity and quality here in abundance.

There are odd bits of "sounds like" with the odd Toby Jepson vocal line, a bit of Yngwie guitar in one song and some wonderful old school riffs played in a more modern way. Imagine Danny Vaughn singing his songs with Uriah Heep backing him, or at times Toby Jepson with UFO, sort of late 80s rock with a heart from days before. Love It !

29/09/05: Harv -
Rating: 90
90 is a conservative number for this album because it is what I have been wanting to hear for a long time. After being very disappointed with Open, I balked at buying more Gotthard cds because I have to get them as imports. I don't want to spend $30 on a cd that might only be average. After only one play of this cd, it brings me back to the days of Dial Hard and G. This CD is a must for anyone who likes melodic rock, especially with an edge. Furthermore, maybe Def Leppard should get Gotthard to produce their cds for them. Maybe they could find their balls again.

27/09/05: Steve Turner -
Rating: 90
So far this is my number 1 album of the year. I had never heard Gotthard before and was pleasantly surprised. They remind me of Adrian Gale, good melodies, memorable songs, upfront guitars. I look forward to seeing the band in a couple of weeks time at Bradford.

14/08/05: Rocking Rooster -
Rating: 98
Ok, this may be their finest hour, although the last few tracks could've been replaced by one of those bonus tracks or the campfire version of Lift U Up.
Cupid's Arrow was the cd highlight for me.

06/08/05: Arney -
Rating: 95
I really love this album, one of the best I've bought all year.The songs are really catchy & cleverly written.I find certain songs still swimming around in my head long time after listening to them. This is the type of release that got me hooked on hard rock in the first place.Steve Lee's voice at times reminds me of Robyn Macauley from his MSG days, which is a good thing.Being a relatively new convert to Gotthard (long time Krokus fan) just would love to know the proper pronunciation of the band name! Fully recommend this album to anyone.Stand out songs are "Lift U up" & " I wonder", but really, all the songs are great!!

03/08/05: Don Manzo -
Rating: 90
I just got into these guys, and they ROCK!! Everyone who hears this wants it! Really love the sound which is top notch, and the vocals. I highly recommend this to anyone who wasnts a great party disc that will have people boppin' without even knowing who they are!! Just get ready to say Gotthard all night!

27/07/05: Laurent -
Rating: 95
This must be Gotthard's most consistent and best album ever. I kept of following the band and buying their record but sort of lost interest in their music as I thought they were becoming a bit too "Bryan Adamesque". "Lipservice" is a masterpiece. Brilliant songwriting. Steve Lee is one of the greatest rock singer of all time. Gotthard is the only thing that makes me proud to be Swiss !

22/07/05: Andruhins -
Rating: 100
GOTTHARD rules!!!! ROCKs any city off the ground!

18/07/05: Totobob -
Rating: 90
Simply the most consistent rock band on the planet. The great thing about the latest release is that it grows on you. Pity the do not have the same recognition here in the UK that they get in Europe. If you havent heard this band yet, do yourself a favour and purchase this c.d.

17/07/05: deep purple guy -
Rating: 100
this is the greatest record i have listened to since "the wall" steve lee is the best vocalist since freddie mercury, and leo leoni is bordering on ritchie blackmore territory! what an amazing phenomenal record. my girl loves to pump to this lp, and let me tell you, she's getting pumped tons!!! "i'm alive" is this generations' "stairway to heaven". journey... listen to this record, and then never play live again... seriously. this is rock at it's finest. gotta go pump again!!

12/07/05: Rob Gunkel -
Rating: 95
What an excellent and surprizing CD! I was not familiar with Gotthard before Lip Service, and was greatly surprized with how good this band is. Lip Service is an excellent CD. If Bon Jovi had the guts to put out a real rock record, this is how it should sound. Too bad no one in the U.S. really knows this band. They need to come state side. They will be Huge over here!

12/07/05: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 95
This is absolutely brilliant! It is easily the best hard rock album I've heard in ages. Ok, it isn't at all original, the chord sequences are nothing new, but it's just so damned irresistible...HUGE hooks, GREAT vocals and MASSIVE production (especially the guitars which sound incredibly full and kick ass). Just go out and buy it!!!

12/07/05: Mats -
Rating: 95
As always, PURE CLASS !!!

Buy Buy Buy Buy !!!

12/07/05: kenneth m. -
Rating: 97
Speaking as a late discoverer of this band, (hey we can't all hear everything by everyone like our friend Andrew there!) all I can say is WOW!!! these guys are seriously smokin'!!! Lift U Up, Dream On, Everything I Want, Stay For The Night, Said And Done and Can't Stop... the potential mega-hits just keep coming on this cd. Everything sounds so fresh on this release I just keep popping this into every disc player I own. There is no doubt that this is a must buy or die album. Highly recommended!!!!

11/07/05: Todd -
Rating: 90
Gotthard are back to a more hard rock sound on this release.The songs are classic with a great production.Steve Lee's voice is amazing as usual.The only downside is the tracklist which in my opinion is 2 songs too long.Can't Stop, the bonus track is great.Alot of these songs were written to be played live.This band does not get their deserves!! Close to album of the year!!

10/07/05: Tahir Bise -
Rating: 94
This would have to be one of the best releases of 2005.The band have gone back to a more solid rock approach on this release and all tracks are solid. If the single "Lift You Up" had some air-play on radio this album would really sell very well.It's a shame that they don't get the exposure outside Europe this band deserves as they play a refreshing brand of music..this is a must get cd

07/07/05: Derrick Klish -
Rating: 95
gotthard? my rock is hard for them!

07/07/05: the rockmeister -
Rating: 100

06/07/05: Mark Kennedy -
Rating: 100
A superb return to form and easily their best release yet.I thought that 'Human Zoo' was a real let down.I can't believe the difference in terms of song quality between 'Lip Service' and 'Human Zoo'.This has got to be one of the best albums for 2005.I have never awarded an album with such a high rating before but I feel this release and this band deserves it.I even find it difficult to pick a favourite track,but if I was forced to make that decision then I would have to say.......all of them!.
Do yourself a favour and buy this great melodic rock album.

03/07/05: scott dixon -
Rating: 100
the best Gotthard cd yet and that says alot.This band never screw up always put out the best rock music around. Even heard a rumor that they might finally come to the USA lets hope.

03/07/05: Terry K. -
Rating: 100
Now this is what makes being into rock & roll such a gas!! This is an absolute winner of a rock release and sorry Andrew, but you just do NOT give these guys high enough praise!! Yup-Harem Scarem is a very cool band,but these guys are WAY equal and better all around because of their consistency. It's damn difficult to stay in a tried & true 'formula' and keep up the quality,but Gotthard has released some of the very best albums in melodic rock history to date! The new one? Just like everyone says-it's got an overall harder edge than the past two or three,but the quality of every song is right there. There just isn't enough praise to bestow on this band. As much as I love Thunder,I think these guys have edged them out just by a hair. Long live Gotthard-they are simply THEE best out there! Steve Lee-you are an amazing vocalist! Get 'Lipservice' and see what everyone's crowing about!

26/06/05: bryce -
Rating: 95
Great Album... This is easily the best album of 05 for me so far. Its Hard Rock the way its supposed to be! Full of rockers & ballads... I've had people go and buy it after only hearing it once from my copy. If there were any chance in hell on this thing getting any radio airplay there is oneway that it wouldn't be a hit with the mainstream public. I don't care if you like bubblegum pop, thrash, punk, dance or country... you'll love something on this.

26/06/05: Brad Hutchinson -
Rating: 98
I must say that, although a Gotthard fan since the debut cd, I wasn't majorly impressed with their last cd "Human Zoo". It had some fine rocking moments, but was littered with ballads. They do make great ballads which I enjoy, but not 1/2 a cd's worth.
Anyways, onwards to "Lipservice". This cd perfectly blends the heavier elements of their first 3 cd's with the more commercial side of "Homerun" and "Human Zoo". Standout tracks for me are "Dream On", "I Wonder", "I've Seen An Angel Cry" and "Said And Done", but there's not 1 bad track on this cd. Great stuff and highly recommended to all Gotthard fans old and new, and anyone that loves melodic hardrock music!

26/06/05: Kurt -
Rating: 98
Another incredible release from a band that is well over due for world wide success. The songs on this disc are compareable, quality wise to those on Human Zoo but with a harder edge. Great sound, great songs, great hooks, and awsome ballads, great vocals, with a rockin band. What else could you ask for.

25/06/05: Neil Higson -
Rating: 99
Now here is an album that is actually worth 99% even though it didn't get it unlike some lesser recent releases. It would have got the full 100 if the order had been slightly rearranged to avoid 2 slow numbers at the end. Both are good tracks but not both together at the end. Otherwise totally f'ing awesome 'comeback'. Some classic riffs and melodies all topped off with vocals by one of most underated singers around in Steve Lee. I've not stopped listening to it and have burnt off a copy to keep in the car as well!! Some albums tend to trail off in the middle section but this one just gets stronger. Totally awesome - nice to have you back guys.

25/06/05: Craig Kuhlman -
Rating: 93
How sad it is that this record will not dominate radio through summer 2005. Just when I think there is nothing worthwhile in music, a record like this comes along and sets me straight! By far their best work to date. "Anytime, Anywhere" should be a huge summer hit, but again the Canadian and American music industries will pay no attention whatsoever to Gotthard. Tragic, yet thankful for a great summer album!!! Steve Lee is amazing!

25/06/05: johnk5150 -
Rating: 95
Probably their most derivative album. I can hear blatant rip offs of Gary Glitter, Kansas and Boston. There isn't one lyric that's clever or original. I don't care. It's catchy like SARS and rocks with the hardest Gotthard record. 'The Other Side of Me' is probably my favorite song as the chorus is fantastic, but the whole thing just oozes class.

24/06/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 88
Simply a brilliant return to form from these guys.
I couldn't appreciate their latest release cause being pop affairs, but this is again a lot more rocking !
And Steve Lee is a top vocalist !
Good traditional hardrock CD !
Recommended !

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