Glenn Hughes First Underground Nuclear Kitchen Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Glenn Hughes

· Running Time: 52.00

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Funk, Soul & Rock

· Links: Glenn Hughes Frontiers
Songs: 85%
Sound: 91%
Glenn Hughes has now officially out-funked himself. With every album he becomes a little more empowered towards becoming the funkiest white man on the planet and the fact that parts of this album could be the soundtrack of the 70s suggests that he has reached his goal.
For fans of Hughes the musician – or more precisely – Hughes the funkster, this album is superb as always. I feel that this album has a mellower heart and more soul, and less of the rock attitude that Glenn infused with the last couple of records.
This pure pop, soul and funk. In fact this album is so 70s, Led Zeppelin making out with James Brown at a soul convention could not have out funked the Hughester.
The attention to detail really does put it in the position of being the true sequel to Hughes' 1976 album Play Me Out. From the funky organ, to the horns and brass, to the swaggering sexuality of the tunes, this is truly shag carpet stuff.
That's the good news for fans of his direction in recent years. This is one authentic album and credit to Glenn for reaching this level of musical enlightenment.
Unfortunately for fans of Glenn the rocker, there is almost nothing here left to grasp to in the desperate hope he will reprise From Now On or Addiction.
I class myself as a fan of anything Glenn does, he is just that good.
I liked the last couple of albums very much – where the funk was still coming through mixed with rock, in preference to this one – just because I find this a little too mellow overall and consumed by funk and soul.
Favorite tunes for me include the harder hitting and snappy funk of Love Communion; the smooth opener Crave; the attitude filled Never Say Never and the rock attitude of Too Late To Save The World.
Chad Smith adds his typically sharp and dramatic drumming, which is all over this record and tell me Hughes himself isn't the master of the bass? His thumping rhythm is also all over this record and works in perfect tandem to Smith.
The Bottom Line
The album flows really well and for what Glenn wanted, I say that he completely nailed it. It sounds great, is wonderfully produced and features sharp attention to detail. But...for good as this album is for what it is, I won't be playing it too often as it steps further in a direction I don't want to follow much further. I do generally need more rock n roll in the funk mix and previously Glenn has delivered that.
After Play Me Out, Feel, Soul Mover, Music For The Divine and now FUNK, I have my complete Glenn Hughes funk n soul collection….now I want some more rock! Is that selfish of me? After all, Glen Hughes is the voice of rock right?
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Play Me Out
· Four On The Floor
· From Now On
· Feel
· Addiction
· The Way It Is
· Incense And Peaches
· R.O.C.K
· Building The Machine
· Songs In The Key Of Rock
· Soul Mover
· Music For The Divine
· First Underground Nuclear Kitchen

Line Up:
Promo: Not Listed
Essential For Fans Of:
· Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine, Soul Mover
Track Listing
· Crave *
· First Underground Nuclear Kitchen
· Satellite
· Love Communion *
· We Shall Be Free
· Imperfection
· Never Say Never *
· We Go To War
· Oil And Water
· Too Late to Save the World *
· Where There's A Will

--*Best Tracks

28/04/09: marco -
Rating: 95
And it's much better than rocks!

12/06/08: NICKY D sa -
Rating: 90
Any Glenn Hughes release for me has been a must buy. Anyway, again here what we have is another slab of soulful rock that just kicks my butt. Love the horn arrangements & just the vibe in general. What can i say but just please keep crankin' these albums out. You are the man.

05/06/08: Zok -
Rating: 40
I dont lika funk, and that means that I dont like F.U.N.K. either. Where is the melodic rock?

18/05/08: James Quinn -
Rating: 100
Glenn Hughes has nailed it!!!! The true successor to Play Me Out and prelude to Feel. God Bless You Papa!!!!!! For those of you who say he doesn't rock anymore listen to Oil And Water......The most on the money complete album to date from The Voice of Rock, Soul, Funk, Life.....

15/05/08: RS -
Rating: 98
Another winner. Occassionally, as on Soul Mover, Glenn Hughes works up a great verse with a lame chorus or vice versa. But on this album (as on Music for the Divine) he's firing on all cylinders. For rock fans, this is certainly funky music, but it's nowhere near as soft as was "Feel." It still sounds like a rocker doing funk (really well) as opposed to a pure funk album. I like it when Hughes eases off the screaming a bit. As a result, I prefer this album over things like Return of Crystal Karma or Songs In the Key of Rock. This one, along with Building the Machine and Music for the Divine are Hughes' strongest solo efforts since his return to active recording.

14/05/08: Ian -
Rating: 85
Does what it says on the tin - IT FUNKS.

14/05/08: Monster Cock -
Rating: 98
Not a classic like Music for the Devine but it's up there. This is the funkiest Glenn has sounded since his comeback back in the early 90's and while Glenn's funk is an acquired taste he actually has learned to control himself and restrain from getting hysterical in his songs and it shows in his latest effort. This cd will need repeated listens to actually get into the mood and know where Glenn is these days. Enjoy.

14/05/08: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 0
For me, any Glenn Hughes is a must buy. I know some people just don't get it but Glenn is known as "The Voice". For those of you who do get it you will love this CD. Hughes brings the funk!! He is always surrounded by amazing musicians, some familiar and some not so familiar. F.U.N.K. is a great CD for Hughes and I hope he sticks around for a long time because he is one of the few musicians still putting out quality material.

14/05/08: john -
Rating: 100
Hi I been long time Glenn Hughes fan.For bout 3-4 years, To me that is long time. From being in trapeze,To deep purple then joe lynn turner project..This guy has evolved, On every solo cd of his since 2005. And has had theme to it,He progressive musicician.

This new cd from frontiers,Has promo voice on it,But heres whats new,this cd F>U>N>K Has lot of brass in it. One would think of earth wind fire and 70s soul funk vibe on this disc..

I'm dieing to buy this,Songs like Satellite and Love Communion rock.The guitar melodies on this one,Are sweet and bluesy,like jimi hendrix frank marino and trower at times.The 3 big 70s picker that changed the
world back then..

There is not one dull song on this new cd.The Voice Of
Rock has done it again.If u like 70s soul funk ewf
James brown etc,with brass in it this is for you. Glenn has put his all star best,Into this baby and gem.Whoever thought we hear lil soul jazz,on Hughes cd.. This is 10 out of 10 stars an essential from voice of rock ...

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