A Tribute To...

Dann Huff
David Huff
Alan Pasqua
Mike Brignardello

These rabid Giant fans would like to say...

19/11/09: Andrea -
I love Giant! Saw them with Heart. Too cool! I got the t-shirt too. I'm A Believer!

27/11/08: João Guilherme -
GIANT was a tremendous band and I hope that they get back together and show this new rock boys band's how real Hard Rock is made... with real guitar solos, great vocals and real feel!!!

Regards from Portugal.

16/05/08: Hugo -
Giant is simply amazing, I can´t stay one week without listening to them. A fascinating style of hard rock, voice, instrumental band. It goes all together and they make their best to what I think it´s the best style of music.

05/11/07: Arnt Johnsen -
Hi ! Dont know if its of any importance anymore for you guys anymore but its the best music i ever heard of among my favorites is GIANT. I got TIME TO BURN, and its so darn good, trying to get the two other ones. This kind of music is superb for me, not that i hate som sorts of music but the sound is so GOOD.
Wish that there will be more ones out in the future.

27/08/07: Mike -
GIANT and DANN HUFF just rock!
I've been a guitarplayer for 25 years now but there's one thing left to say: DANN HUFF, JEFF BECK, TRACY G, and then...?
These guys squeeze an excellent tone out of their instruments!

Rock Greetz
Mike (

24/04/07: Dani -
I'm a big Giant fan from Spain,I thought I was the only one appreciating the band but I'm pleased to see that I was wrong!
Time to burn is one of the best rock albums of all time.Thunder and lighting and Chained are easily two of the best AOR songs I've ever heard.
Long live GIANT!!!

11/11/06: kalle sweden -
Dan Huff & his friend are the one of the best i have heard about the corporation with doro what a hit.Hope we have heard from yuo and ours friends scuse me when i kiss the sky....................

19/02/06: Jeniffer -
A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!

27/11/05: Dennis Kringe -
I have endured many years before the release of III and still, beyond reason or hope, Giant had me coming back to look for any kind of news and now, some years after III, they still have me coming back and hoping that there might be more someday....and some years from now, I'll probably be back, looking for news.

27/09/05: Gaston -
HI!!!! I'm searching from internet the lyrics of "Can't Let Go" and "Don't Leave me in Love" from GIANT III. But I Can't find them.
Pleaseee!! someone can help me and send me the lyrics or paste some link for download??
from Argentina ..another fan of the Best Melodic Rock Band of the World!
Best Wishes for all, Gastón

09/09/05: alper -
nice band, great guitar-vocal but Ý'm searching from internet for giant, answer is NOTHING!!! ( only bad things, giant dildo vs...:))

what is these guys ofiical site adress?

new giant fan from TURKEY

28/08/05: Pedro Ramos -
The Best Melodic Rock Band Ever!!!!!
Please make music again...

17/08/05: Jamie -
I just gotta say I wish GIANT was around right now because their brand of ROCK is the best. Dan Huff is an amazing songwriter, guitar player, and singer. There is nobody that has the complete package like he does and its a real shame that we are unable to hear more. Dan, if you are reading this, please come back and save us from the drivel that is called "Rock" nowadays and show them how its supposed to be done. Please.

30/07/05: Shaun Varnham -
Got a Quick Request. I'm looking for some musicians who are also fans of Giant's work. Basically it's dead hard to find any tabs by this great band let alone decent tabs so I'm looking for someone to colleborate with over msn on figuring out some of Giant's music by ear. Any takers? If so feel free to drop me an email or add me to your msn so we can discuss further..

rock and roll boys and girls

09/07/05: jonell -
i've been a huge giant fan since hearing "i'll see you in my dreams" on the radio in '89. i actually only heard anything off of "time to burn" about 3 months ago, when i found it on amazon and bought it. i blew me away...should have expected it, though. i've been listening to "last of the runaways for 16 years, i've worn out several copies of both cassette and cd of it. about 3 weeks ago, i received "III" in the mail from amazon, and i have not been able to take it out of my player. all i need to get now is your live stuff, and my collection will be complete. please get together and do some new stuff....from the looks of it, this middle aged broad from st. louis is'nt your only fan! thanks for all the fantastic music. your onlyyour only fan! if someone knows any source of anything giant is doing, please email me......

03/07/05: Thomas Oelze -
Hi, there.

My name is Tom and i`m from AUSTRIA. I´m a hugh fan of Dann and the Boys since a long time. I hope you guys enter the Studio again and record a new CD; cause good Melodic rock is gettin`very rare.
There are a lot of my friends also waiting for new stuff from Giant. So as you could see, you also have Fans in AUSTRIA.
Don`t let us wait to long - Dann. *lol*
Wish you all the best.

02/07/05: Joey -
Giant III, simplemente magnífico

24/06/05: Karl Nemeth -
Come back Giant your rock can´t replaced!!!!!!!
karl from Värmland Sweden.

02/06/05: Shaun Varnham -
Giant F***iNG Rock! Hope you guys decide to start work on your fourth album sometime soon, I will certainly be buying it. Dann Huff is definately one of my top guitar players (alongside richie sambora and eddie van halen) and therefore one of my inspirations behind my own music writing.

Keep The Faith

27/04/05: Caroline \"Nint\" Edholm -
Yeah, the world is in great need of good music like the one Giant makes. I don't know what to call the music style, theres ballads, rock, blues like rock, melodic rock...but one thing I do know is that all their tracks are great ^^
Also, I noticed that I were very concentraited on Dann in my post, many sorries to David, Alan and Mike, cause its the four of you who make Giant, Dann, David, Mike and Alan.
I have no idea if anyone of you, the members of Giant, will ever read this, but...PLEASE don't make Giant splitt up forever! You got fans longing to hear your music again...And the music that the four of you make deserves more attetion.
Giant is a band among many others, but it was 4 years sense Giant last released a CD and the fans are still loyal.
I just hope that I'll one day hear that Giant is back again ^^ And if Giant doesn't get back together...well, they'll still be my favorite band. ^^

Thank you Kristian from sweden for your kind words. ^^

18/04/05: Juan -
Please, come back... we need your music..

11/04/05: Deathbox_Berlin -
Hey Guyz!I Would To Like Thank You Dann To Given Me So Much Inspiration On The Guitar.Dann Huff You Are The Only G-Player They Take It Off With Steve Vai.I Hope To See Ya On The Next G3 In Concert.Greetz

11/04/05: Grinner -
Giant introduced me to rock/heavy metal with clevely crafted melodious tunes. I didn't have an ear for rock/heavy metal before Giant. Thank you.

10/04/05: Kiran -
Hey all, DAN HUFF ROCKS!! u wudn't find a single CD/Tape/LP of any of the Giant albums here where i live in India & I've been downloading their songs thru P2P cos i simply love their kickass BIG BAND sound, melodic riffs & ofcourse Huff's licks. So anyone who could help me out with some links where i cud download them, pls mail me pronot!!


30/03/05: Kristian -
Im a 22 years old guy from Sweden, and I love Giant to death. This is the best band EVER. This is the only band that can make your heart jump out of joy, or to break down in tears. Their music is more emotional than any other band. It really touches you deep within. I can't think of one bad song. My favourites are "Innocent Days", "Stay", "Chained", "Don't leave me in love", and "I'll see you in my dreams". This is music at it's best. Im so pissed up that these guys didn't get the recognition they deserve in the public media. But then we all know that 95% of people are idiots without any taste what so ever.

My appriciations to Caroline from Sweden for your comments on Giant. You really hit the nail with your words. May the sun always shine on you ;)

28/03/05: Matt Bourne -
I have loved Giant since Time to burn and i was wondering could someone email me a discography so i can replace my albums onto CD thanx!

26/03/05: Brenda -
HI David! I met you in the 80's after a M.W. Smith concert in Johnson City, Tn. I followed Giant's start-up a bit after corresponding with you and I loved the first album. I recently heard of your last album and will look forward to hearing it. We recently moved back to Tn (from LA!) and were dining at Park Cafe in Nashville. I could have sworn I saw you there but at the risk of being wrong or interrupting you, I did not ask(assuming you were still in LA as well.) If it wasn't you or you haven't been there- try it out- it's the best! So glad to see ya'll are enjoying great success. I will check out Giant III. Blessings to you.

25/02/05: TOM -

26/01/05: Caroline \"Nint\" Edholm -
Hehe, another fan of all the ones you got. Why I would be diffrent from the others? Well, maybe I'm not, but I know that Giant is diffrent from all other bands that I've heard.
I'm a 14 year old girl that live in sweden and the music made by Giant was one of the few things that brought light into my life when I was going through a very tough period. Esspecially the song "Now until forever" It the described the love I wanted to feel for another person, the love that I wanted to find. And I really like the song "Shake me up" cause the guitar sound is really wicked in it. But I really love every song cause I've never heard a voice as beautiful as Dann Huff's.
The first song, made by Giant, that I heard was "I'll be there(when its over)" ,it was my big sister who was listening to the CD "Time to burn", and thats when it clicked. As soon as I heard Dann's voice I was caught. My mind, my heart and my faith is in this band.
When I heard that Giant had splitt I actully started to cry. Because Giant is my favorite band, and thats without a doubt!
Sense I was born the, 15th of november, 1990 I was really small when Giant was known. I cry many times over that. Not finding it fair.
But it doesn't matter if Giant has splitt up or not, they'll always be in my heart, esspecially Dann Huff. Cause this band lightend up a time of depression.
I reed through some of the comments and I'm happy for the people who actully got to see the videos, be on a live concert. May life continue to treat you fairly. of the reasons that I think that Giant is such a good band is cause the rythem, melody and lyrics...everything fit together so perfectly that creates such harmony that its heart stopping. I have "The last of the runaways", "Time to burn" and "III" and I plan on getting "Don't leave me in love" and "Love and acoustic". And if there are any other CD's out there I plan on getting them too.
Quite a long post I guess, but I'm not finished yet cause I got lots to say.
My biggest dream, well its to meet the members of Giant, but they also gave me the dream of wanting to become a musician. Before I wasn't sure what I wanted to become, now I'm sure, thanks to your wonderful music.
The songs made by Giant are so wonderful, I'm addicted. Dann Huffs splendid voice capturing me more and more for everytime I hear him. Listening to "Can't let go" brings tears to my eyes, tears that creep down my cheeks.
Anyway I think I should start to end this post. And I'll say as I did in the start of this post. Another fan of all the ones you got. Why I would be diffrent from the others? Well, maybe I'm not, but I know that Giant is diffrent from all other bands that I've heard.
Best wishes to all of the members in Giant.
Caroline a 14 year old from sweden

13/11/04: Erik -
This band is one of the best because of one thing is they don't change their sweet style of music. I loved their new album it was awesome!!! I hope they make more and i hope they don't turn into some mondern day sound rock band

30/10/04: Gary Blake -
Giant is the greatest.I finally got the "Last of the Runaways".
It is so awesome.I wish VH1 Classic would play "I'll See You In My Dreams" video.Alot of the rock bands today should pattern their style after Giant.Please come back & put out more catchy toons.

30/09/04: Michael -
I'm not really a heavy metal fan, but the video by Giant, "I'll See You In My Dreams", was kind of dramatic. Who played the "happy" couple in the video? I like the scene in which they danced in the dark of their home after prom, made love, and broke up.

29/09/04: fred vernet -
Hello Dann, is Fred good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!ciao

24/09/04: sm farid -
my name is sm farid i am from pakistan (karachi) i really love ur melody music + great voice of dan huff espically a great two monster song of rock ever i believe and innocent day i love u guys to come back and startin some really kickin music
my best wishes to u alldan mike david and alan
take care

23/09/04: Chris Volberding -
Just a quick note. GIANT put out another studio album in 2001. Go to to check this and a couple other GIANT cd's. GIANT III is MOST EXCELLENT!!!!

25/08/04: Herry Baweh -
Hi Dan,
I'm Herry from Indonesia. I'm a huge fan of you. Whatever you did, from White Heart to Whitesnake, from Van Stephenson to M.W.
Smith, was fantastic. And Giant is the zenith of it all. Your
voice is also very great. As a local guitar player in my country,
your style of playing, along with Starship's Craig Chaquico, has
been inspiring me much. Thanks for your music. We are always waiting for your new creation with Giant.

22/08/04: Niels -
Now when will there be one more???
Even VH is back and touring;)
We need some more Giant....I am hungry for new catchy rock tunes.
I'll never forget the concert in Copenhagen back in 92....awesome awesome...finally got see one of my main reasons why I love music and guitars.
Come back soon please.

16/08/04: Heidi -
You are the MOST AMAZING band i have ever known . I have all 3 of your cd's and a couple of records too . Favorite's of mine include " see you in my dreams " , " Stay" , " Don't leave me in love " . My favourite overall is " innocent Days " , i just drift away into a daydream when thats playing and forget all lifes troubles . Thanx for coming back with the new album it was worth the wait !!! Hopefully more to come ..... :o)

Take Care

Heidi in England

28/07/04: philip -
I have the first's tops.

14/07/04: Wendi -
Giant is the greatest!"I'll see you in my dreams" is my favorite song ever and was relevent to me at the time (and still is), could any other band have done anything better? Thanx!

06/06/04: Chrysta -
My God, I just found what I was looking for!! A place to leave our comments!
Well, first of all, hi everyone and hi Giant/Dan Huff. I only have Giant's Best Of, but they've done a GRRRRREAT WORK, no doubt about it! I just love what Dan can do with his voice! It's so... so... powerful, full of feeling! And about the guitar... oohhh, that guitar...!!!! His/their chords are powerful too, and easily and immediately recognizable, unmistakable, really!
Well, obviously I'll try to get me all their albums, I believe I won't get bored and tired of their songs! It's impossible...!
Well, there was someone trying to find "I'll see you in my dreams", I think it was Rebecca. Giant's "Best of" has that song... If there's something I can do, for anyone...

Best wishes to you all, and thanks for the opportunity of leaving something here,


22/05/04: Dave Aikins -
Hey This is a cool little place. I have the first two cds also. Is there a third? I first heard giant like 15 years ago. They have a very good sound. Can anyone tell me more about what happened to them?

21/04/04: 80s90s rock the best -
arguably the best band and albums of their generation. classic songs and music that you can listen to over and over again and not get bored with it. still listen to their music and other music from their time
such a shame good music like this was overlooked by the record companies.
i remember very fondly 80s and 90s rock, some of it you just can't get bored with it or enough of. was a time when rock music truly ruled the world

28/03/04: Jeremy Jelb - jimbo@cwix
Dann Huff is arguably one of the finest lead vocalist/shredders out there. Time to Burn & Last of the Runnaways are TREMENDOUS albums. The indelible contibution this band has made is unrivaled. I only yearn to see Dann Huff launch a solo career & tour.

11/10/03: BRIAN -

02/10/03: Jackie -
I have always luved Giants` music, I have their cassettes, & I listen to them on a daily basis. I was a huge fan in the beginning, & will be til the end. I only wish the rest of our faves would make a come-back. 80s & early 90s music was, & to me, will always be the very best music. Even my kids like the 80s, & early 90s music. Giant is their fave as well. My daughter walks around our house singing the song, "I Can`t Get Close Enough" for me, all the time. I luv it. Giants music really takes me back to a time in my life, that I will always cherish. I hope to hear more tunage from them soon.
A "Giant" fan 4-ever......
P.S. Any 80s fans, feel free 2 drop me a line anytime.
I have tons of 80s music, that I will gladly share.

15/03/03: Dede Thomas -
They are great, how do you get a hold of Dann Huff to send a demo of a song I wrote for Faith Hill.

Dede Thomas

15/03/03: Rebecca -
The first song I have ever heard from Giant was "I'll See You In My Dreams." I absolutely love that song but cant find it anywhere. That has been my favorite song and will always be. I am so glad they sang that song. It fits with my life so well and its so wow.

03/01/03: Thomas -

29/09/02: Brian - pssminatl(NOSPAM)
Does anyone out there who lives in the US know where I can score a copy of the Giant "It Takes Two-Live" album even though we are now almost up to October 2002??? I'd like to get this album... Thanks! Brian PS Giant is an awesome band. Yeah!!!

27/08/02: marcelo freitas (aorrebel) -
i love giant, i think that Dan Huff is the best guitar player of the world...I hope that Giant records more albuns and hope that they're making many show all over the world and sure in Brazil, my country...Welcom back great Band and your guitar hero...thanx...

05/05/02: Cathie Newman -
The absolute very best music, ever! Keep the music coming!!! How about a Giant web site with pictures of the band and information about where you are from! I will be waiting for the Giant iv CD!

17/04/02: Steve Cresswell -
Alongside Petra I'd have to that Giant are my favourite band of all time. The first two albums were amazing! I'll never forget watching on old English T.V. show called 'Raw Power' back in 1992. The show usually had a lot of thrash and grungy rubbish on it but did also have some good stuff. Having wound through 2 parts of the show on my tape I sat down to watch part 3. First there was an interview with Hardline and some of their music was played (which was fantastic enough for a start!) and then an interview with Mike Brignardello and David Huff was shown and the video to 'I'll See You In My Dreams' was played. Wow!! I was totally blown away and they followed that up with 'I'm A Believer' and I was hooked. I went straight out and bought 'Time to Burn' and it went straight to the top of my most played CD's. Then, after a few months of hunting I tracked down 'Last of the Runaways'. These 2 albums are simply incedible and what rock music is all about to me.
Giant III was a great return. 'You Will Be Mine' is a fantastic rock song that could easily have graced either of the first 2 albums and 'Don't Leave Me In Love' is brilliant. Full of the usual power and emotion! The last track was frankly awful and it was a rather short album ( 8 genuine tracks if you exclue the musical intro and duff cover version! )but still excellent stuff.
Please do give us the fans Giant IV and make it a full blown album of new tracks and please do the GODS festival some time in the next couple of years. Seeing Giant live would be amazing and a bit of musical heaven for me!!
God bless all Giant and your families loads.

P.S. your work on the 2 John Schlitt solo albums was fantastic too! How's about doing 'Carry the Burden' on your next album?!

20/03/02: Freddy De Keyzer -
What can I say ? !! It's fantastic to have back this brilliant band ! And even more : their third effort is even better than their previous ones ! Need I say more ? !!!
They're back and I pray they stay with us for many,many years to come, with other great, classic releases !

10/03/02: Per A. Bareksten -
This is one of the greatest albums in a decade. Don't let us wait for so long for the next album. as a meber of a band I want to thank you for beeing my inspiration and showing me how the best music must be blayed.


17/12/01: Alec -

01/12/01: Johan -
Hi guys!
Just recieved your latest record, it blew me away, what a great record! Your two first records are alltime-classics, so will this be. When you tour europe, don´t forget us up in Sweden!

22/11/01: Biff -
Kill all the crap on the pop radio - We need Giant to come back!

10/11/01: Javier -
I hope to see a GIANT Tour in Spain!!!!!!

All the best!!!

06/11/01: Fredrik Dahlberg -
That´s just wonderful, the best rockband that has ever walked the earth is back!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

03/11/01: buzz -
Giant are back - great news, all we need now is a world stadium tour with Def Leppard, MR BIG and Whitesnake! Also good to see that Dann can still burn, check out opening track Combustion!

17/10/01: Tom -
Lovely to hear that giant will be back one of the best melodic bands, hey guys would you come to sweden some time , you could come too norrkoping, we have a place that been having great bans as steve lukather,robbenford etc

12/10/01: GiantFan -
We need a TOUR in Barcelona SPAIN!!!!

All the Best!!!!

14/09/01: Doug Carrington -
What a great day it is to find out about the Upcoming Giant release. I'm a drummer but if I could play one other instrument it would be guitar. For years I've listened to Dann play his magic for Christian artists. Unfortunately I didn't hear about Giant until after they had stopped touring. Like everone else I've worn out my Giant cd's. The writing and playing contributions of everone work to create something that is truly magical.

13/09/01: Chris -
Hi Guys!
YIIIPPPPIEEEE ! Great! One of the Best Melodic Rock Bands is Back.
I hope to see Giant on tour(Germany ).
All the Best
p.s Regards from Alex and Maciek!!

03/09/01: Tom -
Hy, guys. great to have you back.god bless you.

02/09/01: Herzel Fernandes -
Good to know that you are BACK !!! I'm anxious to hear the new record. DANN, You are the best Guitar Player that I've ever heard.
God Bless You All.

Best Regards,
Herzel Fernandes from Brazil

24/08/01: Luciano Carneiro -
From Brazil: It´s very nice to know that Giant will record a new album. One of the best bands of all times can not die. I hope other albums be released after this.

13/08/01: mark -
i'm living in france and giant was one of my favorite bands
ten years ago
i'm still waiting for a new album but i think i'm dreaming to much...
don't worry DAN there's many fans in France!!!

12/08/01: Joe Sciacca -
What can I say that hasn't already said in this Guestbook... guys please make that album and come for a concert to Zurich Switzerland. I know this sounds usual... but I've been waiting for more than 9 years to see you live over here. I pray to the lord Jesus Christ that someday you guys will make it to switzerland.

Be richly blessed and rock on... Check out Psalms 33,3 :)


10/08/01: Maxi Jasklid -
This makes my day!!

10/08/01: Michael GN -
Great to hear that you're back !!!

I remember reading an interview with Dann in a dutch rock magazine, right after the release of the "Time to burn" album.
Dann mentioned a new song which was called "When a blind man cries" or something like that, I am not 100% sure it was called this exactly... Dann said it was the best song Giant ever written and it will be on the next album.
What happened to this song......??
I'm really looking forward to hearing this song sometime.

Best wishes & see you in Europe !!!


04/08/01: Dave Weber -
Last of the Runaways is one of my all time favorite discs and Dann is my favorite guitar player. I can't wait for the new CD and I hope there will be more in the future.

28/07/01: Alexander Schon -
Hi guys! I can't wait to get your new album!! You're the BEST rockband on the whole planet! I mean it! I am listening to your cds since 10 years now over and over and they don't get boring! U guys got the groove!

Keep up the good work!


22/07/01: MICHI -
Nearly ten years we've waited......and now it's coming true: WE GET LOST IN PARADISE!!!!!!! A dream comes true! I LOVE YOU,GIANTS!

10/07/01: Pj -
The best Band in the world will be back! Sorry my english is not the best! But i hope u understand what i like to say!
The fire is burning again! I can hardly wait for your new release! And maybe there is a way to see you in SWITZERLAND
guys! God bless you and shalom! Pj

10/07/01: Scott -
WOW!!!! The "new" track, "Don't Leave Me In Love," is awesome!
Rough mix? - Don't change a thing! I've been playing it on repeat
in my car for three weeks now! Can't wait for the album!!!
My one regret in life is missing GIANT when they came to Orlando
way back when!

07/07/01: ALEC -
FANTASTIC: Can´t wait to hear it!!! Can´t wait to hear this excellent GIANT guitar work from you DANN!!! SEE YOU!!!

28/06/01: Putte -
I cant wait for the new album whit GIANT.
Come on boys its time to burn!

26/06/01: Stephan -
Hopefully this years release will follow up a new record in 2002. Can`t wait to see Giant back on the road. The Time to Burn Tour back in 1992 was really great.

23/06/01: Joe Balusik -
How can I begin to express my sincere admiration without sounding sappy? Who knows, who cares!
Thanks for such great guitar work, lush keys, pounding, relentless drums and thumping, in-the-pocket bass. Thanks for such great songwriting and lyrics - -pure melodic poetry.

"Love Welcome Home" will always be a special song for my wife and I. It was the song we danced to at our wedding in '94. 95% of the room had never heard the song before and commented on how beautiful it was. Little did they know the wailing power that lurked on LOTR and TTB.....the other 5% did know and we are all desperately waiting for that new album.
Thanks for adding such great music to the movie "The Program".

Please tour to support the new disc...and see if you can get up to Northwest Ohio or Detroit.........


20/06/01: Juan -
I hope to see you in Spain!!!!!!

Best Regards!!!

13/06/01: Gus -
You guys are by far the best melodic band I´ve ever heard ,
Dann´s guitar style It´s great and his voice man !!!
I´m glad that you are back , hope to see you here in México
but if not , let me know about the concerts so I can go see you
guys !
good luck !!!

06/06/01: Marko -
Ive always loved the guitar playing of Dann Huff!!!Of all the metal/aor pop players he has to be rated the best...
GIANT's first 2 albums are excellent!!!!!


"..For the secrets we keep
mean more than you know.."

03/06/01: Thorleif Stene -
This is excellent news boys !!!

We've been waiting far too long for new material.

Bye the way....
Beeing a "Believer", I have to tell you about the most disapointing happening in my entire life. Some years back you held a consert in a small place in Oslo, Norway. The sound was so bad I left in tears after 20 minutes !!!! I wish by all my heart I'll be able to see you perform live again.

Best Wishes, Thorleif :-)

27/05/01: Jeff Decker -
I loved hearing the new track. I cant wait to hold your new album in my hands when it comes. I play the 2 CDs to death, and am looking forward to working over another. By the way Please stop by Michigan on tour !! Please..Please !!

25/05/01: ralph -
this is the luckiest day in my life i swear.i just heard the
news.thank you dann.can´t wait to hear the new songs.

22/05/01: Keith Lambert - zephead\'
I've been waiting for over ten years for this news; FANTASTIC!

The last decade has been quite turbulent for me personally. I have so many memories wrapped up in GIANT's music as I'm sure many of you have too.
The CDs have never left the deck. The songs have become a musical diary for me and never fail to evoke a spectrum of
feelings and memories.

A good friend and I were lucky enough to catch the band at Birmingham Edwards in 1992 on the TTB tour. It was superb to meet
the band after the gig and I have never forgotten how accomodating the guys were to their fans that night.

I remember Dann saying that the next album "could be very interesting...." but we never had the chance to hear it, until now! This is great news guys...we're all still here waiting for you!


Keith (

16/05/01: Daniel -
It is truly exciting hearing about the reunion. I am only 21 years old, and apparently one of the few my age with taste, or music wouldn't suck so bad now. I can't wait for the new album and hopefully a tour that runs through Arkansas. I am hooked on Giant and can't wait for the new stuff, thank you very much.


12/05/01: BILLYBAD -
GIANT- bring on the new ROCK!!!! Can't wait to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/05/01: John Eoff -
I can't believe REAL music still exists. It's due to Giant and answered prayers. Vertical what? And screw all of the food bands (Korn, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.). I have a "creed." My creed is Giant. The name says it all. Hurry up and get the new CD in the stores. Then get the show on the road with a kickin' tour. I'll be there. I've never seen y'all live but I guarantee I'll be there this time. Your music is an inspiration to me and my playing. All of you are phenomal, especially Mike (I'm partial to bass players). I have not been this excited since, well, I don't think I've ever been this excited about any group's reunion. Thank you so much for doing this. Whether it's for you or the fans (or both), we do appreciate it. One request: PLEASE come through Arkansas. Some bands don't seem interested in stopping by. Who needs them? We have Giant. And we want you here.

07/05/01: keithmcnutt -
I had the privelege of seeing GIANT live 3 times in Arkansas. Each time I was totally blown away! With the sad state that popular music has been in for so long, it's great to hear that you guys are going to be around again. Dann, thank you for being so gracious the night I met you in Conway Ark. Do you remember the show at the Iron Horse Saloon in Little Rock? The cover of "Wrap it up" was KILLER!

05/05/01: Steven McMurtrie -
What can I say that hasn't already been said by the millions!
No two albums have stood the test of time in my CD collection as have Last of the Runaways and Time to Burn. You guys were sadly underated by the whole music scene of that day. Look around you...the fans still need your music! It's your time again guys!
All the best with the new material-make sure to visit the UK!!

04/05/01: Hendrick -
They're back! Finally! Can't believe! Hope you'll produce many albums in the future! But please no live tracks :-)
You can do better! We need new songs!

I saw it in my dreams

28/04/01: dickie vanden brand -
Some of the bands that are getting back together from the LA scene could better do something else, but GIANT getting back together is great. The second great thing that could happen this year is giant playing live in the netherlands.
I hope my dreams come through.

24/04/01: Windle -
GIANT - some great memories from around that time!!! - strained vocal chords from singing along with both albums time and again - blistered fingers trying to keep up with the guitar licks - can't express the feeling of the anticipation of a new album - Total Immersion Rock.
Adulation - Windle

22/04/01: Markus Rinderknecht -
GIANT - the name says it all! Your two albums are still my absolute favourites. I remember listening to "Time To Burn" every day at least for two weeks after buying. And the fascination of your music holds on till today. Getting a new album from Giant is the best music-news I heard for a long, long time. Hopefully this album will not be your last one. I would be very pleased if you can manage to come to Europe to play live.
So thanks a lot for the great music. I'm really looking forward to listening to the new album.
Greetings from Switzerland!

21/04/01: Greg Mangiapane -
I almost screamed out loud when I read that there would be a new GIANT album. I want you to know that every time I see one of your albums I buy it and give it to someone, anyone, telling them to listen to music worth listening to. Even though we live in a horrible age with the likes of EMINEM selling millions of horrible records to millions of ignorant people, don't be discouraged. What you are doing will stand the test of time. Your fans know great music when they hear it, and they are delirious after all this time to know that a bit more is coming. For years now I've always checked the G section of every music store, hoping against hope for a new GIANT release, but I figured those two records were phenomena and nothing like it would ever come again. But you know that I'm a believer ! Please come play the Washington D.C. area ! Or I'll just have to buy a plane ticket and go wherever are playing.

19/04/01: Grant Gaulke -
Hi Dann, Dave, Mike, and Alan. So you didn't think you still had a fan base huh? Looks like a lot of people missed you guys while you were away. Damn glad to hear you're coming back. Best music news in YEARS!!! You guys were AWESOME!!! and I can't wait to hear how you're going to follow up Last of the Runaways and Time To Burn. Dann, you are TOTALLY the best rock vocalist, bar none. Not to mention killer licks. Shit, the whole band rocked. Please hurry and come out and see us soon.

19/04/01: Neil -
What can I say that hasnt been said a million times here already!!!! Fantastic....this has made my day..I only stumbled across this page by accident - didnt even know until I started reading all these comments. This has really made my day!!!
fot years last of the the runaways as always been in my multistack CD, kinda guess it is stuck in there now!

16/04/01: Steve Nicklis -
To the guys in Giant -

I've got well over 1000 CD's/Tapes/Records that I've collected over the past 20 years and when I heard "I'm a Believer" for the first time back in '89 off of the "Last of the Runaways" debut, I knew I was in for something very, very special in an album. The whole key to me in melodic rock is to create atmosphere in each song and you guys were able to do that extremely well with both your releases. Your ability to blend and build the melody with the bass, drums and keys while using a killer guitar solo everytime is what makes both albums just as enjoyable to listen to today as the day they were released.

I personally can't wait for your new release and only ask you consider making it a double album. One cd won't be enough.

....and maybe a tour in the States as well? Here's hoping.

Good luck and thanks for coming back, Steve

14/04/01: Doug -
OMG!!! Wow!!! A new Giant album is the biggest fucking news I have heard since the second coming of Jesus Christ was announced by Jimmy Swaggart yesterday. A Giant reunion is bigger and better news than Led Zeppelin reuniting with John Bonham rising from the grave to join the show!

Dann, I can't wait to hear you belt out all of those multi-platinum hits from those two multi-platinum albums and I am so psyched to know that a true rock n' roll guitarist/GOD is going to tour soon!

Dann I will even go as far as to say that I will let you borrow my wife for sexual favors as long as I get to shake your hand. In fact, I will even suck the whole band off for a demo tape of the new material! :) Now that is true fan dedication!

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can own a new Giant CD soon,

Doug Collins
Roebuck, SC USA

PS. If you need a good sound engineer, I used to run sound for the Hatchett as in Molly Hatchett! :)

12/04/01: Johan -
Hi guys, it looks like you have plenty of fans up here in the north. Surprised? not me, your records are among the top Aor-albums of all time. When you tour don´t forget us "in the north" , we wait for you!

11/04/01: jim gallikas -
hello giant guys!!!this is jim from greece and i would like to wish you well i cant wait for the next album its been a long time but i am sure it will worth the wait!!!
take care
your fan
jim gallikas

07/04/01: Grant Gaulke -
Holy Shit!!!! Giant's coming back? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the news. You guys were the Best melodic Rock Band since Boston. But they never were able to match the brilliance of their debut. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you're going to do to follow Last of the Runaways and Time to Burn. And to think that you didn't have any fans. You're much missed in the rock scene.

07/04/01: Chris Yancik -
WOOHOO! Rock 'N' Roll is alive and well! When I heard the news, I almost shit myself! Dan, although you're a great producer, you were born to sing and play and it's been waaayyy too long since we had the pleasure! When I hear GIANT, I think, "How much talent can they cram into one guy?" (Okay, four guys!)I've always felt that if you guys were two or three years earlier with Last of the Runaways, you'd be a household name today. See You in my Dreams, I'm A Believer, Love Welcome Home, Now Until Forever, etc., etc. Man, I can't wait for the new album! This is a great day for music and especially melodic rock fans! Don't keep us waiting too long!

07/04/01: Johan Rönnkvist -
Giant is one of THE best melodic rock bands ever. I really look forward to the new studio album. Keep up the good work guys!

07/04/01: Dan Svarreby -
Finally, YES! YES! The 90`s was empty without you.
The New Millennium could`nt have started better!
Love you guys! Hope to see you in Sweden later on!

06/04/01: Jerker Andréasson -
Please come back with a "real" studio album and world tour.

05/04/01: Frank Achmann -
Since their release, the Giant albums have always stood in front of every other AOR album in my collection. Unfortunately I never got to see you live in Denmark - but surely will, if you were to pack up the saddle and go on touring for the upcoming release, with a date set for Denmark!
Thunder and lightning, the Franker

04/04/01: Matt Forbes -
I went to the KISS farewell tour concert in Melbourne Australia last night and the show was big and the support was huge, Come on GIANT come down under and I think we will suprise you with packed out shows. I cannot wait to get the new album, Last of the Runaways and Time to burn are nearly worn out!!! I've waited for too long for new material and can't wait anymore! We love you guys!

04/04/01: Andy Fox -
GIANT were the greatest, I was promoting gigs around the time of
'Time to Burn'and put them on in Bristol UK and also saw them in Nottingham and Milton Keynes they were awesome live and nice guys too. Im looking forward to the re-union and hope they come to the UK. GIANT were/are the best.

03/04/01: JACE - JACE5150@AOL.COM
OH MY GOD! When I read that GIANT was coming out with a new album I had to go in and wake up my roomate at 2:20 in the morning to tell him the news!! GIANT is, without a doubt, one of the all time greatest bands. I can't even count how many copies of those two masterpiece albums I've made for friends and family trying so hard to spread those incredible tunes as much as I can. Dann Huff has one of the absolute best VOICES ever! Everyone talks about his guitar playing (which is, of course, exceptional), but that man's VOICE is a true pleasure to hear. I wish there were more recordings of him singing. GIANT is one of the best bands ever. They released two brilliant, but horribly under-rated albums. When "Time To Burn" came out I was 16 and that record is a part of the soundtrack of my adolesence. In fact, my first personalized license plate was "TM2BRN". Nobody really understood it, but what the hell.
I can not wait for new material from GIANT!!! With the exception of Night Ranger, I TRULY can't think of another band I would want a new album from more than GIANT.
"It's too late to turn back when your only bridge is burning"

I never gave the hope that one day GIANT could come back again .
I didn't get the chance to see you in AMSTERDAM years ago. I hoop you come back to Holland ,there are so many waiting for GIANT . DANN,DAVID,ALAN,MIKE,God bless you for give us this chance again .From HOLLAND wish this spanish guy all the best to
you . Hoop to see you soon . THANK YOU !!!

02/04/01: Nick Samaniego -
Fantastic, Giant are BACK!!!!!!!!!!
Please come to the UK, we love you here.

No fan base, huh??!!!

02/04/01: Jean-Louis -
From Belgium
The two albums are among the best ever heard and I was very lucky to discover both at that time. Please come back and make enjoy hard rock to the new generation !

02/04/01: Steve Grove -
This is the best news I've heard in years (musically) You guys are just one awesome band. Dann, Dave, Mike let it rip - who's gonna play keyboards ?

Any chance of a tour downunder I'm from Wellington, New Zealand heaps of Giant fans here !!!

01/04/01: Ramon Grife -
I can't believe it. At least, Giant will be back. As a singer I am, your songs, your vibes are my inspiration and show me the way
to make music. Please, come to Spain, here are many Giant fans.
See you soon in Spain, ;).

Keep on rockin'

01/04/01: Lorenzo Cambiaghi -
An epic hail to you all! What a news! I'm Lorenzo from Italy, I loved your two albums and I loved also the mini-cd you put out in Japan; my fav album is Time to burn, and You were one of the fewest hope of the hard-rock and melodicrock scene in those days, with all hat grunge rubbish around; you HAVE to COME BACK and play louder than hell! Also here in Italy! we wait for you guys!

31/03/01: J -
I'm really looking forward to your new cd. But please,
let Alan P. play the keyboards. By the way, thanks for two great albums. They've inspired me a lot.

31/03/01: Joel -
I wasn't able to appreciate the music you guys were making in the late 80s/early 90s but a friend of mine gave me a copy of both your discs and I absolutely fell in love! More than psyched for the new release!

31/03/01: Eric -
Dann & David,
Hip! Hip! Hoorah! I literally went nuts when I found out that GIANT was coming out with a new album. I love all of your previous albums, including "Last of The Runaways" and "Time To Burn". Those two CD's have occupied slots 1 and 2 in my CD carousel for nearly 5 years. I also managed to get a copy of the ultra-rare demo album, "I'll See You In Your Dreams" and that also blows me away.

Wow! A new Giant CD! I am so excited! I hope to catch you guys on tour because when I saw you guys play last time (many moons ago) you guys were simply incredible--both show and sound! Dann you may be the greatest guitarist who has ever lived, certainly the most under-rated one!

Keep up the good work and don't keep the fans waiting too long.

PS. If you need a good sound engineer (or assistant) for your any shows in St. Louis or anywhere in the US for that matter, be sure and email me. I will be glad to help out any way I can. I'll even roll dubies for the band if need be!!!!! Keep on rockin!!!!

31/03/01: Umberto -
Let me tell ya this in Italian...
Non avete idea di quanto sono contento di poter ascoltare un nuovo capitolo della Giant saga, uno dei miei 3 o 4 gruppi preferiti di sempre.Grazie!!

30/03/01: Russell Griffin -
Absolutely delighted to hear that one of the best melodic rock bands of all time are making a come back. You should never have gone away. I was listening to Last of The Runaways in the car the other day and wondering whether you were still around. Now all I ask is that you come and play in the UK! Till then I'll see you in my dreams....

30/03/01: Ricardo Santana -
Hope to see you Dann, David, Alan and Mike in Portugal :)
I just wanna thank you for the pleasure you give me everytime I hear your two LPs.
Dann is the best player guitar I ever known... playing Giant, Reba, Faith Hill, whatever.

Hope hearing from you soon,
Ricardo Santana from Portugal - Lisbon

30/03/01: Ben Lamboeuf -
Welcome back guys!
I can't wait to hear what you have for us now. Your two albums are always on rotation in my permanent collection. Let's make that three then!

Thanks for the great shredding, and let's hear some more, a lot more!

30/03/01: Rui Rocha -
I can't deny. I bought tons of AOR/Hard Rock CD's in the last decade hoping to find a band as good as GIANT. No way!!!! GIANT rules!!!
I am so happy, that the only thing I can say is that I will travel the world to see you ROCK THE STAGE!!!
Best wishes from Portugal.

30/03/01: Ton Veldhuis -
This is a GIANT step forward for melodic rock! Hopefully you will manage to keep the high quality songs like that of the first and second album. Just play the music of the soul...

29/03/01: Charlie Yap -
This band have inspired me from the beginning.....they got the power and life in their has a lot of hope in it! I hope this band will eventually be officially release in the Philippines. God Bless and Rock On!


29/03/01: Per -
Greetings from Norway!
A long awaited album! We all hope there will be more....
All the best from the north...

29/03/01: Brian O. -
Loved both CD's. Great to hear you're coming back. We need some killer sounding guitar work out there. This new stuff sucks compared to what you've laid down. Not to forget awesome vocals,kick your head in drums and bass as well. All the best, can't wait to get my hands on the new CD. Keep on Rockin'!!!

29/03/01: Shawn -
Awesome news. I loved your first 2 albums and can't wait for this one. Hope to see you on the road in Nashville!

29/03/01: Pedro Ramos -
When I think about all those moments, listening to your music, closing my eyes and being transported to undiscribeble places, I see clear images of the best times in my life!!!! Just to think that new places and feelings could be on the way.....!
Thank you GIANT!!!!!!

29/03/01: David Nowell -
Can't wait to hear new material. The Last Of The Runaways was a really great album, and Time To Burn is one of my all time favorites. Is it true you wrote some country bands hit song?

29/03/01: TROY -
All kinds of great rock bands have been getting back together in the past few years, but now one of the best is back!! Best of luck to you guys.

29/03/01: PHIL -

29/03/01: Juan José González -
Who ever said you'd be the last of the giants?
I simply want to thank you for making the day i found out you were back one of the merriest of my life.

29/03/01: Stuart Walsh -
Wow, I can't belive that Giant will be back. I am so glad that you guys are gonna put out some new stuff. I saw Giant when they played at the old Marquee club in London. It was a fantastic show and just the thought of getting a chance of seeing such a great band live again makes me more happy than you will know.
I wish you every success and if you decide to tour please try and play England. There are still loyal fans out here.
Cheers to all Giant fans around the world!

29/03/01: Mark S. -
IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! I've been waiting with the millions of other fans. Now, Dann, do I have to sell you out to Mark & Brian again so they can talk you guys into doing their Christmas Show? You know that it will be a huge event. Plus, it'll be good promotion and Mark & Brian will take good care of you guys. David, Mark & Brian want to set up drum sets on either side of you and play during I'm A Believer. It'll sound like God with 3 drummers! Anyway, it'll be great to have a 3rd Giant album in my car cd changer. I swear that the laser on my CD player has burned straight through both my cd's. It's a good thing that I have 2 copies each of the first 2 albums. I'm looking forward to hearing the new CD. Dann, Michel Colombier says "Hey Bro".
Bye for now, Mark

29/03/01: Si -
WOW!!!!!! Giant back together!! Awesome news guys, you were really one of the all time melodic rock greats...
I can't wait to hear the new stuff!!!! :))))

29/03/01: Micke -
What took you so long? For heavens sake, release the new album
fast and quick. I'll be waiting...
Keep on rockin' fellows!

28/03/01: johan granholm -
great to have you back! i´ve seen you in my dreams.

28/03/01: Dani -
Hello everybody out there,
really good news! This is the reason why we believe in good music, they all come back again and this is great!
I wish more bands would go this way.

Best wishes from germany

28/03/01: Angel Collado -
It's great to know that you're going to be back soon. I hope you will tour in Europe, and it would be really cool if you could come to Spain....
Thanks, Angel

28/03/01: Michael Carr -
I just now found out about the chance of a new album and I am so excited!!!I was a musician through the 80's/early 90's. Your music was more than just an influence, it moved me. I only hope the new follows where the old left off! Thanks

28/03/01: Dan Bolyard -
I can't wait for the new record. The first two records were unbelieveable. I'm so excited. I hope to hear the new stuff soon.

28/03/01: Kevin Rock -
This is incredible news! The direction that music has taken since the early 90's has left me thoroughly depressed. This is a "ray of light" for the serious music fans who appreciate superior musical talent like Dann Huff and Giant! I can't wait to here some new material from you guys and hope to see you play live in the near future! Please don't give up on your return.

28/03/01: Andreas -
HI GUYS!!!!!
I'm really looking forward to your upcoming release, welcome back!


28/03/01: TTRRIIGG -
Two of the finest rock/AOR albums of all time, it's great to hear you're working on new material - can't wait to hear it!

28/03/01: gokhan ersan -
good to have Giant back. Airwaves are craving for artistry and musicianship.

28/03/01: Eric Paul -
I'm thrilled to hear about a new album. Until I never knew your status and would catch myself
looking under the G's and just hope for a new album. Anyway, can't wait for the new stuff! Always a fan.

28/03/01: STEFAN VAN OOSTVEEN - s.vanoostveen @planet .nl
i still listen to your music,hope it will be just as good or better.I saw you live in Amsterdam and hopefully will see you again there.C-YA

28/03/01: Bob -
Great news! Show them how the big boys play!

28/03/01: Ralph -
Can't wait for another great album, but please, PLEASE, not too many acoustic tracks!!!

28/03/01: Jim Gambill -
You will be hard pressed to find loftier company than this group. Between their two albums lies layers of perfection. Apparently there is a God, and he loves the sounds of Giant, just like me.

28/03/01: Yuki -
Hello! I like GIANT so much. It's been a long time since their last album. Dann, do you remember you had a guitar lecture at the music school in Japan, ESP Musical Academy? I was a student at that school about 10 years ago, and I took your lecture. Some famous guitarists came there to have a lecture, but you were the best, I think. You are the great guitarist, singer and songwriter. I really look forward to your new album and I hope you have a concert in Japan!!!!

27/03/01: D. Robbie -
I feel a revolution in the air... a ROCK revolution. Grunge and rap and all that other crap can only keep a good band down for so long. I hear the people talking, I see the people walking, and I feel a revolution starting. Come on people, it's time for REAL ROCK to rise again, where there's more than one octave, more than three chords, and no chance to be bored. ROCK ON GIANT!!!

27/03/01: Frank -
Yes the good times coming back! I'm sure the record will be another Melodic Classic.
Hope will see ya on tour in Germany. Maybe with the reborne Journey and Survivor?
Best Wishes For The Future, Frank

27/03/01: Nicklas ! -
GIANT IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys . You are the best !
I hope your next album going to sound like Last of the runaways and Time to burn becuse they rules . Good luck in the future !
From Nicklas in Sweden !

27/03/01: Nicklas ! -
GIANT IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys . You are the best !
I hope your next album going to sound like Last of the runaways and Time to burn becuse they rules . Good luck in the future !
From Nicklas in Sweden !

27/03/01: Salva -
Hi! I'm from Italy and I love Giant! I'm really glad that the guys are gonna make another record... Giant, Italy want you back, too!!! Salva

27/03/01: Graham Fenn -
Hi. I am a fan from England and I think the 2 studio albums you guys put out are amongst the best in the field of AOR - I shit you not.
It's a cruel world out there and I know the music industry can be a real bummer with what's in and what's out and I know AOR has not been flavourable for quite sometime. People are waking up though. It's not just the loyal fans you have always had that want to hear something refreshing again. I make it a part of my existance to educate and re-educate folk into the wonders of AOR and your albums are amongst those I choose to reach this goal.
Your records HAVE tipped the balance between the shit we get bombarded with on a daily basis and pure class, and people see that. You have a lot of fans I can assure you. For starters every single AOR freak on this list will be buying this new record when it comes out and I know countless others who will also. I am glad you are back and gonna kick ass. It's time to BURN. Go get em Giant.
All the best for now and the future -

p.s. Hope you play over here one day...

27/03/01: Kim Smith -
I have been waiting YEARS to hear more of your great band. I am so pumped to hear the new stuff. Please consider playing Seattle if you all decide to do a road trip.

27/03/01: Oliiver -
GIANT is back. Cool News. It's time to burn the world with new CD.

27/03/01: rock - the

27/03/01: opa -
welcome back !
opa from finland !

27/03/01: Matthew Shad -
First off, please add me to any kind of fan/email list for Giant, which is one of the best melodic hard rock bands ever. Dan Huff's guitar playing just totally knocked me out. I had their debut cd as a senior in high school, and their second cd when I was at Berklee College of Music. Great songs, Great harmonies, Great guitar solos, Great arrangements. I hope I get to see them live. I sing and play guitar in the group SHAD in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami areas and would love to be able to open for GIANT. I never got to see them live. I am also very happy to see Dan Huff's name all over the music world. He deserves all the success he has obtained. Damn I love this band. I've been a music teacher for about ten years now and am always turning on my students to the music of GIANT. The radio waves need thier melodies desperately. "Stay", "Love Welcome Home", "It Takes Two", "Innocent Days" & "I'm a Believer".. come on.. you can go on and on. I can't wait to hear new stuff. I have 500 cd's plus and am bored to death. Good luck and thanks for the music GIANT. Matthew/Dan/Tony from SHAD

27/03/01: Juan -
Sois los MEJORES del mundo. MAESTROS del AOR/HardRock!!!!!

Os esperamos en España!!!
Besr Regards!!!!

27/03/01: David Franson -
Just wanted to tell the band I support them and love the kind of music they make. Dan, I know you are very talenented because I read the credits on various albums and it seems you pop up all over the place. My favorite Giant song is "I'll See You In My Dreams" Good luck guys, God bless, hope to see new material soon.

27/03/01: CHRIS -

27/03/01: Jeff Lemas -
This is a much welcomed return!!!!!!! I was very fortunate to catch Guant live at NAMM in Jan. 1990. They ROCKED!!!!!!! Dweezil Zappa and Nuno Bettencourt jammed with them. Dann Huff is by far one of the best session players on the planet. I even got the DJ to play "I'll See You In My Dreams" at my Junior Prom that same year (I had to bring a tape with the song on it) I can't wait to hear the new material!!

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27/03/01: Elle -
Oh WOW this HAS to rate as the best music news so far this year!. Saw the guys twice in England when they came over (come over again soon, miss you lots BTW) and my albums are being borrowed by another generation (my neices and nephews) and raved about constantly. Can't WAIT to see you all live again, please please do a major tour including England and Europe (I'll come and see you there as well anytime) and another cracking album to support it, Love you lots, always have and always will, your the best.
Elle xxx

27/03/01: Frank -
Hi from Holland!! Best news so far this year. Hey guys, do you remember Amsterdam some 10 years ago? And you think you don't have fans??!!?? Think again!

27/03/01: Trevor -
I AM SO EXCITED TO HEAR YOU ARE BACK TOGETHER!!.. I loved your other 2 albums. and I cant wait to see what great songs you got on the new album! I also hope to see you guys on tour!! that would be the greatest concert EVER!! Hopefully you come thru St. Louis! That would be the best show!! I cant wait to hear more news about the upcoming album and potentional tour!

27/03/01: martin byars -
I can only echo the sentiments of everyone that has written so far. Giant are the epitomy of melodic rock, and absolutely no one writes a beautiful, sweeping chorus like them. Guys, please don't stray from the style you put forth on the previous CD's. The reason so many people have written is because of what's on those discs. Give us lots more of the same. Take care, Martin

27/03/01: Erik -
A long time ago, I played in an obnoxious little band called 2 MUCH TV. We played the Spring Fling in Little Rock, Arkansas with Jon Butcher, Peter Frampton, and (of course) GIANT. Then, Giant played in Conway, Arkansas for Red Ribbon Week at the high school and asked us to open for them (of course we did!). We haven't played together in years, but when I heard about the reunion, I called my former bandmates and told them to get thier chops back in shape... heh-heh-heh-heh.... WELCOME BACK!

27/03/01: kris milliken -
Your music is as much escape as it is reality to me. The music of Giant will always have a special place inside of me. Welcome Back!!!

27/03/01: Richard -
Oh yes!!! This is some really GOOD news!! The two full length albums along with the live EP are without question some of the most precious albums in my collection and I've been waiting for a long time to hear some new stuff from you guys! Let the new album rock hard! I hope to get a chance to see you live too!

Richard, Colorado Springs, USA

27/03/01: Frantic Freddy -
YESSS!!!!! One of the best bands of the 90's are back!!! You're all excellent musicians with an extremely impressive career (doing session work on lots and lots of albums, several of which are very good), but I'm glad you guys have finally decided to join forces again and bring back to glory days of melodic rock. SHAKE ME UP! IT'S TIME TO BURN again!!!

27/03/01: Dave -
OH MY GOD, what excellent news! During the glory days of the late 80's and early 90's, Giant was one of my favorite groups of the great explosion of great groups back then (Tyketto, Danger Danger, and House Of Lords being some of the others). I can't get enough of the first two cds and actually own a demo tape of Time To Burn that cuts out a few songs from the regular release, but also INCLUDES 3 other songs not on the original! It looks like these songs will be included on the new release, so it will be great to finally have these tunes on cd!

Dan and Dave, you rock!

27/03/01: Craig Conley -
Great to hear a new album in the works!! Definitely one of the classiest bands in AOR. With only two albums, you can see how impressive those albums were with such a following. I'll See You in my Dreams was the first track I heard and was hooked. Keep the perfect mix of keyboards and guitar!! I crank up Save Me Tonight whenever it's on. Definitely my favorite track.

All the best from Indianapolis!!

27/03/01: David Gore -
It's really great to hear that you guys are making another album (and hopefully many more!). Your first two albums are in my A+ list and are still getting played regularly. If you plan to tour in Europe, try and make it to Prague, Czech Republic. Can't wait to hear the new stuff!

27/03/01: Davison Bullock -

This has to be the best news I have heard in ages. Dann your music kept me SANE during my student days whilst at University in London, England (1991 - 1995). I've been tracking your work as well as the other members of the band ever since I heard Last Of The Runaways back in 1989. Last of The Runaways is my favourite album of all time. It have fond memories every time I listen to both LOTR and Time To Burn.

Good luck with the new release guys. Welcome Back!

Davison (Luton, England)

27/03/01: philo -
glad to hear your back, giant rocks man!!!!!!!!!!11

27/03/01: Oliver Kilthau -
Great to hear that you guys are back! I hope that you can revive the spirit of your debut, it's one of my all time favorites. And don't forget to come to Germany!

27/03/01: Paul Rothstein -
These are 2 of favorite albums of all time I eagerly await the third.

26/03/01: john ou -
dann, you are my number-one influence on guitar, and i've been tracking your stuff from way back in white heart to all the stuff you've been producing out of nashville as of late.

i'm looking forward to hearing the new giant stuff!

26/03/01: Andrew Schneider -
Like everyone else, all I can say is "it's Time to Burn". Let me just take a second to say screw all those people who
talk about "the 80's music" and such. It is just GREAT music that made people feel good. Unlike the moody shit out
there today. Rock N Roll is about having a good time with music that had a great hook and melody and lyrics that
could talk about social issues w/out depressing you. I will continue to support GIANT and also let me say great work
on Megadeths 2 albums that you did. Andrew from Bowie, MD, USA

26/03/01: Nick Fa-Kouri,Jr. -
Hey guys! My name is Nick Fa-Kouri, and I manage Robby Steinhardt, of the band Kansas. We have logged a lot of miles on the bus listening to your two cd's. As you know, space on the bus is limited, and you guys make the cut every tour! Here's to a great comeback....And thank you Dann for your work with Rachel Rachel-You made us proud!
Nick Fa-Kouri & Robby Steinhardt

26/03/01: James -
How often do great bands do one or two albums and then disappear forever? Now one of the greatest ever returns with a third and not a moment too soon. We've all missed you, more then you can imagine. Looking forward to seeing you in London in the VERY near future! All the best, Jim.

26/03/01: Buzz Lightyear -
Good to see the band back together, it's been too long, can't wait for the new album and I speak for all the UK fans in saying, WE'D LOVE to see the band over in England, even if it's just for one gig, maybe the Gods of AOR Festival in later this year. Respect ! Buzz

26/03/01: Mario -
After my bro told me Giant are back I can't help dropping you guys a few lines ... The albums are smoking, if there'd be a definition of melodic rock then go and listen to the Giant albums!!! Goosebumps times 10! I will be the first to buy the newbie and I hope there's lots more goodies to come for us fans!


26/03/01: Rolf Ufer -
i've always been a believer, since i first pulled in this little masterpiece called 'last of the runaways'. i looked like
this guy on the kansas-cd 'audio-visions' when i heard 'i'm a believer'. this stunning powerful guitar-chords. from
1989 'till know i think that these two cd's stand for hard-edged melodic rock. good to see you guys back in business and the other fans have been waiting for you. just listened to mike brignardellos bass on the new van zant
cd. oh folks.....he's still not too old to play the bass....great job. i'm looking forward to here your new songs.....

26/03/01: Alan Cox -
Dann, Your guitar work has always been amazing. I'm talking even about solos on Leslie Phillips' records and old Whiteheart stuff. You, Carlton, Lukather and Landau are the men!!!! Loved Giant's music (some of the lyrics...well, I love the music). I'd support anything you put out (including the Megadeth cds you produced).
Keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

26/03/01: Mats -
Welcome back guys.
Long time no see and I can see why.
But you are truly missed so hope this will be as appriciated as it should be....!
Greetings from Sweden

26/03/01: Norman Luttrell -
OUTSTANDING NEWS!!! Your hard driving guitar style and outstanding song writing has been missed dearly. Bring it on boys!!

26/03/01: Jennifer Coles -
Fantastic news guys, let the rock revival begin!

26/03/01: bill bliss -
i bought both giant albums after hearing the song stay on kber here in utah, "stay" was a very popular tune, and the more i had listened to this great tune, I had to find out the band, and finally uncle nasty of kber radio said giant, and said and here is a old one from there previous album, and that song was called "I'll see you in my dreams, awesome song, and i had heard that many times as well, not knowing what talent was behind the work, and after finding out straight away bought both, and thought that these two albums were so good the band would end up like "rush" and make 20 albums or so, very excellent work, and even today they are amongst my favorite,
well shortly after, i noticed that i was always looking for a new giant record, and unfortunately never found anything about the band, at all, nothing, so i proceeded to the next step searching about individual members, no luck either, and finally gave up figuring nirvana ruined it for def leppard, giant, and other top bands, i figured atleast i had the two albums,
Then out of the blue when i hadn't given much thought about giant, i was listening to a PETER CETERA album titled "one clear voice, and was reading the notes inside the album, and there was dan huff, written for guitar, so i thought it meant that giant was still looking up for a possible new one, then at first a bad thing happened i noticed that Dan Huff, was also doing country albums, I saw his name on liner notes from my wifes cd collection, and thought what a sell out, awesome rock guitar star goes country, bad, very bad, and wasn't happy, but my wife would play these albums, and i noticed how all the songs had cathy melodies and riffs, and thought its actually not to bad, i liked the song "you won't be lonely now" by billy ray cyrus, and loved the shedaisy album, i even think i noticed his name on a celine dion record, go figure that anyway, even after all that I had given up on a giant record of new material, as i did "diving for pearls", and then again out of the blue "melodicrock says giant is back, "is it too late "hell no" I can't waite to hear the new material and unreleased stuff, will be cool to hear the whole band and hear Dan huff, rocking it up again, but hey dan even after that really cool country movement you had going I thought I hope there isn't a Nelson attitude going on in the band where a giant country album comes out, your too awesome to do it,

Anyhow best of luck Giant, and very glad to hear the news update, if you get bored write me back, and tell me about what to expect from the 2001 giant band, catch ya Bill

26/03/01: John -
You guys sucked! I can't believe that you all are making a comeback. I thought you had to be a "someone" before you could have a comeback. If I were you, I would stick with playing with Shania!!!!

BTW, next time Dave Mustaine begs you for guitar lessons please give him some. He really needs them! Ha Ha


26/03/01: Matt -
Can hardly wait!!! Love your first two Giant Albums. Glad that you are giving us the opportunity to enjoy more music.
Thanks Matt

26/03/01: Charlie Edge -
Congratulations on getting everything back on track.You have been sincerely missed by fans of brilliant music and the rock world. Good luck with the new material.

26/03/01: Kuba -
BTW. I'm a Believer too .......
Best of wishes ......

26/03/01: Kuba -
OOh ........ Happy day

I'm SO glad the band which released my favourite LP is back ...
Dan is the main reason i picked up my guitar and i hope one
day i'll be make my guitar express so much feeling as Dan's does...
You are incredible ...... furthermore i think Dan did a hell of a job with Megadeth....really enjoyed those albums..
I'm truly happy you guys will relase some new stuff... ( it's been 10 years....... ouch !!! )
What makes me sad is that probably you guys will never makes it to come here to Poland ........ i guess i'll have to order the album from the states........ ah well ........

26/03/01: Edward Jacak -
I am excited to hear that we will be getting some new material from one of my favorite bands. Dann, I've enjoyed the producing efforts with bands like MegaDeth, but I'd much rather hear you and company back in the studio playing your own music. Enough of the producing and session work for other bands - give us another great album and get out on tour! Hey guys, it is "TIME TO BURN" :)

26/03/01: Tom -

26/03/01: Chris H. -
This is great news! Dann Huff, you have influenced my playing more than any other single guitar player. From the time I met you when you were touring with Whiteheart in the fall of 1983 (and you let me play your sunburst '63 Strat!!) and the spring of 1984 when you joined me for dinner at my parents' home (and you played my Les Paul and offered to buy it) through all the '80s stuff to Giant to the present, no other player has drawn me into music more than you. Thank you for inspiring, challenging, and encouraging me.

25/03/01: C. Helart -
Great to hear these guys are back and I am anxiously anticipating their new release. I saw these guys in Denver in 1992 and they were fantastic! Can't wait to see them on the road again as well!

25/03/01: Alan Black -
It's been way too long. Seems like good music is finally making an overdue comeback. Congratulations on getting together again. Can't wait for the new album.

25/03/01: Kasper Wilting -
It's great news to hear that their will be a new Giant album. I hope the band will tour in Europe

25/03/01: Michael Riesenbeck -
Giant was very important to me as a musician. The perfect blend of Toto, Journey and Foreigner with something special showed me the way to go as a composer and a player. The production of the cd's have been a template for me and the compositions learned me a lot.

I feel very exited hearing about a reunion of Giant.

Welcome back!

Michael Riesenbeck

25/03/01: Jon Innes -
Great news that one of the best rock bands ever are returning. I was always disappointed there were only 2 albums - can't wait to get my hands on a new one!!! Looking forward to it.


25/03/01: Rick Kelly -
I have been hoping for awile that a new album would be out. It is great to hear that you guys are getting back together. I cannot wait to hear some of the new music.

Good Luck!!!

25/03/01: Larry Desposito -
I'm so glad to hear that you guys are serious about putting together a new album. You guys just flat out rock....and I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one that thinks so. Now...just don't surprise me like you did w/your cd "Time to Burn" was in a very compromising position when i heard the track "Chained" on z106 here in my hometown. I had to stop what i was doing (w/my girlfriend at the time at 2 am in the you get my meaning..) cause i just had to hear that was rockin....keep the faith guys...women come and go....but good music should stay forever..

Peace and Love

Larry D
Jackson, Ms

25/03/01: True fan - ?@?
Great to see you´re about to release a new CD but I hope you will record a full new album and not to just release the tracks you didn´t include in your two previous albums. Don´t deceive your fans, we want a full NEW Giant record and not the remaining tracks from those years.

25/03/01: James Muir -
I own thousands of recordings and you two Giant albums are BOTH in my top ten albums of all time. I hope you can appreciate what you achieved on those two recordings. Knowingly or not you mastered the genre.

It is wonderful to hear that we are going to get a little more taste of the same. I'll have my copy the day it comes out. I know you are busy and that I takes a huge amount of time to put out a quality record, but when you see the response to this release and while you are touring I hope you will use your talent to create for us some all brand new recordings.

Bring on the sweet semuda! You musical vision is sublime....

25/03/01: MERRICK GULKER -
Well yee-frickin-haw!!! It's about time you guys got things going again! That's the best news to come across my computer screen in a VERY long time. I think the world is ready for a serious AOR resurgance! No better band to start it up than GIANT!!! Just a side note guys... A few years back I had the opportunity to meet John Schlitt of Petra fame. I had to pick him up from the airport for a solo gig of his at my college. You guys produced his solo disc. Instead of talking to him about HIS work, I bored him to death about how much I missed GIANT!!! See ya in Northern California I hope!!!

25/03/01: Chris -
THIS IS AWESOME NEWS. Giant,you guys are tone of the best bands of all time and its great to hesr you guys are going to make more music. I hope when the time comes you guys tour and play somewhere near Chicago. Stay Frosty.

25/03/01: Jon -
Great to see new Giant on the way- always liked a a band that can rock hard yet still combine melodies and diverse songs - Giant!

25/03/01: Neal Smith -
This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I live just outside of Nashville,TN (Murfreesboro, Tn to be exact) and I got a chance to see Giant in Murfreesboro, at Mainstreet, right around the time that "Time To Burn" was released. That show is my all time favorite club show, it kicked ass and still burns in my mind even today. The first time I got to see you guys was on the Heart tour. You guys kicked ass then.

I can't wait for the new album and hope and pray I get a chance to catch a show if a tour follows the album release.

Thanks Giant! The world is really in need of an honest to God real Rock-N-Roll album.

Long live Giant!!!

25/03/01: Brian Devlin -
You guys thought people weren't interested in your music. There's a lot of us out there that just like good ol' rock 'n roll. I expect the guitar tones too be superior of course.

That debut album is truly a classic in my book. It had everything: crunch, melody, songwriting, power, tone, production,etc..

I can't wait.

25/03/01: skip -
hey guys,,, glad to hear you are coming back, i have listened to you since your first cd,,i love the music you put together. thank God we are getting one of the best melodic rock bands back in the mix... i live in nashville TN, and i know that you guys do some session work and production here.. i hope and pray that you guys get the chance to play here,, i would be in heaven,,, anyway,, glad to have ya back,,,,,,

25/03/01: Neil -
YES!!! A new Giant album! I'll be looking forward to your return guys. Keep on rockin!



25/03/01: Nico -Italy -
Welcome back AOR GODS!!!!
The greatest and most underated AOR band in rock history!
I will always give youb my biggest support.
Thank you for coming back,13 years were an eternity!!!

25/03/01: Tattoo -
It's a dream come true!!!!

25/03/01: Bob -
Hello..... Looking forward to the new album very much.. Even here in Lincoln Nebraska your music is played alot on local radio stations.. Please keep us in mind when touring!!
Thanks for the music!

25/03/01: Yuki -
Hello! I'm a Japanese fan of GIANT. It's a long time since your last album "Time To Burn". I love your song called "I'll See You In My Dreams".

When I was a student at ESP Musical Academy, Dann came to this school to have the guitar clinic. Do you remember that? Dann was the best guitarist & singer among the artists who came to this school. I've never seen your show, so I hope you will play in Japan in the near future! I look forward to your new album.

25/03/01: Bill -
Truly exciting news! As you can see, I'm not the only one who is pumped up for the new release. Hopefully you can play a few dates in Los Angeles. Welcome back!

25/03/01: David Castro -
Hi! from Spain...
Dann: My favourite gitarist since 1985's No easy way out AND I can't hold back looking for all your collaborations in AOR records
Your 2 Giant records are very special for me and I think that you have bring a lot of emotional moments to those ones who have had the chance to hear you... and that's a lot for love, so please, never let aside our beloved and strong community, and take Giant to the top of our hearts always
Also your songwriting is also wonderful and your voice is fantastic and very peculiar, so don't stop with your collaborations in AOR records
It takes 2!

25/03/01: Mike -
Hi Guys,

Glad to hear you guys are back. Great idea on the Acoustic stuff being included. People will even be more amazed at your true outstanding musicianship I am sure. Keep rockin and bringing it back to the fans!! Look forward to the release.


25/03/01: Nico Berg -
Yes, they´re back! I saw a comment from Dann that he doesn´t play the guitar that much anymore. It´s like hearing that Zidane stop playing football. So now they´re back with full attack. Over the years i´ve listened to Dann at Shania records and other stuff, but it´s great to hear him and the guys rock again. Can´t wait to hear the new record. And guys, don´t forget Sweden if you tour. NB

25/03/01: Jouni Niemi -
Hi guys. Saw you both times playing in Stockholm, just amazing!!!!. The melodic rock LIVES,thanks :-))

24/03/01: Gaz -
What can I say? Welcome back !!! After years of shitty re-formings ( Ratt, Dare, Babylon AD, Every Mothers Nightmare etc.) it's great to see a band that everyone wants to reform doing it. You guys produced two of the best AOR albums of all time and I am looking forward to number 3 !!!

24/03/01: Luigi Cisaria -
To Dann, David, Alan and Mike,

On behalf of the Giant fans here in New Zealand (there are a few of us) I would like to say how excited we are about your decision to create more great music. As everyone has been saying, we loved both of Giant's albums and look forward to a new one in the near future. I hope that this message board emphasises the fact that Giant is such a highly regarded band and you are all highly regarded musicians.

Best Wishes


24/03/01: Adrian -
Great to see that you guys are back and I cant wait for the new album!!!!!!!!!MAY THE ROCK NEVER STOP!!!

Ade (Manchester, England)

24/03/01: Gary Banton -
What GREAT news!!! My 2 Giant CD's are amongst my most prized musical possessions..... can't wait for a 3rd!
I saw you guys years ago at the Marquee in London and it was a night to remember! Hope you can make it over to play for us again. Take care and good luck! Gary (London, England)

24/03/01: Frank -
Dear Dan! We met at the Frankfurt Music Fair (Germany) in the early 90s and i´m really looking forward to a new release of one
of my all time faves. I wasn´t able to attend at your live performance in Frankfurt´s Music Hall in ´89. Actually, I would welcome any live performance in the near or far future. Good luck and best wishes, Frank.

24/03/01: Anders -
Great news!!

Your two first albums rocked......and still does!
The kind of rare albums you never get tired of listening to.
Looking forward to another one :O)
Any chance of Terry Thomas producing?
Best wishes,
Anders, Sweden

24/03/01: Björn Johnsen -
Hi Guys!
Good to have you back. Hopefully we will have more than one comeback album from you. I want several amazing
Giant releases from you like you did with you're first too fantastic releases.
Don't matter IMO if you put some modern rock into you're new release.
I think that would be fantastic.
And please do not have more than one ballad on the album.
All the luck with the album and hope to see you in Norway again soon.

All the best from Norway

24/03/01: Damien Eddy -
Great News, Cant Wait, Give it heaps!!!

24/03/01: ian -

24/03/01: Exnewyorker -
Welcome back!!! This has been long overdue, but well worth the wait! The two albums you recorded are instant classics, & judging by the amount of posts on this page, everyone else seems to think so too...Best wishes & best of success in the future of Giant.

24/03/01: Gary Richie -
The best news I have heard about music since 1992 (the year Time To Burn was released)was hearing that a new Giant release was in the works. I still remember when the first album was released. I just happened to be driving down the road one night and tuned in to a local radio station that was debuting the album and playing the entire thing on the radio. I tuned in somewhere in the middle, so I had no idea what I was listening to, I just knew that it ROCKED. So, I pulled over somewher off the road and finished listening to the rest of the album, hoping and praying that the DJ would announce the name of the artist and album when it was over. Luckily enough, he did, and I of course already had my pen and paper in hand when he did. So, I guess you all know what the first thing I did the next morning when I got up. Went to the local cd store and purchased Last Of The Runaways. Now, a mere 12 years later, that very same cd is at this very moment in my cd player in my truck. I have a 6 CD changer in there, and that CD has been in there for well over a year. I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. I realize that most people in the world don't have good taste in music, like all the people writing on here do, so have no idea what sort of success the new cd will have. I can tell you of one success it will have, it will make me, everyone who has written here, and a lot of other people I know, and a whole lot more I don't know VERY HAPPY! I'll close by saying that if I had to be stranded on an island for the rest of my life, and could only take 10 CDs with me, 2 of them would be by Giant. Care to make it 3?

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can own a new Giant CD soon,

Gary Richie
Roebuck, SC USA

p.s. Anyone who is reading this and would like to chat about Giant or any other cool music please E-Mail me at: or via ICQ# 50220641

p.s.s. and Dan, if you're reading this, if you decide to do a tour and need a FOH or Monitor engineer, I am volunteering for the job. I'll work for food as long as I get to hear you guys play every night :-)

24/03/01: stevie - stephen,
I could`nt believe what i was reading,one of the best melodic rock band`s in the world reforming.Hope to see you live in the UK very soon.

24/03/01: Wim -
Well....about time you guys release some new stuff.
Do you have any idea how long I´ve been waiting for a decent rockalbum.
You guys can make the wait worthwhile..and don´t forget to tour Holland.
Good luck

btw don´t forget the ballads!

24/03/01: Sammy -
WOW! I have been a fan of Dann Huff's career since the White Heart days and have followed his every step from the awesome 2 Giant cd's where Dann let his talent run wild (and got to SING too!) to all the 1,000's of sessions to the producing of Megadeth. Dann is my mentor. Even though i have never met Dann i did get to meet Briggs in Nashville last year - HOW ARE YA!!???
It's so exciting knowing that Giant are releasing another monstrous AOR album (please guys don't sell out to alterna-crap) and Dann actually gets to sing again!
ROCK ON EVERYONE and remember: AOR IS KING!!!!!

24/03/01: Grant -
Hey guys,
This is definatley GREAT news. In the past couple of months Ive been turning my friends on to "Time To Burn" and they have been loving it. What a shock to now tell them that you will be doing another album and they will be able to see you live. Dan and Dave, We have met from promoting some of the Whiteheart shows in and around the Milwaukee area and for David from doing some Michael W. shows. If you have time Drop me a line via Email so we can chat. The reunion is the best news I could have heard. If your families can stand the Touring, I think His will is coming into focus. ------Grant

24/03/01: Andrea Z -
I have the original tapes from the the two albums - CONSUMED!!!!
I litterally gone crazy for Giant - please come back in the market we need some fresh air in this forest of clones.


24/03/01: Christian -
Wow! I am so excited to hear that one of my all time favorite bands is making a return. "Last Of The Runaways" blew me away the first time I listened to it, and it still stands up as an AOR masterpiece. "Time To Burn" is great as well. I agree with the above post, your two discs have always stayed near the top of my CD collection and still get spins on a regular basis.

Welcome back guys! I can't wait to hear the new stuff!

24/03/01: Luc -
YES It's the best musical news of the year : GIANT IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it and I can't wait to hear your new stuff

Best wishes.


23/03/01: Dave -
I had the great opportunity to see you guys when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. You opened up for Heart, My wife and I are huge Heart fans and this was our first time to see them, but after you guys started playing we didn't care if Heart ever came out on stage! It's great news that you've decided to record again, and myself and other fellow Rock & Roll Connoiseurs around the world thank you! Dave "The Rock & Roll Connoiseur"

23/03/01: Vijay R. Nainani -
I saw Giant play in Paris at the Olympia, it must be about 10 years ago now... I was lucky enough to be there on a business trip at the same time. Your two albums are the most underrated albums out there. They are classics of Rock music. The melodies, the songwriting, the guitar playing.... absolutely amazing, some of the best songs ever written.

I was born and live in Hongkong, and believe me you have fans out here too. I am excitied about you guys getting back together, and a new album.

Best of luck, and may the new songs be as brilliant as Innocent Days, or Hold back the Night.


23/03/01: Tracy -
I just heard that Giant was going to be putting out another CD, and that is the best news I've heard all day! I can't wait! As long as all of us fans stick together and stick behind these bands we love so much, this kind of music will be back in full force before you know it!! Good luck, guys, and don't forget some tour dates for New England!!!

23/03/01: Douglee -
Great News guys!! I'll be first in line at the record(CD)
store!! Dann, miss your playing man. Welcome back brothers

23/03/01: Greg Bryant -
You can't even imagine how happy I was to read that Giant was getting back together to make another album! This is some of the best music news I have heard in years!!!

Dan, your playing just adds so much to any song. I always look for your name in my Christian and country music cd's and I've talked to artists that have worked with you and they have just raved about your guitar playing.

I look forward to the new album and like always I know you guys will put out another top quality rock album that this world definitely needs. Thank you! Thank you very much! Knibb High Football Rules!!!!!!

23/03/01: Steve (England) -
Dann/David/Mike - Look at this list, there are lots of us out there. Go out & make a storming album. God bless - Steve

23/03/01: José Luis López Soler -

Jesus guys, you cant imagine for how long Ive been waiting to hear from you again. Let me tell you that "Time to Burn" specially, is one of my favorite AOR albums of all time and also to a lot of my friends here in México, in fact I listen to your music till today, and everydody new that I played your Cds, agreed that you are one of the best ever. What can I say that its not already posted in this site. Let me tell you that you should feel very confident that success is really going your way this time, for one good reason: Unlike the past, when your 2 great master peaces were released, this time AOR fans are organized and have a way to be updated in what is happening in the AOR world. The Internet has changed everything, and now we know thanks to God & Andrew what the hell is going on with the music we love. Back then nobody talked or sponsored AOR music because everybody only sponsored Grunge, and stuff like that, and didnt matter how many fans were out there for AOR. The only music that was available, was the one that MTV or Billboard wanted. But now things have changed, and the living proof of what Im saying is the continuos growing success of sites like the great
So please Dann, Dave, Mike and hopefully Alan,(at least keep writing songs together guys - please) just delivered the same quality in Time to Burn, and old and new fans will keep growing in "Giant" steps, ok, no doubt about it.
Welcome again dear friends (sorry for the short letter)
Saludos from Mexico
José Luis López Soler

23/03/01: Kip -
An absolute classic band is back!!! Dann has got to be the most underrated guitar player ever....but he's also produced so many great albums. Any doubt in coming back??? well there shouldn't be look at the ton of fans who are so excited!!! Can't wait to hear..."I'll see you in my Dreams" in concert. Giant...get out there and kick some butt!!!!

23/03/01: Robert -
Giant ... gotta love that band ! Your music rocked our world a while back. You know when you buy a couple of new cd's, play them a few times and eventually end up slapping on the same old cd you love to hear. That's Giant's cds around this house.
anyway - great to have you back and just do that thing you do so well - hey, I'm a believer !

23/03/01: KB -
I'm psyched to hear what Giant comes up with next! Dann Huff one of the most underrated guitarists out there, and when it comes to song writing these guys take a back seat to no one. If the guys in Giant read this let me tell you one thing: You have plenty of loyal fans that care about new material and want to see you live, and I also believe that hip-hop metal is ready to take its place along side grunge, as a fad that only the elite and most inovative bands will survive. Melodic rock will always be in demand, so let Giant lead the way.

23/03/01: Kev Thomas -
29 May 1992 Rock City Nottingham - one of the best gigs I've ever been to. You guys rocked. I was also lucky enough to win the autographed copy of TIME TO BURN you gave away on the late lamented TV show RAW POWER. Can't wait to hear you guys again. Sign me up for a copy of the album and get back to the UK soon.

23/03/01: Rob -
I have listenend to the two giant albums for almost 10 years now and I still put them in de cd player frequently. I have always hoped you guys would do an album again and now it seens you will. I can promise you, the new album will make a lot of fans (and they are there still after al those years) happy and I have no doubt that you will rock the world. The GIANT reunion will make the long awaited Van Halen reunion look bleak. ROCK ON

23/03/01: Michael -
This has to be the best news I have heard in years! I can't wait till the new CD arrives. You MUST stick around this time. Don't leave it to long to release a CD of brand new material including plenty of classic "Dann Huff" guitar. Make sure you come to England.

23/03/01: Jerome Peirson -
I was deeply moved and damned excited to hear that you guys in Giant are planning to go for it again. Please, please make this a more long term thing cause the 2 albums you released are nothing short of magnificant. To this day I use last of the Runaways as a yardstick to measure quality AOR and MelodicRock and I am a huge fan of this genre. To this day that album kicks ass and continues to inspire. Best wishes Jerome

23/03/01: Terry Clark - TCLARK@XNET.COM
An avid music fan for now close to 25 years and owner over the
years of almost 900 different discs, I can truley say that Giant's "Last of the Runaways" is one of my all time favorites.
The vocals, mix and guitars are almost perfect.

22/03/01: Johan -
This was one of the greatest news I´ve read in many years. Your first two albums are among the finest Aor-albums ever! I didn´t believe my eyes when I read that you should make another one! Dann Huff, my guitar-hero of all time together again with broder David and keyboard-god Alan Pasqua, is this true?
/Johan, Sweden

22/03/01: GIUSEPPE -
FAR OUT!!! I could buy the album even without having listened to it before... ROCK ON!
P.S.: anyone knows how to get the EP "It takes two + live"? It's five or more years I'm trying to get it...

22/03/01: alex Lee Ericsson -
Hi somebody has answer 4 my PRAYERS!!!
Dann Huff is my alltime favourite guitar player,and both of their albums are MILESTONES in my cd collections.
So i just hope that there will be as good songs as before,with BIG choruses,and BEAUTIFUL solos...we're waitin' 4 this ONE. THANX!! Alex Lee.E

22/03/01: Joe Piser -
I'm absolutely thrilled that a new Giant album will FINALLY grace my stereo again! I have hoped for years now that this would happen. Your first album is one of the greatest I've ever heard, with "Innocent Days" being one of my favorite songs ever. I remember seeing you guys open for Heart many years ago...I dragged some friends along and went just to see Giant. They've been your fans too ever since! I have an acoustic version of "Stay" on a cassette single of the radio edit...any chance it'll be released on a CD? The new one? Hope so! I have admired your work as a band, and individually as session players. Great news! You better be on tour! How about opening for Journey?! Now that's the way to explode back onto the scene! Do it!

22/03/01: Drew 22 -
I've been bugging Greg Rolie, Eddie Money & Andrew for
years on how to tell Giant how great they really were! I
heard or read Dann say when Pearl Jam came out he new it
was the end of Giant! I still can't believe that statement.
No Band will EVER have anything on Giant. I was in Clearwater
in 90' when a dj put on I'm A Believer .....I started walking
off the beach when my friends asked where I was going? I said
I'm going SHOPPING! I even took them both on a 20 hr. trip to
Disney last week. I Can't Get Close Enough to you guys! I went
to a Giant/Heart show in Ohio that truly had Thunder and Lightning during the concert. I told Andrew that dreams and prayers do come true. Giant is living proof!! Love Welcome Home!

22/03/01: Jack -

Just wanted to let you lads know we're anxiously awaiting your return!! Wonderful news...I think maybe you've underestimated how appreciated your music has been out there. Giant just brought that rare and very sought-after combination to the table - memorable melodies & hooks, wonderful songwriting, tight production, flawless playing & vocals, all of it in a single package. Your 2 previous discs have really withstood the test of time and I still spin them in the car's disc changer every so often. You should take pride in the fact that people in a wide variety of countries still get that intangible Good Feeling in their chest when they hear a great Giant tune, and can't help singing along (or, God forbid, breaking into a little air guitar).

Songs like this make up the soundtrack for our lives, stuff that stays with us through the good times & bad, so keep it coming boys...thanks for the hard work you've put into these songs. In a genre with so much mediocrity & imitators, the return of Giant is certainly worth holding your breath for.

Mexico City.

22/03/01: LadyMel -
Don't forget to come see me in Phoenix, Arizona! I love Giant!!! Can't wait for the new album! :)

22/03/01: Antal Horvath -
Well it is about bloody time guys:-) Music has never been the same since the four of you have departed the scene. Pretenders come and gone, but there is only one Giant. It is once again Time to burn and rock the world. Just make sure you Stay a little longer than the last time. Welcome back Dann, David, Alan and Mike.

Antal from Melbourne Australia

22/03/01: Joe Karon -
Dann, I hope you get to read all the wonderful things people have written, YES, there is a reason to put out another GIANT album.Also, could you break out your red TYLER ultimate weapon for the new material?.If you guys decided to play in South Florida, you would be suprised at the turnout, thanks!!!!!!!!.

22/03/01: Joe Karon -
Dann, I hope you get to read all the wonderful things people have written, YES, there is a reason to put out another GIANT album.Also, could you break out your red TYLER ultimate weapon for the new material?.If you guys decided to play in South Florida, you would be suprised at the turnout, thanks!!!!!!!!.

22/03/01: Lars -
G reatest news I´ve heard since `92.
I ´ve always been a believer.
A wesome!
N early orgasmic!
T ime to burn again.

A GIANT welcome home!

22/03/01: Mike -
I can't believe what I'm reading. I had to look 4 or 5 times.
Giant is the best melodic rock there ever was. THERE IS EXCITEMENT IN MY HOUSE ONCE AGAIN. ROCK IT DOWN :) :)

22/03/01: matt trinnaman -
my name is matt and I'm not just an ordinary fan, or a casual music listener. I love music! it is an art that requires vision and a special talent. to succeed in the music industry you need to have something special. Dan and David definitly have something special. I'll tell ya what they have. Chemistry, a unique sound,gorgeous melodies, hooks, a great vocalist with an awsome voice(along with ability to play the guitar), ability to give ya goose bumps when you listen to some of their songs, great vibe, rythm, mood, emotion. They've got it all. I know giant may not think they have a substantial fan base out their, but good music stands for itself and if your albums didn't pay off as well as you would have liked before. Please give it another shot. I'll buy as many albums as it takes to earn enough revinue to produce another one.

22/03/01: Tabasco -
I had both releases on tape. Once I made the late jump to cd's, these were 2 of the first cd's I sought out.
You can always find one of these cd's in my car (sometimes both). I have long waited for another release.
I was happy to hear that that time had finally come. I wish it would be full of new studio material (I think it will include
previously unreleased and live tracks), but I will take what I can get. And if it takes a release such as this to prove to
the band that the people want another studio album, then so be it.

22/03/01: EDDIE -

22/03/01: Tim -
I am so exited that GIANT will be coming out with new stuff.I've been waiting so long and now "I'm a Believer" agian. I know that everyone that I've got to listen to their stuff is instantly a fan.Maybe they could tour with Foreigner. I know Dann Huff has worked with Lou Gramm before.Their fans would love them! I guarantee it! TIME TO BURN!!!!!!!

22/03/01: Jeff Allen -
I remember the last time I saw Giant in concert. Dann introduced a song called "Oh Yeah", as a brand new track from their next album. That album never came, and Giant faded from the scene. With Dann busy doing studio work, Mike playing behind a country superstar, and David spending his time out west with other ventures, I lost hope of ever hearing another Giant release. I guess dreams do come true! Please believe that you have scores of fans across the country waiting for your return! TOUR!!! The rock world has been dominated with one-hit-wonders and crossover groups for far too long. Show these guys what a real rock band is supposed to be. Would the audience please stand?

22/03/01: Stefan Huether -
Man i've been waitin for this for years.Seen Giant 2 times live,once in Frankfurt the other time in nuernberg,germany.I will never forget!!

22/03/01: Paul -
Time To Burn is the best ever album of it's genre. If your new album is one tenth as good as that- it'll be fucking brilliant!

22/03/01: Tavas -
I'll try to keep it short, but that isn't easy when you read that the best band of all time is coming back !!!
I I am sure that "Time to burn" is by far the best melodic rock album ever made..., but I believe you guys will do your very best to do ever better...

What can I say, I'do anything to get hold of a new album of you guys and to see you L I V E would be
"T H E U L T I M A T E D R E A M C O M E T R U E"

Let me end with this:
I'M A B E L I E V E R...I N G I A N T
and you can be sure that I'm not the only one !!!!

PS Of course I will buy your album at least twice !!! (one at home, one in the car,...)

21/03/01: Per -
Well, what can you say. New millennium and Giant back together........WOW!!! Gotta find my sunglasses.......future looks bright......listening to "Last of the runaways" just now....goosebumps all over........THX guys!!

Pls play Norway again.

21/03/01: George Mouat -
I'm a huge fan of AOR rock and this has to the best news I've heard in years.!!!! The two Giant albums, for me, sum up what supreme quality AOR rock music is all about. I'll check with this web site religiously from now on hoping to see UK dates soon. PLEASE, guys, album and tour dates asap.

21/03/01: stefano -
well, it's just few months that i discovered your first sensational cd, and after some days i read on and on that you will do another album...
so all i have said was GREAT!!!!!!!!i've already made my compliments to the frontierts records staff for your deal and now i', saying to you: hey guys, keep on rocking in the whole world... see you soon.

21/03/01: Matt -
Great news about the new Giant CD. Will certainly be buying it. Hope it's packed with stuff like 'Stay', 'Innocent Days', 'Love Welcome Home', 'Save Me Tonight' and 'I'll Be There'. You guys know how to make rock music as it should be heard - amazing melodies, brilliant musical ability combined with powerful production. Can't wait.

21/03/01: Mark Pedder -
Great news for lovers of A.O.R.
Please come to England as you did a decade ago when we lat saw you !!
It's never easy finding music of your quality !
It's 'Time to burn' again.


21/03/01: Christer -
A comeback with Giant would be the greatest thing!

21/03/01: Micke Lindqvist -
At last the return of the best band EVER , and i hope
Dann will write some new tunes with Mark Spiro , they bring the
best out of each other , just listen to LAST OF THE RUNAWAY.
gosh !!! i cant wait i cant wait i cant wait i cant wait
cheers from Sweden /Micke

21/03/01: Stephan Bohm -
I have all three Giant CDs, and saw you live in Germany in June 1992. This is every AOR fan has been waiting for. Good to see you back. Greeting fom Germany.

21/03/01: Craig -
Best news I've heard for years!!!
TIME TO BURN once again fella's!!!!!

21/03/01: Michael McDonald -
I'm torn between asking you to hurry the new album along (it's been so long since your second) and asking you to not rush so the release is as absolutely perfect as "Last of the Runaways". I guess I should just trust your instincts.

Both "LotR" and "TtB" are absolute classics. Several have mentioned the songwriting and the guitar work. I would like to mention that the bass, drum, and keyboard performances were equally impressive. The way everything kicked in still amazes me.

Also, the production values were impeccable. Clean, clear, in-your-face, fat, and full. You have quite a legacy to live up to...but you're just the band to do it! Keep 'em comin'!

21/03/01: VOLKAN GUN -

21/03/01: Dave Hart -
This is a dream come true for me. I have literally 1000 CDs in my collection and "Time To Burn" is in my top 10 classic albums. From the writing to the playing and the fantastic production it really doesn't get much better than that. I have been following Dan's career as a player and producer through the years. All I can say is you will make alot of fans happy with this incredible news. Can't wait!!!!

21/03/01: Christoph Poeschl -
Hi there,
Hey, that's news. GIANT is, and will ever be, my favourite Melodic Rock band - and both CDs are up in the 10-CDs-for-the-island. So for the 3rd CD somebody else will have to quit, no doubt.
Being at the show (just perfect in songs, performance and sound - believe me) in Tuttlingen (Germany) and meeting Dann in Frankfurt were some of the best moments in my life.
So welcome back, can't wait for the moment ...

Christoph Poeschl, Freiburg, Germany

21/03/01: Larry McDougal -
Please release another album. Great melodic hard rock is like a narcotic to me. I need more. I love your albums and still play them regularly to this day. (no lie)

21/03/01: Miguel Graca -
Hey Guys!!
Damn,it´s been a long time!! I must say that your 2 albums are masterpieces,when I heard you were going to do something again I got goosebumps!! The only problem nowdays when bands like you guys get together,there is always a lack in songwriting quality and production,I guess this won´t be a problem with you guys since Dan has been doing such a great job on those Megadeth albums.What can I say,WOW....welcome back,and yes your 2 records still sell quite well and yes you do have a lot of fans still out there!!! You´ll see!!!!
The best of luck!!

Miguel Graca from Portugal(Europe)!!!

P.S.-Yes you do have fans out here!!!

21/03/01: Rockone\' -
Ever since I saw the video for I'll see you in my dreams on what was a once cool MTV... I have been a huge fan. Always wondered what happened to you guys. Knew Dan's work with Producing. I am a huge Megadeth fan too. Anyway, I have been posting all over the net about this and just like was said here... I have gotten a great response. Welcome back guys... good luck and maybe I will get a chance to meet ya or even open for ya... Be cool guys C-ya

21/03/01: Jim Gibbons -
Hey guys! Looking forward to hearing more stuff from you guys, it's been too long!
I have been a fan of all of you for along time, Dann and David from the 1st Whiteheart album, and all of you from all
of your extensive session work appearances, so to hear of a possible Giant reunion, I was thrilled!
BTW, Dann and David, tell your cousin D. Shore that Jim, his hall-mate from Anderson College says hello!
God bless!

21/03/01: Tom Davis -
Last of the runaways is one of my top 10 albums ever. And I have about 500 of them. Do one for the local guys here in Williamson co.

21/03/01: Paul Leininger -
Giant has been an incredible influence on my song writing and playing. I encourage you to come back and use the incredible talents God has given all of you. Our ears want to hear the best of the best again.
God Bless all of you,

21/03/01: bert bliz367 -
Welcome back GIANT! Been waiting a long time to hear from you guys! I really have enjoyed your past works especially Last of the Runaways although I felt that the changing music scene here back in 92' cut your potential off! But as usual , good things come to those who wait and the music scene is changing once more in the US so maybe others will be able to hear what we Giant fans knew all along, that you guys created one of the best melodic rock of our time! Now if we can only get the so-called rock stations in the states to play some melodic rock music
then we can really see a chance at ensuring more great music from bands such as Giant! Good Luck and keep rockin, Lokking foward to a monster new cd, Bert

21/03/01: Decepticon K -
The only band to have 2 albums in my top 10 of all time, Nuff said....well not quite. It's amazing to imagine a new Giant album, i'm sure the demos from the sessions of the first two are probably better than most songs by other bands.
So to the Giant guys, i look forward to a return to the innocent days, we all know your the last of the runaways :)

21/03/01: Rob -
When I read last week that you guys were coming out with a new album, I was so jazzed. It definitely made my day.
I've been hoping for a long time that you guys would reunite. Last of the Runaways was the first rock album I ever
bought, way back in 1990, so you guys hold a special place in my heart. Can't wait! Rob

21/03/01: Jim Brewer -
Been waiting for this to happen again since 92'
Can't wait..............

21/03/01: Michael -
It would be awesome to see the boys back together again!!!!!

21/03/01: Bob Holden -
I play both of my Giant albums all the time!!! Is Alan still with the band? If not, is there a new keyboard player?

21/03/01: Erik Johnson -
As a radio DJ and musician who still plays Giant every chance he gets, I'm ready for more music from ya! Put it out and I'll play it! BRING IT ON!!!! (

PS. Jammed on the riff from "Vital Signs" lately? :)

21/03/01: Torfinn Sirnes -
I've been "chained" to Giant since I first heard that song...
You ROCK, and I'm a Believer...

Greetings from Norway,


21/03/01: Paul Alfery -
Like all the other folks who have added their comments, I would love to hear another album from Giant. I have enjoyed your previous CD's and had hoped to hear more. I was introduced to Giant through Mark & Brian, two DJ's at an LA radio station. They seem to be big fans so I would think some air play in Los Angeles almost guaranteed. I think I speak for many other folks when I say I anxiously wait for a new disc from one of my all time favorite bands!

21/03/01: Tom -
You guy's have truly been missed in todays music, I have never been so happy to hear of a return of a band like you guys.
You have so much talent and you guys should hook up with Winger, and Hardline for a tour that would be out of this WORLD!!
Cheers! Tom

21/03/01: Tony Gryner -
9 years between albums??? Are you guys trying to win the Boston trophy or the Def Leppard award? ;) Anyway, all kidding aside, it's great to hear you're coming back. We need you now more than ever!!! Rock hard and rock often!!!


21/03/01: Mike Wolfer - MusicmanIB@aol

21/03/01: Geremy -
I am a huge fan of both of your albums. There are many people that loved your albums and music similiar to it. Please don't make the same tragic mistake that some of the 80's bands have done and come out trying to sound like today's bands. Melodic hard rock is what people want and you guys were one of the best bands out there. I look forward to another classic album.

21/03/01: Greg Eller -
Hey guys! This is Greg from St. Louis. You have no idea how huge you are among AOR fans. My best friend and I have been waiting 9 years for this new album. The only thing that would top this is to see you guys here in the states. Let's bring rock back to the way it's supposed to be!!!

21/03/01: Adolfo Torres -
I´m excited about the Giant reunion and I know your next album will be awesome¡

21/03/01: Eric Degenhardt -
I think it is wonderful that you guys are together again . I know how hard it is to keep a band together . When I heard the news I was elated . We need AOR as bad as ever . I'm glad you've decided to rock again and yes , I'm A Believer .

PS... It's Time To Burn boys !

21/03/01: Sime - simon.james6\"
Great to hear Giant are back in business. If the new CD is even half as good as "Last of the runaways" & "Time to burn", then it has to be the album of the year. A headline slot at the Gods is a must - can't wait! Best wishes

21/03/01: Pelpa -
Welcome back!


21/03/01: Don Dawson -
Great to hear you have decided to give it a go again. Your music has a lot of power and had me hooked when I first heard it. I saw you perform in Tampa way back when opening for Heart, and I'll have to admit that I enjoyed your performance better than theirs by a long shot. (That night was also my first date with the woman who is now my wife -- what a great memory to tie that to.)

Thanks for the great tunes. I look forward to more!

21/03/01: Mike Koontz -
This is a day I thought would never come. Thank God it did!! I have such a deep love for your 1st 2 albums. What a shame that you guys had to disband to begin with. Your albums set melodic rock benchmarks for songwriting. Just last weekend I had pulled out "Time To Burn" and was spinning it thinking....Too bad there aren't any bands out now doing this kind of credible commercial rock that has an 'adult contemporary' appeal to it. I have searched high and low for any additional tracks or bootlegs of yours that may be out there and have found NONE. As far as I'm concerned when you guys and Terry Thomas get together, you just can't miss. Thank you so much for realizing that many fans out there missed your type of quality rock and can't wait to hear your new music. God bless GIANT!!! I am SO excited.

21/03/01: Chris -
YEAH!! Endlich, sorry i come from poland and i living in germany
my english(Katastrophe). Giant its with Journey the best melodic
rock band ever! BASTA! Best Wishes.

21/03/01: Greg A. Bur -
This is nothing but GREAT news. Your debut album is one of the best albums I have ever heard. I bought the "Last Of The Runaways" CD back in 1990 and it still sounds as fresh and original now as it ever did. The follow-up "Time To Burn" spends equal time spinning in my CD player. I'm excited to hear the new album. I've managed to collect quite a bit of Dann's session work and he has a very distinctive sound and is also a great songwriter. As far as I'm concerned Giant are the most talented band of the last decade. Here's to making a mark on the new decade/century/millenium.

21/03/01: David Richardson -
Hearing that you were back together made me order Last Of The Runaways and Time To Burn on CD to replace my WELL worn out LP's!
Last of The Runaways/ I'm A Beleiver/ Stay.....better those if you can!! An appearance at The Gods would be soooo cool. See yuo over here in Blighty. All the best.

21/03/01: Alfonso Calderón -
Hi Giant.

I really love your previous albums, so please do it to me one more time :-). I hope you'll came to Spain someday. Greetings from here.

21/03/01: R. Burns -
Hey guys! I can't tell what EXCELLENT news it is to hear about a new CD from Giant. I also can't tell you how amazing it was to hear of your belief that there wasn't any fan base for Giant. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have many, many friends who love your music, and the true musicianship behind that music. Your songs are so balanced and beautiful, but they still rock. The opening of "Last of the Runaways" still sends a charge down my spine!

I can't wait for the new CD - you can count me in for buying at least two or three! And please - PLEASE - do a tour. I never got the chance to hear you perform live before you took a "break" for the last 9 years. I don't want to miss the chance now!


21/03/01: Jerry -
Totally frickin' awesome!!! I'm absolutely stoked about the new Giant album and the prospect of some live shows! "Runaways" and "Burn" are definitely 2 of the best albums I've ever heard. I have to agree with one of the other comments saying that the only reason for lack of radio play when they were released was poor label promotion. Nevertheless, the quality of music you guys are capable of making needs to be heard. As one of your biggest fans, I hope you guys will keep the band alive!! Keep rockin'!! When you tour, please make a few stops in the midwest - like St. Louis!!

21/03/01: Joe Silvey -
Hey, guys... my wife and I are two of your biggest fans, and we're STILL jumping up and down about the coming new album. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're an asset to melodic rock - and music in general...

21/03/01: Kai -
It's time to burn!


21/03/01: francesco -
hi guys! your music is really fantastic! we, your fans, would really love to hear some more great music from your talented minds and souls...take care,francesco from italy.

21/03/01: Jonnie -
Wahey! Giant are back! Don't think you don't have any fans because you darn well do! I'm 16 and I'm even a fan of Dann and Dave's work with White Heart, so you have young fans too. Welcome back, Giant.

21/03/01: RJM -
Absolutely FANTASTIC to hear you guys are back, I saw you in
Fort Myers Florida and you kicked. Keep us posted on when where how and I'll be there and will spread the word.

21/03/01: Jeff Reardon - jreardon1@HOTMAIL.COM
What's the best news of 2001????? GIANT releaseing a NEW CD!! I have been listening to both Cds since they have released and have wanted more ever since. I LOVE the way you combine great songwriting, catchy grooves, and burning guitar work!! This have been sadly missing from music for quite sometime now. Hopefully this is not just a teaser... that this is more than just a one off thing and nothing more. this time around.."WON'T YOU STAY?!?!"..sorry, couldn't help myself.

You guys KICK...can't wait to hear more!


21/03/01: Adolfo Torres -
Not only AOR music needs Giant, good music lovers in general will love the new album and I hope you can play alive over Europe soon¡

21/03/01: Marc Leenders -
It is great to hear that the best band in the world will be coming out with new material. What took you guys so long !? I hope we don't have to wait another ten year's for your next release! Welcome back . Marc

21/03/01: Ben kwakman -
Great to see a new album of Giant in 2001.
I also wanna know if Alan Pasqua is joining the band too and my second question is if Mark Spiro is also helping to write new songs.
Are there also songs from the album with Mark Spiro that was never released ???

Best of luck guys and I'll hope to see you again in the Netherlands for the third time.

21/03/01: Andy Hawes -
Hi guys!
I vividly remember the first time I heard Giant. My girlfriend bought me the album (on vinyl!!!) as a birthday present on import as soon as it was released. I'd heard about it and it sounded like it might be cool. Anyway, I put it on the stereo and was completely blown away!! I'm a guitarist myself and Dann's playing was (and still is) a total inspiration. However, not only was all the playing so good, but the songs!!! Absolute classics, one and all! That album went straight into my top 5 of all time, and even all these years later (has it really been over 10 years?) its still up there! I saw you on both UK tours and the live show was also totally cool. The world of Rock music may have changed in the past 10 years, but great music never dies. The news that you are to release new product is the best news I've heard all year. If you could find the time to get over for some gigs, it really would make the year complete! Trust me, there are still an awful lot of people over here who want to hear you guys.
Can't wait for the album!
Andy (Peterborough, United Kingdom)

21/03/01: Davin Addison -
Can't wait to hear some music from you guys! Can we have all new tracks and the previous unreleased tracks be a bonus? Just a greedy hard rock fan... Good luck guys, and I can't wait to pick up my copy of a new GIANT album! Davin

21/03/01: Peter Langelaan -
That's great news to hear guys "coming back together again".I hope the new album is smashing.A big Giant fan from Holland.(I'll see you in my dreams).

21/03/01: Paolo Budicin -
Hi Dann,
the return of the GIANT? I can't believe it!!! The dream of many sad years come true. Really I'm so happy, I've both your works, It takes two + Giant live
and also a Video bootleg but I want more about you. Guys we need you! I hope we will see you soon
Giant, now until forever

21/03/01: Darren Preece -
To the Melodic rock kings.....welcome back.
I crammed into Nottingham rock city to witness an hour of one hell of a band ...they were called Giant and i took along 4 friends too the show who after witnessing the gig became believers too. You are in my opinion the greatest melodic rock band ever and rank alonside Styx as my alltime faves. Got married and introduced my wife to giant also....she along with me cant wait for the new cd and the hope of some British about headlining the gods or after hearing you are on the same label as House of Lords a co headline tour would be something special. Once again welcome back the GIANT of melodic rock...........dont ever give up .....the music industry needs class bands like yourselves.


Darren Manchester England

21/03/01: marc -
finally, the return of the true giants of melodic rock! i have not yet met a melodic rock fan who doesn't consider giant to bethe kings. we've all been hoping for this for years.

21/03/01: Robert Luke -
You guys put out some of the greatest music I've ever heard!!!!!! It's great to see you guys back in action.
I am looking forward to the new album and new material. It's been a long time coming but then again, there's
not time like the present. I wish you guys the best and hopefully this is the start of plenty more to come from

Best Wishes,

21/03/01: ChiDoug -
YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how great this news is. For me personally, there is Giant, and then there is the rest. No one puts together songs like you guys. No band has ever touched my life as much as this band. Through all the trials and tribulations of life, I've always had an escape in the music of Giant. I cannot wait to add your new disc to my collection. Great to have you back!!!

21/03/01: Daniel -
Casi que no vuelven? Esperando desde el 92, este elbum tiene que valer los años que nos pusieron a escuchar los dos cd. Espero se consiga facil, puesto que vivo en colombia y aqui es dificil escuchar buena musica.

Welcome back!

21/03/01: Morten joergensen -
Hi all!

Best news in years! Giant are to reform. I´ve been a huge fan on you all, as individual performers as well as Giant the band.
You were being played on national radio here in Denmark on numerous occasions, and that really says something!
Best of luck in the future. I really hope the next album will bring you back in the spotlight.

Best wishes, Morten

21/03/01: Kevin Harrison -
YES YES YES, my dreams have come true. GIANT is back together. I am so looking forward to new Dann Huff guitar rifs. Dann can let loose on the new Giant record and not be held back by all those country music singers. Let er rip Dann and stay around for years to come.

21/03/01: Simon -
There are many people out there who would love to have the opportunity to listen to new music from you guys. Give it a go and I am sure you'll be surprised at the reception you get. You know that I'm a believer!

21/03/01: Jeff Maher -
Hey Guys!!!
Great to hear that you are coming back. Can't wait to hear the new album! If you tour, which I truly believe you should, PLEASE come to Chicago!!


21/03/01: anders -
I´ve been vaiting for this to hapen so long, and now after all this years it vill come true!! THE COMEBACK OF THE GREATEST ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD.
Now guys it´s time to show the world once again how splended,earth moving melodic rock music KICKS ASS!!!!!
great to have you back boys,,,It`s the thrill of the decade!!!!

21/03/01: Michael -
The news of you guys getting back together & bringing out a new album has got to be the best I have heard in years. I can't wait to get it. Make sure you come and play in England!

21/03/01: CJ -
Words cannot express my excitement over the thought of a new Giant album! The music industry has been asleep for the past 10 years or so and needs more great Rock N Roll bands like Giant to return! Cannot wait for the release!!! Best Wishes, CJ

21/03/01: Evandro Souza -
The First time that i Heard Giant i i thought
How long time i lost not Knowing this guys ..
My best Wishes ..

21/03/01: Søren Ritz -
Just heard it! New Giant Album! Thats great!
I missed your concert in Denmark, hope you'll
hope to see you here soon!
Best Wishes Søren.

21/03/01: Luis Alberto -
congratulations from Spain. It´s a long time since I listened you for the first time, and I´m looking forward to hearing you once again. Welcome back to my life

21/03/01: Luis Alberto -
congratulations form Spain. It´s a long time since I listened you for thew first time, and I´m looking forward to hearing you once again. Welcome back to my life

21/03/01: Paul Bonrud -
Hi guys!

I was thrilled to hear the news that you will be producing a new Giant CD. I hope you are writing lots of new material for it! I'll never forget the first time I heard you guys. I had set my clock radio to go off at 5:30am and as soon as it came on, I heard the guitar solo opening for "I'm a Believer". Dann, I must tell you that I'm not one to wake up quickly but as soon as I heard the first few notes, my eyes flew open and I was glued to the radio! I have also never called a radio station before to ask "who was that?" before but I did for that song and immediately went out and bought "Last of the Runaways". You quickly became one of my favorite guitarists. You are quite simply outstanding and I understand anice guy to boot. What a rare combination that is! :)

I heard the news about the new Giant release just last week which was just in time for a recording session I had to do myself. So, I dug out "Time to Burn" and absorbed your licks for a few days before going into the studio to play on two songs for someone's CD. Your CD gave me a plethora of licks to steal from. :)

Anyway, I welcome the new effort from you guys and am anxious to see how you produce it to have a modern sound as well. I hope it's mainly new material you have written but old tunes that didn't make the cut on the first two CD's would be great as well. Once again, thank you for doing this and you can count on me to buy a copy! :)

Paul Bonrud

21/03/01: Kent -
Don't think for even one second that Giant doesn't have a viable fan base.

21/03/01: Sean Willmore -
Just wanted to add that I would definitely purchase any new CDs that you put out. Your first two are among my favorites in my 1100 strong CD collection.

Sean in Seattle

21/03/01: Dave Gray -
It's great to see you guys coming back! I've been dying for another Giant album for many years now. I still listen to Last of the Runaways and Time to Burn on a weekly basis. I can't wait to hear the new stuff!

21/03/01: John Blackout Sullivan -
Welcome back to the fold. "Time To Burn" is a modern day classic! I hope you guys keep on working and putting out great music. Songs like Last Of The Runaways, Stay and Chained are some of the best rock tunes ever written. Good luck with the new project. Can't wait to hear it!

21/03/01: Larry Guggenheim -
Hmmm... Tasty tones and cool riffs, melodic vocals ? Please come back and show us what we have been missing for so
long in rock music ! Best of luck guys ! See ya' soon.


21/03/01: Ken -
Great to hear that Giant will be putting out some new music. Dann Huff is an incredible musician and I love his guitar playing. Any chance of Giant releasing some live stuff??? Some must exist, and is there any chance of Dann's Guitar video, released in Japan, ever getting released in the US???
Can't wait to hear the new stuff..

21/03/01: Andy -
PLEASE make more albums!! I'm tired of listening to all this rap and boy band teeny bopper stuff. BRING BACK MELODIC ROCK to the U.S.

21/03/01: Rich Harper -
Hi Giant! I'm really looking forward to your new CD! I didn't think it would happen because of Dann's success in producing and session work but I'm glad it is. This could be the best year for melodic rock in quite a while (new CDs from Journey, Winger, Van Halen w/ DLR, and Giant)!

21/03/01: Per -
I´m glad to hear the news about the´s about time!!!
Looking forward to hear some new songs...Don´t chains the sound to much it´s perfect the way it is (or was!!!)...Rock on....

21/03/01: Mike Franklin -
Hi Guys, Well I can't believe the best AOR band on the planet are getting back together. When I first heard 'I'm A Believer' on UK's Noisy Mothers I went out the next day and bought the album. Great Stuff. Keep up the good work and keep the albums coming. We'd love to see you here in the UK - Gods 2001 or 2002?

21/03/01: 1025 -
Hello Giant! I have a vast collection of cd's and both of your albums rank very high on that list. I have been a fan of your music for a long, long, time. I remember Dann's work with White Heart and John Schlitt and David's work with David and the Giants. But as a group, things just seemed to come together. When I heard that the band was releasing another album, I listened to both "Last of the Runaways" and "Time to Burn" again. Wow! Now I remember how much I enjoyed your music--great guitar--great songs! I look forward to hearing your new album.

21/03/01: Bjorn Hansson -
How I waited for this day!
You recorded two of the greatest albums ever made, I have no doubt you'll give us an even better one now!

Finally! I love it!

Bjorn Hansson, Stockholm, Sweden

21/03/01: Andy Casale -
I've been waiting to hear something about you guys coming back. I have been searching the internet weekly for
any info I can find about Giant. I'm axiously awaiting to hear some new tunes. Please don't produce something
and then abandon the future as a band. You guys need to stick around for the long haul.

Andy Casale

21/03/01: shawn pelata - USA -
dann, david and mike

man, it is SO INCREDIBLE to have you back! "last of the runaways" is one of the BEST melodic rock albums i have ever heard! dann's vocals and solos are great! the production is also awesome! "innocent days", "i'll see you in my dreams", "i'm a believer"...all CLASSIC songs in the genre! i also love "time to burn"...the song "stay" and the title track are amazing! thanks for deciding to give the world another album (at the least!)!! here's hoping the fans make it worth your while! looking forward to the new GIANT!!!

21/03/01: Maurice Schreiber -
Hi guys!

I could not believe when i heard that you are coming back with a new album and maybe some shows!
I think the time is right to get back some real good rock music! Both albums you did are still my
favourites at home as well as in my car! So i speak for a lot of AOR and Melodic Rock fans around the world!
Show your and our attitude to the music industry!

See ya soon

elodic Rock fans out there who woul be very pleased to have you back!

21/03/01: David kidd -
Guys, for goodness sake, I thought you would never come back. I'm counting the days till your new release. Hurry up clock!

21/03/01: Jeff Hansen -
All I have to say is Giant has and always will rock........welcome keep the rock alive


21/03/01: Jon -
Great to hear this news! Giant's two cds never made it into the 'box of seldom heard from again cds'...they were always at hand to toss into the player. I always hoped to hear more from Dann Huff but I never thought it would be a Giant reunion!!! Hope to see you in the New England area if you do tour. Best of luck with the new album. Cheers! -Jon

21/03/01: Paul Logue -
Dann, David, Mike & Alan - I am blown away by the news that you guys are on the way back - awesome !!! You're two
albums have been an inspiration to me as a songwriter and has had a major influence on how I approach writing
melodic rock. I cannot wait to hear what you release. I remember thinking "How do they follow 'Runaways" and know I
find myself thinking "How the HELL do they follow Time to Burn" ??? Good luck , I'm sure you went let us down. Dann what
about that tune that you guys played on your Recording Techniques video - it was a clean guitar driven track with some
great chops and an amazing chorus - I'd love to hear some Huff lyrics on top of that ?

Take Care and hurry back !!!

21/03/01: Dan Johnson -
I am so glad to hear about Giant. This is so odd, I was just listening to those CD's a couple weeks ago and wondering what they were up to. This is going to be killer!!!

20/03/01: Mike Horseman -
I am STOKED that you are getting back together!! You have always been one of my favorite bands, & always felt that 2 cd's were not enough for me!! Dan, your guitar work & vocals are simply stellar, & I hope that the band continues in the same direction of Runaways & Burn!! Thanks so much for coming back!!
We are behind you 100,000,000%!!!!

20/03/01: Brent -
Hey guys. I thank my lucky stars that you have decided to come back. It could have only been bad record company promotion that stopped you guys from being one of the biggest acts in the world. It still annoys me to think what great stuff could have come out of the years since "Time To Burn" and the fact that your talents have been wasted to a certain extent on backing/producing other artists. Your two albums are two of the best 10 rock albums of all time and I rate Dan's playing (as a guitarist myself) as close to perfect as you can get. I don't know what else to say except "Can't wait to see you burn again".......oh yeah,pleeeeeeease don't try and "modernise" your sound,it was perfect to start with.

All the best,
Brent. (Melbourne)

PS Please don't make this a "oncer"...we want you back for good. And if you feel like a holiday tour,come down and visit us in Australia. I won't hold my can only hope!

20/03/01: Dave Drezek -
Incredible news, I had to read the paragraph 3 or 4 times before it finally sunk in, GIANT in BACK!!! I can't begin to tell you how excited I was. Your first 2 albums were outstanding, I know the 3rd is going to be one to remember. Thanks for making my 2001.


20/03/01: David Moors -
I am so happy to hear about this good news, giant are one of my faveriote bands and i just can't wait for the release!!

20/03/01: Chris -
Hi guys just last month i got your 2 previous cds from aorheaven
my lp ( remember those ) versions are almost useless now through overplay. Hope you manage to recapture the vibe and sounds of the these albums on this new one, i'm very much looking forward to it.
Good luck with everything, Chris

20/03/01: Michael Kicker -
Hi guys!

It's so great to have you back!!!!!!!! Hope to hear your new record soon!! All the best from Austria!


20/03/01: Dale Rethke -

it is about time one of the best AOR bands gets at it. I have both your CD's and would like to add another one.
Don't let the pathetic state of todays music industry keep you away.
There are plenty of us real music lovers out there!!
Get to work guys.
I can't wait!!

Dale Rethke

20/03/01: Marco Spaeth -
Hey GIANTs!!! It's so god damn cool to see you back in business and I can't await to hear your new album. However I am a little irritated as there is no word left, if Alan Pasqua will join the band again!? Nevertheless my best wishes! Marco

20/03/01: HisMastersVoice -
Hey guys!
Great to finally have you back!!!!!! Would be awesome to see
you live (this year? The Gods? Do it! :-) ) again !!!!!!!!!
A full blown new album would be mega!!!!!!!!!!!!

A (huge) fan

20/03/01: Torsten Wolf -
hi dann, david, alan and mike,
i am very glad about your reunion. especially your album "time to burn" belongs to my favorite
rock albums ever. i can not expect the day to listen your new album. great you´re back again.
greetings from germany - visit my webside:


20/03/01: Doug Chalmers -
Giant -

All of us Giant fans are so pleased that you might be doing another album!! I have enjoyed your music immensely and listen to it all of the time. I always appreciate and respect how incredibly well written your songs are. For example, I always get emotional when I listen to songs like "Stay" - the way you build tension and the melody are wonderful. You guys have really set the bar very very high in the melodic rock space - no one does it better than you. I remember the first time I heard you on the radio - I was driving in LA, and heard "I'm a believer". I was so impressed with how great the song was, I had to pull over, go to a payphone (no cell phones then!) and call the radio station to find out it was Giant. I've been hooked ever since! Listening to Giant brings out the best in me. Thanks for all of the great music guys, and by the way, where can I buy "It takes two - Live"!? Best Wishes, Doug