Gene Simmons Asshole Sanctuary Records
· Produced By: Gene Simmons

· Running Time: 45.03

· Release Date: May 19, June 8

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: All over the show...

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Songs: 15%
Sound: 50%
Gene Simmons is an interesting personality. Is he more business than music? He is more content on conjuring up new merchandise opportunities instead of writing new material?
One would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but after living with this album for several days, one could only conclude that his devotion to his music lies second behind making a quick buck.
I went into this album with an open mind. I'm a fan of Kiss without being devoted to them. I think Paul Stanley is a great talent. From this album I expected a diverse range of songs as suggested by the rather over the top press release issued recently, but I was still very much taken by surprise. Surprised at how bloody awful this is. This is just horrid. Simply put this album has no direction, no balance, no quality control and no songs.
There just isn't any sense that this album was written and recorded for art's sake. I'm still shocked that Gene would approve of and release such an album which will stand within his discography for the rest of time.
I'm not a fan of directionless albums. I like cohesive bodies of work that features songs written and recorded at the same time for the same purpose. I don't like disjointed albums and as far as chopping and changing of styles that don't mix or match, this record is certainly one of the worst offenders I have heard.
Track By Track:
Sweet & Dirty Love is the lead track being promoted from this set of songs. That's of no surprise, as it's easily the best track on offer. This is a groovy, Kiss inspired 70's rocker with a nice fat bass sound and a traditional Simmons vocal. But from here it's all down hill. Firestarter is an exact repeat of the Prodigy industrial-dance hit, with Gene's ordinary vocal simply laid over it.
Weapons Of Mass Destruction is a horrible grunge inspired hard rocker, which leads into a soft programmed synth ballad - Waiting For The Morning Light. This track features Bob Dylan. It's an interesting and a well crafted acoustic based track, but is this what Gene Simmons fans want? And what a change in tempo's and style.
The last three songs are not strong, but laying them end to end just emphasizes how dire they really are. Four massive style changes within four songs - there is just no consistency to the sound or style.
Beautiful makes it five styles from 5 tracks. This is a psychedelic acoustic pop ballad with a bland vocal and a dull chorus.
Asshole features yet another style – an uptempo modern melodic rocker, but thankfully it's quite a lot of fun, features a great lyric and a catchy chorus at last. Funnily enough, Gene didn't write the song.
Now That You're Gone is a Beatle-esque 70's pop ballad similar to Beautiful, but the inclusion of this track is seriously beginning to make this a very laid back album.
Whatever Turns You On is another good lyric, but fails to lift the tempo past slow to middle of the road.
Dog is just utter crap. More semi-alternative pop with a heavy modern rock guitar riff buried underneath and a (barely) spoken vocal.
Black Tongue is a groovy retro rocker featuring the Zappa family. Somewhat Kiss related, but no great vocal effort again from Gene.
Carnival Of Souls is another Kiss off-cut – the band might have been better of for it too. A plain, heavy alternative rocker with little soul.
If I Had A Gun is another acoustic based pop song with another banal vocal.
I Dreamed A Thousand Dreams finally brings this disaster to an end. Yet another soft-pop track with little melody and yet another bland vocal.
The Bottom Line
This album is sadly just a mish-mash of unrelated songs. There is no comfort in getting used to any one style, as every track is different and the whole album smacks of being thrown together. I honestly believe it's a blight on Sanctuary Records that they accepted this for release. The songs - style aside - generally just aren't good enough.
I imagine that some true die hard Kiss/Gene fans will vocally pronounce their admiration of this album, but I strongly recommend that no one look sideways at this release without sampling it heavily first.
In the end, I don't believe anyone will stand up for this album and proclaim it to be a great piece of work. In my humble opinion it's utterly horrendous - even more dire considering Gene is such high profile name in the business.
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· Sweet & Dirty Love*
· Firestarter
· Weapons Of Mass Destruction
· Waiting For The Morning Light
· Beautiful
· Asshole*
· Now That You're Gone
· Whatever Turns You On
· Dog
· Black Tongue
· Carnival Of Souls
· If I Had A Gun
· I Dreamed A Thousand Dreams
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25/10/09: marmup -
Rating: 80
I just got this CD last week. I had heard it was a crappy CD and lots of people just hated it. I have to say that I actually like this. If doesn't sound like KISS, but if I wanted to hear more KISS I would listen to them. I like most of the songs on here. Sure there are 2-3 I don't care for, but I like that Gene has an eclectic style with the songs. Obviously I am in the minority, but I was pleasantly surprised.

13/03/06: JOHNNY Z -
Rating: 75

19/09/05: Glen -
Rating: 10
A piece of utter crap. And I'm a KISS fan!!!

12/06/05: lopit -
Rating: 0
this sucks

17/08/04: Alistair -
Rating: 55
Actually I was taking the mick in my last review. This album is okay but nothing to write home about. Worth picking up for 5 dollar!

08/08/04: roro -
Rating: 3
been a fan since '76. This is theeeee worst I've seen from gene. Other than the title track, sweet and dirty love, and the tune from zappa, it is embarrassing for a fan to listen OR play this for friends. waste of fifteen dollars.

02/08/04: Jerry -
Rating: 2
I'm sorry, but this cd was the biggest waste of money. After reading several reviews on how bad it was. I decided to give it a try any way. I love Kiss and Gene usually writes some good songs. Well that was not the case with this disc. It totally sucks. I can't believe he would put out such crap. There is just no flow to the disc. I just hope if there is ever a new Kiss cd he puts more effort into it.

21/07/04: Alistair -
Rating: 100
Sounds just like Gene's earlier experimental solo album. This album is a laugh. I cannot see what everyone is complaining about. This is a great album but it is not a melodic rock album. It is very much of a GS album. If you want a Kiss album buy a kiss album... if you want an experimental Simmons album get this one. Also I do think it is a lot better than the terrible KA4 album. I had to really laugh at Firestarter as Simmons really makes this one his own... so much better that Prodigdy or whatever they were called. His vocal performance on this is calssic. Unfortunately there are no neo classical tracks on this. Buy this album immediately as I said so.

14/07/04: Nicodim -
Rating: 80
What did U want? Another straight KISS album? Or 78' remake? Take it easy. Now there's a 21st centure on the street. KISS (and Gene in particular) already said everything they wanted 2 say for more than 20 years on scene. Now they can record all they're only wish - even rap or boys-group songs (what a picture KISS is the new Backstreet Boys - dancin' together and all that staff). Don't U look at "A..hole" through the prism of KISS history and style. This is a SOLO album - that's speaks for itself. Place for experiments, if U want. And I think Gene made a very special but good job. 2 give just 29% of rating for the album is, in my opinion, disrespect for Gene. There are a couple of REALLY strong songs. And "Asshole" itself is absolutely GREAT. An anthem (and, I guess everyone will agree, is classic KISS song). Sweet & Dirty Love, Firestarter, Waiting For The Morning Light & Beautiful are all the nice songs. As well as Now That You're Gone. It's just my point of view. U have 2 agree with it or decline, it doesn't matter. All that I know is Gene made a good album - not for everyone but at least for me. :-)

01/07/04: Rocker -
Rating: 15
This CD is a total waste of money!!!
Do not make Gene richer than he is...
He has made enough money through his carrier... time to retire... that's right Gene?!!!
I found the crap of the year!!!!

29/06/04: neal -
Rating: 1
Man i tried to get int othis album, but its sooo bad .... I only pray Stanleys holds up to be somthing KISS fans can be proud of casue this is just trash. It seems to me that after nearly 30 years Gene things his name alone will sell anything ... Sorry Gene WRONG !

21/06/04: Edwin Baeyens -
Rating: 29
I really wanted to like this. I quite liked Gene Simmons's first solo album and I've always been a fan of the man's ballads. I really like albums with a lot of variety on them.
But this is just plain horrible. No quality whatsoever. Poor writing and the man's singing is embarassing. I you want to be diverse, at least try and do it well.
I'll go along with Andrew's rating.

20/06/04: Stan Pauley -
Rating: 0
What would you expect from one of the founders of perhaps the worst rock band ever to inspire such a devoted fan base? I've never gotten the whole KISS thing, and don't really wish to. Stanley appears to have a bit of talent, but Gene is just a big ugly guy who can't sing or (apparently) write songs. If it weren't for the makeup, these guys never would've progressed beyond playing bars in front of 25 people or so.

17/06/04: Harry -
Rating: 10
I'm a KISS fan. But, what the F@ck is ths CRAP?!? Firestarter isn't bad, although, we've heard it all before. That's the only song I could even give a passing grade to. Beyond that, this has got to be one of the worst CD's ever produced by a solo artist. Nice job on the production in some areas, and the Beatles influence comes through. He can still sing. But the songs..AWFUL. Terrible CD. Shame reall. Hope Paul's is better.

17/06/04: Craig Kuhlman -
Rating: 30
By far and away, the greatest album of the last 10 years. Yeah right. thanks God I was able to download this piece of shizzite for free, 'cause had I shelled out the dough, I'd be sick. "Black Tongue", "Sweet and Dirty Love", and "Firestarter" are the only decent tracks. The rest... pure drivel. Peter Criss' 1978 solo album blows this away and that record SUCKED ass. Poor Gene, destroying the KISS legacy and I have been a lifelong KISS fan, but their legacy is slowly going down the toity. First you slap ACE and PETER in the face by putting some tech on guitar in the greasepaint, and while I love Eric, he shouldn't be wearing the mak-up. It's all about the greenbacks for Gene and Paul... but not from me anymore. I got this fro free and I still feel ripped off. Ewwwwwwwwww.

17/06/04: Sir Rant -
Rating: 0
I can't believe anyone, not even KISS Army diehards, would give this album a positive review. Face it people, if it didn't say Gene Simmons on the cover you wouldn't give it a second listen. I honestly laughed listening to these tracks.

I give it a -20 because it's worse than crap. If there were anything along the lines of We Are One, Cadillac Dreams, Dr. Love or any of the other great songs this guy has written, I'd say so. But I have to be honest that I think Andrew was being TOO NICE with his commnets.

15/06/04: Christopher from New Hampshire - NHVIKING5@HOTMAIL.COM
Rating: 4
I have been a KISS fan for 28 years,so, it with regret that I must report, Gene Simmons'"Asshole" is a not a good CD. The ballads suffer from tedious pacing and are less than interesting musically. However, the main issue with the slow songs, is that, simply put, Simmons can't sing. He sounds like a croaking frog on these ballads. With the exceptions of "Firestarter" and the title track, "Asshole", this effort is a failure. CSS

15/06/04: frank -
Rating: 85
all those people who give 0% for this album... didn't listen to it for sure... 'I didn't buy the album but it's pure crap' bunch of jerks!! There are a few songs (1-2 songs) that are a bit boring... but most of it are really great... There are so much shit on the market, right now!! i think this CD rocks!! All the idiots who don't like this Cd, you should buy Avril Lavigne's shitty music...!!

14/06/04: david wallace -
Rating: 85
Been a fan for 25+ years. Got all the records, and I have to say I like the CD. Different, but catchy.

10/06/04: Dave -
Rating: 90
I'm glad I didnt listen to Andrew on this one. I'm not offended by diversity on a CD. There are enough CD's that every song sounds the same with no variation in style and production.
I'm a fan of all styles of music and appearently Gene does to.
If your into melody there's plenty here. If your looking for
some Kiss style songs youve got it. Thanks Gene, all though
you can sometimes be the title of your Cd, your new CD is damn good.

10/06/04: Grendel -
Rating: 0
I agree with everyone who hates this album. It is the worst album I've ever heard. This is hard for me to write because KISS is and always has been my favorite band of all time. I've always liked the Gene songs on KISS albums and loved his 1978 solo album. The album cover sucks- could he have found any uglier chicks? The song order sucks, there is no cohesive flow at all, Gene can't produce an album out of a paper bag. How many songwriters does it take to write a crappy Gene album? Answer: 17 plus Gene. There was a time when Gene didn't need any help writing songs, a long, long time ago. Gene is an ***hole for ruining the KISS legacy time and time again. I hate you Gene Simmons!

09/06/04: flaKISSfan -
Rating: 80
This album is for die-hards only, and it's got about 4 good songs on it. What else can be said? Besides, the album isn’t gonna sell that well whether it’s good or its sucks because no airplay, which is the way it always is for KISS, means it won't sell. Hell, Asylum and Crazy Nights (both terds) actually sold better than KISS S/T and Hotter Than Hell (both classics), because they got airplay; point in all this? None really. Who actually reads music reviews anyway (esp. 10 paragraph ones)? Have a mind of your own and buy/don't buy it based on what you wanna do...

09/06/04: trocvisn -
Rating: 40
I'm a long time KISS fan. I would love nothing more than to give Simmons props for creating something that really rocks and has originality. I would love nothing more than to see Simmons step up to the plate and create the best we've ever heard from him. There's only one problem....Simmons not only won't get it done, he CAN'T get it done.... let me explain.

I was HIGHLY disappointed by the fact that KISS, with the original four members, going back to the studio in '96-'97 after the reunion, really showed that they had lost it and could not regain what they had..... They dropped the ball while the world was watching them. Right when it mattered most. Right when it could have made the greatest impact for their future as a band and their legacy in rock. They came out with a very mediocre studio album. They were in a position to seal their legacy in the eyes of musicians who had always been skeptical of the musicianship of KISS. They had silenced the critics for a moment with a world tour that shook the world as the original four. Then, right when they had everyone watching and they had the opportunity of a lifetime, they dropped the ball HARD....I mean HARD....unforgiveably HARD...... They should have just let Stanley write the whole album and someone should have had enough smarts to get with him and tell him to write something that sounded like total old-school KISS. This is EXACTLY what the fans were waiting for. They didn't want KISS to try to create music that was "hip" for today's teenagers. We didn't want a hip/hop KISS album or a grunge KISS album. We wanted a real, old-school KISS album. The real fans want to hear KISS play songs like "love her all I can" and "Mr. Speed". We wanted a recreation of the only music that really worked well for KISS. We wanted vintage, old-school KISS. Something off the first 6 albums. For those of us who really knew KISS's music, we were all waiting for them to deliver with an album that shook the world. We wanted to prove the naysayers wrong and show them that KISS was always legit musically. But the sad truth about this band is that there was only a short time in their long career when they were really focused collectively on the mission of KISS - To be the greatest band in the world. They haven't made really good music in a long while. After Phsycho Circus flopped like it did, the writing was on the wall. Now, many "final" tours later, with no studio albums since the flop, and a number of "greatest hits" albums as KISS is milking the cow so dry that it has become ridiculous, Simmons comes out with a solo album???? As if he's got new music inside of him that just can't wait to come out????? Whatever little musical talent he ever had was spent in the 70's. 95% of the songs he has sung or wrote in KISS, since the late 70's, have been nothing short of CRAP. His songwriting sucks and his vocals suck worse.......I knew as soon as I heard that he was coming out with a solo album that it was going to be a pile of junk. Why? Because Simmons has not been connected to the musical side of himself in a looooooonng time.... It's like a 60 year old ex-heavy weight champion attempting to go fight a 28 year old who has been active and fighting twice per year and holds all 4 belts. He had no chance at all of making something that true music lovers and critics would give any real respect to. Now he may say, "So what?, I've got a mansion and a plane and you don't" "I don't need to be "artistic". He might say, so what? I've got more money than you". Since when did real musicians care more about the money than they did about the art? Plain and simple, Simmons is NOT a real musician. He's a wannabe musician who got really lucky and had a couple good ideas. He was lucky to find Paul Stanley when he did. Make no mistake about it, without Paul, you wouldn't even know that KISS existed. In fact, I've heard Simmons in interviews, come against artistic people and say things like, "you're artistic?, cool! Now go paint my house bitch!" You see, Simmons values money and power more than art. I mean look at the STUPID video for the song "Firestarter". He just pays for a lot of video models to pump their hips and dress up in bikinis while he makes himself look like an iD10t. Musically, that video and song SUCK. First of all it's a cover(what's new),and secondly, he looks like a dirty, evil, perverted, OLD, saudi-arabian pimp. And we all know and love him as someone who has prostituted everyone he has ever known for his own love of money and the power and self-esteem it brings him.

The fact is that somewhere in the late 70's, while KISS was in their peak, we saw the best that Gene could give musically ( which wasn't that much ). I really belive that his best days musically were in the 70's. Once the 80's hit, I think he shifted gears and put his focus on his personal acting career and the financial empire that he could create through the KISS name and all the merchandising. I believe he also thought long and hard about a potential KISS reunion that would be his ultimate attempt to milk the popularity that the band had in the 70's. The fact is that Gene is much more of a business man than he is a musician. He is barely a musician. And he only uses music to get what He really wants - - POWER through $$$. Gene gets his self esteem from how much money he makes not from how much of a musician he could be and how well he writes songs. The reason why many people have become his critic over the last 5 years or so, is because most of us remember a Gene Simmons who was really tapped into the music. We saw and heard a musician who really had a fire for what he was doing. Gene seemed to be the most sold-out soldier to Rock'n'Roll, and music, before all the money started rolling in. Think about the first 6 KISS studio albums and what he did on those albums for the music and the image of KISS. Since then, we've seen a person who is out of touch with himself musically.

As for the actual critique of this album, well.... In my book it's a 40 out of 100 and that's being very generous. It's really not worth owning or listening to. It's a mixture of different styles that really are so far apart from each other that it sounds like you're trying to mix Jimmy Buffet with a touch of Slayer and some WaltDisney polka Crap. I really don't know where he's coming from on this album at all. And the funny thing is that I don't require that an album has all of the songs sounding alike or that they have had to have the same exact drum sound or studio. I mean I really like variety but these are completely different styles. What would have really impressed me is if he would have blended styles within songs, but he doesn't have the writing ability or musicianship to pull that off at all. Of course you've got your die-hard KISS and Simmons fans that will love anything that he or KISS puts out blindly just because it's KISS or Simmons. These people are like simple minded zombies and it's really sad. They probably will all be barried in KISSKaskets and pass out KISS condoms to their sons and daughters while they paint their faces and send in pictures to Gene on his website. I've got something to say to you if you're one of these people.....get a life! KISS is over. It's been over for a long time. These guys are dead and couldn't write good music if their lives depended on it. Their only hope is, and has always been, Paul Stanley, who does care about the music and will come out with quality music once KISS finally dies out completely.( You can't keep milking the same songs and put out "greatest hits" albums for too long before people finally catch on to the fact that you can't write music anymore.) Any band that can't write music and make albums anymore is dead.... it's just a matter of time. Simmons putting out this solo album is such a joke, and the sad thing is that he really doesn't care, he just wants your money..............and you'll probably wind up giving it to him.

07/06/04: dckiss -
Rating: 50
Ok. It should be no surprise of the various styles of music here, this was heavily promoted. What I like: I think there are some fine songs here. Sweet & Dirty Love, Waiting For The Morning Light, Asshole. I also LIKE the fact that it DOESEN'T sound like a Kiss Album. To many times (Steve Perry Street Talk comes to mind) a solo album sounds just like another band album. The problem I have with this album is Gene's Performance in general. He sounds rushed & uninspired. I think the songs would have benifeted from a decent producer. Plus I think most of the songs needed to be developed more. IN the Case of Weapons of Mass Destruction, this is just a throw away song sounds like something that would have been written for a Kiss album from the '80's. I really just don't feel like Gene gives 100% to the music anymore Hasn't since the '70's don't get me wrong he has had his moments Domino from Revenge comes to mind as a fine moment in Genes more Recent Career. I am a HUGE DEVOTED KISS FAN but I am not going to cut the guys any slack. Gene this just should have been better. Your capable of better!!!

27/05/04: Michael -
Rating: 100
The album is the classic one! I never thought Gene who likes lots of different styles of music will come down to playing standard heavy metal or hard rock on his SOLO album. He can do it in KISS! I loved this album from the very first track I heard from it ("Asshole"). OK, I don't really like Prodigy but Gene's version is surely better than the original. Stand out tracks for me are "Sweet & Dirty Love", "Asshole", "Whatever Turns You On", "Black Tongue", "Carnival Of Souls" and I Dream A Thousand Dreams". Get the CD and listen to it carefully - just don't take it as a new album of KISS!

26/05/04: Sami -
Rating: 99
Only Gene got guts to do CD like this one.
There's everything....from bossa nova to metal.
It is truly a masterpiece.

...enough said.

25/05/04: Pato Rozo -
Rating: 0
I don`t understand how these music critics write reviews; there are so much crap hanging around and when Gene Simmons come out with an album where he doesnīt scream like a monster and donīt repeat the same thing, it is all crap.
Let me tell you that I always thought that Gene Simmons itīs a FUKIN GREAT ballad singer!!!, (even though he is the demon)
There are many brautifull songs in this album, and itīs a mix of thing and has nothing or little to do with kiss, and thatīs more than respectable.
Let me tell you that the las respectable album that kiss did, was "Revenge", i mean respectable īcause they have the talent to do that and more, but you know, not many people respond to good music in the charts.
I have been a kiss fans for years and i tell you that even Though i love kiss, the catalog has a lot of crap, like "crazy nights", "animalize" (uuufffffff, all nooooisee) and many more, and this album has much better things than that.
I ve heard simmons doing the demon for years and years and i always wait for ballads with his beautifull voices.
please guys try to be opened minded and let your self be surprised by a bunch of nice and simple songs.thatīs it.
Pato Rozo

25/05/04: stone88 -
Rating: 20
Most of the disc is junk, but "Sweet & Dirty Love" is a solid rock song and "Asshole" is a pretty catchy tune. Other than that, pure crap!

24/05/04: evan -
Rating: 85
Well what can I say, this album has grown on me. When I heard it in the music shop, I was drawn in by the ballad "Now your Gone". Since then, I've been consistantly been playing this album. Sure there are many critics, but are there any out there who have produced an album? I rate this album 85% and I say to anyone out there to buy it.

24/05/04: Andy -
Rating: 0
Ok,this is a joke right?
Anyone who seriously say they like this album is most likely a real A$$hole who's only buying this CD for the name "Gene Greedy A$$hole Simmons" and don't have the balls to criticize anything comming from a Kissmember.

Without competition the absolutely worst album of the decade!

23/05/04: alan -
Rating: 100
pure genious. gene knows what to do to get a reaction. look at all these people talking about this. even bad publicity is good. i found the album to be a cross between the beatles/ rob zombie/classic kiss.

23/05/04: Chewsmoka -
Rating: 0
Easily in the running for worst album of the year, so bad I'm surprised he didn't have himself and William Hung duet on "She Bangs"! Just to sad to listen to...

23/05/04: Dan -
Rating: 0
Just shows what greed & a fanatic fanbase will create-glad I didn't buy it !

Rating: 10
Where to start well im a massive Kiss fan since 1980,collect everything met them director of Kiss Army International so i wanted to like this.Just like the crap Gene is talking these days he's put it into his music!!O.k Sweet and Dirty is pretty standard Kiss stuff.Firestarter is the same as the original except for a crap vocal,waste of time.Weapons of Mass Destruction again throwaway metal quite fogetsble.Waiting for the Morning Light nice Eagles sounding track which Don Henley could have saved but Gene wrecks.Beautiful is a directionless nonsense and to think Gene condems his 80's output haha.Asshole crap lyrics but o.k tune then again he didn't write it!Now That Your Gone is Gene thinking he is a Beatle but sounds like second rate ELO.Whatever Turns You On is one of the worst songs he as ever wrote,the chorus sounds like a pub sing along....awfull.Black Tongue is Gene doing a lazy vocal mixed with the Zappa's Frank must be turning in his grave.Carnival of Souls and If I Had a Gun and Dog are more throwaway songs which sound like he's lost the plot on this cd.Finally 1000 Years is cringe worthy vocals which left me cying with laughter.To think i thought Peter Criss's 1978 solo lp was bad compared to this it was a masterpiece.Gene please retire put the band to rest and produce porn films,which is something you can actually do well.Now wheres my copy of Kiss Unmasked great songs great vocals,those were the days!

22/05/04: Tafkaz - Unavailable
Rating: 0
Hmmm... it should have been titled 'Greedy Asshole' !!!!

19/05/04: Elway -
Rating: 84
I agree with Roland on all accounts. This is a solid album that grows on you. As mentioned, this is a diverse record. It features Kiss rock, "Sweet and Dirty Love" (An outtake from the Psycho Circus record), 90's styled rock, "Weapons of Mass Destruction", "Carnival of Souls" (Outtakes from the Carnival of Souls record), modern rock, "Asshole", mellow rock, "Waiting For the Morning Light", "Now that You're Gone", "If I had a Gun", Prodigy rock, "Firestarter". Yes this cd does have a few clunkers ("Beautiful", "Whatever Turns You On", "Dog"). What makes this diverse record solid is Simmons' great feal for melody. His stuff is catchy whether it's hard rock or mellow. And yes, I think it's an absolte joke that this record scored a 29%, considering that a cd rarely scores out of the 80's on this site. It doesn't have to be a keyboard driven Journey clone to be good.

19/05/04: Junior -
Rating: 0
If he's a businessman, this will hopefully put him out of busiiness. Sanctuary needs smarter people. First they sign Kelly Osbourne and get no Ozzy, and now this dreck.

18/05/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 0
I can be short on this one ! CRAP !!!!!!!

18/05/04: Christian -
Rating: 65
This album turned out to be just as diverse as one can expect, but not really as good. Highlights include the title track, "Waiting for the morning light" and "Black tongue". The album does contain some trash (not thrash) too, namely "Whatever turns you on". I like when an artist explore new territories and Simmons sure do in several songs on the album. The songs goes from choirpop to heavy metal. Some songs are KISS-leftovers from the Carnival of souls era and thatīs easy to hear. One song, Sweet and dirty love, is a remake om a 1977 demo called Jelly Roll. And how much Gene even tries he canīt make the Prodigy-cover "Firestarter" a good song. Once garbage, always garbage. All in all a decent effort even though some tracks doesnīt hold up to standards.

18/05/04: C.J. -
Rating: 45
Let me just first get out of the way that I've been a huge Kiss fan for let's see...25 years or so. However, even that fact cannot push me into rating this album any higher than a 50, and honestly, I think that is being very generous.

Before I had even heard the album, it had two things going against it: a) Having the balls to call the album "Asshole" just smacks so hard of Gene just saying "Here's my own album, like it or don't, I really couldn't care less". I've gotten used to Gene's overly cocky attitude throughout the Kiss years, but as I've gotten older, it's gotten a lot more grating on my nerves. And b) seeing what Kiss has put out in the past few years (greatest hits unplugged, greatest hits "You Wanted the Best", greatest hits "Greatest Kiss", the Boxed Set and then greatest hits "Kiss Symphony" with a single studio album thrown in there), it's become quite obvious that it's not the music that matters anymore as much as the money and the need to stay somewhat in focus in people's minds.

This is all quite sad to someone who's been a Kiss fan for so long. Now, I'll admit, I haven't heard every single song on this album. I've heard 7 complete songs and a few snippets of others. This, however is more than plenty. The song "Asshole" actually does have decent music, but the lyrics are so unbelievably retarded you just can't overlook them "a bucket of pee"???? It's almost like this song was written by some 12 year-old who just learned the word asshole and also just learned how to rhyme.

Firestarter couldn't possibly suck worse. The complete lack of true instrumental playing (lots of techno beats and distorted garbage) is curious coming from someone who's played rock music for so long. And how many times does he say "Firestarter" in the song? A million??

Waiting for the Morning Light isn't a terrible song. The music is not bad, but it's a little slow. However, I've come to realize that Gene just isn't that good a singer to be doing slow songs like this where his vocal is so prominent. It worked for the most part on "We Are One" from Psycho Circus because the music was more pronounced, but in this song it just comes across as weak.

I was actually sorta looking forward to hearing "Black Tongue" which was done with Frank Zappa's family. But unfortunately, I didn't care for the music and I got annoyed with the lyrics always starting with "Frank says".

Really all I can say, moreso now than ever, is thank God for Paul Stanley being in Kiss and not allowing any of these throwaways to make it onto a Kiss album. Some people are going to say this is an eclectic mix of songs, which wouldn't be off base in saying. But in all honesty, is that what anyone wants to hear from Gene Simmons? Have any one of us sat there listening to Kiss and thinking "Man, if only Gene would break out and do some techno song, that'd be really cool."??

This album is NOT good, and I'm really not going to be spending my money on something that will do nothing but collect dust on my CD shelf. Gene should be sticking to what got him to where he is now - rock music. On the other hand, maybe this IS what got him to where he is now - marketing and business savvy. It's a real shame that it's the latter that's obviously winning out on this one.

18/05/04: JC -
Rating: 0
This thing is the most uninspired piece of dog poo I've heard in a looooooooooong time. Maybe the title of the CD refers to what reviewers will become once they hear this pile of junk! Christ, Gene is neither deaf or dumb, but you'd think differently after wondering why he'd release this CD! I went in with an open mind, and wound up with a broken ear drum. Gene should stick with what he does best.......finding new and exotic ways of getting KISS on merchandise. Maybe some KISS pop-tarts, or maybe KISS beer, hell maybe even KISS douche! Why not?

Ok so back to this CD. What can I say other than that each song is about 3 minutes long. Thank God because any longer to deal with listening to the songs, and Id have rammed my skull into a brick wall.

Also whats up with the pimp cover?

Next time you wanna release such a poor quality disc, how about calling it either "Chaim Witz", or "Eugene Klein". This way you wont damage your credibility anymore. (KISS fanatics will know what Im referrring to)

18/05/04: Dave C -
Rating: 75
I bought this long-awaited album with much trepidation, especially after reading the review on I have now been playing the album for three days and I must say it does NOT deserve the criticism it received.
I admit, the album is far removed from the hugely successful solo offering of 1978, but c'mon guys, we've moved on since then !!
I prefer not to bore you with a track-by-track analysis, however, I must bring your attention to an improved version of 'Firestarter', and some wonderful TONGUE-in-cheek lyrics, especially 'Beautiful' and the anthemic title track '***hole'.
I have only two criticisms : firstly, the track order could have been thought through better, and secondly, the accompanying booklet is very poor indeed.
My advice - ignore the poor reviews and take a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised !!!!

18/05/04: Tom -
Rating: 0
After the 7th farewell tour of Kiss and now this?
It is unbelivable that Gene thinks this is worth any amount of money! it's not even worth downloading off the net for free!

He once had class but now it's all greed.


18/05/04: Face Arehley -
Rating: 1
Shit Sandwich.

18/05/04: Midman -
Rating: 10

18/05/04: CUTTER -
Rating: 0
I'm a lifetime KISS fan but this album like andrew stated is just plain awfull. The vocals sound terrible (not that gene could sing anyways) and the songs are all crap. It really makes me wonder why gene decided to relase a solo album if this is all he has to offer. Listen to this album and you'll understand why Paul Stanely is the main lead singer in KISS. I guess this will sell a little but only to those die hard KISS fans that have to have EVERYTHING the band does. I'm really dissapointed in this record, together with the other 3 members of KISS gene is great but by himself he aint so great.

17/05/04: Joe Caca -
Rating: 85
This is an interesting and widely diverse album. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece but I definitely wouldn't call it a disaster (like the extremely qualified reviewer did-sarcasm mode turned on). Just like the previous reviewer stated, if you know KISS you'll be aware of their musical diversity. With KISS you can go from ballads to pop, from classic arena rock to metal and from grunge to disco. The point is that the person who runs this web site and writes the reviews is clearly biased against Gene. This clearly wasn't an objective opininon on the album. Sure, Gene may talk way too much and might wind up making a fool of himself on many instances, but you can't argue with the fact that this ugly mass of protoplasm is talented.
A song like Carnival Of Souls (for those who know KISS) sounds like a mix between Hate (from C.O.S.) and Under The Rose (from The Elder). This is a fast paced, dark tune with a Great, multi-layered chorus that sounds like a bunch of possesed monks!! Songs like Beautiful, Now That You're Gone (my favorite), I Dream 1,000 Dreams and Waiting For The Morning Light sound like the Beatles. Plain and simple. For those of you who heard Gene's 1978 album you'll find similarities to songs like See You Tonight, Mr. Make Believe and even We Are One from Psycho Circus. Sweet and Dirty Love Sounds like a cross between Fits Like A Glove (from Lick It Up) and Love Gun. Asshole has a modern rock style. This is a fun song with a great chorus. Black Tounge is quite funny. This is a blues song with somewhat spoken lyrics (similar to Domino from Revenge)but it really comes to life in the big sing along chorus.
The only song I'd single out as utter crap is the remake of Prodigy's Firestarter. This is the same musical arrangement (of the original) with Gene sounding quite ridiculous trying to convince us that he's really hip. This is the only "disaster" I heard on the album.
The bottom line: This is a diverse, fun, rocking and sometimes sentimental album. It's a lot better than an album full of predictable songs and power ballads (just like the reviewer likes). Speaking about Mr. Reviewer, I believe this Nobel Prize winner has given better reviews to albums from Bon Jovi (this Left Feels Wrong, Destination Anywhere But My Stereo) Mike Cramp (Only his mother knows his album titles), Two Fires (their second album is possibly the most predictable piece of music I've ever heard) and countless other bands that are carbon copies of Journey, Survivor and Styx (and I love Journey and Styx). The benchmark for this reviewer appears to be: let's see how much this CD sounds like Journey or Survivor. Granted, he's been right on the spot with several great reviews like Danger Danger (the last 2 studio albums were perfect) and TNT-My Religion (I'm sure he's been right about a few more:). Anyway, Gene's CD is not nearly as bad as depicted in the original review. I'm sure the reviewer is a bit jealous because Gene (even with his ghoulish face and weird hair)get more girls than he does.

17/05/04: Roland -
Rating: 70
This album is Gene Simmons going through his vaults and recycling everything he could find. Old KISS-songs (Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer are even contributing, in fact, he probably just used the Revenge/CoS-era demo's), songs he gets send to Simmons Records, he likes and changes a bit to be able to share the credit and all the name-dropping with Dylan and Zappa.

But if you look past all this, you get a very diverse ROCK-album (like the 1978 Gene Simmons solo-album) with a great sound. To be honest, I didn't expect anything more or less. For KISS-fans it's even more interesting, because they get a few unreleased KISS-tracks.

The bottomline is true, this solo-album is not as strong as the 1978-one, but to rate this album as low as a 29% is a bit much, especially from a guy who rates Mike Tramp's not-produced or raw (which ever you prefer) cds/albums in the high 80-90's, so how serious can you take (t)his review ??

Don't get me wrong I am a big KISS-fan and I think everybody is entitled to their own opion, so this is mine: 70%.

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