ATLANTIC 83384-2
Produced by: Geddy Lee & Ben Mink

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Rush (of course!)
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. My Favorite Headache
  2. The Present Tense
  3. Window To The World
  4. Working At Perfekt
  5. Runaway Train
  6. The Angel's Share
  7. Moving To Bohemia
  8. Home On The Strange
  9. Slipping
  10. Still
  11. Grace To Grace

This is one of the easier reviews I have had the luck of writing in the last 12 months. My instructions are basic. If you have any Rush records or better still, have every Rush record - then this is essential!
If you have bought any of the bands last 3 studio albums and have enjoyed them, you will enjoy this also.
Geddy Lee is the voice behind the band and co-writer of their music. On this occasion has taken to penning some lyrics with the help of fellow Cannuk Ben Mink.
Together the two have crafted some fine pop rock songs, with the necessary poignant depth that Rush lyrics normally carry, complete with the catchy, yet non commercial musical edge we have all come to love.
The style of the album is not too far removed from what Rush have been about on their recent albums, and in all honesty, this album could easily be a sequel to Test For Echo.
To pick out standout tracks would not be doing justice to the remaining tracks, as there isn't a filler on board.
BOTTOM LINE: I was a little dubious about buying this straight up, as I was not really blown away by Alex Lifeson's more alternative and experimental solo project Victor, but I felt foolish for ever worrying once I heard the first 30 seconds of the album. Quite simply, it is a fabulous record for all Rush fans.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Rush fan out there!
DISCOGRAPHY:Rush; Solo - My Favorite Headache

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