Spitfire Records
Produced by: Bob Marlette

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Motley, Kiss
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Do Your Own Thing
  2. Dead
  3. Everything's Alright
  4. Shine
  5. What Do You Think You Are
  6. Dear Friend
  7. Do You Know My Name
  8. Hypnotized
  9. I Wanna Be
  10. No More

Union is the joining of two of rock n roll's great survivors - Bruce Kulick, the longtime guitarist of Kiss and John Corabi, the one time vocalist for Motley Crue and that dramatic album that turned the Motley style on it's head.
On the last Kiss studio album that involved Bruce - Carnival Of Souls - things were taking a truly dark turn. Same goes with that Motley Crue album.
With Union the style is a hybrid of both those albums, but with a much more cohesive mix of melody, power and originality.
This album shreds the guys first album (with all due respect to that) and is one of the best modern hard rock albums I have heard.
I am certainly not a fan of the modern sound for most parts, but this album is done so well, you cannot help but take a liking to it.
There are parts of Corabi's Motley sound here and even a little of the bluesy feel of his previous band The Scream. The opening track Do Your Own Thing has that vibe.
Add to that some distorted 90's guitar sounds, big fat guitar riffs, some psychedelic effects and most importantly - lots of embedded melody and The Blue Room is born.
What adds that all important melody, besides some cool bridges and time changes, are the little things. The acoustic guitar in the background or the hint of a keyboard on a few tracks, or the lead break over the top of a really heavy riff.
There is, on several tracks, a heavy retro 70's vibe crossed with a little Led Zeppelin and Beatles for good measure.
And one cannot under estimate the input from producer Bob Marlette (The Storm, Sahara Snow, Gregg Rolie). His credibility must be going through the roof.
John Corabi in my mind is singing a lot clearer than he used to. Less screaming and more pronounced vocals. Of course there are a few instances of some big screams!
Tracks like Dead has an intense air to it, while the acoustic guitar/keyboard combo back in the mix lighten the mood.
Everything's All Right sounds like any good solo Ozzy Osbourne track with a cool hook in the chorus.
Shine has more vocal effects, a real Led Zeppelin like acoustic work throughout and then a cool modern chorus.
What Do You Think You Are is one of the heavier and openly aggressive numbers on the record. Very dark, very heavy and very cool. A personal favorite.
Dear Friend is just the opposite! Laid back, mellow until the chorus rises like a demon and as quick as it came, disappears again.
Do You Know My Name has that aggressive modern edge to it again. This is similar to the Zakk Wylde approach on Sonic Brew - just with a more melodic twist.
Hypnotized is another cool mid tempo hard rocker with plenty of distorted guitar. Another Motley like number.
I Wanna Be is a really moody track that at over 5 minutes rolls along and builds to a passionate climax.
No More ends the album with a classic uptempo, but acoustic driven hard rocker. One of the more commercial numbers on the album and a catchy one at that. Modern rock radio should look at this.
The band is rounded out with Jamie Hunting & Brent Fitz and it is really refreshing to see that the band with producer Bob Marlette wrote the whole album together as a unit. I think that has created a really strong album.
BOTTOM LINE: The best album I have heard either Corabi or Kulick involved in, modern, heavy, melodic and overall a very attractive record for the modern rock fan.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Established Union & Kulick/Corabi of great 90's/modern rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Union . Live At The Galaxy . The Blue Room

13/05/02: jonah -
Rating: 100
perfecters of a lost art - the cohesive modern hard rock album, solid from play to stop, bridging the emotional spectrum of electrified gtr. what a gem of a band, criminally unknown. truly special rock music songmaking that just doesn't exist anymore.
one of those albums that just stands alone.

30/10/00: Randy Christman -
Rating: 95
I love this record. Strong Corabi vocals. Strong Kulick guitar makes for a perfect Union. I just wish the general public would take notice of this band somehow......they are too good to be wasted. I have a feeling that this might be the last Union album which would be a big bummer for me. This has got to be one of the best hard rock albums of the year.

10/09/00: wudawg -
Rating: 100
one of the better releases in recent months. every track stands on its own particularly " do your on thing ", " dead " and " who do you think you are ". the bruce kulick lead vocal track, " dear friend " dedicated to eric carr is an outstanding song. bruce doesn't have strong lead vocals but the sentiment is there. overall, a great album.

25/08/00: Coop -
Rating: 90
This is one of my favorite releases of 2000. It's probably gotten the most spins in my CD player. It took a few weeks for this release to grow on me. I like everything Corabi does. Do Your Own Thing is a good catchy tune which should've gotten some airplay. Hell, all of the tunes are good. My favorite has to be I Wanna Be, damn that is a killer song. Corabi is much more than a screamer, but I gotta admit that the screamer tunes are my favorites. Kiss fans will be about the only people who like Dear Friend. Union definitely deserve more commercial recognition that they are getting, which isn't any.

30/06/00: heather - nunya
Rating: 95
i was initially very skeptical about this album because of a lifelong devotion to KISS, but once i gave it a kicked my ass!!!! here's to hoping you will do it again with your next album!

18/05/00: Todd -
Rating: 30
This release would have to be one of the biggest disappointments of the year.I don't know what Bruce is thinking but to me he didn't do too much of it on this album.There isn't 1 good song that instantly sticks in your head.And it would've been Corabi's intelligent idea to stick the
motherf@#$er line in "Who do You Think You Are".It adds nothing to the song.Motley fans might love it because they are use to that type of language but as a KISS fan I thought Bruce was better than that.Even his tribute song to Eric Carr "Dear Friend" had to be spoiled by Corabi's totally pathetic screams.
Come on Bruce you're better than this.

07/05/00: Peter Cingel -
Rating: 80
Good album , more better than first album .Sound is no so
depresive . Best song is "Hypnotized" with strange magic
in the air . IŽll be waiting for next one .

05/05/00: Ivona Cervenakova -
Rating: 0

21/04/00: John M -
Rating: 90
Excellent CD, rocks very hard.
John Corabi sounds great, Bruce Kulick shows that there is plenty of life left in him after KISS and the rhythm section is solid as a rock.
No bad songs at all, equally as good as the first album.
This band deserves to be bigger than they are.
They should be playing to more than 100 people a night.
Lets hope they get the recognition they deserve.
The only thing this may be missing is a radio-friendly single
to get their music out to the public.

Union Rock