Produced by: Not Listed

Released: JULY 31 / Website
Closest Relative: Scorpions
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Love Is Forever
  2. Unraveled
  3. Miss The Lights
  4. Midnight Train
  5. Fools Gold
  6. The Middle Of Madness
  7. Smell Of Money
  8. Rise Again
  9. Serenade
  10. Cowboy Joe
  11. The World And His Dog

I, like many of you, have been waiting a long time for this. The last UFO album in 1995 (Walk On Water) was a top class serving of melodic rock. It contained a lot of energy and thanks to producer great Ron Nevison was crisper than a frozen lettuce.
So it's only been a short 5 year wait and here is the new album Covenant. Like with Walk On Water's A Self Made Man, the opening track is again a cracking rocker with menacing guitar riffs twisting into a cool mellow chorus.
It's clear from the outset that this album is a rawer and less polished affair. The sound is also little different - possibly as this is only a UFO 3 piece, plus drummer Ansley Dunbar.
It's hard to see Michael Schenker ever having a bad day, nor vocalist Phil Mogg. Both are having a great day on Covenant. In fact the more relaxed stripped back approach may have been beneficial to the results.
Unraveled and Midnight Train are both excellent hook filled uptempo rockers, two of my favorite tracks of the album.
On Fools Gold, the band takes a rare chance to mellow out. This track looks like being a great slow blues based AOR ballad until at 1 minute 30, Schenker decides to crank it up and the pace doubles. Then again at 3:30 a 2 minute guitar solo kicks in and the song moves into psychotic mode. A great rocker!
And the album keeps rocking until the very last beat of the last track. Not a ballad, nor a filler in sight.
The other plus for this album is it contains 11 new tracks. Walk On Water was a little short, with only 8 new tracks and 2 remakes.
BOTTOM LINE: Fans of UFO will lap this up. Schenker fans will love it! No one should be disappointed with this new album. However! One small thing - The raw production sound shouldn't affect anyone, but I am torn between deciding if this album is as musically inspired as the last one. I still can't decide. I think it is a more honest rock album, so therefore it probably does rate better. This is as close to perfect UFO as you will get.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All UFO & Mogg/Way fans and all Michael Schenker fans.