TEN 13

Produced by: Hagar & Harms

Released: OCTOBER 24 / Website
Relative: Marching To Mars, Red Voodoo, VH
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Shaka Doobie
  2. Let Sally Drive
  3. Serious Juju
  4. The Message
  5. Deeper Kind Of Love
  6. A Little Bit More
  7. Ten 13
  8. Protection
  9. 3 In The Middle
  10. The Real Deal
  11. Tropic Of Capricorn

Van Halen: 1, Sammy Hagar: 3. Yes, Sammy's third solo album since his departure from Van Halen and his umpteenth overall.
Sammy has recorded two solo albums prior to this - Marching To Mars was very reflective - a great album, although maybe a little too serious, while Red Voodoo went 110% in the opposite direction and was a little too concerned with partying.
On Ten 13 Sammy not only strikes a perfect balance between the two, he also kicks in with the best production job of the three post VH albums and the best guitar work.
This is a seriously rocking album with most tracks featuring an in your face guitar riff and some great hard rock vocals.
Most importantly, there is some fine more melodic tunes - both ballads and mid tempo anthems that have been missing off the last two records.
And what's more pleasing, some of the closest Van Halen sounding songs since his I Never Said Goodbye album.
Track By Track:
Shaka Doobie leads off in a traditional in your face hard assed guitar rocker with plenty of tongue in cheek lyrics and as usual, an off the wall song title!
The guitar sound is contemporary and mixed right up there. It's a great rocker basically with a pounding rhythm section.
Let Sally Drive features another tough as nails guitar riff and some seriously stretched Sammy vocals. He really lets the mike have it, especially in the choruses. The guitar riff is almost classic AC/DC - you get the vibe! A good hard rocker with a tight production and once again is in your face rock n roll.
Here's where the album strikes that balance I was talking about. Following up a couple of great rockers, Serious Juju heads back to the style of Marching To Mars, with a moody, effects laden modern rocker. The tune isn't quite as in your face, but it still carries a heavily distorted guitar riff. It takes a few listens to get into, but is a classy slightly experimental track.
The album takes another diverse turn with The Message. This song heads back into Van Halen territory. It compares musically to the Balance era and tracks like Right Now with it's piano/synth use. It also touches on Sammy's previous solo history of complex and moody songs. I like this track a lot. It's heavy, lyrically intense and intelligent and offers the perfect balance to the lighter weight numbers.
Deeper Kind Of Love continues the Van Hagar sound/style comparisons, with this happy go lucky pop rocker with a modern edge and a catchy chorus. These are the kind of songs I love from Sammy - pure melodic rock with a great sentiment. And in tune with the rest of the album, even on the mid-tempo songs, the guitar is right up there in the mix.
A Little Bit More continues the serious side of the album. This is one of the best Sammy Hagar ballads in years. Starting as a vocal and guitar only number, it moves to a stripped back semi-acoustic mode and back again. A class pop rock song.
After the serious mid album interlude, it is time to party again. Ten 13 is a tribute to his own birthday, but I can see it being adopted as the hard rock birthday anthem across the world. A great up tempo party rocker.
Protection is back towards the Marching To Mars sound, with this more serious moody mid tempo rock song. The chorus rocks out more with another in your face riff, but lyrically it's great and certainly a darker track.
3 In The Middle is one of the coolest fast paced Sammy rocker's ever. I can't remember Sammy having to many tracks to his credit that match the pace of this track. Maybe Good Enough or Get Up with Halen...The guitar riff wouldn't be out of place as a modern Motley Crue riff, great hard rock and great lyrics that seem to hint back at his recent problems with Van Halen.
The Real Deal is another departure from the general sound of this album. This is a big time blues rocker in the vein of Finish What You Started or Standing At The Same Old Crossroads. Again, great personal honest lyrics and a gruff blues rocker vocal! Very cool.
Tropic Of Capricorn is a perfect way to end the album. This is one of the most melodic Sammy tunes I have heard since Eagles Fly, but in a different sense. The track is a happy acoustic driven pop rock anthem with harmony vocals and a big chorus, all set to a breezy summer feel. Must be that Hawaiian lifestyle! The hidden track following is titled Maui Wowie and is a simple 2 minute ukulele instrumental. A fun and happy note to finish on.
BOTTOM LINE: After two albums that have divided fans opinions with two different feels, Sammy Hagar has replied with his most consistent and most cohesive set of songs since leaving Van Halen.
I still regard his Geffen Records solo albums as my favourite, but this is easily his best work since leaving Van Halen and since those solo days.
An album that pays homage to his past, while exploring the future and moves a step further towards the perfect album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All long time Sammy Hagar fans and many Van Halen fans.
RECENT DISCOGRAPHY:Marching To Mars . Red Voodoo . Ten 13

20/06/06: Alex Scheller -
Rating: 100
This disc is fantastic. Its truly on the caliber of anything VAn Halen is capable of. Its got wonderful variety and is simply one of the best CDs I own. Must have played it all the way through over 100 times by now. Sammy Rocks, can't wait till Livin It Up!

19/02/05: Don Dattalo -
Rating: 95
Like a fine wine Sammy keeps getting better with age, this album rocks!!!

31/01/04: Kurt L -
Rating: 4
Another great album from Sammy Hagar. The first six tracks are easily the best. They are all classics. I disagree about "Serious JuJu." It is a fierce and powerful song, very creepy and likeable the first time around. I also disagree about Marching To Mars being too serious. What is wrong with too serious? I think Hagar should flex his musical muscle. He's better that way.

04/02/02: Mark Powell -
Rating: 94
I was very happy when i put this in my player.
It was a relief to hear the quality i know Sammy can produce.
Red Voodoo was an absolute letdown for myself but he's certainly come back with a tremendous CD.The songs are great with a good variation of tempo and guitar sound.What a top track "Sally"is.
The DVD is great,just a tight band enjoying themselves.Sammy seems to mature with age like a fine "Red" wine.
Top Stuff

26/02/01: Harry B -
Rating: 97
Sammy is back in a big way! "Tropic of Capricorn", my personal favorite makes you feel as if you are sitting on the beach in Cabo. There's not a bad track on this album. Hope he does ten more like it!

13/02/01: Richie Rizzo -
Rating: 95
Van Halen should be kickin themselves in the ass. Sammy has rocked with 3 albums(each one better than the last)& they've released nothing but,garbage.Sammy is truely amazing.Go out & get this album now... you will love it.Long Live The Red Rocker!
Thank God for Sammy Hagar!

16/01/01: michaelstarr -
Rating: 99
this record is as close as you are going to get to van halen (hagar). the production is A-1, shaka doobie rocks, tracks like little bit more and tropic of capricorn sound like they came off OU812, let's hope this record gets the airplay in deserves.

07/01/01: Craig -
Rating: 96
SAMMY, You da man!!! This album would have to be the best solo album Sammy has recorded so far. It ROCKS! It's that good, I think Eddie would be kicking himself that it doesn't come with the VH badge attached to it. Sammy has proven that he can equal the task going it alone. What has VH done???? Nuff said!

01/01/01: John -
Rating: 99
This album proves what many of Sammys fans knew all along.
Sammy didnt need VH.The way DLR did.He rocked before VH,and still rocking after. This might be Sammys best work yet.Since his solo years. But then all true Redheads have said that before.
It seems the Red Rocker just gets better with age.This 1 is a must have for true R Rocker fans. Hey pour yourself a glass of that Cabo Wabo Tequila Sammy you deserve it.

22/12/00: Jon Innes -
Rating: 95
Sammy is all the way back!!! I loved Red Voodoo and thought Mars was pretty cool, but he's really regained the form he had on albums like VOA and Three Lock Box with this killer new album. Why didn't VH do tunes like this? They would still be selling albums if they did. Long live Sammy Hagar! The voice still sounds great - I thought after VH's 'Balance' he wouldn't be able to top that vocal performance, but the guy just keeps getting better! Thank god there are still guys out there playing good-time, melody-driven, groove-laden rock!!! Keep it up - Sammy is a fine wine that gets better with age.

07/12/00: Jason Cameron -
Rating: 0
This CD Rocks!!! The Red Rocker is back on track. I also have the same birth date as Sammy. Just alittle younger than he is.3 in the middle Let Sally Ride the Whole thing is a Rock in good time. Thanks again Sammy your fan from Boston area

30/11/00: Chico -
Rating: 0
Good CD But I think Sammy made a mistake by releasing Serious JuJu as the 1st single.Let Sally Drive is the Best Song on the cd followed by Tropic of Capricorn and A Little Bit More.Those songs should be released to radio...Sammy Would sell more Cds That Way...Just a suggestion

27/11/00: Jon Paine -
Rating: 90
This is by far the best music Sammy has released sinse Van Halen. Every song on the album is good, especially the harder stuff like 3 in the middle, Ten13, and Let Sally Drive. The absolute gem, however, is the slightly alternative sounding (and I hate alternative crap) Serious Juju. Lame title, but the music is so cool. The riffs, the background rhythm guitar, everything about this song is cool. Definitly a killer album.

26/11/00: wilvis dillon - wilvisdillon @
Rating: 90
I really think that the production captures Sam at his best.
He lays off the goofiness and cuts loose with some modern, yet completely Sammy, tunes. I agree with any comments lamenting the sales for this record, but hopefully the smaller indepedant record company that he is with will allow him to continue with
albums he can believe in for a long time to come.

25/11/00: Joe -
Rating: 100
I think this is Sammy's best effort by far,since leaving VH.If you like the songs on disc,I highly recommend seeing him perform them live.I saw him at the Chicago Theater on November 18 and the six songs he did from 10/13 were twice as great live as was the rest of the show.Sammy proves that he don't need EVH

18/11/00: Kevin Putty -
Rating: 9
First three songs off 1013 convinced me that Sammy is back to old school in your face rock & roll. I was very impressed
with the production of this album. It was definitely a departure from the Red Voodoo album. There are some quality cuts from
1013 that Sammy & the Waboritas should be proud of. The Waboritas provide a foundation that really helped Sammy get back to
what made him the Redrocker. Marching To Mars is a fantastic album and there are some quality tunes from it but I'm warming
up to 1013 pretty quickly.

11/11/00: Brad -
Rating: 97
I don't have much new to add beyond what everyone else here has said about this album--it just simply ROCKS. Until a lot of the "aging melodic rockers", I can't even complain that this album has too many ballads. It is nearly perfect--and a great mix of what Sammy has brought us throughout his brilliant career. It has a lot of the old hard rock sound without sounding outdated. The track "3 in the Middle" may be one of the most rocking tracks he has ever done. We can only hope that more artists of this type go in the direction Sammy has here.

08/11/00: Craig Gil -
Rating: 0
The Ten 13 CD is an easy first listen with no throwaway tracks. This is the first post VH Sammy Hagar effort that is a complete reflection on Sammy Hagar as an artist. Ten 13 redefines him as a Rock & Roll force, it's too bad that only the 400,000 SH fans know the real secret. Tropic of Capricorn is a gem, A little Bit More is an Adult Contemparary Monster Hit waiting to happen and Shaka Doobie & Let Sally Drive are thae same Staple Hit Songs that launched the Red Rocker in the 80's.There's Only One Way to Rock and you can drive 55 all Rock & Roll Weekend Long !!!

02/11/00: Kris -
Rating: 98
Inspired- That's the best way to describe Sammy's new album. Marching To Mars gave us Hagar's serious, introspective side, Red Voodoo his let-loose party side, and now Ten 13 delivers straight forward, hard melodic rock at it's very best. The feel is reminiscent of Standing Hampton crossed with early Aerosmith. The Waborita's have developed into a tight machine, a band that fits extremely well with Sammy's vocals without being overpowering. There isn't a weak song on this cd. It's obvious that Hagar is happy to have full creative freedom of his music again... it doesn't get too much better than this!

02/11/00: Robert -
Rating: 92
Ten 13 represents Sammy's finest work since leaving Van Halen. His previous two releases, while good, did not quite show the world what Hagar is capable of doing. This disc has it all. From Van Halen influenced rockers like 'The Message' and '3 In The Middle' to the early Hagar stylings of 'Let Sally Drive' and 'Deeper Kinda Love', this album encompasses everything that Sammy fans have come to expect from the Red Rocker. The songwriting and production are top-notch. The Waboritas are sounding tighter than ever and Sammy has never sounded better. While VH fans are still waiting for something new from Eddie and DLR (we hope), Sammy Hagar has put out three discs filled with passion and rock for hungry fans. Thus far, he has not disappointed, and this time he even raises the bar a bit (even for Van Halen). For fans of Hagar-era Van Halen (I hate the term Van Hagar), Sammy's classic solo works, or fans of straight-ahead bluesy hard rock, this CD is a must have.

01/11/00: Ross -
Rating: 100
I bought this album, not expecting to like it as much as his Van Halen stuff and the solo Albums before. After all, the review above is correct - Sammy has gone from on end to the other with his other two post-Halen albums. I put the disc in, kicked back and let the album wash over me. IT ROCKS!! Damn, I cannot believe how good this album is! And you know what? Sammy's voice is amazing!!! The best part of this whole thing is that you know the Live show will be even better! The biggest part of Sammy's sucess w/Van Halen was how much better he sings live vs. how Dave did. They really captured the dynamics of his live sound on this album and the album is so much better because of it! Sam is also a GREAT lyricist!! His songs make important statements that evoke very Vivid images, but without sacrificing the Rock n' Roll quality that all of these songs posess. Great Work Sammy!

01/11/00: Steve Madison -
Rating: 90
I am a big Sammy fan! I admit that I only liked some of the
songs on the last two solo albums. My opinion was that VH and
Sammy both seemed to be going in a dark wierd direction. This
new one is great! This album is proof of the influence Sammy
had on the vocals, melodies, and lyrics in VH. A real rocker
with several songs that sound like the stuff he did with Eddie.
I hope his next one is just as good, and I am glad he got out
of that mode he was in after leaving VH.

31/10/00: MT Mike -
Rating: 95
Sammy seems to have finally scored the big one he was looking for on "10/13", his third post-Van Halen album. While VH is waiting & waiting, Hagar has been working hard & it pays off on this album. "Marching To Mars" was a great album, but tinted with much anger from the VH split. "Red Voodoo" was a good time for Sammy. Maybe a little too much fun at times. But where VH ended with Sammy, "10/13" picks right up. It grabs hold of you with the first 2 tracks, "Shakadoobie" & "Let Sally Drive", & doesn't let go. Hagar performs to his best abilities with great rockers & with nice ballads. This is a must buy for any Sammy & VH fan.

31/10/00: Mrpool -
Rating: 97
I think this album rocks!!! This guy has definitely shown that he doesn't need VH....I think he sounds better on his own anyways. The 1st 2 tracks flat out rock - they are the heaviest tunes I've heard from Sammy in awhile. The rest of the cd is a mixture of moods & great songwriting. Definitely worth buying!

30/10/00: Randy Christman -
Rating: 97
This is a great album. Sammy continues to show Van Halen his lack of work ethic. (sarcasm mode turned off). While I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 albums from Sammy, after 5 or 6 listens, this one is slowly becoming my favorite of the bunch. Sammy has put together a great bunch of tracks that flow perfectly together. Strong guitars, great lead and backing vocals. The Waboritas keep getting better and better with age. I can't wait to see Sammy and the Waboritas playing this record live. Go out and buy it.....

29/10/00: Craig Gimbi -
Rating: 100
If you're looking for the best of the past three solo albums post-VanHagar, this is it! Sammy has broken all the rules of the past, and provides us with a glimpse of what the next VanHagar album would have sounded like had he never left, as well as a glimpse into the future of Sammy's Solo ventures. Oh, and it rocks!!! The Waboritas never sounded tighter; this could easily be considered a "band" album as it sounds as such. The songs bounce between VanHagar "F.U.C.K./Balance" era and Sammy's "I Never Said Goodbye" last Geffen solo album. The lyrics are some of his best yet; an even "balance" of both serious and fun. This one is a must for all melodic rock, VanHagar, Sammy Solo fans everywhere. You won't be disappointed!

26/10/00: chad ledoux -
Rating: 98
well sammy has done it again. can this man do wrong? i don't think so. ten 13 simply rocks. this may be his all time best. the waboritas are in fine form. from songs like a little bit more, shaka doobie, tropic of capricorn, ride sally ride, the message, man does this cd rock. who needs van halen, sammy sure doesn't. sammy hagar, the only man keeping rock alive.

26/10/00: Tony LaSorsa -
Rating: 96
This album just plain rocks. I like this one much better than Red Voodoo. The cd flows and never lets up one bit. Sammy sounds great and applies his trademark songwriting that we've all heard before Pre-VH as well as WITH VH. My favorite is "The Message". The guitars are so heavy with the melodic piano playing. "Tropic of Capricorn" is a classic track with a great feel. Just a great disc to spin and enjoy. I'd have to say that Sammy is much more productive outside of VH. The track that caught me by surprise is "3 in the middle". Sounds very close to classic Motley Crue (ala KickStart my Heart) and with Sammy's high raspy vocals give it just a kick ass edge.
Kudos to Hagar. Keep rockin'

26/10/00: The Commish -
Rating: 9
I think this is probably Sammy's best effort overall since Van Halens 5150 or OU812. It is a great disc, filled with potent rockers mixed in with some mid tempo classics and a few ballads. The production is much better than Red Voodoo and Marching to Mars. Has a more modern production sound to it. Most of the songs have a great sort of dark bass sound running through them. The song 'Tropic of Capricorn' is classic Sammy at his best. Songs like 'Let Sally Drive' and '3 in the Middle' are just straight ahed in your face rockers. This realease will go down as one of Sammy's best ever.

26/10/00: Greg Porter -
Rating: 100
Sammy is the man. Each album is great and I think how can he top this and then he does. Ten13 Rocks great combination of songs. Some familiar VH sounding tunes, kinda make you wonder does VH sound like Sammy or maybe Sammy was VH.(just Listen to VH3 and decide for yourself). Anyway great album buy it and enjoy it.

24/10/00: John Kelly -
Rating: 98
This disc rocks. It is produced much better than Red Voodoo. The songs are great and Sammy is in great voice.